Community Forum Set On Zoning Options For The Rossville Boulevard Corridor

  • Friday, September 30, 2022
Taco Tour 2021
Taco Tour 2021

The BLVD, alongside the Rossville Downtown Development  Authority (RDDA), is working on several projects that officials said will help improve safety, aesthetics,  and business along the Rossville Boulevard corridor.

The BLVD Project, in partnership with the  Regional Planning Agency, will hold a community forum on Wednesday from  4:30-5:30 p.m.

at Crabtree Farms to discuss zoning options to support the continued  development of the area.

The BLVD and RDDA are working together this fall to host the Taco Tour and fall and holiday open-air markets to engage the community. The Taco Tour  will run from Oct. 3-8 and include nine restaurants from the Rossville Boulevard corridor. More information can be found on


Officials said, "The Rossville Boulevard Area Plan was last updated by the Regional Planning Agency in  2004. While the 2004 plan conveyed the need for economic development, lower crime rates, pedestrian safety improvements, and beautification, zoning issues still need to be addressed. The  community forum on October 5 is open to the public and will include local business owners and  officials from the city and transportation departments.  


"The corridor, which has an average of 25,000 cars per day, is home to a vibrant Hispanic  population that has grown in the last several years. New businesses, such as Taqueria restaurants, are added each month."


The BLVD’s Executive Director Heather Herweyer said, “In  honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re celebrating these businesses who help our community  flourish.”


Tobey Hill with the Rossville Downtown Development Authority said the first Taco Tour brought the community together. “Events like this one that promotes a better understanding of the  diverse cultures that make up our community are key for continued economic growth. We want to  encourage everyone in the community to support a local Hispanic or Latino restaurant in our  community this fall.”  


Founded in January 2018, The BLVD formed the Rossville BLVD Action and Planning Committee  to better understand the community’s needs. The BLVD operates on grants and donations.  

Open air markets
Open air markets
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