People Violence, Not Gun Violence

  • Monday, October 2, 2023

In reaction to the senseless killing of Chris Wright by the lifetime criminal Daryl Roberts, I heard our Mayor Kelly and County Mayor Wamp say they are tired of gun violence. Wrong term mayors, it is people violence. And those in power, our political class, in our county, city, state and country, have failed to keep the population safe by no locking up people like Roberts and keeping them locked up. We have a spineless group of politicians, judges and prosecutors that are giving more rights to the criminal then they are to the victims.

After 66 arrests and I am certain more than a handful of convictions, there is no way this guy should be walking around on the streets free to kill. Yet the system run by the current political class calls it gun violence instead of looking inwardly and realizing they are not taking severe action on repeat offenders.

Here is a list of things we need to do to rid the nation of this crime epidemic and we might as well get on with it before we lose complete control of our streets:

No plea bargains
No first offense probation
Prosecute on every count, not just the main charge.
Maximum sentences for repeat offenders
No early parole, for any reason
Three strikes, four strikes or five strikes (you call it) you are out, at some point you are not getting back out on the street
More jails or larger jails
Get behind our police force and stop reacting to the cry of “excessive force”. It is a tough job, mistakes will be made, but they need our support on every call.

Our political class should be apologizing to the Wright family for letting them down and costing this life. My condolences to the Wright family.

David D. Anderson, Sr.

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