4 People Charged In Scheme To Try To Get Federal Witness Not To Testify

  • Thursday, November 16, 2023

Four people have been charged with federal witness tampering after agents said they tried to get a witness not to show up in court.

Charged with use of "intimidation or force" against a witness are Javonte Wynn, his girlfriend Pachence Jackson, Keosha Anderson and his brother Ernest Wynn.

Agents said Javonte Wynn, who has a felony record, was involved in a wreck at the corner of N. Holly Street and Oak Street on Feb. 1.

A person at the scene told police that he saw a person exit one of the vehicles and put a gun under a nearby white Impala. The witness pointed out Javonte Wynn as the person who tried to hide the gun.

A Glock 22 .40 caliber pistol was found under the Impala and Javonte Wynn was charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon after the witness testified before a federal Grand Jury on March 28.

Wynn and his attorney were given copies of the witness statement, and an agent testified on Sept. 8 about the involvement of the witness in the case - without giving the name of the witness.

Agents said on Sept. 23 that the witness received a phone call from a female who said she was calling in regard to her cousin who was incarcerated. She told the witness that she knew his name and where he worked.

The woman said it would be in the witness's best interest if he did not appear to testify against Javonte Wynn. She also asked if he would call prosecutors and remove himself as a witness. She then asked if he would be willing to meet the next day to discuss the matter further.

A male voice could be heard in the background, but he did not get on the call.

Agents were able to trace the phone call to Pachence Jackson.

An investigation at the Bradley County Jail into Javonte Wynn's call and video visitation records revealed numerous contacts with Ms. Jackson, it was stated.

In a video visit with Ms. Jackson the day after the detention hearing for Javonte Wynn, he said, "They gotta let Badass go. Damn they gotta let me go. Damn I forgot my granny address."

Jackson: What you need it for?

Javonte Wynn: Cause I'm finna write a letter, cause I need folks to do s--- for me that' gone help me out, and I can't tell them on the thang. I need help man. This the only way I can reach out.

Jackson: Use my address

Javonte Wynn: Hell naw. You already work too much. I'm trying to get a letter to my brother and my brother at my granny house. When he get the letter he gone do what I ask him to do hopefully. He owe me his anyway, so he need to do it. N. owe me his life. F--- wrong with him. S--- I asked you to do. You didn't do it."

Jackson: I don't know who to reach out to for that.

Javonte Wynn: Well, I need help doing something else. Ask Ke. . . Well, I can't tell you to ask Keosha. Keosha don't know what I need. I'll have to tell you next week when they get the letter. When I get the letter you'll know what I need.

Jackson: Well, don't forget to write it.

Javonte Wynn: Oh, I already wrote it. I'm finna send it off tonight. That s--- already wrote. I got too much time on my hands. I be needing peace in my life cause I don't wanna to yell and cause chaos. I be trying not to get angry.

There was a followup conversation on Sept. 22:

Javonte Wynn: You read that lil piece of paper I sent you?

Jackson: Yea.

Javonte Wynn: You gotta another letter coming too. It probably be there tomorrow.

Jackson: It might be here.

Javonte Wynn: Hell year. That's the bases bruh.

Jackson: Ima write you back.

Javonte Wynn: You wrote me back?

Jackson: I said Ima write you back.

Javonte Wynn: Hell naw. Don't write me back. I don't want. I don't like these people reading; unless you gone talk freaky. Hell naw I don't like these people reading my s---. F--- that. Just set up a visit. Them folks need to get on that though. My brother got that letter. So he should. He need to get on that pronto.

Jackson: Ima hit him up in a minute.

Javonte Wynn: They probably gonna push my trial off though. Cause I still ain't seen no video, and I still gotta have that hearing for that motion he filed.

Sept. 24 conversation:

Jackson: I saw your brother yesterday.

Javonte Wynn: Who? Ernest?

Jackson: Yep.

Javonte Wynn: What he talking about?

Jackson: He said he gone make something happen today. He gone be off work today. But I talked to dude though.

Javonte Wynn: Yea, I think Keosha had told me. What happened though? What he, I'm saying what did you get from what he was saying? How you feel? What he talking about? .....

I'm saying how you feel from what he was saying, like what's up? Basically break that s--- down.

Jackson: Hold on, let me get my headphones. But yea I talked to him or whatever. Umm I ain't say my name or yours.

. . .

Javonte Wynn: I'm saying is it good news? That's what I'm asking you.. . . Is it some good news or what?

Jackson: Yea

Javonte Wynn: Oh, alright.

Jackson: Kinda both.

Javonte Wynn: Kinda both?

Jackson: Yea I said kinda both. He seemed cool though. Cool white dude.

Javonte Wynn: Yeah? Haha. I'm sayin. I'm anxious so yea, what's up? But watch what you say.

Jackson: I know. I was coded and everything. He was catching on to what I was saying though.

Javonte Wynn: Yea?

Jackson: I didn't say no names or nothing.

. . .

Javonte Wynn: Long as he be on vacation I'm straight. S--- I really wanted him to . . . damn let me see. If he would've let my, hmm, haha that's crazy.

. . .

Jackson: I asked him though.

Javonte Wynn: What he say?

Jackson: He just said he didn't want no part in that.

. . .

Javonte Wynn: How you feel when you was talking to him?

Jackson: Naw, he was cool as hell. You know I can read people.

Javonte Wynn: Yea, that's what's up then. We getting married.

On Nov. 1 a Grand Jury sitting in Knoxville indicted Javonte Wynn, Pachence Jackson and Keosha Anderson for witness tampering. Ernest Wynn has since been charged with witness tampering.

Javonte Wynn remains in jail. A detention hearing is set Nov. 22 for Ernest Wynn.

Ms. Jackson and Ms. Anderson were allowed out on bond.

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