Starry Night: A Candlelight Holiday Celebration Is Friday

  • Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tapestry Vocal Ensemble
Tapestry Vocal Ensemble

St. Paul’s Artist Series present Tapestry Vocal Ensemble performing Starry Night: A Candlelight Holiday Celebration featuring music from the past and present for a journey through the cosmos and the cycles of life.  The concert takes place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (305 W. Seventh at Pine Street) on Friday at 7:30 p.m. 

Subscriptions and single tickets may be purchased in advance through the St. Paul’s website. Tickets will also be sold at the door on the night of the concert.  For tickets and more information, visit:

Review for the concert:

Tapestry Vocal Ensemble has established an international reputation for its bold conceptual programming of a wide range of vocal music. The LA Times writes "They sing beautifully separately and together with a glistening tone and precise intonation" and The Cleveland Plain Dealer describes Tapestry as "an ensemble that plants haunting vibrations, old and new, in our ears."  For their Starry Night program at St. Paul’s vocalists Cristi Catt, soprano, Clare McNamara, mezzo soprano, and Daniela Tosic, alto, will be joined by renowned, multi-faceted musician James Falzone on clarinet, whistles, chimes and shruti box.

Cristi Catt said, “Starry Night was originally created by Tapestry for a special on-site performance at the famed Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles, where Edwin Hubble made his discoveries about the expanding universe.  For this concert, we will sculpt our sound to the unique ambience of St. Paul’s for our holiday version of this popular program.  Every culture in history has gazed upon the same sky, looking to the stars for understanding of the greater world. 

"In this program, Tapestry presents a one-of-a-kind experience weaving together their signature vocal sound with James Falzone’s clarinet and ambient instruments to create an other-worldly experience.  Alan Hovhanness' beautiful melody, In Early Dawn Song, serves as a common thread through the concert as Tapestry explores the cycles of the moon and stars, as well as human life from childhood to young love, and finally to the wisdom of age.  Traditional favorites such as the Coventry, and Cherry Tree carols mix with 16th-17th century Spanish Villancicos as we travel throughout time and space in this magical program presented by candlelight.  Tapestry breathes life into the beautiful lyrics of this program in which ‘hearts rejoice,’ ‘angels sing’ and everyone is invited to ‘enjoy life while you can, dance and celebrate.’”

Paul Thomas said, "We are delighted to bring back this outstanding ensemble to St. Paul’s soaring nave for a beautiful and inspiring beginning to this season of awe and wonder.”

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