Medal Of Honor Heritage Center Planning Larry Taylor, Black Hawk Down Exhibits; Convention Set 2025

  • Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The Medal of Honor Heritage Center is planning new exhibits honoring Capt. Larry Taylor and those involved in the Black Hawk Down mission.

General B.B. Bell said the group is seeking funding from the city, county, state and private sector for the project.

Officials also said that the national Medal of Honor convention will be in Chattanooga in 2025 at the Convention Center.

Some 1,500 delegates are expected, including 30-40 Medal of Honor recipients.

The County Commission is set to vote next week on supplying $400,000 for the project. Half of that would come from the hotel/motel tax in 2024 and the other half in 2025.

General Bell said the exhibit honoring recent Medal of Honor recipient Taylor would include a Cobra jet similar to that used by Capt. Taylor in a daring rescue of four stranded men in Vietnam.

He said several Tennesseans were involved in the Black Hawk Down incident that was made a popular movie. He said that exhibit would include cargo seats from a Black Hawk that will be in motion.

County Mayor Weston Wamp said it is a $3 million project. He said if the first $2 million is raised that a private donor will give the final $1 million that is needed.

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