Best Of Grizzard - Cockfighting - 2023

  • Friday, March 17, 2023
  • Jerry Summers

Inadequate research of the contents of the 25 published novels (?) by the late humorist, Lewis Grizzard (LG) has failed to disclose any of his written witticisms on what formerly was another popular tradition in many areas of the country but until recently has been portrayed as the sport of “red neck illiterate folks below the Mason Dixon Line.”

With an apology to LG’s family, publishers, and multitude of surviving followers and a few of my readers (now proudly over 100) I will attempt to hypothetically speculate as to what literary gems he would communicate to the public.

(I promise not to further attempt to theorize on what he would say on the following topic in the future!)

A Press Release by Animal Wellness Press Team on January 30, 2023 at “Cockfighting Raid on Saturday in Union City, Tennessee Produces 98 Arrests” by the local Sheriff Bill Breeding described the vigorous law enforcement in vivid detail as to the potential far-reaching effect of the raid and the brutal history of the “sport”.

The county seat, Maynardville, was once known as part of the fictional route for moonshine transporters from Harland, Kentucky to Memphis as depicted in the cult classic film “Thunder Road” (1958) starring Robert Mitchum and Gene Barry.

Having previously reported on the chicken killing contests in Marion and Rhea counties in (October 28, 2020 and January 5, 2023) and the different political approaches to holding the criminals liable by the former sheriffs (and judges) in their jurisdictions, any new article by the “Pride of Moreland” would probably be sarcastically entertaining.

The vigorous and tough comments and predictions by spokespersons of the Anti-Rooster Killing charitable organizations such as SHARK, Animal Wellness Action, Center for a Humane Economy, Union County Society, etc. may lead to the stomping out of such animal crimes along with murder, human trafficking, and drugs.

(But will it lower the price of a dozen eggs and/or the chicken tenders at Kentucky Fried Chicken?)

DISCLAIMER: LG would have analyzed this major crime bust in Union County with only his unmatchable flair!

* * *

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