Humane Educational Society Assists With 200-Dog Rescue In South Korean Dog Meat Market

  • Thursday, March 23, 2023

Humane Educational Society is preparing for the arrival of 10 dogs from a closed Korean dog meat farm. Staff are en route to Maryland and will return Thursday evening with 10 of the dogs. Nearly 200 dogs and puppies rescued from South Korea were flown to the United States for placement with partner agencies. HES readily answered the call.

After arrival, HES staff and volunteers will assess the animals and place them directly in foster homes. Each dog will receive medical care and behavioral evaluation in preparation for adoption. 

HES expects a large public demand for these dogs, and will conduct a thorough screening process of potential adopters so that they will each be placed in homes suited for their individual needs.

Applications are being accepted at They will start calling applicants before the weekend.

"Every time HES has an opportunity to help with a large-scale case, the staff, volunteers, fosters and community do not hesitate to rise to the occasion," says Rebecca Bryan, executive director of HES. 

HES Board Member Skip Schwartz has experience with adopting a meat market dog. He was living in Hong Kong when he adopted Lucky.

"While we didn’t set out to rescue a dog with such a traumatic puppyhood, Lucky has turned out to be an exceptionally dedicated family member," Mr. Schwartz says. "There is no doubt she had a horrible first few months of life, but she quickly came to appreciate the love and warmth our family showered on her and has rewarded us with unconditional loyalty for the last five-plus years."

HES wants to encourage the public to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate. HES is a local, independent nonprofit organization and relies on local support to make an impact. 

Officials said, "Today’s dog meat industry is not representative of Korean culture, and most Koreans would be appalled to be associated with this industry. Eating dog meat is largely a habit of the older generations, and one that most Koreans don’t wish to see sustained. 

"Koreans are making this change themselves and international organizations are assisting with the effort and hope to create a permanent ban. This is the latest of 18 successful rescue missions by Humane Society International in partnership with local Korean agencies."

For more information about Humane Society International dog meat market campaigns:

To apply for adoption:
To apply for fostering:

HES Hours: 
Tuesday through Saturday from noon-5 p.m.
Sunday from noon-4 p.m.

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