Why Is Chattanooga Behind In Medical Procedures?

  • Friday, March 24, 2023

I am writing this in regard to the recent article on "Minimally Invasive Surgery For Fibroids."

First, congrats to Erlanger Women's Health and Dr. Mitch Dizon for finally bringing this (not new) surgical procedure to Chattanooga. I make this claim because my wife had this same procedure some 20+ years ago when we were living in Burbank, Ca. Please let me state the fact that we have many great and qualified M.D.'s in Tennessee and I am thankful for their great care of patients.

What I don't understand is why Chattanooga and other cities in Tennessee and probably the south are so far behind in some medical procedures. As stated earlier, when my wife had this day surgery some 20+ years ago, her gynecologist Dr. Christopher Pearson M.D. had performed dozens of these laparoscopic fibroid procedures on other patients prior to hers. Dr. Pearson explained this to her in preparing her for the day surgery. 

With this so called "new procedure" now available in Chattanooga, I have to wonder what other medical advances are we missing out on? Think of all the unnecessary hysterectomies and procedures with long painful recoveries that were performed over the years. Again, I am not trying to discredit our medical professionals in this or any other community. I just don't understand how our doctors and hospitals can be so far behind in some areas of medical care.

I would love to hear a response from a medical professional as to why this occurs. The above mentioned procedure being available over 20+ years prior really makes one ask why it took so long to arrive in Chattanooga?

Again, thanks to all the hospitals and medical personnel for the hard work they do in caring for their patients. I just wish these and other medical advances would not take so long to be put into practice by our doctors in the area.

Charlie Ireland

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