McCallie Middle Tennis Defeats MBA, 7-2

  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023

At MBA, the Blue Tornado was down 2-1 after doubles and needed 4 singles wins but got 6 instead to come from behind to defeat Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) 7-2 in middle school tennis. John Moore and Jimmy Lockhart won in singles and doubles, and they were joined by singles wins from Graham Gervin, Vishnu Vardhana, Isaac George and TH Wingfield. The win raised McCallie’s Spring season record to 5-1, and it allowed the team to keep the traveling trophy that goes to the winner.

Sam Harris, Zohayr Memon and Campell Naggar were singles and doubles winners to lead the McCalle B team to a 5-1 win over the MBA B team.

TH Winfield, in addition to his big win in singles for the A team, joined Sam Harris to win in doubles.

The individual results for the match were as follows:

McCallie 7 MBA 2


  1. John Moore (M) defeated Gaurish Sahoo (MBA) 8-2

  2. Graham Gervin (M) defeated Hunt Nichols (MBA) 8-3

  3. Jimmy Lockhart (M) defeated William Smithwick (MBA) 8-2

  4. Vishnu Vardhana (M) defeated Henry Anderson (MBA) 8-3

  5. Isaac George (M) defeated Hamp Lefler (MBA) 9-7

  6. TH Wingfield (M) defeated Graham Sauer (MBA) 9-7


  1. John Moore-Jimmy Lockhart (M) defeated Sahoo-H. Anderson (MBA) 8-0

  2. Graham Gervin-Vishnu Vardhana (M) lost to Nichols-Smithwick (MBA) 8-2

  3. Isaac George-Liam Tabibiazar (M) lost to Lefler-Sauer (MBA) 8-5

McCallie B Team 5 MBA B Team 1


  1. Liam Tabibiazar (M) lost to Owen Anderson (MBA) 8-3

  2. Sam Harris (M) defeated Walker Dovan (MBA) 8-5

  3. Zohayr Memon (M) defeated Jack Sabis (MBA) 8-0

  4. Campbell Naggar (M) defeated Eli Loudenslager (MBA) 8-4


  1. TH Wingfield-Sam Harris (M) defeated O. Anderson-Dovan (MBA) 8-5

  2. Zohayr Memon-Campbell Naggar (M) defeated Sabis-Loudenslager (MBA) 8-3

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