Did You Know? Public Financing

  • Saturday, April 1, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

It would be misleading to suggest that any municipality, county, state, or the federal government would improperly waste any expenditure of collected taxpayer revenue entrusted to public officials through the electoral process (CYA answer).

Banks and other financial institutions emphasize that municipal governments use tax revenue to ensure essential services such as sewerage maintenance and garbage collection that are provided to the community without interruption!

One definition of “public financing” refers to loans made to state and local governments that fund capital improvement projects or support other essential services.

The loans can be repaid using current and future tax dollars!

Each public financing option allows you (local communities) to select a repayment term that supports the community’s planning and development goals. Terms can span several decades, so no one group of taxpayers is burdened with cost (Ex: 2012 federal consent decree for sewer and wastewater replacement, repairs, low interest, loans, legal, consulting costs etc.).

(The above comments were obtained from a national lending institution that “offers public finance packages to meet your needs!(municipalities) and does not suggest any positive or negative viewpoints of the author of this article but is provided only for informational purposes)

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