Alert Citizen Helps Bradley Sheriff's Office Nab 2 Illegal Tire Dumpers On Elderly Citizen's Property

  • Friday, May 26, 2023

An alert citizen helped the Bradley County Sheriff's Office nab two illegal tire dumpers on Monday night.

A call was placed to the Bradley County 911 Center with information about someone illegally dumping tires on a property on Keith Valley Road. The caller provided an excellent description of the vehicle and suspects involved as they watched the crime unfold, it was stated.

Deputies on patrol were able to intercept the suspects as they were leaving the area. An investigation into the incident revealed an estimated 50–60 tires were illegally dumped by Marcus Jones and Phillip Ashley on an elderly citizen’s property without permission.

Jones and Ashley were both issued state citations in lieu of an arrest, both being charged with criminal littering.

Jones and Ashley retrieved all of the tires they illegally dumped and loaded them back on their trailer before leaving.

The Sheriff's Office said, "We would like to commend the caller and property owner who provided valuable and timely information on this case. Without their witness to this crime and willingness to report, the suspects would have gotten away."

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