Save The Choo Choo

  • Friday, June 2, 2023

I am stunned that our beloved historic and iconic Chattanooga Choo Choo Terminal, is on the chopping block, open to being shamefully renamed in a move to modernization. Please! No! Say it is not so! 

This unique and universally known building is and has been a Chattanooga trademark for as long as my 93-year-old memory has been recording. My maternal grandfather, Reverend John Franklin Davis, a Southern Baptist evangelist, took me (as a young child) with him on many of his preaching trips out of Chattanooga on the train to West Tennessee, to Knoxville and other points, on interesting journeys emanating from this terminal, with its spectacular domed ceiling, the exciting rush of movement in boarding a coach with the guidance and direction of bustling, uniformed conductors and helpful baggage handlers. 

The Choo Choo Terminal has many stories to tell. It is a terminal of universal renown, attached and associated by heart and mind with our beloved city of Chattanooga. It deserves more than a kick out the door. Please do not do this. Please save the Choo Choo.

Dellaphine Wooten Tenney

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