Town Hall Meeting Called On Issue Of Sewage Being Trucked From Atlanta Area To Copperhill

  • Saturday, June 3, 2023

A town hall meeting has been called to address the issue of sewage being transported from Cobb County, Ga., to Copperhill.

It will be next Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Copper Basin Elementary School Gym.

A group that has organized on the issue said, "Borderline towns Copperhill, Tn., and McCaysville, Ga., have joined forces to prevent the continued usage and transportation of biosolids to local business Copperhill Industries.

"Currently, biosolids are being transported from Cobb County, Ga., to Copperhill Industries to be used as a fertilizer. Recently, released McCaysville police body camera video shows the illegal overweight trucks transporting and leaking this hazardous material onto Georgia roads.

"The use of biosolids in downtown Copperhill, Tennessee is the cause of great concern among McCaysville and Copperhill residents. There are trepidations among residents regarding the potential health risks of using biosolids, including the presence of heavy metals and pathogens.

"Additionally, residents worry about their quality of life, the potential economic bearing on tourism, and the impact on the environment, such as groundwater contamination and the potential harm to wildlife. Local residents have launched a Facebook page to address the issue, and calls for lawsuits and Representative involvement have increased.

Despite the concerns of overwhelming stench and potential health hazards, the use of biosolids continues in the area, raising questions about the safety and regulation of such practices. It is crucial for local officials to monitor and regulate the use of biosolids to ensure the safety of the community and the environment."

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