Jerry Summers: Preserve Chattanooga Public Poll Paradox

  • Monday, June 5, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

A public spirited group has recently announced the results of its version of the 100 percent accurate public opinion polls perpetually touted on all Fox News and CNN cable affiliates in an effort to save some of the historical remains of the new Gig City.

In a May 10, 2023 presentation the Preserve Chattanooga 501(c)3i (I assume) non-profit distributed their Top 10 To Save List “in the spirit of preserving neighborhoods” and other priorities.

Here’s the candidates:

1) Williams-Hardy House (aka Littleholme) located adjacent to the popular tourist attraction, Cravens House, on the nearby site of the “Battle of the Clouds” in November 1863 in the “War to Suppress the Rebellion”. The National Park Service has allegedly wanted a bigger parking lot to replace the 1928 structure;

2) Burchay Building (recognized as a friend of PETA because of their loving and tender care in the sale of garments made from the skin of animals and sold to the “local rich and famous”;

3) Ellis Restaurant – sign of the Dancing Frog and a good locale to get a good meal on Market Street;

4) Jazzy Building- Market Street (built 1880);

5) Olde Town Brainerd- Former home of Leonard’s, Mr. Fifteen, Castaway’s Night Club, and Red Marion’s Dugout in the area’s pre-shooting days;

6) Martin Luther King Jr. National Register District- Bessie Smith Hall should save it;

7) Rivoli Mills (former manufacturer of knit golf shirts killed by foreign competition around 2002);

8) All Saints Academy- (Former Notre Dame High School and All Saints Academy);

9) Parkway Tower (former electrical power plant before TVA with spectacular view of Finley Stadium/Davenport Field with a beautiful display of graffiti);

10) Engel Stadium- (this one needs a little more attention in light of the $79.5 million proposed cost of building a new baseball stadium, its status on the National Historical Registry, proximity to gentrification of Lincoln Park, and a variety of other community minded topics. Stay tuned!)

(Thank you 501(c)3 Preserve Chattanooga for bringing your efforts to the attention of Hamilton County taxpayers before the wrecking ball hits!)

* * *

You can reach Jerry Summers at

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