Flying Squirrel Bar Closing Nov. 5 - With Plans To Reopen Focusing On Chinese, Tiki Cocktails

  • Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Flying Squirrel bar on the Southside is closing after service on Nov. 5 - with plans to reopen under a new concept later.

Management said the new focus will be Chinese with tiki cocktails.

A statement says:

First, a word about our past. When we opened Flying Squirrel in 2013, downtown was something of a food-and-beverage wild west, and we felt free to do any concept we wanted. So, we opened the place we craved, but couldn't find in Chattanooga: adventurous, fun share plates, mostly French and East Asian influence, in a sexy but super-laid-back atmosphere. We riffed off this vision for ten years while the neighborhood grew up around us. 

Lately, we've had a powerful itch to evolve, and shake things up. We've been searching for the essence, the purest distillation of this concept we've been exploring all these years. What do we really want? 

The answer, it turns out, is simple. We want Chinese food. And tiki drinks.  

We are intoxicated by the flavors and the long, bizarrely intertwined histories of American Chinese food and tiki cocktails, and we're going to dive all the way in. We intend to do justice to the cuisine, and show respect to our guests by using quality ingredients, as we always have.

This is a major change that warrants a fresh start. We will be permanently closing Flying Squirrel after service on Sunday, November 5th. Some time later, we’ll reopen our doors as a completely new concept. 

Goodbye, Flying Squirrel. It's been so real. 

We can't wait for you to meet Ernest Chinese (@ernestchinesechatt). 

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