Who, Where And How Many Times? - And Response (3)

  • Monday, February 19, 2024
Once again a certain demographic proves they are totally incapable of attending a joyous event without somebody getting killed. Unfortunately, the victim in this case was a beautiful young lady who wanted nothing more than to celebrate a Super Bowl win with her family.

So who are these two thugs? Well, we don't know. Where are they being held? Well, we don't know. What will be their punishment if any? Well, we will never know. How many times have they already been in the "system?" Well, we don't know. And once they get out how many times will they re-offend? And why don't we know, well, it's because these are the sainted juveniles who pretty much get a "Get out of jail free" card until they turn 18.

Hey Judge Philyaw, where are the three juvies who hijacked the employee in the Memorial parking lot last year? I know at least one had been involved in a similar crime a few days before and was already back on the street. Being a Juvenile Court judge has to be the greatest job in the world. You make almost $200,000 annually and not only are you never held responsible for your mistakes, even fatal ones, nobody ever knows about them. Pretty good work if you can get it.

I call on our state legislators to eliminate Juvenile Court for all felonies. It's time to protect the law-abiding citizens rather than "rehabilitating," the gang waannabes.

Douglas Jones

* * *

Douglas Jones always takes a shot at what he calls a certain demographic as thugs. However, he never refers to a certain demographic that commits the great majority of mass shootings as thugs, they are never called thugs instead they are referred to as mentally ill.

We have to realize as human beings that anyone that kills people is certainly mentally ill, but Douglas Jones reserves that label for his demographic. There is a demographic that is 100 percent KKK; should I continue to rub that fact in Douglas Jones' face or work together to condemn their acts?

People in glass houses should never throw stones.

Shakir M. Rashed

* * *

I cannot believe how racist Shakir M. Rashed is based on the response to Douglas Jones letter. Nothing in the Jones letter talked about race. It talked about the lack of accountability for juvenile criminals and the courts and judges. Nothing in what Jones wrote indicates black, white, brown, yellow, red, green or any other attribute. It talked about actions.

I don’t know or care what race the Teamster union thugs were when they harassed me and slashed my tires, when I was working a summer job in high school. Because they went out on strike, they wanted to act as thugs, and a high school kid working a summer job at the concrete plant was an easier target than the regular plant workers who would fight back.

The use of the term thug has been most commonly used in relation to union and anti-union corporate actions for the last hundred years in the US. But thug just means criminal. I guess Rashed assumes all thugs are a “certain demographic”. Thugs come in all colors.

What Jones wrote about is the seeming lack of accountability by juveniles and juvenile courts and judges. One thing I would promote is to put information out for all judges and parole board members to track the recidivism rates, so that if a judge gives out too lenient sentences, resulting in high recidivism can be know before elections. Parole board members whose individual votes for parole result in higher recidivism can be replaced.

Any criminal that commits a new violent crime while on parole should never be given parole again, juvenile or adult. The same for bail. Commit a new crime while on bail and never get bail again. For any crime. And of course, any multiple repeat violent offenders should be not be allowed out of prison. Multiple repeat violent criminals should get life without parole or the death penalty.

Jim Hill

* * *

Jim, stop it with the phony outrage. Douglas Jones just waited this time to make sure the suspects were from his impression of certain people of certain "demographics." He wanted to make sure they weren't from "his" type demographic, before commenting. No one, but you and his usual sidekicks, pretend to miss his dog whistles and barbs, "certain demographics" along with a few other sly references about race without actually using he words.

You'll never to rarely hear a peep from Doug and other same sports fans when Jr. or Missy from those "other demographics" go out all nuclear in a public space, house of worship, or just wherever.

Although two juveniles were initially held after the Kansas City parade shooting, there's been an update. Two adults, not juveniles, have been charged, and it all allegedly began over something really really stupid. Someone or some group thinking someone or another group was "staring" at them.

Brenda Washington

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