EPB Readying For 4 New Major Local Projects

  • Saturday, February 24, 2024
  • Gail Perry

EPB has policies in place for how to work with major new developments in the area, said CEO David Wade. The company gets involved early on with the big projects. Having early conversations is a key to avoiding some costs. Four new large developments are in the works around Chattanooga at this time.

By early involvement, one cost savings has already taken place. Mr. Wade said that some overhead equipment will need to be put underground at the new stadium site. But near the beginning of the discussions, the developers had planned to move other equipment that EPB only recently installed underground when the Interstate was widened. The early communications resulted in the developers changing their original plan so the underground equipment can remain where it is.

They also have been working early on with the development of McDonald Farm. Mr. Wade said before EPB makes any plans for work, the county and developers will have to figure out their needs.

And the facilities planned at The Bend, will also be done in a manner that works for EPB.

The Aetna Mountain development of 2,000 homes will be in EPB’s service area. The substation that provides services in that area currently is owned by TVA, but Mr. Wade said eventually EPB will build a substation there. A storage battery may also be placed at the substation location that would keep power on during repairs or outages until the permanent grid is back up and running. He said that servicing that development would also help strengthen EPB's services to the rest of the area.-

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