Bill Endangers Tennessee Wetlands

  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Woodland Park Baptist Church wetland
Woodland Park Baptist Church wetland

The South Chickamauga Creek Greenway Alliance (SCCGA), along with a coalition of environmental organizations and concerned citizens, is taking a stand against proposed legislation that endangers the protection of wetlands across Tennessee. HB 1054 and SB 0631, the bills in question, propose deregulations that threaten to affect significantly over 60 percent of the state's wetlands.

These legislative efforts, which align with a wider trend toward environmental deregulation, undermine Tennessee's ability to independently safeguard its natural landscapes. Wetlands serve essential ecological functions, such as flood control, water purification, and habitat provision for diverse species, highlighting the need for their protection.

The SCCGA, an advocate for the South Chickamauga Creek watershed's protection, preservation, conservation, and improvement, is part of a broad group opposing this bill. This issue has rallied various organizations and individuals to advocate for the state's environmental future.

We call upon all who cherish Tennessee's natural resources to oppose these bills. Our collaborative efforts in conservation and restoration work underscore the critical importance of wetlands to our community's environmental health.

Barger School Wetland Renovation is a shining example of community and environmental stewardship. The renovated wetland at Barger School transformed into a vibrant outdoor classroom for science education, showcasing the tangible benefits of wetland conservation.

Red Wolves Stadium Development illustrates the environmental cost of progress. Fourteen wetlands were either destroyed or disconnected from Spring Creek, underscoring the urgent need for protective legislation.

The Woodland Baptist Church Wetland is nestled beside Woodland Baptist Church. This serene wetland serves as a reminder of the often overlooked natural habitats that enrich our communities, highlighting the importance of preserving such ecosystems for their ecological and educational value.

Educational Resources:

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