County Budget Will Not Have A Property Tax Increase

  • Monday, May 20, 2024

County Mayor Weston Wamp on Monday proposed a balanced budget for fiscal year 2025 without a property tax increase.

Despite rising healthcare costs and inflationary pressures, the budget "prioritizes key community investments, infrastructure improvements, and new programs supporting families and overdose victims," officials said.

County Mayor Wamp said, “This year’s budget faced significant challenges due to rising healthcare costs and broad inflationary pressures. Nonetheless, we have remained fiscally responsible, ensuring the continued provision of essential services without increasing taxes.

“We have prioritized our county employees to maintain the quality of services for our citizens. I look forward to collaborating with the Hamilton County Commission to implement this budget and support our growing community.”

Key Initiatives in the FY2025 Budget:

Investing in Young Families

- Expansion of the Health Department’s Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program through $800,000 of new grant funding to expand support for at-risk parents.

= Establishment of the Center for Thriving Families to connect parents and children with community resources.

- Nearly $600,000 in increased Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program grant funding allocated for four new nutrition educators to assist low-income families. Expanded Road Improvements

- Additional funding and equipment for the Highway Department to resurface over 40 miles of road and install reflectors on 15 county roads. Overdose Quick Response Team

- Creation of a Quick Response Team led by Hamilton County EMS to support overdose victims and facilitate rehabilitation plans. Upgrades to Community/Senior Centers & Investment in Athletic Facilities

- $2 million investment in community parks, with significant upgrades to the Harrison Center and the Birchwood Community Center. ? Enhancements to youth recreation facilities across the county. Investing in County Employees

- $4.2 million allocated to cover increased health insurance costs, providing more than $2,000 per employee.

- A 2% cost-of-living increase for county employees, with a minimum of $1,000.

- Addition of President’s Day as a holiday for county employees. Riverfront Revitalization & Community Parks

- Preliminary $700,000 commitment to riverfront revitalization and Riverpark upgrades in collaboration with local stakeholders. Commitment to Public Safety

- Funding for new drone software for the Office of Emergency Management and expanded funding for volunteer fire departments.

- Budgeting for six additional School Resource Officers to enhance school safety.

- Supplemental pay for Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

- Expanded funding to support victims of violent crime through Partnership for Families, Children & Adults, Children’s Advocacy Center, and Family Justice Center.

“Despite revenue constraints, we are proud to have prioritized innovative approaches in fighting the opioid crisis, substantial support for parents and young families, new investments in community parks, and an expanded investment into road infrastructure,” said Mayor Wamp.

The Hamilton County Commission will vote on the proposed budget on Wednesday, June 26.

Fiscal year 2025 begins on July 1, 2024 and runs through June 30, 2025.

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