Cumberland Holds Off Cleveland For First Win

Currents Swim Well For 377-354 Victory Over Aqua Tigers

  • Monday, June 24, 2024
  • John Hunt

It’s been a rough go in recent seasons for the Cumberland Currents as wins have been hard to come by, but veteran coach Julie Thornburg has never lost the faith as she’s been the team’s leading cheerleader and has convinced her kids to believe when that wasn’t always an easy thing to do.

The Currents have worked hard this summer to increase team numbers and they have continued to work hard during those early-morning workouts, despite not having much to show for their dedication.

But things changed just a little bit at the Cumberland pool Monday night as they captured their first win of the season by a 377-354 margin over the Cleveland Aqua Tigers.

There were lots of happy faces and a ton of wet bodies after the entire team – including coaches – celebrated with a  post-meet jump into the pool.

Cleveland had won last Monday’s meet by a 407-326 final at home, but the Currents were able to turn the tables the second time around.

It was really close at the start before Cumberland took the lead at 135-131 following the medley relays.  The difference was 211-168 after the individual medleys before the Aqua Tigers made it interesting to trail by only 251-231 after the backstroke races.

The Currents had a 25-point lead after the butterfly races at 318-293 before hanging on to win for the first time this season.

Thornburg had an idea that her team was on its way to victory toward the end of the meet and long before the final score had been announced.

“Do you think I should take off my shoes?” she said, knowing that she was going to get wet if they hung onto their lead.

“We did it,” she blurted after exiting the pool by the starting blocks.

“These kids really wanted it tonight as they swam really hard.  We made a few mistakes and had a few hurdles to clear, but they seemed to swim even harder when they figured out what was happening.

“We had a good week of practice and were able to turn things around as we finally got a win.  We showed up and swam like we’re capable and I’m so proud,” she said with an emotional tone.

Trey Parris has been the Cleveland coach for the past four summers.  He knows that every meet is competitive and that the challenge is even bigger for away meets.

“It’s gonna come down to the wire,” he said long before the final race had been completed.

“I thought we started off really well with a lot of great races, but we had a lot of DQs and that hurt.  We just wanted to swim hard and to cheer each other on.  We were able to do that for the most part.  Meets are won at practice.  We had some good ones leading up to today and I thought we were ready, but I think that Cumberland won the meet,” he concluded with a smile.

Zach Schurr, Jillian Schuster, James Chatard and Kymiri Turner all scored the maximum 19 points for Cumberland while Lola Phipps followed with 17.  Rosey Honeycutt and Carter Young both finished with 16 points each.

Addie Taubert scored 19 points to lead the Aqua Tigers while Kevin Curley and Reed Blackmon both scored 17.

Cumberland will be at home again on Thursday to face Big Ridge in its next big meet.  The Raiders also had a big win by a 403-398 margin at Red Bank to clinch the White division.  Cleveland travels to Big Ridge for its next meet next Monday.

Other winners on Monday included Ooltewah, Fort Oglethorpe and Country Club.



19 – Addie Taubert

17 – Kevin Curley, Reed Blackmon

15 – Nathan Jossart, Ashley Pesterfield

13 – Maddie Peterson, Jaxon Moseley, Sophia Hildebrand, Carol Lynn Elliott

12 – Joseph Scully, Elias Eldred

11 – Teddy Elliott, Palmer Blackmon

10 – Caroline Kate Elrod, Lee Elliott.


19 – Zach Schurr, Jillian Schuster, Kymiri Turner, James Chatard

17 – Lola Phipps

16 – Rosey Honeycutt, Carter Young

15 – Jude Carpenter, David Davenport

14 – Everett Michael

13 – Ingrid Michael

12 – Landry Hubbard

10 – Marin Bennett.


19 – Ari Bond

17 – Frances Bohner

16 – Maxwell Ball

15 – Ben Bevill

14 – Carson Gaither

13 – Millie Sharplin, Lily Cole, Madison Cole

12 – Adelaide Bond, Millie Elkins

11 – Caroline Johnson

10 – William Gaither.


19 – Zeki House, Evie Ranalli

18 – Monna Yu

17 – Cooper Brooks, Nicholas Johnson, Zoe Feher

15 – James Bentley, Miles Kirksey

14 – Margaret Stinnett

13 – Hannah Tasker

12 – Blaire Card, Hampton Tate, Dru Grant IV

11 – Eliana Tabibiazar, Ryan Ellis, Callie Dake

10 – Gio Janini, Lucinda Ranalli.


19 – Jonah Ogas

17 – Cassidy Gray, Jacob Bateman

16 – Jack Brown

15 – Atticus Stephens

14 – Keegan Carter

12 – Grayson Howell, Landon Travis

11 – Annie Eickman

10 – Jocelyn Chance, Corbin Lawson, Caylon Trundle.


19 – Makayla McInnes, Keilah Holliman, Jed Holliman

17 – Nora Pace, Zack McInnes

16 – Gunnar Corvin

15 – Calynn Daniel, Anna Boyd, Carmyn Watkins, Julia Leite

14 – Kaci Lambeth, Wilder Erhard, Luke Oliver

13 – Bryson Lake, Norah Peticord

12 – Estella Salera

11 – Ella Cooper, Ella Garcia, Luke Combs, Noah Holliman, Leah Perrel.


19 – Ashton Conibear, Noah Keener, Logan Carroll

18 – Jade Skiba

17 – Millie Watson, Lander Smith

16 – Benson Wright

15 – Megan Gill, Gracin Smith

14 – Eli Haupert

13 – Bryson Young

11 – Addi Crowe

10 – Luke Scharff, Benji Wamuhiu, Caroline Coode, Rowan Garver.


19 – Audrey Mayo, Addilyn Mayo

18 – Noah Blake, Madelaine Ellis

16 – Caleb Ross, Allie West

15 – Arya Clinebell

14 – Natalie Emerson, Jem Robertson

13 – Adalia Ross, Avalie Bilbrey

12 – Reid Corder, Luke Blake, Lilly Robertson

11 – Ben Meagher, Benton Bilbrey, Lilah Blanchard.

10 -- Alyssa Granberry.


19 – Evie Nazor, Kaylee Greene

17 – Luke Russell, Jake Holmes

16 – Vincent Porter

15 – Mimi Hanning Dmitrievskaya

14 – Claire Williams

13 – Marydee Barnett

12 – Jacob Greene, Klein Boyd

10 – Faith Callagan.


19 – Foster Stevens, Addison Rievley, Sully Foster

18 – Katelyn Holman

17 – Ari Motter

15 – Aubrey McCarthy, R.J. Partain, Colson Chappelear

14 – Wade Christopher, Oliver Webb

13 – Ruby Oswald, Audrey Chatfield

12 – Tyler Brady, Jett Stevens, Noah Currie, Reese Rawls

11 – Amy Lynn Hoeng

10 – Allie O’Donell, Lilly Cappellazzo, Maya Colbert, Avary Kadetz, Zeke Rawls.

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10 – Alyssa Granberry.

10 – Cheyenne Carver, Gabby Oswald.

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