Hamilton County Confederates: A-B

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The following data on Confederate soldiers from Hamilton County is taken from a book by Nat Hughes and John Wilson.

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Born 1814 in TN. Retired physician res. with son Young L. on Forest Ave. [1910HC]

ABERNATHY, Young L. B. Co. E, 3TN Cav. Bn.; Co. D, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born May 21, 1846 in Madisonville, son of Dr. John C. (CSA surgeon) and Nancy A. Bicknell Abernathy of Rhea Co., he entered the army in 1861 at 16. Fought at Fishing Creek and at Perryville. Discharged fall, 1862, being under age. Upon close of war he entered medical school and after receiving his medical training, he practiced several years at Decatur in Meigs Co. Returned to Rhea Co. to practice with his father. In 1871 in Rhea Co., he married Emma H. Day, daughter of Maj. John Day. After having lived in Rhea Springs and Rockwood, the Abernathys moved to Hill City in 1888 along with another Rhea Co. doctor, R. W. Colville, to take part in the new suburb of Hill City. One of its streets was named for Dr. Abernathy. For a time he was head of the medical division of Univ. of Chatt. Methodist. Died April 2, 1928 at res. at Boynton Terrace and buried at White Oak Cem. (Chatt. Memorial Park). [Campbell, Records of Rhea; CS; CT, May 19, 1897, April 3, 1928; TWP, 257; NBFM2,8;TP16,107]

Seriously ill in 1888. Was a CSA soldier. [NBFM1]

In 1902 shown as 80y, "sick in Hill City." [NBFM3]

Born 1845, Ga. Res. 1910 on 18th St. with wife Eliza and one grown dau. [1910HC]

ADAMS, Asa Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1842, son of Elizabeth Adams, he was a farm laborer at Ooltewah at the start of the war. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. His grandfather, Asa Adams, a NC native, also lived at Ooltewah. Killed at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864.

ADAMS, Charles Co. E, 29NC
Born 1843 in Clay or Cherokee Co., NC. Enl. Aug. 17, 1861. Wounded in hand, Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862; Deserted and took USA oath. [1890VetCensus]

ADAMS, Hamilton Co. G, 63TN
Born 1821, TN. Farmer at Harrison with wife Susan Hixson. Conscripted by CSA but enroute to Knoxville deserted. [Jerry Wormsley to author, Nov. 19, 1996; 1860HC]

ADAMS, James Snow's Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He joined along with his older brother, Asa Adams, Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland. Born c1845 and lived at Ooltewah.

ADAMS, William Charles 3TN Cav.
Born 1838 in Polk Co., he enl. in Chatt., was captured at Vicksburg, paroled and remained north of the Ohio River. He married (1865) in Warrick Co., IN, Elizabeth Robinett. He died Oct. 16, 1892 at Fairmount in HC. [TWP3307]

Born c1842 in NC. Res. Chatt., 1860 with mother Elizabeth and two sisters. Moulder in Chatt. when enl. May 10, 1862, Corinth. Capt. Sept. 10, 1863 near Chatt. and listed as deserter. Took USA oath. Member of NBF Camp, 1891-95. Moved away and "supposed to have perished" in Galveston, TX in Nov., 1891. Been missing ever since. [NBFM2]


AIKEN, Capt. Jasper Newton Co. K, 43TN
Born c1833 in TN. Lawyer in Chatt., 1860. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; elected captain Dec. 14, 1861; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled. During Early's Valley campaign in the summer and fall of 1864, Aiken, as senior captain commanded the regiment which served as cavalry.

AIKEN, Thomas Co. F, 3TN
Born Aug. 15, 1842, Monroe Co., TN. Enl. 1863. Captured at Vicksburg. Methodist. Res. of Chatt., 1908, "decrepit and needy." Was nightwatchman when he could get work. Applied to TN Soldiers Home, 1912. [TP10,686]

Born 1819 in Prussia. Teacher in Chatt. with wife Raena and six children. "A 'most enthusiastic reb,' according to a visitor." [WF]

ALEXANDER, Gideon "Gid" 4TN Cav.
Enl. 4TN Cav. June 6, 1861. Salesman in Chatt. 1891 when he joined NBF Camp. [NBFM2]

ALEXANDER, James M. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born c1842 in TN. Enl. Sept. 1, 1862 in HC. Hospitalized March, 1865 with acute diarrhea. Res. 1870 with wife Margaret at North Chickamauga.

ALEXANDER, T. J. 1Lt. Co. E., 1TN Cav.
Born Jan. 15, 1839 in Maury Co., TN. Enl. April 1, 1861 in Co. C, 1TN Cav. Dry goods clerk in Chatt. and member of NBF CAMP, 1895. [NBFM2]

ALEXANDER, William M. Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.
Born June 9, 1845 in Rutherford Co., TN. Enl. Aug. 1, 1862 near Sparta. Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Atlanta Camp. and opposed Sherman's March to the Sea. Col. Baxter Smith: "a first class soldier." Paroled May 5, 1865. To TX 1884 and returned 1888. Manufacturer and genl. dealer in lumber in Chatt. Baptist. NBF CAMP, 1895; Died in Cincinnati.
July 5, 1920 and buried FH. [FHR; CT July Aug. 1920; NBFM2;15,022]

ALEXANDER, William Thomas Co. B, 30AL
Born at Jacksonville, AL, June 23, 1847, son of Robert Alexander, he began his service as a member of the Calhoun Guards at Ft. Morgan. He then enl. in Co. B, 30AL at Tazewell, TN, Port Gibson and Baker's Creek, MS. After his exchange rejoined Army of TN at Missionary Ridge and during Atlanta campaign. He was wounded at Jonesboro and hospitalized at Macon and Montgomery where he ended the war as a clerk in the medical department. He surrendered at Talladega, AL and became express agent, then postmaster at Jacksonville. He moved to Chattanooga in 1896, 26 years after his marriage to Jennie Frank. Traveling salesman for Thacher Medicine Co. Died at res. on Battery Place, Dec. 7, 1926 and buried in Citizens Cem. [NBFM2;TP15,796]

ALFORD, Sgt. Alexander W. Co. A, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1843 in Roane Co. and grew up in Sweetwater. Enl. 1861. Fishing Creek, Murfreesboro, Somerset, KY, Chickamauga, Atlanta Campaign. A comrade described him as "a good Christian, a reliable soldier, and I believe he was as brave a man and as daring a scout as there was in the Confederate army." Married (1865) Sarah E. Neil. To TN 1907. Res. 1910 near Rossville. Died 1911 in HC.[TWP, p. 113; TP11,766; 1910HC]

ALFORD, Thomas A. Co. C, 41TN
Enl. Feb. 16. 1863, Fayetteville, TN. Died at his home near Tyner May 14, 1920, age 74, and buried in family cem. [CT May 25, 1920]

ALLEN, 1Lt. Andrew J. Co. C, 2TN (Robison's)
Born in Davidson Co., TN. Enl. May, 1861. Captured and imprisoned at Johnson's Island. Stonecutter in Chatt. Moved away in 1889. [NBFM2]

ALLEN, Isaac David Co. G, 9GA Cav.; Co. F, 4GA Cav. (Avery's)
Born May 2, 1829 in Rutherford Co., NC. Enl. May, 1861. ANV. Resigned as 1Lt, July, 1862 and joined 4GA Cav. becoming Lt. once again. Captured 1864 and imprisoned at Johnson's Island till end of war. Married (at Lafayette, GA) Elizabeth Vickery, a native of Habersham Co., GA. Member of Chick\Chatt Nat'l Park Comm., 1894. NBF Camp. Res. of Chatt. in 1903. Died Nov. 26, 1910 in Chatt. and buried FH. [FHR; CT Nov. 27, 1910; NBFM2; TP5335; TWP3491; 1890VetCensus]

ALLEN, James Alfred G. Co. A, 16LA
Born Jan. 16, 1833 at Columbus, KY, son of Louis and Lucy Feltz Allen, he was raised in East Feliciana Parish, LA. He married Mrs. Mary Josephine Travis (Travers?) in 1852. He was employed as an overseer until Sept. 29, 1861 when he enl. in Co. A, 16LA; to Chatt. in 1862 where he was hospitalized. Later assigned duty there as a mechanic in the Government Works Shop until summer of 1863. In 1865, soon after the close of the war, he returned to Chatt. and became a carpenter. Served as city jailer for short while, then was elected Chattanooga's first Chief of Police in 1883. Congregationalist. Allen resided in East Lake where he died JAN 29, 1906. He was buried in CSA Cem.[CT Jan. 31, 1906; GHT, pp. 904-05; NBFM2, 4; Lusk, FH]

ALLEN, John Benton Co. E, 37TN; Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1844 in Jefferson Co. The family moved to Bradley Co. His father, John Allen, died when John Benton Allen was four. His grandfather was Benton Allen of New Market, TN. His mother was Mary Ann White, daughter of Thomas White of HC. As a boy, he went to live with a foster father, Absalom Sivley of King's Point. Enl. at Ooltewah on Oct. 31, 1861. Later he joined Ashby's Cavalry. Captured at Lancaster, KY, on July 31, 1863, and taken to Camp Chase, OH. He went from there to the prison at Fort Delaware and was not released until June 20, 1865. After the war he was a clerk, then a carpenter, at Chattanooga. [JW; TWP]

ALLEN, Thomas Benton Co. I, 3TN
Born Sept 12, 1842 in Meigs Co., TN. Enl. May 2, 1861 in Knoxville. Wounded at Vicksburg. Moved away, then returned and became a farmer. Res. of Hill City in 1902. Dying in Chatt. July 6, 1920. Buried in Dayton, TN. [CT July 7, 1920; NBFM2; TP4512]

Born c1826. Provost Marshal of Chatt. Steamboat pilot at Chatt. in 1870, age 43. Owned and operated steamboats on Tennessee River for many years. Wife Eliza A. Active at Centenary Church. Died Mar. 21, 1905 and buried FH. [JW; 1870, 1880 Census]

He and his brothers W.F. and A.J. were CSA. Died Lafayette, GA about Nov., 20, 1918. [CT Nov. 25, 1918]

ALLISON, William F. Co. A, 3GA Mtd Inf., Co. "3", 3TN Cav.
Born Feb. 19, 1832 in Monroe Co., TN; he enl. Oct. 7, 1862. Fought at Murfreesboro, the Tullahoma campaign, at Chickamauga and under Longstreet at Knoxville. He served in the Atlanta campaign and against Sherman in the Carolinas, ending his service at Bentonville. Paroled at Greensboro Apr. 26, 1865. Following the war he farmed and sold agricultural equipment, residing at Eagle Cliff, GA, a "suburb" of Chattanooga. He married Minerva J. Scarborough. Died near Flintstone, GA, Mar. 29, 1907 and buried Eagle Cliff. [CT, March 30, 1907;NBFM7]

Born Nov. 5, 1826, in Overton County, TN. Enl. Aug. 5, 1861 at Livingston, TN. He married (1877 in HC) Lou Frank Sparks. Farmer and member of the Christian Church. Died at his res. in St. Elmo, June 22, 1901 and buried CSA Cem. [TWP, p. 161; NBM2,3; CT June 25, 1901]

AMMONS, W. H. Co. C, 12GA Cav.
Born Macon Co., NC, 1832. Enl. 1862. Shiloh, 2nd Manassas, Chickamauga, Franklin, Nashville. Paroled May 12, 1865 at Kingston, GA. Res. TN 1885, Hill City in 1905.[TP7016]

ANDERSON, Allen L. 2d Co. K, 35TN
Born 1834 in TN. Farmer at Chatt.

ANDERSON, James C. 1Lt. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born Feb. 3, 1834 in McMinn Co. Enl. July 14, 1862 at Tyner's Station. In winter, 1863 assigned adj. and inspector genl. of Gen. W. W. Allen's Brigade, serving until July 1864. Detailed in the Engineering Dept. of Wheelers Corps and served as scout within Federal lines. Wounded at Buzzard Roost and Resaca. Paroled May 3, 1865 in Charlotte, NC. as a lieut. After the war gained fame as tunnel builder, engineer. For a time was chief engineer for E. TN, VA & GA (Southern RR). "His experience was valuable while the county's highway tunnel through Missionary Ridge was being constructed and it was he who first convinced engineers of that project." Died Sept. 13, 1920 at home on Cleveland Pike, 86 yrs., and buried at Concord Cem. [CSR; NBFM2; CT Sept. 14-15, 1920]

ANDERSON, Jefferson Campbell Tyner's scouts
Born 1844 in HC, son of William Walker and Louisa Penelope Campbell Smith Walker. Named for his mother's father. JCA married Mary Ellen Burton. Died in HC and buried Concord Cem. [JW;TWP, p. 80; 1880HC]

ANDERSON, John Co. F, 35th TN
Age 24 in December, 1863; born in SC; coal miner in HC; enl. Oct. 11, 1862.

ANDERSON, John Henry
Born Oct. 6, 1848 in McMinn Co. Came to Soddy when a boy. Mason, Presby. Died May 5, 1931 and buried Presby. Cem., Soddy [CT May 6, 1931]

ANDERSON, Sgt. Maj. John C. Barry's Btry.
Enl. April 4, 1862 at Chatt. Paid bounty of $50.00; Promoted to Orderly Sgt. Dec. 1, 1863; At Spanish Fort he led 30 men swimming "eight miles to Blakely, got skiffs there, and rowed across the bay to Mobile next day." Paroled at Meridian, MS May 11, 1865. [Barry, "Lookout Battery."]

Born Winchester, VA, but spent most of his life in Bridgeport, AL. Captain in CSA assigned to railroad duty. May have been in Co. A, 1GA State Line. For 53 years an employee of the NC&St.L Railroad. Died in Chatt. March 14, 1913 and buried in FH.

ANDERSON, Sgt. William Walker Jr. Barry's Btry.
He wanted to join Frank Walker's company at the start of the war, but the health of his wife was bad so he stayed with her. Son of the Chattanooga pioneers, William Walker Anderson and Elizabeth McChesney, he had married Lydia Cravens in 1859. He spent the first portion of the war manufacturing saltpeter in a furance at the mouth of the cave on the side of Lookout Mountain opposite Moccasin Bend. This was in conjunction with his father-in-law, Robert Cravens. He also "explored the caves in that section and along Walden's Ridge for dirt, cut forest of blackjack timber for ashes, and had boxwood for making powder." He joined the Lookout Artillery in Knoxville on Sept. 2, 1862.
Anderson was at camp at Pollard, AL, when he received word that his wife was quite sick. He said Captain Robert L. Barry "willingly gave me leave of absence and told me to write it myself, for I had never missed a rollcall." He was discharged April 3, 1863, and found that his wife had arranged for a substitute to take his place. Afterward, he shipped coal and coke to Confederate authorities at Memphis. He and his brother-in-law, James Cravens, leased mines from Robert Cravens, built a higher tramroad, and were getting out the first carload of coal when Yankee guns began bombarding Chattanooga.
The Andersons, along with his parents, hauled their movable possessions in wagons to Chickamauga Station and went by rail to Adairsville, GA. Later they went to Dawson, GA. Mrs. W.W. Anderson Sr. died there on Jan. 6, 1864, and Lydia Cravens Anderson died three months later. W.W. Anderson Jr. settled at Forsythe, Ga. Born about 1837, he lived until 1926. His second wife was Louisa Estelle Sharp. The Andersons originally were from Rockbridge County, VA. [JW; W.W. Anderson letter in Anderson family clipping file at Chattanooga Library]

ANDREWS, Lt. Col. J. Garnett 1GA
Born in Washington, GA in 1837, son of Judge Garnett and Annulet Ball Andrews, he was educated at the Washington male academy and the U of GA. He had just begun the study of law when GA seceded. He became a 1Lt. in the 1GA Regulars, then AAG to Gen. Henry R. Jackson. In 1862 he joined Cutt's Btry. and soon became Capt. He next became AAG to Gen. Arnold Elzey and helped organized local defense troops. He participated as a member of the 15GA in the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, South Anna and Petersburg, ending the war as Lt. Col. of the 8th Bn., CSA infantry, consisting of 600 foreigners enl. from the Federal army with whom he defended against Stoneman's 1865 raid. After the war he practiced law and edited newspaper at Yazoo City, MS, served in the legislature, and compiled "Andrews Digest of Mississippi Decisions." In 1881 he moved to Chatt. where he practiced law, dealt in real estate and became mayor (1891-93). Active in NBF Camp. Married (1867) Rosalie Champe Beirne. Mason. Episcopalian. He died at res. on Georgia Ave., May 6, 1903 and was buried at Washington, GA. [CT May 7, 1903; Hist. of St. Paul's, 171-72; NBFM7.]

ANDREWS, Robert W. Co. G, 6TN; Co. B;, 3d CSA Engineers
Born Maury Co., TN. Enl. May 15, 1861 at Jackson Co., TN. in Co. G, 6TN and remained with them until transferred Co. B;, 3d Engineers in June, 1863. Paroled at Catawba Bridge, SC May 5, 1865. After war made home at Jackson until coming to Chatt. in 1883. Married Parmelia R. (1830-1915). Died Jan. 30, 1925 and buried FH. [NBFM2;TP12,466]

Not found, however, in Booth, LA Troops. [NBFM2]

ARMOR, George W. Co. K, 43TN
Age 19 in 1861, he enl. Oct., 1861, at Ooltewah. He was brigade forage master. He was captured at Vicksburg July 4, 1863, and was paroled at Talledega, AL, on May 16, 1865. At the start of the war, he and his older brother, Robert C. Armor, were laborers on the extensive farm of B.R. Scott near Chattanooga. The Armor brothers were born in Alabama.

ARMOUR, Joseph T. Co. G, 26TN; 2nd Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. Feb. 5, 1863 in Ringgold, GA. Wounded Sept. 1, 1864 and sent to Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon, GA. Returned to duty Nov. 19, 1864. Paroled at Greensboro, NC, May 1, 1865.

ARMOR, Robert Cowden Co. K, 43TN
Born 1840 Habersham Co., GA. He was 21 when he enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured along with his brother at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. Married (1866) Mary Elizabeth Augusta Patterson. Died 1890 in HC. [TWP; 1880 Census]

ARMISTEAD, Robert A. 2nd Co., Washington Arty. of NO
Born in Dinwiddie Co., VA, Sept. 2, 1844. Enl. at Petersburg 1864. Captured April 10, 1865. In 1901 resided in Chatt, occupation clerk in Southern Express Co. Living in Memphis prior to death there Feb. 2, 1909. [NBFM2,4,7]

ARMSTRONG, Capt. John MacMillan Barry's Btry.
A Knoxville native, born Nov. 20, 1828, he was the son of Addison Wear and Nancy Jane McMillan Armstrong. He attended Maryville College, then he spent five years in Abbeville District, SC, and five years in Knox Co. before coming to Chattanooga in 1858. When the war broke out, he was a clerk, working at the hardware company of Richard L. Watkins. Enl. May 15, 1862, at Chattanooga. Later he transferred to Lt. Col. S.C. William's Arty. Bn. where he was promoted from Lt. to Capt. (ordnance officer). He was paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS.
Armstrong returned to Chattanooga after the war and worked for J.H. Warner Hardware Company and held the city street sprinkling contract. Married Martha J., native of AL. 6', blue eyes. fair cmplx., a Presbyerian and the father of Chattanooga historian Zella Armstrong. He died Feb. 28, 1897 in Chattanooga and buried FH. [FHR; CT Feb. 28, 1897, July 1, 1903; NBFM2; TWP 6297]

ARMSTRONG, John William
Married Martha J. [TWP6297]

ARMSTRONG, Martin Van Buren Co. C, 5TN Cav.
Born 1844 in Meigs Co. and married (1887) Attie Atchley. After war resided in Meigs and Rhea counties before coming to Chatt. Mason. Married Attie. Died at his home in East End July 2, 1912 and buried CSA Cem. [CT July 3.1912; TWP, p. 129]

ARNETT, Luke 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Aug. 1, 1862, then captured at Chickamauga. He and his brother-in-law, William C. Douglas, were released from jail at Chattanooga upon the entreaty of the Rev. Hiram Douglas to Gen. George Thomas. War records say Arnett deserted on Jan. 6, 1864. Born about 1847, he was the son of George W. Arnett. The family lived at the Savannah Valley near Ooltewah, but they moved to AR after the war. [JW]

ARNETT, William 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
He enl. Aug. 1, 1862 and was killed in action near Loudon, TN, on May 12, 1863, while trying to make his way through the Union lines to join his company. He was the oldest son of George W. Arnett, who resided in the Savannah Valley near Ooltewah. He was about 19 when he died. The family later recovered his uniform showing the hole where the bullet tore through the breast of the coat and left blood stains.[JW]

ASHBY, Brig. Gen. Henry Marshall
Born Fauquier Co., VA, 1836, the son of Marshall and Lucinda Cocke Ashby, he had moved to Chattanooga by 1860 and was living in the home of his uncle, Daniel F. Cocke. He gave his age as 22 and his profession as "trading." His sister, Laura, married Daniel Purse. Ashby enl. as a Pvt in Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn. in Knoxville, then was elected Capt. of Co. G in 5TN Cav Bn. When the 4th and 5th TN Cav. Bns. merged to form 2TN Cav., he became Col. of the regiment. After the battle of Murphy he was commissioned Brig. Gen. Wounded June, 1863.
Ashby and his men operated in E. TN during most of 1862, then participated in the Battle of Murfreesboro, John S. Scott's East KY Raid, Joe Wheeler's Sequatchie Valley Raid, and ended the war with a splendid charge at the Battle of Bentonville, March 21, 1865. After the war Ashby returned to Knoxville to meet his death at the hands of an ardent Unionist, E. C. Camp, on July 10, 1868, and was buried in Old Gray Cem., Knoxville. [1860HC]

ASHFORD, Robert J. Fraser's GA Btry "Pulaski Lt. Arty"
Born 1848, Watkinsville, GA, son of William Henry Ashford, enl. in the GA State troops in July, 1864, and fought in the battles around Atlanta. He then went to VA as a member of the Pulaski Artillery and served at Petersburg. He moved to Chatt. in 1883 and engaged in the wholesale produce trade. Left Chatt. in 1902. [NBFM2,3; CSA Mil. Hist., pp. 361-62]

ASHLEY, George Reese Co. L, 36TN
Born Oct. 17, 1839, son of Joseph and Mary Ashley. Married Mary Sue Kirklen Colquitt. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in at Chattanooga. Died Feb. 22, 1919. Buried Ashley Cem. on Lake Resort Dr. [1880 HC Census]

ASHLEY, James H. Co. L, 36TN
Born c1837, son of Joseph and Mary Ashley. Enl. Dec. 16, 1861, Cleveland. Renl. Jan. 9, 1863, Chattanooga. Listed as absent without leave.

ATCHLEY, Calvin A. F&S, 63TN
Born c1827. Physician res. near Ooltewah with wife Martha, 1860. Asst. Surgeon with 63TN.

ATCHLEY, Daniel Co. A, 26TN
Born c1835 in TN. Res. 1860 in hh. of Posey Moon in Long Savannah. [1860HC]

ATCHLEY, James M. Co. A, 26TN
Born 1842 in Meigs Co., he married (1865) Eliz. Francis Earley. He died 1906 in HC. [TWP, p. 52]

AUSBURN [OSUBURN], Capt. H. M. Co. L, 36TN
He enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga. A native of NC, he and his wife, Mary J., had a farm at Harrison prior to the start of the war. He was born about 1830. [1860HC]

AUSTIN, James R. Co. B, 5TN Cav. Bn.
Enl. at Chatt. on Aug. 11, 1861. Wounded at Winchester, TN. According to Mrs. Williams (nee Shelton) of Athens, AL, who nursed CSA sick and wounded, JRA died in Corinth, MS in 1864.

AUSTIN, Levi Co. H, 4TN Cav., Co. B, 5TN Cav. Bn.
He was 22 years old and was a farm laborer living near Chattanooga when the war broke out. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861. Color bearer. He died as a prisoner of war in Chatt., Feb., 1862)

AVERY, Henry C. Co. A, 19TN
Born 1844 in GA, son of John and Susannah. Enl. July 22, 1861, Cumberland Gap. Charged with desertion, Jan., 1864. Res. Hixson, 1870, with wife Louisa A. Cut and corded wood.

BABRY, Thomas Milligan
Born Franklin Co., GA. Married (1866) Adenia (Adini) Mason Miller. Died 1908 in HC. [TWP, p. 143]

BACHMAN, Capt. Jonathan Waverley Co. G, 19TN
Born Oct. 9, 1837 in Kingsport, TN, son of Jonathan, he was educated at Emory and Henry and was enrolled as a divinity student in New York City when war came. Enl. as pvt. and soon became chief clerk of the 1st TN Brigade which he accompanied to Virginia, fighting at Cheat Mountain and in the Romney expedition. Helped organized the 60TN, becoming captain of Co. G. Served at Vicksburg and after Champion's Hill became senior officer in the regiment. Following his exchange he resigned his commission in Oct., 1864 and became chaplain of the 60th, serving the remainder of the war in east TN and southwest VA. He was with Gen. John Hunt Morgan when the latter was killed and NBF Camp records show that he served on staff of S. D. Lee. Following the war he resumed his theological studies and in 1873 came to Chatt. as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church which he served enthusiastically until 1923. He died at his residence on McCallie Ave., Sept. 26, 1924 and buried FH. [JW;CT Sept. 27.1924; CV 21:281 (CSA photo); CSA Military History (Expanded) 10:364-365.]

BAGGETT, Jackson A. Co. D, 37TN
Born c1844 in TN, son of William and Alias. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 in Knoxville. Hospitalized May 5, 1862. Sent to Corinth, Okolona, MS. Deserted Sept. 7, 1863 at Ooltewah.

BAGGETT, William Co. D, 37TN
Born 1809. Farm laborer at Chatt. when he and son Jackson enl. Hospital Aug. 62. in Chatt. Still sick in Chatt. in 1863. Deserted and dropped from rolls.

BAILEY, C. Leon Co. I, 10MS; Madison Lt. Arty.
Born June 9, 1844, Madison Co., MS, son of William Stewart and Maria Scott (Field) Bailey. Enl. Canton, MS, June, 1861 in 10MS. Trans. to Madison Light Arty. Poague's Arty. Bn. ANV, from May, 1862 to end of war. Wounded at Petersburg. Paroled Apr., 1865. Came to Chatt., 1893, with Southern Express Co. for whom he worked over 40 years as clerk. Moved back to Canton a number of years before his death. Married (1872) Ida Pace who died about 1927. Died in Canton, MS, Nov. 13, 1928 and buried there. [NBFM2, 7; 1910HC; CTNov.14, 1928]

BAILEY, E. Volney (Vardell) "Vod" Co. C, 40GA
Born Dec. 27, 1829 in SC, he had brother Jordan Bailey. Sharpshooter who was wounded at Vicksburg, losing two fingers. "Had to carry his hand on a board for over six months." To Chatt. about 1868. Died June 17, 1912, at res. on East Main and buried CSA Cem. Wife was Mary Jane Tate.[CT June 18, 1912; 1.14.14; TWP, p. 127; TP1289; NBFM7; 1880HC; 1890VetCensus]

BAILEY, Jonathan Co. B, 5TN Cav. Bn.; Co. L, 35TN;
Co. H, 4TN Cav.
He was farming and residing with his young wife, Malinda, and daughter, Martha, when the war started. Bailey was then 32 years old. Enl. at Chatt., Aug. 11, 1861. Bailey traveled with the unit to KY, but ruled to have a physical disability in December of 1861 while at Mill Springs. Paid $116.06 and released from further service. He re-enl. on Jan. 22, 1863, in 35TN at Chattanooga. Capt. at Neill's Gap, Ga., on Aug. 7, 1864, and died in prison at Camp Chase, Ohio. 6'1" tall, dark complexion, gray eyes and brown hair. [1860HC]

BAILEY, Thomas J. 23GA
After joining this Georgia unit, he served with Lee in the ANV. He was born at Calhoun, Ga., in 1831. Bailey lived for many years at Avondale. He died Feb. 25, 1904, and buried CSA Cem. [CT Feb. 26, 1904]

BAIRD, Lemuel Moore Co. C, 45TN
Born Jan. 12, 1843 in Rutherford Co., TN; Married (1867) Martha Catherine Nevills. Res. 1605 Dodson Ave. Died Dec. 16, 1918 in Chatt. and buried in Citizens Cem. [TWP, 202; CT Dec. 17, 1918]

BAIRD, W. T. 10TN Cav.
Born Gibson Co., TN, Feb. 16, 1843 and spent much of his life in that portion of the state. Enl. 1862 in Forrest's Cav. Married Mary C. Presbyterian. Died May 31, 1924 at res. in Mineral Park, TX and buried CSA Cem. in Chatt. [CT June 2, 1924]

BAKER, Jacob Co. H, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1841 in TN. 1860 res. in hh of Nancy Baker in Birchwood. [1860HC]

BALDWIN, Sgt. Isaac M. Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, at Knoxville and rose to 1st Sgt in June, 1863; wounded at Chickamauga. He deserted and took the USA oath of allegiance on Feb. 14, 1864. 5', light cmplx., gray eyes and light hair.
Baldwin was a son of Isaac Baldwin, one of the pioneer settlers at Ross's Landing. His mother, Crissa Baldwin, was a NC native. The Baldwins were originally from Jefferson Co., TN Isaac M. Baldwin was born in 1838 and he died at Tunnel Hill, GA, Feb. 14, 1922. [CT Feb. 15, 1922; JW Frist Fam.]

BALDWIN, William L. Co. D, 37TN; Co. D, 4th (12th) Georgia Cav.
Born c1830, son of the Ross's Landing pioneers Isaac and Crissa Baldwin. Drayman. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. "Charged with desertion but did not desert." Sick at Chatt. Aug. 21, 1863. Enl. in Capt. William J. Rogers' unit recruited in Lookout Valley. William Baldwin was killed in 1887 "in an altercation. He was said to have been defending his home."[1860HC; JW Frist Fam.]

BALLEW, Thomas P. 2d Co. I, 26TN; 2d Co.I, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1840, South Carolina. Enl. Feb. 16, 1863 in Ringgold, GA. Farm laborer for Winston Pollard at Ooltewah, 1870.

Born Sept. 27, 1843 in Charleston, SC, his college education was interrupted by the war. Enl. 1861 in 1SC Rifles then became a CSA paymaster in the Department of NC and SC and GA. Went to TX after the war and married (1873) Ella Hammond. He remained until 1878 when he returned to Charleston. He came to Chatt. in 1884 and entered the real estate business. Died Nov. 5, 1894 and buried FH. [FHR; GHT, p. 907; NBFM2,7]

BANKSTON, John Henry Co. A, 1TN (Rock City Guards)
Born in Nashville in 1843. Married (1867) Sarah Jane Powers. To Chatt. in 1872 to join firm of Tom Snow Heating and Roofing. NBF Camp, 1885-96. Methodist. Died here Jan. 4, 1915 and buried FH. [CT Jan. May 1915; FHR; TWP, p. 165]

BARBEE, George W. Co. C, 3TN (Vaughan's); 31TN
Born in Jefferson Co., TN, he was a farmer near Dandridge. Enl. May 15, 1861. After fighting at First Manassas, transf. to 31TN. Wounded at Shiloh and fought at Jackson and Vicksburg. Married Maria E. Died in Chatt., Jan. 14, 1890, and buried in CSA Cem. [NBFM1, 7]

BARBER, Henry Co. I, 19TN
Born c1844, son of Joseph (rr laborer at Chatt.) and Alsa Barber. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Deserted Feb. 1862, re-enl. Aug. 1, 1863, deserted again Sept. 1863. Res. Carroll Co., TN, 1870.

BARBER, Joseph Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Enl. at Chattanooga on Aug. 11, 1861. Farmer and rr laborer. He and his wife, Alsa, had moved to Chatt. from their native GA several years prior to the war. Disch. March, 1862 and given pay of $158. His age then was listed at 52. 6'1" tall with dark hair, gray eyes and brown hair. Res. Rutherford Co., TN, 1870.

BAREFIELD, Wheeler S. Co. A, 38AL; Co. K, 43TN
Born Feb. 24, 1842 in Clarke Co., AL. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; enl. March, 1862 in Clarke Co., 38AL. Captured at Missionary Ridge and imprisoned at Rock Island where he remained until June, 1865. Lived in Chatt. since 1905. Married Mary K. (1845-1915); Methodist. Died Feb. 6, 1914 at res. 24 Battery Place and buried FH. [CT Feb. 7, 1914; NBFM2,7; CSR; FHR; Lindsley, 528]

BARLEY, Joseph W. Co. K, 4AL
Born March 10, 1836 in Madison Co., AL. Enl. in Huntsville. Wounded at Ft. Donelson. and captured at Jackson Co., AL Nov., 1863. Released from Rock Island Prison April, 1865. [NBFM2; TP6299]

BARNES, John Barry's Btry.
Born 1840 in TN, son of M. L. and Allice. 1860 farm laborer with wife Sarah. [1860HC]

BARNES, Silas Co. F, 35TN
Died Feb. 28, 1863 [Lindsley]; killed in action [z].

BARRY, Robert L. Capt., Barry's Btry.
Born March, 1834 in Lumpkin Co., GA, and raised there. Son of Dr. Andrew L. and Margaret McDowell Barry. At outbreak of the war, Barry was a clerk for the dry goods firm of Moore and Marsh at Chattanooga where he enl. May 15, 1862. He was paroled May 15, 1865, at Meridian, MS. Located in Atlanta, July, 1865. Rejoined as clerk, then salesman, Moore and Marsh which also had relocated there. He lived in Atlanta with wife Laura and children Robert E. and Maggie E. until c1885 when he moved to Decatur. Applied for pension, 1910 listing his only property as 8 shares Realty Trust Co. Supt., Conf. Soldiers Home, Atlanta, 1909-10. Presbyterian. Died in Decatur, Nov. 30, 1918, at home of son Robert with whom he had made his home since death of wife in 1907. "A man of strong and rugged character." Buried Decatur Cem. [NBFM4; 1870, 1900 GA Censuses; Garrett Necrology.]

BARTON, Robert McKinney, Sr.
Born July 20, 1820 in Grainger Co., TN, he was son of Isaac and Jane Barton. Practiced law in Morgan and Greene Cos. and eventually settled in Hamblen Co. He married Hannah E. McFarland in 1848. Although an active Whig he was appointed judge by his close friend Andrew Johnson who was disappointed to see his anti-secessionist friend become a supporter of the Confederacy. He represented Hancock, Hawkins and Jefferson cos. in General Assembly (Confederate), 1861-63. Barton also was put in charge of the rolling stock and managed the vital and vulnerable E TN, VA and GA RR throughout the war. He was captured at Saltville, VA in April, 1865. He came to Chatt. in 1876 and resumed the practice of law. Presbyteian. He died here Feb. 18, 1896 and was buried in Memorial Park. [CT, July 1, 1903; BDTA, 2:44]

BASSETT, William H. (M.) Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's).
Born c1828, son of Hugh and Joanne Bassett, early HC settlers. Died April 8, 1865 in Chatt. of diarrhea. His widow was Martha A. Bassett.

Member of Chatt. Police Dept. and resided on Cedar St. NBF Camp. "Died suddenly while on duty at Mt. City Stove Co.," Nov. 24, 1904 and buried at FH. [FHR; CT Nov. 26, 1904; NBFM7]

BATES, Robert B. (H.) 1st Co. H, 24TN
Born 1845, Ga. Farmer in James 1910 with dau Nannie F. Methodist. Died April 14, 1917 at his home in Apison.[1910 James Co.; CTApril, 16.17]

BATSON, Madison F. Nathan W. Carter's Scouts (Co. A, 21 TN Cav.)
Born Davidson Co., 1833. Enl. Oct., 1862. Murfreesboro, Subllett's Creek (wounded and discharged), farmer, 5'10", blue eyes, sandy hair, fair cmplx. Res. in St. Elmo, 1907. [TP9412]

BAXTER, 1st Sgt. John Lafayette Co. H, 1TN (Turney's)
Born Feb. 24, 1844 in Murray Co., GA. Enl. April, 1861 at Knoxville. Wounded at Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Gettysburg. Capt. Petersburg, April 2, 1865 and released June 10, 1865. Res. East Chatt., 1888.[NBFM2;TP14,212]

BEAN, James Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Enl. Oct. 2, 1863, with Capt. William J. Rogers. He was a son of E. G. and Jane Bean of Lookout Valley. He was born about 1846.

BEAN, John W. Co. K, 43TN
Born 1834, Va. Enl. Dec. 1, 1861 at Ooltewah. Res. 1910 in hh of brother-in-law Robert W. Bolton in HC.[1901Vet Census;1910HC]

BEAN, Wesley Co. D, 4th (12th) Georgia Cav.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862 and was discharged with a medical disability on July 27, 1863. Born c1829 in SC, he was a miller living in Lookout Valley at the start of the war. He lived in Alabama prior to moving to HC.

BEAN, Sgt. William Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born about 1838, he lived on a farm at Birchwood before the war. His mother was Mary. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. He became an officer and was captured in HC. He was sent to Louisville, KY, on Christmas Day, 1863 and took USA oath two days later and was listed on CSA rolls as a deserter. Bean was released upon the condition that he stay north of the Ohio River. He had a sallow complexion, dark hair, gray eyes and was 5'8" tall. [1860HC]

BEAN, William Co. D, 4th (12th) Georgia Cav.
He enl. Oct. 2, 1863, in Lookout Valley by Capt. William J. Rogers. He was taken prisoner and sent to Louisville, KY, on Dec. 12, 1863. He took the oath of allegiance and was paroled north of the Ohio River. He had a dark complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes and was 6' tall.

BEARDEN, William M. Co. C, 8GA
Enl. in Macon, GA May 16, 1861. Elected 2Lt., Co. D, 39NC, Oct. 28, 1861 Wounded at 1st Manassas on 21st birthday. Enl. as pvt., Co. D, 1VA Cav, Aug. 1, 1864. Came to Chatt. 1888 and founded with J.B. Pound Chatt. News. Sold out to Pound after a few years. Joined NBF Camp in 1891. Died Dec. 26, 1925 and buried Macon, GA. [BBFM7; Henderson 1:935; CTDec. 28, 1925]


Born 1822 in NC, he emigrated to Chatt. c1840 and served for nearly 15 years as a sheriff's deputy. In 1852 Beason acquired a large tract of land on the north side of river, part of which became Hill City. There he owned and operated a ferry. Openly supporting the Confederacy, he was "shot by one of Wilder's soldiers and driven from his home into Georgia." Abel Beason married Penelope Stringer, daughter of Capt. William Stringer. Beason died in the winter of 1882 after he went out in search of wood and the wagon turned over on him. [JW; 1860HC]

BEASON, William Co. I, 19TN
Born c1850, son of Abel and Penelope Stringer Beason. Enl. March 8, 1863, Knoxville. Absent sick July and dropped from rolls as deserter in Sept. He did not marry and died in 1879. [1860HC; JW]


BEAVER, Alfred C. Co. G, 65GA
Born Cherokee Co., NC, 1840. "Deserted at Loudon, TN, April 3, 1863. To TN, 1906. [TP12,500]

BEAVER, Hiram Oliver Co. I, 5TN (McKenzie's)
Born June 14, 1846 in Monroe Co., TN and enl. July 18, 1864, McMinn Co. "In charge at Gettysburg." Chickamauga, Atlanta Campaign. (wounded at Jonesboro), Bentonville. "Smallest man of his company, but about the best soldier of the regiment." Paroled Charlotte, NC, May 4, 1865. Farmer. Methodist 40 years. Died near Dayton, TN, Oct. 20, 1929 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2, 6; Pension Application #5244; CT Oct 21, 1929; 1910HC.]

BEAZLEY, John J. Co. C, 3GA
Born May 21, 1821 at Spottsylvania Co., VA. Mexican War vet. Enl. at Pinfield, Green Co., VA in 1861. Wounded at Battle of Seven Pines. Paroled in Apr., 1865 as major and settled in Gordon Springs, GA. Later Res. at St. Elmo. Died Sept. 23, 1904 and buried Dalton, GA. [NBFM2]

BECTON, Benjamin May Co. H, 47TN
Enl. Dec. 31, 1861, Camp Trenton. Placed on detached service with Pioneer Corps. Assigned to take care of pontoon bridge at Kelly's Ferry, 1863. Married Sara. [TWP9209]


BEGGS [see Biggs]

BELL, Calvin C. 53TN

BELL, George
Died Aug. 25, 1915 at his home in St. Elmo. Res. Chatt. 27y. [CT Aug. 26, 1915]

BELL, Cpl. Martin Van Buren Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.; Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1840 in northern AL, he enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville; capt. March 30, 1863 at Somerset, KY; paroled Charlotte, NC, May 3, 1865; fair cmplx.; light hr.; gray eyes; 5'9". Married Sarah A.; Came to Chatt. with his family in 1879 and in 1886 became a member of the police force, "never missed a day's service" until three weeks before his death Jan 6, 1901 in Chatt. Buried Citizens Cem. and moved to CSA Cem. [CT, Jan. 7, 1901; NBFM4;TWP4764]

BELL, Samuel H. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1842 in TN, son of John W. and E. S. of Ooltewah. Enl. Nov. 1, 1862 at Chattanooga; died Dec. 16, 1862; dark hair, fair cmplx., blue eyes, 5'8". [1860HC]

Mexican War; Mayor of Chatt (1858); physician and owned Bell's Distillery. Helped organize the Provisional AofTN in the summer and fall of 1861, filling positions as surgeon of artillery, purveyor, division medical director, surgeon to the general hospital (all without official rank) and also on staffs of TN generals G.J. Pillow and J.P. McCown. Finally, at the request of Leonidas Polk, he became Medical Director of the Army of the Mississippi in early 1862. In the defense of New Madrid, MO, Bell had "both legs shot off" on March 13, 1862, dying that night as the town was being evacuated. His wife was Elizabeth Keith. [CSR; OR, 8:128, 778, 781, 786]

BELL, William Van Buren
Born 1840 in Marshal Co., AL, married (1888 in HC) Sallie Ann Mitchell Orr, and died 1891 in HC.[TWP, p. 134]

BELLAH, William Parks Co. B, Cobb's Legion, GA Inf.
Born March 17 1832, Barnesville, GA, son of Rev. Morgan and Melvina Price Bellah. Enl. July 20, 1861, Bowdon, GA; admitted Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, May 20, 1862 and returned to duty June 3, 1862. Wounded Perryville. Resigned Jan. 8, 1864 because of Perryville wound. Married (Oct. 25, 1864) Sarah Amelia Hardaway in Barnesville. Died Dec. 17, 1897, Chatt. [1890VetCensus; CSA Patriot]

BENNETT, James Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Born 1835 in IL, son of Mary. Farm laborer. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861. Killed at Cedartown, GA. [1860HC]

BENNETT, Cpl. John P. Co. B, 1TN (Turney's); 2KY Cav.
Enl. Apr. 5, 1861. Later joined Morgan's command and was captured at Mt. Sterling, KY, June 9, 1864. Exchanged at Richmond, VA, March 23, 1865. Liquor dealer in Chatt. Joined NBF Camp in 1891. Moved to Nashville. [NBFM2]

BENNETT, Moses Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Born 1842 in IL, son of Mary. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN, then to Stone's Cavalry. Killed Chickamauga, 1863.[1860HC]

BENNETT, William Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Born 1842 in IL, son of Mary. Farm laborer. [1860HC]

BENTON, Little Page Sims Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born 1843, son of Edmond Harley and Zillah Sherrill Benton. Res. Catoosa Co., GA. Enl. Aug. 24, 1861 at Knoxville. Sergeant, in charge of caissons at Missionary Ridge. Deserted Feb. 1, 1864 and took USA oath. Dark cmplx., dark hair, hazel eyes, 5'11"; married (1869) in HC Margaret Sivley. Died July 20, 1895 in HC and buried Concord Cem. [TWP, p. 84; CMSR; Bruce W. Benton info.; TWP2976; 1880HC Census]

BERRY, Thomas Capt.
As the son of Chattanooga's first mayor, James Enfield Berry, he lived in Chatt. several years just after the Indian removal. Thomas Berry had been born in Blount Co. in 1820, and he went to work at age 13 when his father met financial misfortune. Thomas in 1840 moved to the cotton center at Rome, GA, and developed a thriving plantation, Oak Hill. He married Frances Rhea. Berry fought at Vera Cruz in the Mexican War and rose to the rank of captain. When the Civil War broke out, he formed a Confederate company that fought at Vicksburg and elsewhere. During Sherman's march to the sea, the soldiers invaded Oak Hill and took the chickens and livestock. Much of the place was burned, but the white-columned mansion survived. After the war, Berry borrowed $50,000 from Northern investors and rebuilt his plantation. A daughter, Martha, was born in 1866 and she started a renowned school at Oak Hill. It became Berry College. Thomas Berry died in 1886. [JW; Inez Henry, Miracle in the Mountains.]

BETTERTON, Elijah R. Co. I, 11VA
Born May 6, 1846 in Falling Mills, Campbell Co., VA, son of Thomas Betterton. Enl. in the Lynchburg home guard in the spring of 1862 and participated in several "expeditions" in 1863-1864. Then in fall, 1864 he enl. in Co. I, 11VA, fought at Five Forks, was captured and imprisoned at Point Lookout, MD. In 1870 he moved to Chatt. and engaged in the wholesale liquor trade. He married (1865) Delilah Whitlow. Universalist. Died at home on Missionary Ridge May 14, 1922 and buried FH. [FHR; NBFM2; CN, May 15, 1922; 1910HC]

BETTIS, Bradley (Braley) Co. H, 1TN Cav. (Carter's); Co. G, Walker's Bn., Thomas Legion (NC Inf.)
Born 1837 in Jefferson Co. 1860 res Birchwood with wife Martha in hh of Caleb Bettis. Enl. Thomas NC Legion, Sept., 1862. [1860HC]

BICE, Asberry (Alvey, Alvara, Albery) Co. D, 37TN
Born c1838. Day laborer with wife Jane. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; Charged with stealing bacon and jailed in Chatt. June 30, 1862. Escaped. Capt. Chickamauga, Sept. 15, 1863 and took USA oath Oct. 14, 1863 and enl. in 11KY Cav., n.d. 5'9", gray eyes, Brn. hr; fr. cmplx. [1860 HC census]

BICE, Amos Naman Co.B, 7AL; Barry's Btry.
Born Feb. 15, 1845 in Spartanburg Dist., SC. Enl. at Stevenson, AL, March 1, 1861 and transferred to Barry's Btry May 5, 1862 in Chatt. Fell off caisson on retreat from Jackson, MS and "broke my jaw bone which was taken out." Rejoined his unit and captured Sept. 10, 1864 on retreat from Atlanta. Wounded in leg at Spanish Fort. Paroled May 11, 1865 in Meridian, MS. Employed by Chatt. Plow. Died at his home on Whiteside St., Aug. 3, 1908 and buried FH. [Brown Diary; NBFM2, 7; TP6471]

BICE, John Garner Co. H, 4TN Cav.; Co. B, 5th Cav. Bn.
Born in NC and brought to HC as a child. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861 and promoted to sgt. for gallantry at Murfreesboro. Married (1867) Mary J. Burnett and resided 315 Montgomery Ave. (Main St.). Died Nov. 2, 1904 in Chatt. and buried FH. [TWP, p. 13;CT Nov. 3, 1904]

His wife died at age 72 yrs. on Nov. 15, 1918 and buried in CSA Cem. [CT Nov. 16, 1918]

BICE, William Wallace Co. G, 9GA
Born June 30, 1839 in Calhoun, AL. Enl. Apr., 1861 in LaFayette, GA. Wounded and capt. Gettysburg and imprisoned at Ft. Delaware and Pt. Lookout until end of war. Married (1870) O. M. D. Beasley, and died Feb. 27, 1913 at his home in St. Elmo and buried CSA Cem. [CT March 11, 1913; TWP, p. 135; NBFM2; TP5245]

BIGGERS, Lorenzo Joseph (also Joseph L.) Pemberton's Co., GA Home Guards
Born Muscogee Co., GA, July 18, 1847. Enl. June, 1864. To TN, 1910. Res. 1912 in St. Elmo. Wife was J. Frances "Fannie" (m. 1876). Died c1927. [TP12467; 1910HC]

BIGGS, Hamilton L. Ironmaster Ordnance
A native of Liverpool, England, born March 8, 1830, Biggs was educated there and learned the trade of foundryman. He settled in Chatt. in 1860 after working several years in VA where he married Susan Dunavant in 1855. He built and operated a foundry in Chatt. with his brother James. They manufactured cannon, solid shot and shell for the Provisional Army of Tennessee until the city fell in August, 1863, at which time Hamilton Biggs went to Selma, Alabama, where he was employed at the Shelby Iron Works producing armor for CSA gunboats. Paroled at Selma in 1865, Biggs moved to Birmingham where he opened the new city's first foundry and machine shop. He also owned a stove factory in Birmingham. [Evans, CSA 8:480-81; WF, p. 89]

BILLINGS, Amos Co. L, 35TN
Born SC, he was a farmer in HC who enl. Oct. 16, 1862 at Chatt. and deserted Sept. 8, 1863 at Lee and Gordon's Mills. Black eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 6' 1 1/2" tall.

BISPLINGHOFF, Henry Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born c1822 Waltrous, Prussia. Emigrated to NY, then lived at a German colony in Roane Co., TN, before coming to Chatt. by steamboat in 1859. HB was chief cooper at Bell's Distillery before the war. Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville. Staff bugler until disch. Sept. 15, 1862 as overage. Then became member of the Chatt. Home Guard. His wife, Sybilla Witte Bisplinghoff, and his mother, Hellena Bisplinghoff, were nurses at the hospitals at Chatt. during the war. He stayed on in Chatt. after the war and died about 1880.[JW]

BLACKWELL, Capt. John Lindsay Co. A, 1TN Cav; promoted to Major, 5TN Cav.(McKenzie's)
His parents William and Rebecca Lindsay Blackwell were among the first settlers at East Brainerd, owning a large farm at Graysville. He was born Jan. 1, 1817, when the family was at Franklin Co., GA. Res. Chickamauga, TN, 1860 and owned one slave. He enl. Aug. 24, 1861, at Camp Cummings and was promoted to captain the following Jan. 7. He was first with Co. A of the 3TN Cav. and later Co. E of the 5TN Cav. and was under Gen. Forrest in many campaigns. He was home sick on furlough in June, 1862. He rejoined the cavalry and was elevated to 1Lt., then Major. Blackwell was in Bragg's invasion of KY, in Middle TN, and the battles around Chatt., including Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. However, his right hand was wounded by a pistol shot and his left hand suffered an accidental injury and then was frost bitten, causing one finger to stiffen. Unable to use a pistol or saber, Major Blackwell submitted his resignation on Dec. 1, 1863.
He married Mary Floyd, who died in 1873. Blackwell moved to TX in the 1880s and died there about 1893. [JW]

BLACKWELL, William Jackson 5TN Cav.; 1FL Reserves Sgt.
Born c1821 in GA, he was a younger brother of John Lindsay Blackwell, W.J. Blackwell joined the 5TN Cav. at Chatt. in 1863. He later was with the 1FL Reserves and held the rank of Sgt. He was paroled at Madison, FL, on May 15, 1865, and he took USA oath at Worth Co., GA, Sept. 22, 1865. He bought a horse in Atlanta and rode it back to his East Brainerd farm near Graysville, GA. He married Sarah Ann Carter, then Elmira E. Morgan. He died Aug. 18, 1890, at age 69. He is buried in the Blackwell Cem. at the present Council Fire development. [JW; information supplied by Dr. Anthony Hodges; 1860HC.]

BLAIR, Dr. D. Y. Surgeon, 60TN MI
Born c1834 and res. with minister J.N. Bradshaw, 1860. Enl. Nov. 7, 1862, Haynesville. Asst. Surgeon and later Surgeon (Dec. 3, 1862). [1860HC]

BLALOCK, Joseph G. Co. E, 11GA
Pvt. March 1, 1862. Absent without leave April, 1, 1864. Died Dec. 15, 1914, age 82, at res. on High St. and buried Menlo, GA.

BLANTON, J. A. Phillips Ga. Legion
Born in NC c1836. Enl. Aug., 1861 in Phillips Ga. Legion. Contractor in Chatt. who moved to Dalton. Died 1903. [NBFM2, 7]

BLEDSOE, Anthony Street 2Lt., Co. I, 17TN; Co. D, 33AL
Born Sept. 25, 1837 in Franklin Co. Enl. May 11, 1861. Wounded Chickamauga. Married (1885) Lee Greer. Brothers William and James also CSA. Manual laborer. Died at res. on Colville St., Nov. 16, 1917 and buried in Citizens Cem. [TWP, 214; CT Mar. 11, 1917; TP7468]

Died Feb. 19, 1917 in Chatt. and buried at Decatur, TN, "his old home." 75 yrs. Mason. [CT Feb. 20, 1917]

BLEVINS, Jonathan B. Co. D, 37TN
Born Oct. 15, 1824 in Marion Co., TN. He was a blacksmith who enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; conscript; absent sick May 15, 1863-May, 1864. He resided at 1315 Whiteside St. (Broad St.). Blevins died Aug. 6, 1900, and was buried in the CSA Cem. Member NBF Camp, 1895-96. [CT Aug. 7, 1900; NBFM2]

BOLTON, Hiram B. Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. under Capt. William J. Rogers. Born c1839, he was a son of Solomon Bolton, a tenant on the Henry Simmerman farm at Moccasin Bend. The Boltons were Melungeons, who earlier lived in SC. Married Caroline. [JW]

BOND, Bartlett W. Co. A, 1TN (Turney's)
Born 1834 in Bradley Co. and married (1857) Jemima E. Walker. Died in HC. [TWP, p. 62]

BOOTH, William C. Barry's Btry.
Born May 2, 1829 in Madison Co., GA. Enl. July 14, 1862 at Chatt. in Barry's Btry; Rec'd $50.00 bounty for enlistment. Served as nurse in CSA hospital Aug.-Nov., 1863; disabled for field duty because of tumor, present at Spanish Fort, however; Res. given as Dade Co., GA, although does not appear in 1860 nor 1870 censuses. 5'7" in height, blue eyes, lt. complexion, lt. hair. Married (1866) Lettie J. Howard. Living in Chatt. in 1905 and died that year, Oct. 28. Buried Brown Gap Cem., Dade Co., GA. [TWP, p. 60; TP 6931]

BOTT, W. L. Co. A, 9VA
Born March 25, 1843, Dinwiddie Co., VA. Enl. Spring, 1862. Drewry's Bluff (w). Capt. April 1, 1865 and imprisoned at Pt. Lookout until July, 1865. To TN, 1871. Res. Chatt., 1907. Died at home of daughter, Mrs. F.H. Gross, 2103 Vine, March 29, 1913. Buried Citizens Cem. [TP9703; CT March 30, 1913.]

Charter member NBF Camp, 1885.

BOWERS, Anthony Co. E, 39NC
Born Oct. 8, 1835, Yancy Co., NC. [obit: bn. 1838 in Marsh Creek, SC.] Res. in Clay Co., NC where he enl. Nov. 6, 1861. Brothers James C. and Thomas. J. in same company. Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Atlanta Campaign. Paroled Meridian, MS, May 9, 1865. Married (1866) Mary "Polly" Fowler. To TN, 1886. Res. Chatt., 1910. Died April 18, 1917 in Chatt. [TWP, p. 196; CTApril, 19, 1917; TP11,823]

BOWMAN, Benjamin T. Co. H, 18TN
Born June 20, 1841, Rutherford Co., TN. Enl. July 10, 1861, Camp Trousdale. Capt. at Ft. Donelson and imp. Camp Butler. After exchange fought at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Resaca. Recaptured July 30, 1864 at Atlanta and imprisoned Camp Chase. Carpenter. Res. hh of son Robert Bowman on Long St., 1910. [NBFM1; TP10791; 1910HC]

BOWMAN, Daniel Co. D, 4AL Bn.
Born 1830 in Cherokee, AL, he fought at Shiloh, Port Hudson and Missionary Ridge. Capt. Sept. 13, 1863 near Chickamauga, he was imprisoned at Camp Chase. Married Martha. [TP5724]

BOYCE, James P. SC
Became a distinguished Baptist divine after his war service with a South Carolina regiment. His father, Ker Boyce, was a wealthy Charleston businessman, who was one of the early investors in Chatt. property. The Boyces had a farm in East Chatt. JPB used part of the family fortune to endow Furman Univ. at Greenville, SC. He died in 1888. [JW]

BOYD, Alexander H. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
The Boyds were residing at Ooltewah in 1860. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 in Cleveland. Born c1839, son of John Hodge Boyd and Mahala Bush. MBB's address is given in the war records as Graysville, Catoosa Co., GA. He died Dec. 27, 1861, from a wound he received at Mill Springs, KY. [1860HC]

BOYD, Francis Marion Co. K, 43TN
Born c1836, son of John Hodge and Mahala Bush Boyd. FMB was farmer at Ooltewah prior to war. Enl. Nov. 11, 1862, Ooltewah. Capt. at Vicksburg. Justice of peace after the war. [1860HC]

BOYD, Hugh A. Bird's Rangers (Co. F, Roger's East TN Cav.); Co. F, 35TN
Born Atlanta, GA, Aug. 24, 1830, son of Hugh and Mary Boyd who moved to HC c1836. HAB was constable at Harrison prior to war. Enl. Oct. 18, 1862, Varnell Station, GA in 35TN, transferring from cav. Sick in hospital at Ringgold, April, 1863 and still reported absent sick when unit in camp near Tyner Station, July 13, 1863. Mason. Living at home of dau., Mrs. T.R. Standifer in James Co. when he died Aug. 7, 1909 in Chatt. Married Sarah A. His sons Joseph W. of Highland Park and Walter of Ridgedale. [CT Aug. 8, 1909]

BOYD, James T. Co. G, 1GA
Born Feb. 25, 1845, Daugharty Co., GA. Enl. 1862, Millen's Stat; transf 1GA. Several slight wounds. Paroled Hamburg, SC. To TN c1915. 1917 applied from HC for admission to TN Soldiers' Home. Res., 1917 East Lake [SAACH]

BOYD, John Hodge, Jr. Co. K, 43TN
Born 1841, TN, son of John Hodge (vet. of Seminole War) and Mahala Bush Boyd of Ooltewah. Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. Took oath of allegiance at Ooltewah, 1864. Res. James Co., 1909. Married Rebecca Rogers (1866) and res. Ooltewah. 1910 widower res. with two grown daughters on farm in James Co. [1910 James Co.]

BOYD, John William Co. F, 35TN
Born 1826, son of Hugh and Mary Boyd who moved from GA to HC c1836. JWB married Mary Ann Acuff (1848). They had three daughters and five sons. Enl. Jan. 6, 1863, Chatt. Died at Tullahoma, apparently from pneumonia, April 18, 1863. Buried at Tullahoma with other Civil War soldiers. [Lindsley]

BOYDSTON, Asa Conner 2Lt Co. H, 36TN; Co. C, 1st TN & Ala. Cav.
Born 1833, TN, son of John and Sara Lee Condry Boydston. Married Jane Blevins, 1855. 1860 farmer at Chatt. with wife Jane and two children. [1860HC]

BOYDSTON, George A. Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, with Capt. William J. Rogers. He obtained a medical disability on Nov. 1, 1862. He was one of the sons of Cavanaugh and Polly Boydston of Lookout Valley. He had married Ann Williams in 1856. [JW]

BOYDSTON, Lt. James Madison "Jimmy" Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Born Dec. 31, 1828 in HC, one of the sons of Cavanaugh and Polly Boydston of Lookout Valley. Enl. Oct. 2, 1862, and was a scout. He was later captured and placed in a Union prison. Paroled as 1LT in May, 1865. He married Rachel Hood, then Martha (Mattie) Hood. Blind last 12 years of life, he died Nov. 21, 1911, in the house in which he had been born in Wauhatchie [JW; TP5363; CT Nov. 22, 1911; 1910HC]

BOYDSTON (BOYDSON) 1Sgt., lLt. Thomas Co. I, 19TN
Born 1820, son of Cavanaugh and Polly Slape Boydston of Lookout Valley. Clerk for atty. Richard Henderson just before enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Served in QM Dept. but discharged overage. Died 1886.[JW]

BOYDSTON, William 3Lt, Co. F, 35TN
Born 1833 in TN, son of Cavanaugh and Polly Slape Boydston of Lookout Valley. Married Jane White, 1855. 1860 Farmer at Chatt. with wife Jane and two children. Enl. Oct. 1, 1862., Chatt. Sick in hospital, Chatt., April, 1863 and at Ringgold, May, 1863. Severely wounded Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 and sent back to hospital Prom. to 3Lt but resigned Sept. 8, 1864, doing so because the regt. had grown so small with about 100 men and 30 officers.[JW]

BRACKEN, Archie L. Co. H, 4TN Cav. (Starnes)
Born June 9, 1845 in Marion Co. Enl. April, 1863. Fought at Chickamauga, Knoxville. Married (1874 in Marion) Laura A. Chadoin. Farmer. Died in HC, Oct. 6, 1915 and buried Citizens Cem. [TWP, p. 177; TP8289]

BRACKETT, John Co. B, 5TN Cav.

BRACKETT, Rufus Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born 1844 in TN. Res. 1860 in hh of Elijah Mayfield in Chatt. [1860HC]

BRADEN, O. Barry's Btry.
Deserted [Brown's Diary].

BRADFORD, Col. William M. 31TN MI
Born Feb. 14, 1827 in what is now Polk Co., TN, son of Henry and Rachel McFarland Bradford. Attended school and practiced law in Athens. Practiced also in Dandridge (Jefferson Co.) and Chatt. Married at Dandridge (1846) Elizabeth K. Inman. Surveyor of Polk Co. and postmaster of Columbus. Clerk and master of Jefferson Co., 1851-54. TN Gen'l Assembly, 1859-61. Organized the 39th (31st) Tennessee Infantry which later became a mounted command. Served in East TN and KY under Kirby Smith, fought and was captured at Vicksburg and when exchanged served as a subordinate commander for John C. Vaughan, sometimes commanding a brigade. Refused to surrender when news of Lee's surrender reached the brigade and Bradford took his men to NC to join President Davis whom they escorted into Georgia. Paroled at Washington, GA. NBF Camp. Wife Elizabeth K. Wrote the history of the 31st Regiment in Lindsley's Annals, pp. 463-469. Presbyterian. Mason. Died June 11, 1895 in Chatt. and buried in Citizens Cem. [1890VetCensus; NBFM2; BDTA, 1:69-70]

BRADLEY, Andrew A. Co. B, 1CSA (GA) (Villepigue's)
Born Oct. 24, 1838 in Greenville Co., SC. Enl. at Ringgold April 1, 1861. Santa Rosa Island; Wounded at Kennesaw Mtn.; Decatur, GA; Jonesboro, GA and on retreat from Nashville. Never captured. Paroled at Greensboro, NC, having served 4 years under Capt. James C. Gordon. To TN, 1902. Farmer in Rossville (HC). Res. 1910 in hh with grown son and dau. Died March 8, 1914 and buried at Chickamauga, GA. At time of death res. 1207 47th St., Rossville. [NBFM2; TP9940; 1910HC; CT Nov. 6, 1914]

BRADLEY, Andrew A. Wood's Regt., MS Cav.

Born April 23, 1844 in Maury Co. Enl. He fought at Chickamauga and Chattanooga. He died at his res. on West 9th St. March 29, 1906 and was buried at FH. [CT Mar. 30, 1906]

BRADSHAW, John D. Co. K, 49GA
Born 1835 in Lincoln Co. and married (1861 in Bartow Co., GA) Mary Pinion. Appt. Regt. musician, Nov. 1, 1864; Surr. Appomatox CH, April. 9, 1865. To Chatt in 1869. Steel expert. --a "puddler." Died at res. on Boyce St. Nov. 17, 1911. [TWP, 299; CT Nov. 18, 1911.]

BRADT, Morris
Had just brought his bride to Chattanooga when the war broke out. He served in the Home Guard. Born in Prussia in 1831, he had come to America as a young man. He was married at Macon, Ga., in 1860, and he and his wife, Julia, then came to Chattanooga, where he sold real estate. The Bradts stayed on after the war. They had a fine home and a vineyard on Cameron Hill.

BRADY, Benjamin Co. D, 37TN
Born c1815 in NC. Farm laborer. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861. at Knoxville. Died Oct. 10, 1861 of measles at Knox.; apparently married twice: Matilda; and later Arva. M.

BRADY, James W. Co. I, 19TN
Born 1827 in GA, son of Benjamin (farm laborer from NC) and Matilda. Res. in Chatt, 1860. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Slightly wounded Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862, and severely wounded Missionary Ridge. Died from wounds at Fairground Hospital, Atlanta, Dec. 31, 1863. QM given money he possessed at time: $17.50. [1860HC]

BRADY, Owen R. Co. K, 43TN

Res. of HC in 1901.

BRANDON, Phillip A. Co. E, 12AL
Born Colnsia, Cherokee Co., AL, Aug. 18, 1836. Enl. May 5, 1861 in 12AL. ANV: South Mtn., Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (wounded), Gettysburg. Wounded three other times and disch. Aug. 25, 1863. To TN, 1887. Res. Vaughn St. 1893, 1899. [NBFM2;TP10,187]

BRANHAM, Isham R. Capt.
AAG, staff of Alfred Iverson, Oct. 24, 1863; AG Dept.; became preacher after war; dau, Adela.

BRANHAM, James Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga.

BRANSON (BRONSON), John Rufus Co. C, 41TN; Co. C, 8TN
Born Feb. 9, 1840 in Lincoln Co., son of John and Cynthia Branson. Several of his brothers joined the CSA army and one was captured at Ft. Donelson and died in prison. JRB enlisted Nov. 4, 1861, Camp Trousdale. Sent home on sick furlough Dec. 15, 1861. Enl. 8TN, April 24, 1862. Ordered by Col. R.W. Smith, military governor of Corinth, to report to Col. Fulton for duty at Tupelo, MS. With 8TN, Jan 1864. Married (1869) Elizabeth Rodgers. Res. of Chatt., 1903. Res. 2217 Sidney St. at time of his death, Feb. 28, 1924. [TWP, 229; TP5358; CT Feb. 29, 1924; 1910HC]

Born April 20, 1841 in Louisville, KY, he graduated from Centre College and entered the Confederate army as asst. surgeon, 4KY, then on staff of J.S. Marmaduke, then was surgeon of 2KY Mounted Volunteers and fought with them at Murfreesboro. He was "assigned to [5th Company, Washington Artillery of New Orleans] Battery in Oct[. 31,] 1863 in Camp at Missionary Ridge. Present with Battery at Battle of Missionary Ridge" where he remained with the wounded and was captured. Exchanged Jan. 31, 1864 and sent to Genl. Hospital Sick Hdq., A of TN, Dalton. That spring he reported to Director of Hospitals, S. H. Stout. Later he was tranferred to Richmond, VA and put in charge of one of the principal hospitals. "After the war he practiced his profession in LA and MS until his health was broken down, he then came to Chattanooga to recuperate and died here March 14, 1887. He was buried in Louisville. [NBF Minutes]

Born in London, England, Sept. 26, 1822, he lived a sea-faring life as a young man before settling in Lexington, KY. Sympathetic with the South he was instrumental in getting weapons from the armory of the Kentucky state militia and supplying them to the Confederate forces. He fled before before being arrested and eventually settled in Chattanooga in 1870, dying here May 16, 1902.


Born in VA in 1843; wounded in battles of Shiloh and Murfreesboro. Joined Henderson's Scouts but captured at Vicksburg. Chattanoogan, but residing in Memphis Nov. 1, 1889. Personal friend of F.M. Walker. [CV, 15:240; CT Nov. 1, 1889.]

BREWER, James M.
Born 1847, TN. Res. with wife Juliete in Soddy, 1910. Laborer, odd jobs. [1910HC]

Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; capt. Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

BRIDGES, John F. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861; deserted Nov. 3, 1862.

BRISON, William C.
Born c1841, NC. Farmer in HC, 1910, wife Liddie. [1910HC]

BROCK, David Co. G, 3TN Mtd. Inf.
Born May 4, 1827 in McMinn Co., he enl. in March, 1862 in Calhoun, TN. Captured at Vicksburg July 4, 1863. Living in HC, 1870; Rossville, GA, Jan., 1900. [UCV applications, NBF Camp]

BROCK, John Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Wounded in head and sent off from Ft. Donelson, Feb. 12, 1862. Transf. to 1CSA, Nov. 8, 1862. Absent, in Bradshaw's Cav., Dec. 31, 1862. Capt. Calhoun, GA, May 25, 1864 and imp. Rock Island, IL (Deserter--refused to take oath") where he died of disease Aug. 16, 1864. and buried there.

BROCK, Younger Co. H, 26TN; Barry's Btry.
Enl. Sept. 6, 1861, Knoxville. While wounded himself, he was sent as nurse with wounded from Ft. Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862. Joined Barry's Btry.


BROOKS, David Co. C, 26TN
Born 1827 in TN. Farm laborer at Chatt. with wife Eliza. [1860HC]

BROOKS, Levi Co. L, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1842 in TN, son of Gideon and Winny of Long Savannah. Capt. July 22, 1864, Claiborne Co., TN and sent to Chatt. Paroled May 2, 1865, Claiborne Co., TN

BROOKS, Preston Co. F, 35TN
Age 17 in 1862, he enl. Dec. 16, 1862 at Chattanooga. He was the son of Gideon and Winny Brooks, who had a farm at Long Savannah near Ooltewah. He was 5'6" with a fair complexion. Deserted at Chatt., Dec. 20, 1862.

BROOKS, William Huston Co. E, 16TN
Born June 9, 1837 in Warren Co., TN. Enl. at McMinnville, May 14, 1861 in Co. A (E), 16TN. Capt. at Lookout Mtn. and escaped. Paroled at Washington, GA in 1865. Became nightwatchman in Chatt. for Electric Light Co. Married Margaret Rhea. Res. of Ridgedale c1895. Died at Ft. Cheatham, suburb of Chatt. May 29, 1911, and buried CSA Cem. [TWP, p. 115; NBFM2]

BROWN, Alexander F. Co. A, 17TX
Born in Pike Co., GA, April 16, 1845. Enl. at Natchitoches, TX, Apr., 1861. Paroled at Henderson, TX. Iron agent in Chatt. c1896. Lived at 12 Flem, ing Row. Died at , home in Ridgedale, Nov. 5, 1911. Had lived in Chatt. for 35 yrs. and was in insurance business 20 yrs. Wife Margaret. Married 1866. Buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2; TP7181; CT Nov. 6, 1911; 1910HC]

BROWN, George E.
Master mechanic and supt. of construction of CSA railroad shops.

BROWN, George Washington Co. H, 2TN Cav; Barry's Btry.
Born July 10, 1842 in Blount Co. and brought to Chatt. age five. Enl. Sept 27, 1862 in Ragsdale's Cav. Co. Transferred to Barry's Btry; capt. at Spanish Fort. Carpenter. Married Mary K. (1842-1915). Died Jan. 16, 1912 in Chatt. and buried White Oak Cem. [NBFM2,4,7; CT Jan. 18, 1912]

BROWN, H. J. Barry's Btry.
Enl. at Chatt. Jan. 27, 1863; Transferred to Winston's Btry., March 15, 1863.

BROWN, Hira[sic] Co. H, 4TN Cav.

BROWN, J. C. Co. C, 7GA
Died 1912; buried CSA Cem.

BROWN, J. D. Co. F, 39TN
Born 1840, GA. Farmer at Tyner with wife Catherine, 1860. [Henderson, 301; 1860HC]

BROWN, Cpl. J. W. Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Sept. 17, 1862 at Chattanooga. Drummer.

BROWN, James bugler, Co. A (Ragsdale's), 4TN Cav.

BROWN, James
Born 1840, S.C. Res. 1910 on Forest Ave. with wife Ella. Janitor for apartments. African-Amer. [1910HC]

BROWN, James B. Barry's Btry.
Born Cleveland, TN. Enl. April 4, 1862 at Chatt.; Paroled May 11, 1865 in Meridian, MS. Married Elzanie (Murray Co., GA, 1887). Died in Murray Co., 1903. [TWP9717]

BROWN, James B.
Born 1826 in TN. Farmer near Harrison with wife Rhoda J. Died, age 84, Jan. 6, 1920 at his home in Brown's Chapel neighborhood. [CT Jan. 7, 1920; 1860HC]

BROWN, James E.
Married Elizabeth E. [TWP2095]

BROWN, James F. Co. D, 1TN Cav.
Born April 10, 1835 in Bledsoe Co., TN. Farmer in TN and TX. Methodist. Died Aug. 12, 1927 at res. in Ft. Payne, AL. Buried beside wife in CSA Cem. [NBFM7; CT Aug. 14, 1927]

BROWN, James G.
Born 1841, GA., of CN father and SC mother. 1910 machinest res. in boarding house on Carter St. Widower. [1910HC]

BROWN, James S.
Born 1835, TN, of TN parents. 1910 res. Houston St. with wife Hattie whom he married 1860. [1910HC]

BROWN, James W. (G. D.) 2 GA Bn.; Co. C, 17GA
Born Sept. 26, 1844 in Bibb Co., GA, he enl. at Columbus April 19, 1861, in Co. A, 2GA Bn., then Co. C, 17GA. In Jan., 1862, however, he was detailed to work in arsenal in Richmond where he remained until Aug., 1863 when to was transferred to the arsenal in Augusta, GA. Eventually he ended up in the navy yards in Mobile. In Chatt. after the war he was an ice machine engineer. NBF Camp. He died Feb. 19, 1921 in HC and buried CSA Cem. [TP12,456; NBFM7; CT Feb. 20-21, 1921]

BROWN, John Hardin Co. H, 4TN Cav
Born 1838 in Blount Co. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861. Perryville, Murfreesboro. Capt. May, 1863 at Trousdale's Ferry. Paroled 1865 in Charlotte, NC. Married (1866 in HC) Dolly D. Davis. Plasterer and day laborer who died at res. in East Lake Feb. 23, 1910 and buried CSA Cem. [CT Feb. 24, 1910; NBFM2,7; TP7910]

BROWN, John J. Co. C, Wheeler's Scouts
Born July 3, 1847, Athens GA. Enl. Jan., 1864. Captured at Columbus, GA and paroled at Macon in 1865. Merchant in Chatt. Died April 19, 1909 at home on East 8th and buried FH. [FHR; NBFM2]

BROWN, John L. "Doc" Co. C, 20TN
Black soldier born Oct. 25, 1839, Davidson Co., TN (VA?). Slave of Morgan W. Brown. Joined May 20, 1861 with Lt. John C. Thompson at Nashville. Young master killed at Fort Pickens and Brown wounded. "He bore dispatches to Felix Zollicoffer and performed many other duties of service and responsibility." Disch. Corinth, May 22, 1962. "He has married a middle aged colored woman who is trying to run him off from home. We are perfectly willing to take care of him at Silverdale, but he refuses to go to the poor house. He wants to go to the Old Soldiers Home." Res. East 12th St., 1924. [TP186]

BROWN, John S. Co. D, 1TN Cav (Carter's); Co. D, Douglas's Bn., 21 TNCav.
Born Bledsoe Co., TN, April 10, 1835. Enl. Spring, 1862. Severe attack of typhoid during Chick. campaign. 1909 res. Chamberlain Ave., "doing little jobs in garden and about the store."
Buried CSA Cem. [TP11,730]

BROWN, Joseph H. Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Enl. July 11, 1861 in Chatt. Plasterer in Chatt. in 1887. Died Feb. 23, 1910 at his home in East Lake. NBF. Buried in CSA Cem., Chatt. [CT Feb. 24, 1910]

BROWN, Lafayette Co. F, 39GA 2Lt.
Pvt., May 1, 1862. 2Lt., Jan. 20, 1863. Resigned March 20, 1864. [Henderson, 301; 1890VetCensus]

BROWN, Ridley S. Co. F, 17TN
Born Bedford Co., TN, May 12, 1838. Wife was Martha W. Fought at Barboursville, KY, Loudon, KY, Wildcat, KY. Became forage master for Bushrod Johnson's brigade. W. Hoover's Gap. Took USA oath at Lawrenceburg, 1864 to avoid prison. Capt. 1865 at Lawrenceburg with scouts. Carpenter in Chatt, 1910. Married Martha Jones of Shelbyville. Res. Chatt., 1921. Methodist. Died June 16, 1923 at home of daughter on Beck Ave. in Hill City and buried Red Bank Cem. [TP15.534;CT June 17, 1923; 1910HC]

BROWN, William A. Co. L, 35TN
Deserted at Salisbury, NC, March 15, 1865.

BROWN, Sgt. William C. Barry's Btry.
Commissary Sgt. for btry. Active member at least throughout 1864-65; capt. at Spanish Fort evening of April 8, 1865. Died 1905 and buried CSA Cem. CW Diary at Chatt. Bi-C Library.

BROWNING, George W. Co. A, 19TN
Born c1847 in AL, son of I.J. (Justice of Peace from VA) and Caroline Browning. Enl. May 10, 1862, Corinth, MS. Elected Cpl. Severely wounded Murfreesboro and sent home. Capt. Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863 and imp. Rock Island, IL. [1860HC]

BROYLES, A. Horton Co. G, 36GA
Previously lived in Washington, Co., TN with wife Sarah. Died Jan. 22, 1917 in Chatt. and buried FH. [CT Jan. 23, 1917]

BROYLES, Charles E. Co. G, 36GA
NBF Camp. [NBFM2]

BRUCE, William M. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA
Enl. Aug. 6, 1861, Knoxville. Left sick Bowling Green, KY, Jan. 23, 1862. Transf. to 2d Co. I, 1CSA, Nov. 8, 1862. Deserted 1863. Released by Fed. authorities after taking USA oath, Dec. 23, 1863 and sent north of Ohio River.

BRUDER, J. M. Co. A, 19TN
Enl. at Knoxville on May 20, 1861. He was with the troops near Shelbyville in May of 1863. He was captured at Missionary Ridge and died in prison. [CSR]

BRUMBY, Dr. Ephraim R. Co. I, 7GA Cav.
Born in Tuscaloosa, AL, Aug. 23, 1845, he attended Georgia Military Academy at Marietta. He was the son of Professor Richard T. and Mary Brevard Brumby. Enl. April, 1863 at Marietta in 7GA Cav. and at one time during the war served as a "courier for Wade Hampton." Afterwards he was engaged in the drug business in Athens, GA and beginning in 1903 in Chatt. He married (1870) Mamie Mcpherson. Presbyterian. He died in Chatt. Feb. 12, 1918 and was buried in Athens. [CT Feb. 13, 1918; NBFM2; TP15,211]

BRUMMETT, John W. Co. H, 3KY; Co. C, Cons. 3TN
Born Nov. 20, 1839 and spent most of life in KY. Wounded twice, once at Chickamauga. Lived in Chatt. 15 years. Died at res. in Avondale Feb. 9, 1920 and buried Somerset, KY. [CT Feb. 10, 1920]

BRYAN, Daniel Gideon Co. A, 24th Sharpshooter Bn.
He was the son of Josiah Jackson Bryan, an early
commission merchant at Chattanooga. Daniel G. Bryan was born in
1847 when the family was living at Hamburg, SC. He married
Carrie Burg.

BRYAN, Josiah Jackson, who was one of the merchants along the
riverfront at Chattanooga prior to the war, served as a guard at
Andersonville Prison. He was born in Cocke County, TN, in
1820, the son of Josiah Jackson Bryan Sr. He married Julianna
Hull of Hamburg, SC. The family moved to Chattanooga in
September, 1849. Mrs. Bryan helped make the flag for William Ragsdale's Co. A, 4TN Cav. (Branner's) It was made out of pieces of silk dresses from Chattanooga ladies. A Democrat, J.J. Bryan was alderman and then mayor of Chattanooga after the war. When he died in 1883, he was buried in the Citizens Cemetery.

BRYANT, James P. Co. K, 43TN
Age 39 in 1864 (1860 census has him 34 in 1860), he enl. Oct. 17, 1861. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, and exchanged. Bryant was captured again on Sept. 2, 1864, near Martinsburg, VA. He was imprisoned at Fort Delaware. He had dark complexion, gray eyes and brown hair and was 5'8" tall. Prior to the war, he was a day laborer living with his wife, Margaret, at Chattanooga. He was a native of South Carolina. The family lived in GA prior to moving to Chatt. several years before the war.

BRYSON, Fletcher
CSA. Res. in GA in 1864. After war moved to Chatt. and was a clerk at the Old Crutchfield House. [Wells, Rems]

BUCKLAND, H. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Dec. 1, 1863 in East TN.

BUCKLAND, James L. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Feb. 15, 1864 in East TN. 5'9", fair cmplx, brn eyes, blk hair; signs by mark.

Born 1833, NC. 1910 res hh dau. Margaret Foster on Lightfoot Mill Rd. Farm laborer. [1910HC]

BUFF, James M. Co. G, 26TN; Barry's Btry.
Born c1833 in TN. Farm laborer at Chickamauga with wife Mary A. Enl. Sept. 8, 1861, Knoxville. Disch. Nov. 19, 1861. Reenl. May 12, 1862, at Chatt. in Barry's Battery, and did duty as a blacksmith. He was captured at Spanish Fort on April 8, 1865 and imprisoned at Ship Island, MS.

BULLOCK, Cabell B. Co. B, 1KY
Born Frankfort, KY. Enl. 1861 in Co. B, 1KY. Surrendered at Augusta, GA May, 1865. Lived in Lexington, KY. Fire Insurance. [NBFM2]

BULLON, James Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chattanooga; deserted Sept. 8, 1863.

BUNCH, Benjamin F. Co. B, 1TN Cav (Carter's)
Served in 26TN, then 2TN Cav. Died Nov. 14, 1910, age 82, at res. on Whiteside St. and buried CSA Cem. [CT Nov. 16, 1910; TP8399]

BUNCH, William F. 26TN; Co. D, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born Jefferson Co., TN, Sept., 1830. Enl. fall, 1861. Ft. Donelson; joined Carter's Cav. Wounded in leg and capt. at Harrodburg, KY, Oct. 5, 1862. Res. on Whiteside St. in 1906. [TP8399]

BUNN, T. H. Co. B, 7TN Cav.
Died at Fincastle, VA, Aug. 28, 1862.

BURCH, Col. John Christopher
In the opinion of Henry Watterson, he "had a great big intellect." He had never known a man of "finer political judgment." Burch was born in Jefferson Co., GA, Oct. 17, 1827, the son of Morton Newman Burch and Mary Ballard. He ventured north to receive his undergraduate education at Yale,
then returned to GA and began the practice of law in Murray
Co. In 1852 Burch moved to Chatt. where he continued his
law practice. He represented HC in the TN General Assembly, 1855-57, then entered the Senate in 1857 representing Hamilton, Rhea, Bradley, Bledsoe and Marion cos. In 1859 he moved to Nashville where he became editor of the powerful Democratic paper the Nashville Union and American. Although a close friend of Andrew Johnson, he broke political ties with him and supported John C. Breckinridge in the presidential election of 1860.
During the war Burch helped Gideon Pillow organize the
Provisional AofTN and served as his chief of staff. During the winter of 1861-62 he provided indispensable help for prominent East TN Unionists, representing them in court and making a direct appeal on their behalf to Richmond. Burch participated in the Fort Donelson debacle in Feb., 1862, escaping with Pillow rather than surrendering, and when Pillow was "suspended," Burch joined Forrest as a staff officer. Unsuccessful in obtaining an appointment to brig. gen., although strongly supported by TN generals Cheatham and McCown, he resigned for "personal affairs problems," but quickly returned to help Pillow. In 1863-1864 Burch displayed great energy and initiative, creating and coordinating a network of conscript and deserter camps, thereby helping to replenish the manpower of the AofTN. He also served on the staffs of N. B. Forrest, Jones M. Withers, S. R. Anderson and was an aide to Gov. Isham G. Harris.
In 1869 he purchased controlling interest in the Union and
American and continued as editor until 1873 when he became
Comptroller of TN. In 1879 he went to Washington where he was elected secretary of the U. S. Senate. He died there July 28,
1881. His wife was Lucy Newell. [CSR]

BURGESS, Martin L. Co. G, 26TN
Born c1837 in TN. Farmer at Tynersville with wife Rachel. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville and detailed as wagoner. Capt. near Chatt., Sept. 11, 1863, took USA oath and enl. 11KY Cav. (USA). lt. cmplx., lt. brn hr, blue eyes, 5'4 1/2"

BURGINS, Thomas Barry's Btry
Enl. June 28, 1862; Transf. "back to Capt. Harvey" by Maj. Gen. J.P. McCown.

BURK, George W. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ootewah, TN; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; light complexion, dark hair, black eyes, 5'10 1/2" tall.

BURK, J. W. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Aug. 1, 1862. Deserted Nov. 5, 1862 at Chattanooga. Then rejoined and hospitalized. Appears to have deserted after Missionary Ridge.

BURK, Sgt. James A. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1842. Living south of Ooltewah with his mother, Nancy, prior to enlistment.

BURKE, John F. Co. H, 26TN
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson. Left sick Montgomery, AL, Sept. 30, 1862.

BURK, William A. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1843. Enl. May 10, 1862, at Ooltewah. Captured at Vicksburg. Burk was living prior to the start of the war with his mother, Nancy Burk, and his brothers and sisters. They were at Zion Hill south of Ooltewah.

BURKHART, George, Jr. Co. G, 21TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1845, son of G.W. and Celia of Chatt.

BURKHART, George Washington Co. G, 21TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1814 in TN. Farm laborer at Chatt. with wife Celia.

BURKHART (BURKHALTER), William Carroll Co. L, 35TN
Born HC, 1840, son of George W. and Celia Burkhart. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chattanooga; transferred to Co. L, 35TN; in battle of Murfreesboro, Chickamauga; paroled May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC. Fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, 5'8" tall. Married Louisa Jane. 1906, prosperous farmer near Hixson. Died June 1, 1922 and buried in Hixson Cem. [1880 HC Census] [TP7783;CT6.2.1922]

He was killed at Murfreesboro on Dec. 31, 1862. [CSR]

Born near Atlanta in 1834 he moved as a boy to Pike Co., AL. During the Civil War he served as a private in the 23rd Alabama Infantry, fighting at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Following the war he located at Montgomery, AL, then moved to Chatt. where he became manager of the Mutual Loan and Insurance Company. Although a much younger man, Burks became a friend of Jefferson Davis and was an honorary pallbearer at the latter's funeral. He died Feb. 25, 1905 in Chattanooga and was buried in Montgomery. His wife's maiden name was Ledbetter. [CT, Feb. 26, 1905.]

BURNS, Allen Crockett 45VA
He was involved in banking in Chattanooga prior to the war and enl. in 45VA, becoming adjutant. He was taken prisoner at Cloyd's Mountain near Dublin, VA, in 1864. He spent the last months of the war in the prison at Camp Chase, OH.
He was born in Wythe Co., Va., in 1840, son of James and Eleanor Burns. He was cashier of the Discount and Deposit Bank after it was organized in 1867. He married Ellen N. Bell, daughter of David Newton Bell, in 1869 and the young couple lived on McCallie Ave. He served as a Chattanooga alderman and died here Dec, 24, 1880. [CT, July 1, 1903]

BURNS, George Henderson Co. K, 43TN
Born May 28, 1832 in Monroe Co. Enl. July 31, 1863 at Ooltewah. Married (1860 in Bradley Co.) Nancy Lewis of HC. Died at Riceville, TN. [TWP4147]

Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga; killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 19, 1863.

BURROUGHS, Nicholas P. Co. B, 17TN
Born Feb., 1841. He took part "in all the battles around Chatt. Prior to his death on July 11, 1900, he resided in South Chatt. for 20 years and was in the grocery business. Died July 11, 1902 and buried FH. [CT July 12, 1900; Lusk, FH]

BURROUGHS, William H. Co. L, 35TN
Enl. July 4, 1862 at Dalton; deserted at Salisbury, NC, March 15, 1865, took USA oath and sent to Chatt.; fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, 6'2" tall.

BURT, Mason
Born 1839, Miss. Res. 1910 on Ford St. with wife Mary and 7 children. African American Baptist preacher. [1910HC]

BURT, NASH H. Co. G, 1TN (Turney's)
Born in NC c1832 and probably raised in Franklin Co., TN. He became a lawyer in Shelbyville, TN, then moved his practice to Columbia where he also became one of the incorporators of the Columbia Gas Co. in 1860. He served as acting counsel at St. Thomas in the West Indies. During the Civil War he enl. initially in 1TN, then served as private secretary to Gov. Isham G. Harris with the rank of Lt. Col. Coming to Chattanooga in 1866, he became a law partner of former Union officer G. A. Wood. Burt would reside in Chattanooga until 1901 and become known as a "hero in the yellow fever epedemic of 1878." He died in Birmingham, July 31, 1903. [1860 Maury Co., TN Census, p. 81; CT, Aug. 1, 1903]

BURTON, Robert Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga.

BUSTER, Marshall Co. H, 37TN
Born 1844 in TN, son of Matilda. Farm laborer at Ooltewah in 1860. [1860 HC census]

BUTLER, Cpl. Asher
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861. in Co. D, 37TN; teamster; deserted Sept. 15, 1863 at LaFayette, GA; wounded May 25, 1864;; took USA oath July Aug. 64; 5'9", Dk cmplx.; Dk hr.; blue eyes.

BUTLER, J. W. Co. F, 12MS Cav.
Born in Lawrenceville, GA in 1844, he fought in the Confederate army as a young man then farmed after the war before moving to Chattanooga and becoming a merchant. Charter member of NBF Camp, 1885 and in 1888 he became associated with the Chattanooga Plow Co. He married Carolyn Thompkins. JWB died in Leesburg, FL April 16, 1918 and was buried at FH. [CTApril, 18.1918; FHR]

Born 1846, VA. Res. 1910 on Park Dr. with wife Maloda. House carpenter. [1910HC]

BUTLER, Thomas F. Co. C, 1GA; Chatham Artillery
Born VA. Trans. to Claghorn's Co., Chatham Seige Arty, March 4, 1862; to medical dept., July 1, 1864.; Appt. hospital steward, July 4, 1863. Became head of the general office of the Southern Express Co. when it moved its headquarters to Chatt. Died April 9, 1908 at his home in St. Elmo. [CTApril 10, 1908]

Born in Statesboro, GA. 1Lt., Aug. 8, 1861; Resigned April, 2, 1863 and ordered to report to Commandant of Camp of Instruction, Calhoun, GA, Sept. 25, 1862. Appt. Capt. and AQM. Served at Macon and later assg. duty with 1GA Cav, Reserves, Feb. 18, 1865. Brother-in-law of Garnet Andrews. Died Oct. 25, 1909 in Chatt. and buried in Washington, GA. [CT Oct. 26, 1909]

BYNINGTON, Charles W. Barry's Btry.
Enl. July 26, 1864 at Atlanta; Paroled May 11, 1865 in Meridian, MS.

BYRNES (BURNS), Joseph Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, Chattanooga; transf. to 35TN. On detached duty at Dalton, Nov.-Dec., 1862 rolls.

Born upper East TN. Baptist and ordained minister, serving churches in KY and TN. Died at res. on Holly St. Feb. 26, 1920 and buried CSA Cem. [CT Feb. 27, 1920]

BYRUM (BYRAM), S. Alexander Co. G, 43TN
Born c1843. Enl. Nov. 20, 1861. Disch. March 6, 1862.[TP 13,481]

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