Hamilton County Confederates: C

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The following data on Confederate soldiers from Hamilton County is taken from a book by Nat Hughes and John Wilson.

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CAIN, James M. 1LT. Co. D, 37TN; Co. F, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's); 4GA Cav.
Born 1831 in GA. 1860 barkeeper res. hh of G.W. Sivley in Chatt.; became officer but resigned when company strength dropped so low and enl. in Avery's Cav. joining his brother.

CAIN, Peter Co. F, 35TN
Enl. Oct. 1, 1862 at Chatt.; sick in hospital, Aug., 1863. Deserted from hospital, Sept. 7, 1863. Paroled at Greensboro, NC, May 1, 1865.

CALDWELL, Cpl. Isaac Anderson Co. E, 1TN (Turney's)
Wife was Mary Carolina. [TWP801]

CALDWELL, James Co. I, 19TN.
Mortally wounded at Murfreesboro, Jan. 1, 1863; died in Chatt., May 11, 1863, and buried CSA Cem.

CALDWELL, James A. 3TN; Co. E, 59TN
Born Sept. 1, 1842 in Catoosa Co. (then Walker), GA, son of O. H. P. and Jane Johnston Caldwell, he became a student at Stewart College, Clarksville, TN, but abandoned his studies to enlist in Vaughan's 3TN. After service in VA, he became ill and reenl. in Co. E, 59TN. He fought at Perryville and Champion's Hill. Captured at Vicksburg, he was exchanged in time to participate in Longstreet's Knoxville campaign. In 1864 he fought under Early in the Shenadoah, at Martinsburg, Winchester and Fisher's Hill. Making his way to TX, he was captured and paroled at Macon, GA. He entered the U of VA where he studied law. He located in Chatt. in 1867 and practiced until 1870 when he became clerk and master of chancery. He married (1873) Elizabeth Stephenson Gillespie. For over 30 years he served as president of the Chattanooga Gas Light Company. Presbyterian. NBF. Died June 20, 1920 at res. at corner of McCallie and Lindsay and buried FH. [FHR; GHT, pp. 920-21; CT June 21, 1920]

CALDWELL, Leonidas M. Co. F, 35TN
Born April 19, 1830, Monroe County, TN and was a farmer in HC before the war with wife Mary and two children born in GA. Enl. Sept. 20, 1862 at Chatt. He had dark eyes, dark hair, dark complexion and was 6' tall. Died Jan. 11, 1911 and buried in FH.

CALDWELL, Monroe M. Co. C, 23TN
Born May 17, 1836; Died Oct. 31, 1906 and buried FH.

CALVERT, James J. Co. C, 39AL
Born 1829. Res. Chatt., 1890 [1890Vet Census]

Born 1844. Farmer on Mtn. Creek Pike, 1910 with wife E. F. [1910HC]

CAMP, William E. Co. K, 43TN; Co. F, 39GA
Born in Walker Co., GA, he was 16 years old and a farmer when he enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; discharged Nov. 5, 1862 for being under age; gray eyes, fair complexion, black hair. Enl. as pvt. in 39GA, Sept. 26, 1863. Wounded 1864 and hospitalized Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon where he died Oct. 10, 1864. [Henderson, 301]

CAMPBELL, Cpl. Amos Alexander Co. B, 20NC
Born Jan. 9, 1839 in Carbarrus Co., NC, he was a 24-year-old farmer when he enl. April 18, 1861. Promoted to musician and transferred to the regimental band in Sept., 1861. Served through Dec., 1864 with the ANV. Married Mary C. Died in Chatt. March 17, 1909 and buried in CSA Cem. [CT March 19, 1909; Oct. 24, 1910; TP 6952, 10,803]

CAMPBELL, David Barry's Btry.
Enl. Sept. 16, 1862 at Chatt.; Hospitalized in Newton, MS, Sept., 1863; Deserted Dec. 21, 1863; Brown's Diary: "got furlough at hospital and got caught by Yankees; 5'8", fair complex., lt. hair, blue eyes.

CAMPBELL, Henry C. (E.) Barry's Btry.
Enl. May. 15, 1862 at Chatt.; $50 bounty; Nov., 1863 was hospital nurse; hosptialized in Atlanta, July 4, 1864; Capt. April 8, 1865 at Spanish Fort; imprisoned at Ship Island, MS. Res. Dallas (HC), 1870.

Enl. Jan. 9, 1862. at Chattanooga.

Born Eagle, NC in 1824 and resided there most of his life. He came to Chatt. in 1906 and died here Jan. 3, 19ll. Buried in CSA Cem. [CT Jan. 24, 1911]

CAMPBELL, Capt. John P. 36TN
Assistant Commissary of Subsistence, June 3, 1862.

CAMPBELL, William C. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; transf. May 1, 1862 to Snow's Company.

CANNON, Sgt. B. J. Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
1860 farm laborer in hh of Wm. Caruthers, Ooltewah. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in 36TN at Chattanooga; transf. to 35TN; elected 3rd Sgt.; fought in the Battle of Murfreesboro, then deserted at Tunnel Hill Feb. 20, 1864. Evidently returned to the Confederate army, for he was paroled in Augusta, GA, May 18, 1865.

CANNON, George W. C. Co. A, 19TN
Born 1829, TN Farmer at Ooltewah with wife Martha and three sons. Enl. Aug. 4, 1863., Chatt. In hospital at Charleston, TN, Dec., 1863. Capt. Calhoun, GA, May 16, 1864 and sent to Louisville, then Alton, IL. Volunteered for US Navy but rejected.

CANNON, Robert M. Co. F, 5TN Cav.
Born 1842, TN, he lived with his mother, Hester Cannon, and his two younger brothers and sisters. His mother was a domestic worker and he was a day laborer. The family had lived in GA prior to moving to HC. He died at home at Chickamauga, TN, on Oct. 5, 1862.

CANTRELL, Jesse Cleveland Co. F, 4GA
Born Oct. 30, 1835 in Calhoun, GA. Enl. April 28, 1861 at Calhoun, GA. ANV: Seven Days, Chancellorsville, Sharpsburg, Spottsylvania, Wilderness, Gettysburg, Winchester, and commanded sharpshooters at Petersburg. Wounded Shepardstown. Paroled at Appomattox. Married Jennie Crow (1867) and moved to Chatt. Engineer. Baptist. NBF. Died Jan. 30, 1930 in Chatt.; buried FH. [NBFM2; TP 13,504; 1880 HC Census; CT Jan. 31, 1930]

CANTRELL, L. A. Co. I, 6SC; 5SC Cav.
Born March 24, 1842, Spartanburg Dist., SC. Wounded 7 Pines,
May 31, 1862. Imp. Elmira, NY and remained until after war. To Chatt., 1868 and became Supt., coking operations, Milne Chair Factory, Chatt. Applied to TN Soldiers Home from HC, 1920. Died after Aug., 1920 [SAACH]

CANTRELL, Samuel B. Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 1, 1862 at Chatt.; received $50 bounty but deserted same month.

CAPE, William Co. D, 37TN
Born c1842 in TN. Day laborer living in hh of Crissa Baldwin in Chatt., 1860. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. Died May 17, 1862, at Corinth, Miss. [1860 HC census]

CAPEHART, William E. Co. I, 19TN Sgt.
Born c1843 in Ga;, son of Joseph (hotelkeeper, born NC) and Elizabeth Capehart (born SC). WEC was railroad laborer in 1860.

CARD, William H. Co. A, 19TN
Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Deserted.

Born NY, 1840. Enl. Aug. 1, 1862 in HC. Deserted Aug. 25, 1863. 1910 res. Sale Creek with wife Lucy A. and 8 children. Farmer. [1910HC]

CARDEN, William Crawford Co. A, Bn. of GA Cadets
Born Feb. 13, 1846 in Bradley Co., son of Leonard and Talitha Hale Carden. At GA Mil. Inst. when war broke out. Enl. at Marietta, May 15, 1864 and fought throughout Atlanta Campaign. Returned to school after war and licensed to preach Nov. 6, 1869. Married (1875) Mattie Stewart. Became a Methodist minister. Secty. of Holston Conf. many years. Commander of NBF Camp and res. Alton Park when he died May 19, 1924 and buried FH. [NBFM2; TWP, 231; TP 15,164; CT May 20, 1924]

CARLOCK, George Washington Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA) 3Lt.
Born 1835. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Resigned as 3Lt., Nov. 6, 1861., but on rolls of 1CSA May 1, 1864.

CARLOCK, J. M. 2nd Co. I, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. Aug. 10, 1862 in Chatt. Transf. by order of Gen. Hardee, May 1, 1863. Absent without leave after Aug. 23, 1863.

Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville; captured at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Camp Douglas where he died March 16, 1862.

CARLOCK, W. H. Co. H, 26TN
Enl. Aug. 6, 1861 at Knoxville; sick; honorably discharged Oct. 13, 1862.

CARMACK, Isaac Co. A, 19TN
Enl. at Knoxville on May 20, 1861. He served at Cumberland Gap, then went on furlough. He was killed in the battle at Fishing Creek on Jan. 19, 1862. [CSR]

CARMACK, J. L. Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862; wounded in thigh at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862 and was unable to return to duty.

CARNES, Eli Co. I, 19TN
Born c1806 in SC. Farm laborer at Chatt. with wife Clarisa (born SC). Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Disch. medical disability.

CARNES, Richard J. Co. B, 5TN Cav. Bn.
Born Ala., c1840, apparently son of Eli and Clarissa Carnes, he was a farm laborer living with his wife, Caroline, at the start of the war. She was from GA. He was discharged on July 31, 1862, and he took the oath of allegiance on March 24, 1864. He had dark complexion, brown hair, gray eyes and stood 5'11".

CARNEY, Alfred Co. F, 19TN
Born 1829 in Cocke Co. In 1893 res. in Soddy where he hauled wood and was a preacher. [TP1356]

CARNEY, 2Lt. Thomas Co. A, 19TN
Born March 5, 1835 in Spartanburg Dist., SC., he fought in the Mexican War before coming to Chatt. in 1852. He was engine driver in Chattanooga's first Fire Department. He enl. April 23, 1861 in Co. A. Carney became 2Lt. and fought at Shiloh, Corinth, and was wounded at Jonesboro. He was captured, but escaped at Nashville, and surrendered in NC. He returned to Chatt. and rejoined the Fire Dept. Drayman, 1870. Member NBF Camp, 1895-96. He died at his res. on Cedar St. Oct. 2, 1906 and buried in CSA Cem. [CT Oct. 3-4, 1906; NBFM2]

CARPENTER, James Co. H, 4th TN Cav.
Killed Jan. 1, 1863, in the Battle of Murfreesboro. He was about 25. A native of NC, he was living prior to the war on a farm at Sale Creek with his mother, Jane Carpenter, and younger brothers Samuel and David.

CARPER, Joseph H. 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.
Son of William Foster and Elizabeth Spicer Carper of Silverdale section of Tyner. Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC. Deserted Sept. 12, 1863. Married Sallie and living in HC in 1880. Lawyer. [JW Carper Fam.]


CARRIER, William B. Co. K, 26TN 1Lt.
Born 1836, TN. Res. Anderson Pike, 1910 with wife Mary E. [1910HC]

CARROLL, Abner C. Co. F, 35TN
Before the war, he was a prosperous farmer living across the river from Chatt. His worth in 1860 is given as $11,000. He had married (1852) Mary Williams, a daughter of Samuel Williams. Age 36 in 1862, Carroll was born in Washington Co., TN. Enl. as a substitute for Frederick Hanshield in Co. F of the 35TN. He had blue eyes, auburn hair and a fair complexion and stood 5'8". Died Dec. 10, 1872. [CT April 19, 1908]

CARRUTH, Leroy Co. A, 19TN
Enl. May 20, 1861 and assigned as gunsmith. Capt. near Chattahoochie, July 4, 1864 and imp. Camp Morton, IN. Took USA oath, Nov. 17, 1864.

CARSON, James W. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861; left with wagonmaster Feb. 19, 1862, Clarksville; enl. June 8, 1862 in Barry's Btry. at Chatt. and on rolls of Lookout Btry., Dec. 31, 1862. Paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS.

CARSON, John M. Co. I, 31TN
Born Nov. 13, 1842 in Jefferson Co., TN. Enl. March, 1862. Wounded and capt. at Vicksburg July 4, 1863 and paroled July 15, 1863. Became real estate dealer in Chatt. but moved to Atlanta and died there after 1890. [1890VetCensus; NBFM 7]

CARTER, James Co. D, 4(12)GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862. He was reported absent and was believed to be in the hands of the enemy.

CARTER, William Co. D, 4(12)GA Cav.
He enl. Aug. 1, 1863, at Chattanooga in Capt. William J. Rogers' company. In March of 1864, he was in the Ocmulgee Hospital at Macon, GA. He was captured in April of 1865 and took the oath of allegiance. He had a dark complexion, gray hair, hazel eyes and was 5'11" tall.

CARUTHERS, Andrew Jackson 2nd Co. D, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. May 1, 1862 in Ringgold, GA. Sick during fall, 1862. Promoted to cpl., then sgt. in 1864. Captured at Nashville and imprisoned at Camp Douglas until end of war. Married Mary Elizabeth Oct. 4, 1869. Died Dec. 4, 1914.

CARRUTHERS, Benjamin Newton 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.
Born Feb. 8, 1834, probably son of William and Rachel Moore Carruthers. Farmer at Ooltewah with wife Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Snow. Enl. in HC, July 19, 1862. Although rolls state he deserted Feb. 14, 1863, he was imprisoned and his health long affected by his confinement. Farming in Ooltewah, 1870. He and family moved to Wise Co., TX where he died Jan. 10, 1890 and buried at Paradise, TX. [Dickey, Waller, A Family History]

CARUTHERS, Lt. Christopher C. 2nd Co. D, 1CSA(GA)
Enl. May 1, 1862 in Ringgold, GA. Promoted to 2Lt. Nov. 18, 1862, 1Lt, Sept. 2, 1863. Hospitalized in Jan., 1865.

CARRUTHERS (CARETHERS, CAROTHERS), John H. 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav. Enl. in HC, July 14, 1862. Captured Jan 6, 1864 at Charleston, TN and imp. at Rock Island, IL where he died Feb. 21, 1864 of rubeola and was buried. [CSR; RI ledger]

Enl. in HC, July 14, 1862. Deserted Feb. 5, 1863 at Shelbyville, TN.

CARSON, 2Lt. James M. Co. I, 31TN
Enl. March, 1862 in Chatt. Capt. Vicksbug. Real estate dealer in Chatt. in 1890. Moved to Atlanta and died there. [NBFM1,7]

CARSON, James W.
Enl. July 8, 1861 in Co. H, 26TN; also served in 2nd Co. I, 1GA CSA; enl. June 8, 1862 in Barry's Btry. at Chatt.; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS.

CARSON, W. A. Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 1, 1862 at Dalton; died June 19, 1863 in hospital in Greenville, AL.

CASEY, A. S. Co. K, 59TN Mtd. Inf.
Born 1837; married Julia. Presbyterian. Died July 18, 1924 and buried FH. [CT July 19, 1924]

CASEY, Henry Co. H, 1TN Cav. (Carter's); Co. G, Walker's Bn., Thomas NC Legion
Born 1837 in Clark Co., TN. 1860 farmer at Chatt. with wife Sarah and two children. [1860HC]

CASH, James A.
Sgt. Maj., NBF Camp, 1912.

CASSON, S. E. 34VA Cav. Bn.
[TP 12,873]

CASTEEL, Benjamin F. Co. H, 43TN
Born c1843, son of Daniel and Abigail of Chatt. enl. Nov. 16, 1861, Riceville, TN. Prom. 1Cpl. May 10, 1862. Died July 15, 1863, Vicksburg.

CASTEEL, Daniel Co. H, 43TN
Born c1822, he was railroad brakeman living in Chatt. with wife Abigail prior to enl. Feb. 12, 1862, Knoxville. Prom. to Sgt., April 9, 1862. Capt. Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled. Among sick and wounded parolees sent by boat to Mobile via New Orleans.
CATE, Alfred M. Co. D, 43TN
Born 1830, farmer in Ooltewah. Wife was E.J. [1860 HC Census]

CATE, Greenbury
Born Oct. 31, 1831 in Sevier Co., TN. Enrolling officer in Bradley Co., 1862-63. "Home was burned and a lot of his personal property destroyed." Res. Chatt., 1911. [TP12,365]

CATE, Henry 36TN
Served as Asst. Quartermaster. 1870, McMinn Co., age 36. [TWP2630]

CATE (CATES), John Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Feb. 23, 1862 at Chattanooga.

CATE, Capt. William L. Co. C, 36TN; Co. C, 35TN
Born 1830. Farm laborer near Ooltewah, 1860. Married Malissa. [1860 HC Census]

CATES, Felix Grundy Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga. 1870, Gibson Co., TN.

CATES, R. L. Barry's Btry.
Deserted [Brown's Diary]. Died Camp Morton, IN Prison, July 17, 1864. Buried Greenlawn Cem., Camp Morton. [CV (Jan., 1914)]

CATHEY, Samuel C. Freeman's Btry.
Born March 26, 1846 in Cannon Co., TN. Enl. Resaca, GA, May, 1863 in 6TN Arty. (Freeman's Btry.), Dibbrell's Brig. Capt. near Columbia, TN, Aug., 1864 and paroled Apr., 1865. Shoemaker in Chatt. about 20 years. NBF Camp. Died Sept. 18, 1906 at his res. on Louisa St. and buried CSA Cem. [CT Sept. 19, 1906; NBFM2]

CATRON, George A. (Alfred G.?) Co. K, 1VA Lt.
Born near Wytheville, VA, Sept. 1, 1826, and enl. in 1VA. Discharged from service Dec. 23, 1863 to serve as civil officer of CSA. He moved to Chattanooga in 1872 and became real estate salesman. Married Evaline P. Ewing, Oct. 8, 1845 in VA. Died in Chatt. March 11, 1901 and buried in Citizens Cem. PHOTO in CT. [CT, March 12, 1901; NBFM2]

CAVENDER, Benjamin Franklin Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1839 in TN, son of Henry Cavender. Farmer in Ooltewah. [1860 HC Census]

In re Benjamin Franklin Cavender

CAVENDER, Benjamin Franklin Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1839 in TN, son of Henry Cavender. Farmer in Ooltewah. [1860 HC Census]

Reader Comment;

(Henry Cavender by his first wife did have a son named Benjamin S. Cavender, b. ca. 1806 in NC, living in Hamilton in 1850, but d. March 14, 1858, in Dade Co., MO. By his 2nd wife, Henry Cavender had a son named Franklin, b. ca. 1839 in Hamilton Co., TN. However, Henry Cavender relocated with several of his married and unmarried children after the 1860 census, but prior to the War, to Pitman, Randolph Co., AR. In service with nephews in Company A of the 12th Missouri Infantry is Henry's son Francis Marion Cavender, and an F.N.C. Cavender, who I assume may be Henry's son Franklin. I cannot say for certain since there are no enlistment dates on this post, but this Benjamin Cavender may be the son of Henry's son, Thomas Cavender, who remained in Hamilton Co. Thomas' son, Benjamin J. Cavender, was b. ca. 1844 in Hamilton Co. (relocating after the War to Jeffersonville, IN). I would be interested in hearing how the authors pegged this solder as Benjamin Franklin Cavender, as Civil War soldiers database only lists him as Benjamin. I regret I cannot say anything more definitive than to cast some doubts.)

Kendall Sparkman

CAVENDER, G. A. Co. M, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)

CHAMBERS, Andrew J. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861., Knoxville. Dk cmplx, blk hair, hazel eyes, 6' tall; Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862. Pvt. 1CSA, Dec. 26, 1863, Dalton. Took USA oath, Jan. 10, 1864 at Nashville.

CHAMBERS, A. L. Barry's Btry.
Lost in Feb. on retreat [Brown's Diary]

CHAMBERS, Henry Alexander Co. C, 4NC; Co. C, 49NC
Born Iredell Co., NC, May 17, 1841, son of Joseph and Ellen Cashion Chambers. Student at Davidson College at outbreak of war. Enl. at Statesville, NC June 7, 1861. Promoted Capt. Dec. 3, 1862. Became senior Capt. and sometimes cmdg. regt. Fought at Fredericksburg, New Bern, Drewry's Bluff, Burmuda Hundred, the Crater, and siege of Petersburg. Was in command of regt. at Five Forks when he was wounded and hauled in ambulance to Appomatox where he surrendered with remnant of the army. Taught school and read law at Morgantown, NC, 1865-66. Married (1867) Laura Lenoir. Made his home successively at Madisonville, Loudon and Chatt. Rept. Monroe Co. in TN legislature, 1870-72 and then state senator from that district in 1877. Presbyterian. Mason. Married (2) in 1877, Lizzie Welcker Turner. Lawyer in Chatt. US postage agent, 1877, and in 1878 assigned to New Orleans as agent over TX, LA, and southern MS. To Chatt., 1888, and on City Council four terms. Historian of NBF Camp. Lived at 511 Poplar St.; Died here Nov. 18, 1925 and buried FH. [NBFM2,10; Biog. BDTA; Diary (1863) at Chatt. Bi-Cent. Lib.; CT Nov. 19, 1925]

CHAMBLISS, John Alexander Chaplain, SC Troops
Born 1840. Married Mary Mauldin, Greenville, SC. Noted Baptist preacher. Professor of Classics at Maryland College. Died 1916 and buried FH.

CHAMLEE, T. A. Co. F, 39TN Mounted Inf. (Lillard's)
Res. 1912 James Co. [TP13,712]

CHAMPION, Charles B. Co. H, 36TN Lt.
Born 1831 in Franklin Co., TN, son of William and Adoline Champion of Ooltewah. He had a farm at Harrison prior to the war. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 in Cleveland and served, Feb. 1-May 13, 1862. Elected sheriff of HC, 1874-78. His wife was Jane E. Smith. Died June 1, 1908 on his Harrison Road farm and was buried at family burial ground. The body was later moved to Bartlebaugh Baptist Church. [JW, Champion family; CN, June 1, 1908; CT June 2, 1908; 1860HC]

CHAMPION, William Coke Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1837, son of William and Adoline Champion, brother of Charles B. At the start of the war, he was living at Ooltewah with T.W. Spicer, justice of the peace. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 at Cleveland. He was assigned to guard commissary stores. He served at Cumberland Gap and in the Battle of Murfreesboro before deserting Dec. 14, 1864, in Washington Co., TN, and taking the oath of allegiance. He was released at Knoxville. Married (1865) Matilda B. He died HC, 1884. [TWP, p. 109; JW, Champion family; 1860HC]

From Harrison, TN. Asst. Surgeon, CSAS. [Proceedings of Medical Board of the Provisional A of TN, p. 123]

CHAPMAN, Henry Z. Co. F, 20SC
Born 1829. Married Emeline Hoadley. Died 1911 and buried FH.

CHEEK, James Marion Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Smith')s
Born c1841. Methodist. Died at res. on Clio St. and buried Oak Hill. [CT Jan. 7, 1929]

CHEEK, Thomas H.
Born Oct. 30, 1836 in Rappahannock Co., VA, son of Elijah and Mary Holtzman Cheek. He went to Memphis about 1850, where he became engineer, captain and owner of several steamboats and married (1859) Mary M. Reid (Reed) and Lizzie Gillespie. He enl. as a cavalryman under Forrest, then was at once tranferred to the ordnance department at Columbus, MS, then Selma, AL. He established four saw-mills to manufacture lumber for the AL and TN RR. Subsequently he operated the grist mill at Marietta, GA, then moved it to Macon. Following the war Cheek engaged in operating the Kennesaw Mills in Marietta until 1887 when he moved to Chatt. where he owned and operated grain warehouses and elevators. 1st Presby. NBF Camp. He died at res. on McCallie Ave. March 28, 1906 and was buried in Marietta. [CT March 29, 1906; GHT, p. 923]

CHENEY, Robert Dee
Born June 20, 1840 in Murfreesboro, TN, he moved to AR and joined CSA, serving as member of P. R. Cleburne's staff. Wounded at Shiloh, Richmond, Murfreesboro and Franklin. Married (1865) Martha Florence Sharp. Died Nov. 19, 1917 in Chatt. and buried FH. [CT Nov. 20, 1917; TWP, 302]

CHESHIRE, Calaway (Calvin) Co. D, 37TN
Born c1848 in TN, son of Eliza. Enl. March 18, 1863 in Catoosa Co. Entitled to bounty being under 18 yrs. Deserted at Missionary Ridge Dec. 10, 1863. Capt. Graysville, Nov. 27, 1863 and imp. Rock Island. Joined US Navy, Jan. 25, 1864. [1860HC]

CHESHIRE, James T. Co. D, 37TN
Born 1832 in SC. Day laborer at Chatt. Married Margaret. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. Disch. July 1, 1862 for disabillity.

CHILDERS, JAMES C. Co. A, 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cav.
Born c1831. Enl. Jan. 14, 1861, at Knoxville. Home sick March, 1863. Paroled as POW July 29, 1863 at McMinnville. Age 35 on March 11, 1864 roll. Deserted March 11, 1864 at Tunnel Hill. Farming Ooltewah, 1870, with wife Rebecca. [1860, 1870HC]

CHILDERS, John Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga; transferred to Co. L, 35TN; fought in battle of Murfreesboro.

CHILDRESS, David M., Co. A, 19TN
Enl. May, 1861 and fought in the battles at Fishing Creek and
Shiloh, then was killed at Murfreesboro on Dec. 31, 1862. His
father, David Childress, was paid $37.54 on a war claim that his
son was owed. [CSR; Warner, Personal Glimpses]

CHRISTIAN, John L. First Co. E, 42TN; Co. F, 55AL
Born March 17, 1845 in Jackson Co., AL. Enl. Oct. 31, 1861 but missed Ft. Donelson because detached to bury brother. Never served in battle and remained in occupied part of TN. To TN in 1912; res. in Memphis in 1916, Chatt. in 1920. [TP 14,889]

CHUMLEY, William T. 3d Co. F, 35TN
Born c1842 in Halifax Co., VA, son of William F. Chumley and Eliza. Day laborer on father's farm near Chatt. Family had moved from VA to TN in late 1840s. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862. Wounded Chickamauga. Gray eyes, light hair, fair complx., 5'5". [1860 HC]

CHURCH, F. G. Co. C, 22GA Bn. Heavy Arty.
Born Jan. 1, 1846 in Hardin Co. near Savannah, son of R. S. Church. Father. Joined the army just after Chickamauga. He was in fighting at Calhoun, Ga., to Atlanta and then Savannah, where he was left in a hospital at the time of Sherman's invasion. He was sent to Guyton Hospital and was paroled at Atlanta three days after Johnston's surrender. Moved to Chatt. in 1920. Married (1899, in Chatt.) Eva Sanders. Methodist. Died July 18, 1931 at Shepherd, TN and buried CSA Cem. [TP16,175; TWP294; 10,338; CT July 18-19, 1931]

CLAGUE, William C.
Born 1848, TN. 1910 Res. in hh of nephew Martin Ford in Chatt. [1910HC]

CLARK, Sgt. A. A. Co. C, 64GA
Born March 2, 1845 in Abbevillle Dist., SC. Enl. Sept. 15, 1862. Wounded once. Capt. and paroled at Appomattox. [NBFM2]

CLARK, Carroll
Born in Warren Co. and married Margaret Johnson. Died in HC. [TWP, p. 91]

CLARK, Charles Dickens Co. A, 13TN Cav.
Born on a farm in Van Buren Co., TN, Oct 7, 1847, son of John S. Attending Burritt College when war broke out. Enl. at 16 yrs. On staff of Gen. Dibrell. After the war completed studies at Burritt and studied law at Cumberland Univ. Graduated 1874 at the head of class; to Chatt. 1882; second federal judge from Chatt., 1894. Married: Georgiana Hickman, Lucy Dumas and Willie Kimbrough. Died March 16, 1908 [CT March 16, 1908]

CLARK, George M. Co. E, 1NC State Troops (6NC)
Born July 28, 1845 in Haywood Co., NC. Enl. at Haynesville April 4, 1861. Wounded at Malvern Hill. Captured near Jonesboro, TN, Nov., 1863. Paroled as captain in April 1865. 1900 res. in Chatt., occupation carpenter, living on Whiteside St. Died at res. on Elizabeth St., March 11, 1905 and buried in CSA Cem. [NBFM3, 7]

CLARK, Capt. J. W. Co. L, 36TN; Clark's Indep. Cav. Co.
Enl. as private, Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt. Commanded independent cavalry company that acted principally as escort and couriers for Gen. S.B. Buckner and occasionally for Gens. W.J. Hardee and Bushrod Johnson. Picket duty in Middle TN in 1863. Clark's Co. was absorbed into Capt. John B. Dortch's 2KY Cav. Bn. in 1864. (Perhaps same as Capt. Jimmie Clark in Josephine Hooke Diary)

CLARK, Riley C. Co. H, 4TN Cav.; Co. F, 39GA
Pvt., Feb. 14, 1864. Capt. Resaca, May 16, 1864 and imp. Camp Morton, IN. Released May 18, 1865. [Henderson, 301]

CLAY, J. M. Co. D, 42GA
Born Sept. 3, 1845 in DeKalb Co., GA. Enl. Sept. 7, 1862. Afterwards served in Stovall's Brigade. Paroled April, 1865. Carpenter in Chatt. in 1891. [NBFM2]

CLEAGE, Thomas A., Sr.
Born Athens, TN Aug. 24, 1835. Banker in Athens prior to war: Planters Bank and T.A. Cleage & Co. Cashier of State Bank of TN. Married Penelope Van Dyke ( Sept. 15, 1856). Presby. When CSA forces evacuated East TN, he carried bank's funds to Augusta, GA where he remained throughout war. Returned unused funds to State of TN Moved to Quincy, IL and entered milling business, returned to Athens and became successful contractor, building McMinn Co. courthouse. Res. Chatt. a number of years, but returned to Athens 1898. Died Dec. 11, 1900 in St. Elmo of cancer and buried FH. [CT Dec. 12, 1900]

CLEM, Samuel Barry's Btry.
Enl. Jan. 27, 1863 in Chatt.; Transf. March 15, 1863 to Winston's Btry.

CLIFT, Capt. James Warren Co. H, 36TN
Born 1838 in Soddy, he was one of the two sons of William and Nancy A. Clift of Soddy who fought for the Confederacy. Two other sons, Joseph Clift and Robert Brooks Clift, joined their father in going with the Union. J.W. Clift at age 17 volunteered for Mexican War service and because of his fluency in Spanish served as an interpreter. At the outbreak of the Civil War he raised Co. H and was elected Capt. Later he would serve on the regimental staff. On Aug. 31, 1862, he enl. in Clark's Independent Cav. Co. at Chatt. Married Mary Jane McKenzie. After the war he returned home and farmed, but eventually became involved in management of the Soddy Coal Company and served in the Tennessee legislature. Presby. Married (1) Miss McKenzie (1849), (2) Tipton Bradford (1875). Clift died March 8, 1910 at his home in Soddy. [JW, Clift family; CT 3.9.10; Armstrong, Ham. Co., 2:293; GHT, pp. 924-25]

CLIFT, Moses Haney Co. H, 36TN; 4TN Cav. (Starnes)
Born Aug. 25, 1836 in Soddy, his mother was Nancy Arwin Brooks, daughter of Gen. Moses Brooks of Knox County, a Revolutionary soldier. Moses Clift at the age of 22 reading law in hh of John L. Hopkins, in Chatt. He had gained his law license just as the war began. Though his father, William Clift, was a rabid Unionist, M.H. Clift raised Co. H of the 36TN, but seven months later he transferred to the 4TN Cav., James W. Starnes-William S. McLemore's Reg. He served with this unit until the battle of Ft. Donelson. Afterwards he was promoted to Capt. on the staff of Col. Starnes and he was with him until Starnes was killed at Tullahoma in June, 1863. Then Moses Clift served under Gen. G. G. Dibrell. Clift was promoted to major at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain and to colonel at the Battle of Bentonville, N.C., in the closing months of the war. Clift was wounded three times and fought in 23 battles, including Chickamauga. After that battle, he spent several hours in his home territory inside the Federal lines gaining valuable information. Before the fighting at Tunnel Hill, he again was within the Federal lines for three weeks, including two days at home at Soddy with his father. "Bears the distinction of having captured his own father." Although great admirer of Forrest, believed that his commander Wheeler "efficient," "the finest scout and obtainer of information."
Clift was a prominent attorney at Chattanooga after the war, and he also had considerable business and real estate interests. He was one of the commissioners for Chickamauga Park. He first married (1867) Ataline Cooke, and later married (1883) Florence V. Parrott of Cartersville, Ga. One of his descendants was Montgomery Clift, the famed actor. Moses Clift died Dec. 3, 1911 in Nashville and buried Citizens Cem. [JW, Clift family; 1860HC; GHT, 925; CT Dec. 4, 1911; Ridley, Battles and Sketches, pp. 159-161; ]

CLIFT, William Joseph (Joe) Lt. Col. 5TN Cav.
Born Feb. 14, 1838 in Soddy, he was one of the divided Clifts who chose to go with the Confederacy, serving a short while as company commander with the 36TN, then becoming Lt. Col. of the 5TN Cav. He was the son of James Clift, a minister who at one time was the county court clerk for HC. James Clift was a brother of William Clift of Soddy. William Joseph Clift practiced law after the war at McMinnville, then at Chatt. He was a leading criminal attorney, and it was said he defended over 200 cases in several states and "cleared over 75 percent of them and never had a man hung." He had the "grand distinction of being a member of the Sons of CV and the GAR. Died March 12, 1901 and buried in McMinnville. [CT March 13, 1901; JW, Clift family]

CLINE, David Co. A, 19TN
Born c1807, PA. Stonemason in Chatt. with wife Nancy A., also born PA. Their sons David and William B. born in MD, then family moved to Chatt. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Disch. with medical disability.

CLINE, R. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chattanooga; deserted Nov. 25, 1863 near Chattanooga.

CLINE, William B. Co. A, 19TN
Born c1840 in MD, son of David and Nancy Cline of Chatt. Enl. May 10, 1862. at Corinth. Assign. to hospital duty. Reported sick and absent, May 1864.

Born Campbell Co., GA, Oct. 6, 1840. Enl. in independent company of CSA cavalry, March 4, 1861. Co. A, 1GA Inf. Worked in Wariton, FL navy yard. In battles of Ft. McRee, Ft. Pickens, Santa Rosa Island and Chickamauga (wounded), New Hope Church (wounded). Paroled Greensboro, NC, April, 1865. To TN in 1881. Owned meat market on Whiteside St. for 30 years. Died at res. in Chatt. Jan. 24, 1907. Buried Citizens Cem. [CT, Jan. 25, 1907; NBFM2; TP 8114]

CLINTON, H. Barry's Btry.
Deserted [Brown's Diary]

CLOUD, F. M. Co. H, 26TN
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Honorably disch. Dec. 6, 1861.

CLOUD, George W. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chattanooga; re-enl. Feb. 18, 1863, Knoxville by W. P. Wood for war; deserted Sept. 10, 1863; POW March 26, 1864. Took oath at Chatt. as rebel deserter.

CLOUD, Robert Co. H, 26TN
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Wounded and capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862. Died at Camp Douglas, July 1, 1862.

CLOUSE, James P.(T.?) Co. G, 3CSA Cav.
Born Shellmound, TN. Fought as cavalryman under Wheeler at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Married (1879) Menervy Cary. Died May 26, 1914 at home on East 16th St. and buried at Shellmound. [TWP, p. 156; CT May 27, 1914]

CLOUTS, Capt. M. L. Co. G, 6GA Cav.
Res. of James Co., 1905. [TP353]

COATS, Lemuel "Lem" Co.D, 37TN
Born 1843 in AL, son of Thompson and Caroline of Chatt. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. wounded Chickamauga and hospitalized Macon where he deserted. Capt. Chatt. and sent to Rock Island where he enl. US Navy. [1860HC]

COBB, William J. Co. A, 19TN
Born Dec. 18, 1839 in Buncombe Co., NC; enl. June 3, 1861 at Knoxville and accompanied the regiment to Cumberland Gap where he became sick. He was with the troops near Shelbyville and then at Corinth, where he again became ill. Cobb transferred April 11, 1864 to Co. B, 65GA. Captured and imprisoned at Camp Chase. Took USA oath March, 1865 "they were starving us and I promised not to come south until after the war." Living in HC, April, 1908. Moulder in foundry. Res. 1910 on Winden St. with wife Martha (married 1870). Member of NBF Camp. Died at home in East Lake, June 4, 1910 and buried CSA Cem. [CSR; TP7961; CT June 6, 1910; NBFM2; 1910HC]

COCHRAN, George W. Asst. Surgeon, 3CSA Cav. (Col. W. N. Estes)
Born Iredell Co., NC, 1835. Enl. Oct., 1862. Murfreesboro, Ft. Donelson, Chickamauga. Capt. Sept 21, 1864, Camp Hampton, VA and imp. Johnson's Island, Ohio. Paroled near Hillsboro, NC, May, 1865. [TP12,885]

COCHRAN, James. H. 2d Co. K, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA(GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861 in Co. G, 26TN at Knoxville; captured
at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Camp Morton, IN. Deserted or recaptured at Stevenson, AL, Sept. 23, 1863. Probably same as James Cochrane (Co. H, 26TN) who was captured and died in prison in Indianapolis, IN.

COCKE, Maj. Daniel F. Asst. Commissary Genl.; 1TN Bn.
Born 1816, Fauquier Co., VA, son of Washington and Sarah Floweree Cocke. To Bledsoe Co., TN, as a young man and made fortune in stockraising and other businesses. Married Augusta Roberson. Moved to Chattanooga Creek about 1855, building mansion "Oakland" on Clifton Hill. Farmer with wife Margaret and 8 children and 44 slaves, 1860. Uncle of Henry M. Ashby who came to live at Oakland. Appt. Asst. Comm. Gen. in Provisional Army of TN, May 9, 1861, then served on staff of Gen. S.B. Anderson, July 9, 1861. To VA where he is said to have served in 1TN Bn. while children placed in school in Richmond. Sold Oakland for $20,000 in 1862 and fled south. After the war resided in Franklin, TN where he died March 14, 1885. Buried Rest Haven Cem., Franklin. [1860HC; CSA Staff Officers, p. 6;JW. Cocke family]

COCKE, John LaFayette
Born April 18, 1848, son of Daniel F. and Margaret A.R. Cocke. Family moved from Bledsoe Co. to farm along Chattanooga Creek in mid-1850's. Only 14, JLC entered army and was on Morgan's Ohio Raid. Escaped capture by swimming the river on his horse. Served remainder of the war. Afterwards he was businessman in Memphis. Married Adelaide Sledge of MS. Died at Memphis, July 24, 1913.

COFFEE, A. A. Co. F, 52GA
Born 1841 in Wilkes Co., NC. Enl. March 4, 1862 in Clayton, GA. Retired from service because of disability, 1863. To TN, 1873. Res. Montgomery St. in 1906. [TP6227]

COGBURN, Cpl. John Co. K, 43TN
He was living on a farm at Zion Hill south of Ooltewah before the war, son of William and Isabella Cogburn. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861.
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chattanooga, later
transf. to Co. L, 35TN.

COGGINS, James A. Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Sept. 23, 1862, Jasper, TN.

COKER, L. F. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1833. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson. On roll of 1CSA, Aug. 31, 1863. Died Sept. 4, 1925 and buried Rock Spring Cem. [CT, Sept. 5, 1925]

COLEMAN, William Dallas Co. E, 4TN Cav
Born Cannon Co., TN, Jan. 16, 1845. Enl. Sept. 27, 1862, Munfordsville, Ky. Deserted and took USA oath, April 9, 1864, Chatt. "Made a crop for my father in Cannon County, 1865." Then to Rome, GA and returned to TN, 1887. 1910 dry goods, grocer. Res. Sale Creek, 1915. Buried Sale Creek Cem. [SAACH; 1910HC]

COLINS, J. K. Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga

COLLINS, D. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862, Chattanooga; captured June 27, 1863 at Manchester, TN. Paroled Cumb. Gap. April, 29, 1865.

COLLINS, D. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Captured and paroled at Cumberland Gap, KY., April 29, 1865, remarks mention Grainger Co., TN)

COLLINS, Jesse R. Co. G, 63TN
Born c1830. Blacksmith at Long Savannah with wife Susan M., 1860. Enl. April, 21, 1863, Knoxville. Placed in QM Dept. Wounded in left thigh at Drewry's Bluff, May 16, 1864. and sent to Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond where he died June 26, 1864.

COLLINS, Newton Jasper Co. L, 35TN
Born April 29, 1833 in in Gwinette Co., GA. Enl. at Calhoun, GA in 1863. Dark complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'11". 1870 at Wauhatchie, laborer in tanyard, wife Sarah. Married (1882) Mary Jane. 1900 Res. Albion View, HC. Occup. farmer. Died July 21, 1909 in Chatt. and buried CSA Cem. "UDC conferred Cross of Honor on this soldier." [CT July 22, 1909; TWP, p. 139; NBFM2;1860 HC census]

COLVILLE, Richard Waterhouse Co. D, 19TN; Co. H, Cons. 3TN
Born in Warren Co., TN, March 12, 1843, son of Warner E. Colville. Student at University of East Tennessee and May, 1861. enl. as pvt. in Co. D, 19TN. Wounded at Murfreesboro (finger shot off) and promoted to 1Lt. Sept. 1, 1863. Took command of company and retained it until surrender at Greensboro, fighting at Shiloh, Baton Rouge, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and Atlanta Campaign. Wounded again at Atlanta. Hospitalized until after TN Campaign. After war received M.D. from Nashville Medical College in 1868 and practiced 19 years at Washington, TN. Married Mary Louise Paine. Res. in Hill City. Died Dec. 17, 1923 in Chatt. and buried White Oak Cem. [CSR; Stout Papers, Austin; CSA Mil. Hist. Ex., 10:427-28; CT Dec. 18.1923; NBFM2; 1910HC]

COMBS, Daniel C. Co. K, 5KY MI
Born Perry Co., KY, 1844. Enl. Dec. 29, 1861. Capt. April 25, 1863 in Breathitt Co., KY and imprisoned Camp Chase; capt. again and imp. at Lexington, KY. Paroled at Lex., 1865. To TN, 1887. Res. Hill City, 1911. Later res. Glendale Comm. Died Feb. 5, 1920 and buried Sively Cem. [TP13,051;CT Feb. 7, 1920]

COMBS, Richard Dempsey "Dempsey" Barry's Btry.
Born Oct. 27, 1846 in Catoosa Co., GA, son of Judge J.M. Combs. Resided in Ringgold. Enl. in Barry's Btry. May 1, 1863 [Sept. 1, 1864] at Atlanta. Wounded at Spring "Ball". Paroled at Meridian, MS, May, 1865. In early 1870's was member of wholesale grain, hay, bacon and provision firm of Anderson, Combs & Co. Baptist. Died Sept. 30, 1930 at Soldiers Home in Atlanta and buried Adairsville. [NBFM6]

CONDRA, George Washington Co. A, 3CSA Cav.(?)
Born 1839, TN of NC parents. Res. Payne St., 1910 with wife Mary (m1862). Retail merchant. Ruling elder in Cumb. Presby. Church. Died of typhoid at res. on Payne St., April 10, 1911. [1910HC; CTApril 11, 1911]

CONDRAY, Israel A. Co. F, 35TN
Born during 1844 in HC where he was a farmer until he enl. Feb. 9, 1863. He served as a carpenter in the regiment and was wounded at Chickamauga, following which he recuperated at the res. of William Fitzgerald, then Lawrence Gardenhire. Blue eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 6'1".

CONLEY, James F. Barry's Btry.
Born 1838, TN. Farm laborer in hh of mother Sarah at Harrison, 1860. Paroled May 11, 1865 in Meridian, MS. Methodist. Died at his home in Rock Springs at age 90. He had lived in same house 80 years. [CT May 25.17; 1860HC]

CONNELLY, Ephraim H. Co. A, 1TN
Born Nashville June 21, 1837; fought in eleven battles in ANV; after war estab. painting firm Connelly and Taylor here. Member, NBF Camp, 1896. Died Aug. 5, 1911 in Chatt. and buried FH [CT Aug. 6, 1911; FHR; NBFM2]

CONNER, A. B. Co. H, 45TN
Born 1824 in TN, prob. son of Mary. Farmer in Chatt. Wife was Elizabeth. [1860HC]

CONNER, Dauswell "Daus"
He joined the Confederate army in 1864. He was a son of James Crutchfield Conner and brother of James A. He married Lottie Barker, and they moved to Texas.

CONNER, George Cooper
Born Oct. 9, 1834 in Ireland and emigrated to Canada in 1848. To Chattanooga in 1871 in service of Western and Atlantic RR. Editor of short-lived Confederate Democrat. Died in Chattanooga March 9, 1894. [CT July 1, 1903]

CONNER (CONNOR), James Alfred Co. F, 35TN
Born in HC in 1846, he farmed here until enlisting Jan. 7, 1863. He had black eyes, light hair, fair complexion, and was 5'10" tall. Conner was the son of James Crutchfield Conner, who was HC sheriff before and after the war. J.C. Connor and his sons, Alfred and Dauswell, were on their way home from their farm at the foot of Walden's Ridge when they were captured by Union scouts. They were kept as prisoners in a stable near Valdeau. Later they were kept prisoners in their home at the top of the Anderson Pike on Walden's Ridge, where the Conners had a toll house. James Alfred Conner was only 17 when he enl. Later, he was persuaded to join the Federal army, "which greatly grieved his mother and family." He married Amanda Vandergriff.
Died July 20, 1920, age 77, at home near Red Bank and buried Red Bank Cem. [CT July 21-22, 1920]

CONNER, James Madison Co. C, 3TN Cav. Bn.; Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1841, son of Maxmilian Haney and Martha Palmer Conner of the Salem community, HC. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 in Cleveland. Married Eliza J. Bare. Moved to MO about 1878. Res. Alfalfa, OK, 1912. [Roark, Hardtack and Hardship; 1860HC]

CONNER, Samuel H. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Warren Co., TN, 1823, son of Mary, he farmed in HC. Wife was Sarah. Enl. Sept. 5, 1862. Sick most of 1862-1863, he was discharged Nov. 11, 1863 for disabilities.

CONNER, William Franklin Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1845 in HC, son of M. H. and Martha P. Conner, and married (1880 in Dade) Laura Adelaide McGill. Died 1898 in HC.[TWP, 208; 1860HC]

CONNER, Wilson B. Co. F, 35TN
Born in HC in 1836, he farmed here until enlisting Feb. 6, 1862. He was captured while on scouting duty on Aug. 20, 1863, and took the USA oath on Nov. 5, 1863. He suffered a leg wound during the war and afterwards walked with a cane. He was a half-brother of James Crutchfield Conner. The pair computed their losses to Union confiscations at $2,200. [TP500; Adams, Mountain Melody, pp. 37-46]

CONNOLLY (CONNALLY), Thomas Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chattanooga; deserted Dec. 22, 1863 at Morristown, TN. Took USA oath, Jan. 18, 1864.

CONRY, Peter
Born 1830 in Ireland. Married (1860 in HC) Mary Cox. Died 1872 in HC. [TWP, p. 193]

COOK, George Barry's Btry.

COOK, John M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. June 2, 1862 at Chatt.; Blacksmith; paroled May 11, 1865 after surrender with battery at Citronelle, AL on May 4, 1865.

COOKE, James Burch Col., 59TN; Barry's Btry.
Born April 1, 1819 near Greenville, SC, son of William Henry and Mary Cantrell Cooke. Moved as child to McMinn Co. and attended East TN Univ. Lawyer. Married (1850) Penelope McDermott. Practiced law in Athens and rept. county in TN Assembly, 1851-55. Moved to Chatt., then to Huntsville. Commanded 59TN, 1861-1863. Resigned because of health in March, 1863 because of health. After war to Huntsville, AL, then to Chattanooga in 1867 where he practiced law. Served short time on TN Supreme Court., 1884. Baptist. Mason. Died here April 19, 1899 and buried CSA Cem. [CT, July 1, 1903; BDTA, 1:161-62; CT, April 20, 1899]

COOK, John Burch, Jr. Barry's Btry.
This son of John, Sr., enl. May 4, 1862 at Chattanooga and was wounded at Resaca; Died in Atlanta June 12, 1864, leaving wife Magdalana and minor child. [Brown's Diary]

COOKSTON, Isaac Co. I, 5TN Cav.
Born Dec. 19, 1826 in HC, son of Joseph and Christina Vandergriff Cookston. Lived mainly in Meigs Co. before enl. in Feb. 10, 1863. He was with a scouting party at Boston, KY, enroute to Williamsburg, KY when his horse stumbled crossing the Cumberland River. He was thrown on the horn of his saddle, rupturing the stomach and was discharged. Married six times and had 16 children. His last wife was Mary Burk (1897), widow of William Dunlap. He moved to Chatt. in early 1900's and died June 22, 1912 at res. on Stewart St. and buried Greenwood Cem. [TWP, p. 127; 1910HC; CT June 23, 1912]

COOLEY, Larance C. Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Dec. 1, 1861 at Knox.; deserted Feb. 21, 1864. at Dalton, GA; took USA oath March 9, 1864; Dk cmplx.; Lt hr.; blue eyes; 5'7" tall.

COON, John Co. D, 37TN
He enl. Nov. 14, 1862, at Knoxville. He was killed while on picket duty at Jonesboro, GA, on Sept. 3, 1864. Prior to the war, he lived at Chattanooga with his mother, Mary Coon, and his four younger sisters. The family was from SC.

COOPER, Alexander Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
He enl. Nov. 1, 1863, under Capt. William J. Rogers. The son of Benjamin and Mary Sarah Cooper, he was born about 1843.

COOPER, Erby Co. A, 19TN
Born c1839 in TN, son of Cannon (farm laborer from SC) and Malinda. Res. in Harrison in 1860. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Sick at Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon, GA, Sept. 1864.

COOPER, QM Sgt. Gabriel "Gabe' Barry's Btry.
Born May 19, 1834, in NC. To Chatt. when 10yrs. Enl. April 4, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Nov. 17, 1863 at Canton, MS; Deserted. Retail grocer in Chatt., 1870, wife Mary. Successful merchant in Chatt., 1885, but later lost most of his fortune. Died March 8, 1900 and buried FH. [Brown's Diary; FHR; NBFM7; CT obit March 9, 1900]

COOPER, J. B. Barry's Btry.
Wounded at Resaca.

COOPER, James G.
Born 1844, Murray Co., GA. 1910 farmer in James Co. with wife Irine C. (m 1873). Died Sept. 6, 1921 in Ringgold. [1910 James Co.; CT Sept. 7, 1921]

COOPER, John A. Co. F, 35TN
Born May 27, 1843 in HC [Marion Co.?]. Enl. Sept. 6, 1861, McMinnville. Reenl. at Chatt., Nov. 16, 1862 in 1862. Wounded at Chick. Prom. 4th Cpl. Captured at Jonesboro but exchanged and paroled Greensboro, NC, May 1, 1865. Died Sept 21, 1903 at res. on Cowart St. and buried FH. [NBFM2; TP5324; CT, Sept. 22, 1903; 1890 Vet Census]

COOPER, Joseph Co. G, 17 (7th?) KY Cav.
Born in Ireland, June, 1827. Imprisoned at Rock Island when war ended. Married (July, 1885, in Meigs Co.) Bettie Richard, former wife of A.A. Hicks. JC died Feb. 23, 1914, age 87, at res. on Wilson Ave. Buried CSA Cemetery. [CT Feb 24, 1914]

COOVER, George D. Co. D, 37TN
Born Franklin Co., TN. Enl. May 27, 1863 at Chatt.; died Jan. 20, 1864 at hospital in Marietta, GA

CORBITT, Colonel W. Co. H, 29GA
Born 1834 in HC, son of Elisha and Mary Gann Corbitt. Family moved to south GA in early 1850's. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Savannah, in Alapaha Guards. Prom. 2Lt. May 7, 1862. At Atlanta, Aug., 1864 and slightly wounded in arm at Jonesboro, Sept. 1, 1864. Remained with unit until end of war. Married (1866) Roxy Summerlin and (1882) Mary Ann Roberts, having 6 children by first wife and 10 by second. Active Methodist. Died Feb. 27, 1915, Atkinson Co., GA.

CORBITT, Monroe L. Co. H, 29GA
Born HC, 1838, son of Elish and Mary Gann Corbitt. Family moved to south GA in early 1850's. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Savannah, Ga. in Alapaha Guards. Rose to sgt. In Ocmulgee Hospital at Macon with diarrhea, June, 1864. Capt. Dec. 7, 1864 at Stone River. Sent to Nashville, then Louisville, then Camp Chase. Paroled May 2, 1865. Married Sophonia Summerlin. Died at home of son, Lamar, in Atkinson Co., Ga., Aug. 12, 1921.

CORDELL, Andrew Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
He enl. Aug. 15, 1863, under Capt. William J. Rogers. He was absent in September of 1863 and was believed to be in the hands of the enemy. He took the oath of allegiance on Sept. 28, 1863. The Union listed him as a conscript who gave himself up at Chattanooga. He had a fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes and was 5'6" tall. He was living in Lookout Valley at the start of the war with his wife, Maria. He was born about 1823.

CORDELL, Wiley Co. A, 3CSA Cav.
Born 1831. Married (1867) Susan Emeline Isbill. Died 1899 in HC. [TWP, p. 65.]

COREY, SAMUEL H. Cpl., Co. H, LA Crescent Regt.
Born in New England, he became brother-in-law of William Crutchfield. Enl. March 5, 1862 in NO. Clerk to Maj. Gen. Sam Jones. After CSA service, he became a merchant in Chatt. Died Feb. 24, 1879. [CT03S]

CORNELL, Mordica Barry's Btry.
Enl. Sept. 18, 1862 at Chatt.

CORNUTT, J. M. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt. At Buckner's Hdq. April, 20, 1864. Also in Dortch's KY Cav. Bn.

CORRELL, Cpl. Christian Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.
He was an officer briefly, however, he resigned on July 12, 1861, and became a wagonmaster.

COSBY, Williamson Marion Capt., J. W. Starnes' TN Cav. (8TN Cav. Bn., 4TN Cav.)
Born 1835 in Williamson Co. and married (1883) Ella Bush. Contractor in HC for 20 years. Died at res. in East Lake, Dec. 4, 1905 and buried CSA Cem. [TWP, 281; CT Dec. 5, 1905]

COUCH (COUTCH), D. J. (R.) Co. B, 4TN Cav. (McLemore's)
Born 1846, TN. Butcher boarding in home on Cowart St. [TP8468; 1910HC]

COUGHLAN, Peter "Pete" Co. A, 19TN
Enl. at Corinth, May 10, 1862. Elected 3d Sgt. and promoted to 2d Sgt., May 1, 1864. Wounded at Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864 and captured there on Dec. 17, 1864, and not released until June 16, 1865. Then he returned to Chattanooga. Coughlan had dark complexion, dark hair and eyes and stood only 5'3". [CSR; Worsham, 150.]

COULTER, Adolph Johnson C Co., 16TN Cav. Bn.
Born 1845 in Rhea Co. Enl. April 22, 1863. Pea Vine Ridge, Chickamauga, Morristown. Paroled Athens, GA, May, 1865. Farmer in Sale Creek, 1915. [TP10,171; 14,461]

COULTER, Alexander A. Co. D, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland, TN. He died the following April 12 at his home in Sale Creek. He was about 19 years old and was the son of James Park Coulter and Mary Ann McDonald Coulter.

COUNTRYMAN, James A. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Cass Co. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson. Lt cmplx, lt hr, blue eyes, 6'4"; Exch. Nov. 10, 1862. Deserted May 1, 1864. Took USA oath at Chatt., May 27, 1864.

COWAN, Lt. Col. John C. 19KY
With Jere Boyle, Cowan organized the 19KY and became its Lt. Col. He was wounded at Vicksburg and again at Sabine Cross Roads. He became an attorney in Chatt. after the war, living with the A. C. Downs family on Vine St. He also practiced law in Keokuk, IA and in Danville, KY where he died Feb. 19, 1911 and was buried. [CT Feb. 20, 1911]

COWART, John Co. B, 21TN Cav. (Carter's Mounted Scouts)
He was only 12 years old when he ran away from home and joined the Confederate troops. He served on the staff of Gen. John Morgan. Both he and his older brother, Thomas Cowart, were imprisoned at Camp Chase, OH, in 1864.
Cowart was one of the sons of John and Cynthia Pack Cowart. John Cowart Sr. served in the Mexican War, but he died at the time of the start of the Civil War. Cynthia Pack Cowart was the daughter of William Shorey Pack and Elizabeth Lowrey Pack. Her grandfather was Col. John Lowrey, a trader and leading Cherokee chief who owned a ferry at the mouth of Battle Creek near Jasper, TN. The Cowarts had a farm on the north bank of the Tennessee River across from Chatt. They operated a ferry across to town. John Cowart Jr. died in 1873, leaving a widow, Fannie. Their daughter, Osceoloa Cowart, died as an infant.

COWART, Thomas F. Co. B, 21TN (Carter's Mounted Scouts)
The son of Maj. John Cowart and Cynthia Pack, he was born Sept. 17, 1847 in Hill City and always expressed pride in his Cherokee blood. At 15 he joined Co. B, was captured in 1864 and imprisoned at Camp Chase, OH. After his exchange he went to the home of a brother in GA before returning to Chattanooga. He never recovered from his harrowing prison experiences, and he suffered from rheumatism and other ailments for the rest of his life, becoming "a mere wreck of the stalwart youth who marched away to battle at the opening of the Civil War."
Thomas Cowart was a "born politician," and served as justice of the peace for Hill City (North Chatt.) on the Quarterly Court for several decades. He was chairman of the commission that built the tunnel through Stringer's Ridge. He was a Methodist and a member of NBF Camp. He was still living on a portion of the family farm in North Chatt. when he died May 7, 1911. He was buried in White Oak Cem. Married (1880) Jennie A. Day. His daughter, Miss Nita Cowart, was HC school superintendent in 1907. [CT May 8, 1911; TWP, p. 159]

COWDEN, George W. Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga.

COX, John M. Co. L, 2KY Cav. (Duke's)
Born June 5, 1845, in TN of parents born in VA and served throughout war in Morgan's Cav. Mason. Retail grocery merchant. Died at his home in St. Elmo, Oct. 22, 1915 and buried in Jonesboro, GA. [1910HC; CT Oct. 22, 1915]

CRAIG, A. R. Co. H, 4TN Cav.
"Shot through both knees by his friend old Jess Pickett."

CRAIG, H. L. W. Co. A, 19TN
Born c1840, he was living prior to war with father, R. W. Craig, operated a boarding house in Chatt. Enl. May 10, 1862, Corinth. Surgeon at Yandell Hospital, Columbus, MS, pronounced him unfit for duty and hospital 1863. Became a nurse and druggist at Fair Ground Hospital No. 1, Atlanta.

CRAIN, Henry Stratton Co. H, 31TN
Born Oct. 8, 1840 in Chatt. Married (Dec., 1864) Mary Frances Taylor in Evansville, IN. Died April 3, 1913 in Clifton, TN. [TWP5211]

CRANE (CRAYNE), J. P. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 20, 1862 in HC Captured near Jasper, TN., Oct. 8, 1863. Imp. at Camp Morton, IN where he died of pneumonia Jan. 10, 1864 and was buried.

CRANFIELD, William C. Co. K, 43TN

CRAVENS, Capt. James Reagan
Was a son of Robert Cravens, whose home was the centerpiece of the ""Battle Above the Clouds'' on the side of Lookout Mountain. He joined the Confederate army and rose to the rank of captain. He married Harriet Newell Rogers and then Mary D. Lyle. He eventually went to medical school and moved to Texas to set up his practice. His father was a prominent ironmaster and was the first year-round resident of Lookout Mtn. His mother was Catherine Roddye of Rhea Co. The Cravens home ""Alta Vista'' is today a part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

CRAVENS, Cpl. Jesse Roddy Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1842, son of Robert and Catherine Roddy Cravens, he joined his older brother, James Reagan Cravens, in the Confederate army, though he was just 18 when the war started. Absent sick at Chatt. from Nov. 28, 1861. After the war he married Mary Ella Brown and then Ida Holcomb. At the time of Chattanooga's first city directory in 1871, he was a merchant living at Fourth and Walnut streets. He later was an insurance official and lived at Thomson, GA. Jesse Cravens died at his home near Thomson, GA, Aug. 16, 1917. [CT Aug. 20, 1917]

Born May 5, 1805. Wife Caroline Cunningham. Died Dec. 3, 1886 and buried FH. Contracted with TN Mil. & Financial Board to supply 20k lb. of saltpetre, May, 1861.

CRAWFORD, Banks Co. A, 19GA
Born Atlanta, GA. Enl. July, 1861 at Lynchburg, VA. RR man in Chatt. in 1888. Moved away c1894. [NBFM2,7]

CRAWFORD, Cpl. Elisha D. Co. A, 19th TN; Co. H, Cons. 3TN
Born Feb. 9, 1834 in McMinn Co. TN. He enl. May 21, 1861 (with $50.00 bounty) and was wounded at Shiloh and hospitalized fifteen months. Afterwards he was promoted to 4th Cpl. Then he was a nurse at Hospital Academy at Marietta, GA. Then wounded at Atlanta. He was later listed as sick and absent without leave. A native of GA, Crawford was a carpenter at Chatt. prior to the war. Member, NBF Camp. Residing on Frazier Ave. in Hill City when he died Sept. 8, 1902. Buried CSA Cem. [CSR; TP3400; Knox. Daily Register, April 19, 1862; CT Sept. 7, 1902; NBFM2]

CRAWFORD, Erby G. Barry's Btry.
Born c1832, he was painter in Chatt. with wife Elizabeth prior to war. Apparently served as 1Lt. in Co. H, 36TN prior to enl., May 27, 1862, Chatt. Paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS. Returned to Chatt. after war.

CRAWFORD, E. W. Barry's Btry.

Born 1836 in Augusta Co., VA, married (1865) Jemima Frances Hunt and died in HC. [TWP, p. 114]

CRAWFORD, John, Jr. Capt., Co. E, 26TN
Died in prison at Camp Morton,IN, April 9, 1862

CRAWFORD, John Tyler Co. E, 26TN; Co. D, 5TN Cav. (McKenzie's)
Born Dec. 31, 1844 in Rhea Co., son of John and Martha Griffith. Attended common school and Washington Acad. (age 14-16). Enl. with brothers J. Riley, Henry A. and Thomas H. Missed Ft. Donelson because hospital in Bowling Green with mumps. Enl. Jan. 12, 1863 in 5TN Cav. (McKenzie's). Chickamauga, Miss. Ridge, Atlanta Camp. Paroled May 3, 1865, Charlotte, NC. After war was steamboat man--"floated up Market to 5th Street in great flood of 1867." Clerk, master and pilot on Cherokee, Resaca, and Last Chance. Died May 19, 1935 at home in Pampa, Gray Co., TX. [CT5.22.35; NBFM6; TVQ]

CRAWFORD, Sgt. William C. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1836, he enl. Dec. 1, 1861, at at Ooltewah. Prior to the war, he was a farm laborer living at Harrison with his mother, Elizabeth Crawford, and his sister. [1860 HC]

CREW, Benjamin B. 4TN Cav.
Born in Chatt. Oct. 23, 1844, he was the son of Pleasant Crew. After receiving his education in Chatt. he joined the staff of the Chattanooga Daily Rebel and went to Marietta when the city was evacuated in September, 1863. When Marietta was threatened by Sherman, Crew left the paper and enl. in the 4TN Cav. He also served as a courier for Gen. W.J. Hardee. He returned to Chatt. after being paroled, then moved to Atlanta where he eventually established Phillips and Crew a company dealing in pianos and organs. He also published sheet music and Scott's Literary Magazine. He married Tillie Maffitt in 1872, and after her death, Virginia Fowler.

CREWS, George W. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1842, he enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He died at Vicksburg on June 24, 1863. He was one of the sons of Abraham and Delila Crews. Abraham Crews was a carpenter living at Harrison prior to the war. The Crews family was originally from GA. [Lindsley, 528; 1860HC]

CREWS (CRUSE), Henry R. Co. A, 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cav.
He enl. Aug. 24, 1861, at Camp Cumming. He was one of the sons of Abraham and Delila Crews of Harrison. Age 25 on March 11, 1864 roll. Captured at Wallace's Crossroads July 15, 1862. Paroled at Cumberland Gap July 25, 1862, but detained at Knoxville. On rolls present Sept., 1862-Dec., 1864. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC. Returned to HC and living here 1880 with wife Rebecca. [1860 HC]

CREWS (CRUSE), THOMAS W. 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cav.
Born c1837 in GA. Enl. March 25, 1863 at Whitley Co. KY. Captured April 25, 1864 and took USA oath May 3, 1864. 1870, locomotive engineer, with wife Sophronia.

CRUSE, William (AKA Cruse, W. M.; Cruse, William M.)
Enl. Jan. 14, 1863 at Knoxville, age 37 on March 11, 1864 roll, in Co. A, 5TN Cav. Present Aug. 31, 1862-April, 1863. Deserted Aug. 13, 1863.

CRUSE, William Co. K, 5TN Cav.
Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 at Maryville for 3 yrs. Present on rolls for Nov.-Dec., 1862. Absent sick Jan. 1, 1863. Reported absent without leave April 1, 1863. Jan. 10, 1864, took USA oath.

CREWS (CRUISE, CRUSE) William M. Co. K, 43TN
He enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. He was one of the sons of Abraham and Delila Crews of Harrison. He was born about 1844.

CROCKETT, Capt. Edward T. Co. A, 30TN
Buried CSA Cem.


Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt., then transferred to Co. L, 35TN Inf.

CROSS, Cpl. Absalom Co. A, 4Tn Cav.
He won promotion to cpl. in July of 1861, apparently taking the place of Christian Correll, who resigned. 1870 res. Scott Co.

CROSS, 1Lt. Robert Collop Adjutant 44TN; 48TN
Born April 7, 1833, Axminister, England. Emigrated a few years before the war becoming a bookkeeper in Nashville. Joined 55TN, then 44TN which he served as adjutant at Shiloh, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and Petersburg. Wounded at Ft. Sanders and Drewry's Bluff. Following war he operated a woolen mill in Fayetteville. His wife was Jennie, age 26, born in TN. In 1870, however, he is a resident of Bradley Co. with a wife named Margaret E., age 29. His occupation was carriage maker. Nevertheless Cross "lived in Chatt. many years" before moving to Rome, GA where he worked for "a long time" in the business office of the Rome Tribune. He also had an interest in mining operations nearby. He died in Rome Nov. 5, 1906. Buried at FH. [FHR; NBFM2,4,7; CT Nov. 6, 1906; 1860 Davidson Co., 1870 Bradley Censuses]

CROUCH, D. I. Co. B, 4TN Cav. (Starnes)
Born Davidson Co., May 11, 1846. M'boro, Miss. Ridge, Bentonville. Paroled Washington, GA, May, 1865. res. Chatt., 1906. [TP8468]

CROUCH, 3d Lt. Hickman H. Co. B, 5TN Cav. Bn.; Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Enl. Aug. 11, 1861 at Chatt.; wounded at Newnan, GA, July 30, 1864.

CROW, Christopher Columbus Co. F, 43TN
He was from McMinn Co. Served in CSA army through Vicksburg where he was capt., then paroled. Wife was Sarah L. Died at Rossville, TN, Nov. 21, 1903. [TWP2941]

CROW, Finn M.
Born c1844 in GA. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt., transferred to Co. L, 35TN. Deserted Dec. 24, 1863 at Tunnel Hill. Dark complexion, black hair, gray eyes, 5'10". 1870 farming in Chatt., wife Rebecca. [TP12.786]

CROW, Sgt. Isaac L. Co. F, 35TN
Born c1837, Lumpkin Co., GA, he moved to HC where he was a farmer. He enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at age 27. Blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 6'2". 1870 at Chatt., wife Rebecca. [TWP]

CROW, Thomas Co. L, 35TN
Born 1825 in TN. Wagon maker in Harrison. Res with wife Eleanor in hh of Jackson Flippo. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862; he fought at Murfreesboro and was appointed drummer Oct. 1, 1863. He was paroled at Kingston, GA May 12, 1865. Fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 5'10" tall.

CROW, William M.
Born c1823. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt. and transferred to Co. L, 35TN; he fought at Murfreesboro but
deserted Dec. 24, 1863 at Tunnel Hill, GA. Dark complexion, dark
hair, blue eyes, 6' tall. 1870 millwright, Chatt., wife Martha A.

CROW, William P. Railroad Conductor
Crow was born on a farm in Henderson Co., NC, on Dec. 21, 1830. His parents were NC pioneers who moved to Dahlonega, GA, when he was in his teens. The Crows owned extensive property in the gold-mining region, and W.P. Crow was a miner before he went into railroading. He had many interesting war experiences while operating an engine for the Western and Atlantic RR between Atlanta and Chatt. For a price of several hundred dollars, he moved the equipment of the Chattanooga Daily Rebel out of Chattanooga after the t, own was shelled and a 12-pounder had hit the newspaper building on Market Street near Sixth. In 1864, he was captured by the Federal Army and imprisoned at Atlanta for the remainder of the war.
Crow came to Chattanooga in 1865 at the close of the war and became master mechanic for the W&A. He left the railroad to go into business in 1873. He acquired considerable property and was worth $100,000 at one time, though he later suffered reverses. He had five children. Married Sarah G. Crow died April 20, 1898. [CT April 21, 1898; CT03S]

CROWE, 1Lt. James R. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Pulaski, TN, he enl. April 21, 1861 in Marion
Co., AL.

CRUDUP, 1Lt Dempsey G. Co. H, 7TN
Born in Wilson Co. ca. 1845, TN. Enl. May 20, 1861 in 7TN and afterwards was in Forrest's Cav. RR contractor and dealer in iron and iron ore in Chatt. [NBFM2]

CRUISE, J. W. Co. K, 43TN
Died at Vicksburg, June 7, 1863. [Brooks, p. 101]

Member of NBF Camp who died in 1890.

CRUMLEY, John Co. I, 7GA
Enl. Marietta, GA in 1862. ANV. With Longstreet at Chickamauga and during East TN Campaign, fall, 1863. Wounded at Lenoir, TN and discharged for disability. Died Nov. 6, 1890 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM1,2,7]

CUETON, James (AKA F. A. Cueton), Co. G, 5TN Cav.
Enl. March 16, 1862 at Knoxville by W. P. Wood for 1, 2 months in Jones' Co. Transf. to Lt. Willet's Co., 1TN Cav.

CULVER, James Jasper Co. C "Jackson Lions," 31AL; Co. C, 49AL
Born Aug. 7, 1843, Jackson Co., AL. Shiloh, Corinth, Baker', s Creek, Baton Rouge (w). Capt. at Port Hudson and paroled July 9, 1863. Went home to Stevenson, AL and stayed rest of war. To. TN, 1875. Drayman. Married Laura Belle. 1909 res. HC. [TP11,481; 1910HC]

CUMMINGS, Greenberry Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
He enl. Aug. 1, 1863, under Capt. William J. Rogers. He was absent due to sickness, then he was captured along with his son, John Cummings, at Missionary Ridge on Nov. 25, 1863. Born c1822, he was a son of Thomas Cummings. Married Elizabeth. Farmer at Harrison, 1860. He died in 1892. [J Wilson Cummings family]

CUMMINGS, John Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Born 1844 in HC, son of Greenbury and Elizabeth. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862. He was captured at Missionary Ridge on Nov. 25, 1863, along with his father, Greenberry Cummings. The family was from Lookout Valley. Married (1874 in Wauhatchie) Mary Elizabeth Boydston. Died 1905 in Wauhatchie. [J Wilson Cummings family; TWP, p. 168]

CUMMINGS, W. F. Barry's Btry.
Lost in Feb. on retreat. [Brown's Diary]

CUNNINGHAM, HUGH 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cavalry
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Deserted Dec. 28, 1862 at Shelbyville, TN. Arrested and returned to regiment. Captured near Chickamauga and imp. Rock Island, IL. Transf. to USN and sent to rendezvous at Camp Douglas, May 23, 1864. [RI ledger]

CUNNINGHAM, Miles C. Co. G, 26TN; Bradshaw's Cav. Squadron; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1842, TN. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Detached to a company of arty. In Bradshaw's Squadron, Dec. 31, 1862; absent without leave 1863. Res. Chatt., 1910 in hh of nephew C. C. Cunningham. Nailer in box factory. [1910HC]

CUNNINGHAM, William M. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Detached to arty., Dec. 4, 1861. Absent without leave from 1CSA, June 30, 1863.

CUON, Con Co. A, 19TN
Enl. May 10, 1862, Corinth. Killed at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862

CUPP, Dock Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Died in Chatt. 1862.

CUPP, William Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Enl. April 23, 1863, Chatt. Absent sick later in 1863.

CURD, Richard D. Co. K, 12TN 1st Sgt.
Born c1843 Lebanon, TN. Enl. Apr 20, 1861. Surr. at Greensboro, NC. Real estate agent in Chatt. in 1893. Founded Paris Milling Co., Paris, TN. Died cJan. 15, 1903, Salisbury, NC. [NBFM2; CT Jan. 18, 1903.]

CURRAN, O. S. Co. A, 19TN
KIA Murfreesboro. [Worsham, p. 74]

CURRY, George Washington Surgeon
Son of Robert Brownlee and Jane Gray Owen Curry. Married Emily Donelson Martin. CSA Surgeon in hospitals in Memphis and Ringgold.

CUSTER, James M. Co. I, 41TN
Born April 7, 1844, Franklin Co., TN. Enl. Feb. 10, 1862. Capt. Ft. Donelson. Carpenter in Chatt., 1897, "I have no family." "He is in very hard circumstances, indeed. he has no money, no friends, and is sick and nearly dead from the want of shelter and food." 1897 applied for admission to TN Soldiers Home from HC. [SAACH]

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