Hamilton County Confederates: O-R

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The following data on Confederate soldiers from Hamilton County is taken from a book by Nat Hughes and John Wilson.

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OAKMAN, Robert Harper Co. D, 2GA; 26GA
Born on family estate "Longstaple," 1827, three miles from Barnwell, SC. Married Emily Rebecca Hagood (1862, Augusta, GA). ANV, then with AofT as asst. Surgeon. Atlanta Campaign. Resigned because of illness and returned home "a shadow of the man he once was." As Sherman's army approached, refugeed with two family slaves. Dr. Oakman moved to Chatt. after war and died here in 1884. [TWP 5919]

O'BRIAN, John Co. F, 35TN
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862; served as clerk at Brig. Gen. Lucius E. Polk's headquarters; captured at Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864 and imprisoned at Point Lookout, MD.

O'CONNER, John Co. D, 37TN
Born 1844 in Canada, son of John and Hanorah. Bar keeper at Chatt. when enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. 2d Cpl. May, '62. Disch. Nov. 4, 1862 underage.

OGLE (OGLES), George Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 16, 1862 at Whitesides; transferred to dismounted cav. July 22, 1863; deserted Oct. 19, 1863 at Missionary Ridge.

OGLE, James Co. H, 37TN
Born 1841; Enlisted Oct. 14, 1861 at Ooltewah; deserted Sept. 21, 1863; fair cmplx; DK hr.; gray eyes; 5'6" Took USA oath Dec. 9, 1863.

OGLE, Cpl. John Co. H, 37TN
Before the war, he was a day laborer at Chatt., residing with his wife, Rebecca. He was born about 1837. Enl. Nov. 20, 1862, at Chatt. Deserted Sept. 21, 1863, and was captured Nov. 28, 1863 and imprisoned at Rock Island, IL. He enl. in the USN and sent to rendezvous May 23, 1864. [1860 HC; RI ledger]

OGLE, Laurence Co. H, 37TN
Born 1846, HC. Res Chatt. 1860. Enl. Nov. 17, 1861 at Knoxville; conscript; 5'5", black hr, blue eyes, fr compx.

OGLE, Like Co. H, 37TN
Born DeKalb Co., AL; Enl. Nov. 18, 1861 at Chatt.; died Feb. 28, 1862 at Carthage, TN

OLDHAM, David Co. E, 3TN Cav. Bn.
Born Meigs Co., 1845. Enl. Aug. 5, 1861. Fought at Fishing Creek. Res. Chatt., 1907.[TP8728]

OLIVER, Isaac Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born c1836, son of Wesley and Elizabeth Oliver. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861, at Chattanoooga. Lived before and after war at Harrison, wife Sarah E.

OLIVER, James Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born about 1840, he was a day laborer at Chatt. prior to the war. He enl. on Aug. 11, 1861, at Chatt.

Born c1842, son of Wesley and Elizabeth Oliver.

O'NEAL, David Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
He was among those losing his horse in the retreat from Fishing Creek in KY. He served the army as a butcher. Detached by Gen. Leadbetter as asst. in Commissary Dept. at Chatt. Absent sick July 1862. Absent without leave after March 1, 1864. 5'10" with red hair.

O'NEAL, Phillip Sherrill Co. E, 3CSA Cav.
Born Madison, GA, July 7, 1836. Enl. in Cleveland, TN in 1861. Twice married. 2) Annie McBride. Had lived in HC since 1875. Baptist. Died Oct. 19, 1920, 84 yrs, at home in Jersey (community within present city limits of Chatt.; 7 mi. e. of downtown near Lake Hills.) and buried in Tyner Cem. [CT Oct. 20, 1920; NBFM2;TP7849]

O'NEAL, Zachariah Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Nov. 18, 1861 at Knoxville; deserted Oct. 26, 1863 at Missionary Ridge; took USA oath Nov. 25, 1863; fair cmplx; sandy hr.; blue eyes, 6'.

ONLEY, Edward W. G Co., 3TN Mounted Inf. (Lillard's)
Born 1840 in Bradley Co., he married (1861 in McMinn Co.) Malissa D. Randolph and died 1892 in HC.[TWP, p. 18]

O'REAR, Sims Kelley Co. D, 17TN
Born Winchester, TN, Nov. 25, 1846, son of Ben and Margaret Sublet O'Rear. Conductor and engineer with NC&St.L RR, since 1860. Also alderman in Chatt. Married (1886) Alice Handman; married (1898) Fannie Dempsey. Died at his home, Brelsford Heights, North Chatt., Dec. 28, 1927 and buried FH.

ORR, Aquilla Q. Co. F, 3TN Mounted Inf. (Lillard's)
Born Sweetwater, TN, 1837 of Virginia parents. Enl. 1861. Wounded Vicksburg and again in hip at Cumberland, OH during Morgan's raid. To Chatt in 1899. Died Nov. 11, 1912, age 71, and buried FH. [CT Nov. Dec. 12; TP9024;1910HC]

OSBORN, Cpl. John Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.

Commanded Osborne's Scouts; Killed in action.

OSBORNE, Lt. Hill Co. H, 36TN

O'SHIELDS, John Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.

Born 1843, Tenn. Res. 1910 on Elizabeth Ave. with wife Mary. Carpenter. Died July 9, 1913 and buried FH. [1910HC; CT July 10, 1913]

OSMENT, Joseph S. Co. A, 2TN Cav. Bn.
Born in Davis Co., NC. Enl. May 10, 1861 in Cleveland. Forage master. After battle of Murfreesboro, he was captured and his health broke and he was trans. to Commissary Dept. Surr. at Macon, GA. Physician and traveling ins. agent living in Chatt. c1890. Died Aug. 12, 1909 in Birmingham and buried in FH. Married Mary L. Brother-in-law of Creed F. Bates. [FHR; NBFM2]

OTT, William Anderson Capt., Co. F, 23TN
Born Dec. 27, 1838 in Rutherford Co., TN, he enl. in the spring of 1861 in Co. F, 23TN. After the regiment's reorganization became Capt. of Co. H. Badly wounded at Perryville and captured, remained imprisoned until April, 1863. Wounded again at Chickamauga and resigned his commission because of disability and was hospitalized for most of the remainder of the war. Living in Hill City in 1902. Died at home on Boyleston St. May 7, 1919 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2;TP14192; 1910HC]

OVERBY, Nicholas Co. G, 1GA Cav.

OWENBEY, Jonathan W. Co. C, 1GA State Troops
Born June 29, 1825 in White Co., GA and rept. Catoosa Co. in GA Legislature. Married Cassie Nixon in Milledgeville July 3, 1859. Enl. April, 1864. Newspaper carrier in Chatt. res. on 8th St. NBF Camp. Died in Chatt. June 17, 1904 and buried Liberty Church graveyard near Grayville, GA. [CT June 18, 1904; NBFM2,4;TP5035]

OWENS, George W. Co. H;, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA) 2Lt.
Born c1830 in SC. 5'9", lt. hair, blue eyes. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Elected 2Lt., Nov. 19, 1861. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862. and imp. Johnson's Island and Camp Chase. Exch. and sent to Vicksburg for exchange. Resigned on surgeon's certificate (weakness of eyes), Jan 14, 1863. Remained at home 15 months and then conscripted. Capt. in Walker Co., Oct. 18, 1864 and forwarded to Louisville, Nov. 21, 1864. Disch. to Johnson's Island, Nov. 28, 1864.

OWENS, Jesse Co. D, 1CSA (GA)
Born July 12, 1838 in Campbell Co., TN. Enl. Sept. '61 in Ringgold, GA. in Co. I, 27GA, afterwards Co. D, 1CSA. Became cpl. Wounded at Kennesaw Mtn., June 18, 1864. Died April 4, 1915 in East Lake and buried Graysville, GA.[CT April May 1915; NBFM2;TP6232]

OWINGS, William L. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1819, SC. Day laborer at Chatt. with wife M. E., 7 children. Enl. Aug. 6, 1861, Knoxville. Sick in hosp. and left sick at Russellville, KY, Feb. 9, 1862. In Howard's Cav., Dec. 31, 1862. Disch from 1CSA having joined another command.

OYLER, George Washington Co. H, 21GA
Born DeKalb Co., GA. Enl. July 16, 1861. ANV: 2Manassas, Sharpsburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Plymouth, NC. Capt. at Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864 and imp. Pt. Lookout. Married (1871) Sarah C. Davis. To TN in 1893. Living in Retro in 1896. Died in HC. [TWP, p. 63; TP7912]

PACHETT, John Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Killed in Wheeler's Raid, 1864

Born Catoosa Co., GA, 1845. Fought at Jonesboro. "Badly injured by innoculation from vaccination" and hospitalized at Macon. His home for many years was Catoosa Co., GA. Married Margaret. To TN Nov., 1910. He worked in Chatt. as a railroad crossing watchman and died here Feb. 8, 1918. Buried Boynton, GA. [CT Feb. 9, 1918; TP14282]

PADGETT, Hicks Co. I, 50NC
Born 1839 in Rutherford Co., NC, he married (1860) Caroline Pintuff. He died 1894 in HC. [TWP, p. 84]

PADGETT, Joshua Co. D, 37TN
Born 1835. Enl. Ooltewah, Sept. 1.61. Deserted Chatt. Nov. 5, 1862.

PALMER, Albion W. Co. E, 31GA; Surgeon 17GA
Born at Washington, GA, May 5, 1845, son of John T. Palmer, he joined Co. E, 31GA in 1863 at Orange Court House, VA and served in the regimental band. As a staff member he served Gens. John B. Gordon and C. A. Evans and took part in the battles of the Wilderness, Spotslyvania, Cold Harbor, Early's Maryland and Shenandoah campaigns and the defense of Petersburg. After the war he entered the Univ. of TN and studied dentistry. He practiced in Chatt. and acted as instructor in dentistry in various colleges. Married (1) Elizabeth Barbour, (2) Elizabeth A. Brause. Life ins. agent, 1910. Asst. Surgeon, NBF Camp, 1894. Died Jan. 17, 1918 in Chatt. and buried in CSA Cem. [CTJan. 18, 1918; GHT, p. 977; NBFM2; TP15096; 1910HC]

PALMER, Mrs. Ella
Born in NC and spent girlhood in Hiawatha, GA. Her husband fought in Mexican War. Citizen of Chatt. during Civil War. Served as matron and "organized the hospital corps of the Army of TN and remained at its head during the Civil War. She discovered a valuable soda mine in Lake County, CO and immediately began studying and became known as an expert on ores. Moved to CO about 1889 and died in Boulder, CO Nov. 7, 1909. Daughter was Mrs. Charles Hart of Chatt. [CT Nov. 9, 1909.]

PALMER, William W. Co. E, 31GA, 3GA Cav.
Born Washington, GA, Jan. 13, 1843. Clerk in Chatt., 1887, who died Aug. 30, 1912 at his home on East 9th St. and buried FH. Wife was Annie M. [CT Aug. 31, 1912; NBFM1,7; 1910HC]

PARK, Lunsford Yandell Co. F, 39GA 4th Sgt.
Enl. July 10, 1861. Fought at Baker's Creek, Champion Hill and Vicksburg. Captured and exchanged. Later fought at Missionary Ridge. A clerk in Chatt. in 1887, he is shown as a RR man in 1901. [applications for NBF Camp]

PARKER, Benjamin Barry's Btry.
Born c1830 in GA. Enl. April 4, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Feb. 7, 1863 from guard house in Canton, MS [Brown's Diary]. Res. 1870 in Chatt., wife was Martha E.

PARKER, George Press Barry's Btry.
Born Aug. 15, 1843 in McMinn Co. Enl. July 21, 1862 at Chatt. as substitute for Robt. McCormack; capt. April 4, 1865 by 1st Brig., 2 Cav. Div., USA. Carpenter and odd jobs in Soddy, 1910. [TP8192; 1910HC]

PARKER, H. L. Gen. J. P. McCown's Escort
Flagman, Nashville & Chatt. RR, 1888. Died June 14, 1892. [NBFM1]

PARKER, Hiram P. Co. F, 7TN
Born Wilson Co., TN, 1839. Enl. 1861. 1903 res. Chatt. Died Oct. 3, 1910, age 71, at home in East Lake and buried CSA Cem. [TP5384;CTOct. 4, 1910]

PARKER, J. L. Co. G, 36TN
Born c1833, day laborer living in Chatt. with wife Elizabeth, 1860.

PARKER, James H (G.) Co. I, 7KY
Born in Fulton Co., KY. Enl. July 1861. Surr. with Forrest at close of war. Fish and oyster business in Chatt. 1896. [NBFM2]

PARKER, John Henegar Barry's Btry. 1st Sgt.
Born Cleveland, TN, Jan. (June) 4, 1839, son of George T. and Teressa Thornberry Parker. Educ. at old Oak Grove Academy and Bradley Co. Public Schools. Enl. Oct 2, 1861, Knoxville; QM Sgt.; surrendered at Citronelle, AL and paroled Meridian, May 11, 1865. Married (1873) Mary Kezie Smith. Moved from Cleveland where he was asst. cashier to Chatt. in 1893 where he was a clerk. Died March 2, 1895. [NBFM7;CSA Patriot]

PARKER, Joseph Co. A, 5TN Cav.
Res. of HC. Enl. Aug. 24, 1861 at Camp Cummings. Age 30 on March 11, 1864 roll. Present on rolls through 1864. Captured at Wallace's Crossroads, July 15, 1862. Paroled at Cumberland Gap, Jul. 23, 1862. Detailed as brigade teamster, Sept. 20, 1862. Capt. April 23, 1863.

PARKER, Joseph Peler "Joe" Co. D, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1840 in Monroe Co., TN. Moved from Ooltewah in 1859 to Ringgold, GA where he was clerk in dry goods store. Enl. 1861. During battles on Mobile Bay in charge of telegraph and signals at Fort Blakely. Paroled at Meridian, MS. Could not safely return to his father's home in East TN so he located in Butler Co., AL where he remained for two years before returning to TN. Res. 1906 in Ooltewah. Atty. at Law in James, 1910. Died April 6, 1917. [TP8559; 1910 James Co.]

PARKER, Lorenzo D. Co. I, 19TN
Enlisting at Knoxville, he went with the troops to Cumberland Gap, VA, and he died on Feb. 24, 1862 of typhoid. Lorenzo Parker was one of the many children of Allen Parker of Lookout Valley. He was born in 1844. [Worsham, p. 49: died from sickness at Corinth, April-May, 1862.

PARKER, Patrick Co. A, 47AL
Born Jan. 9, 1841 in Walton Co., GA, son of Luke Parker. Enl. May, 1861. Wounded at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, and later at Petersburg. To TN c1885. In 1901 listed as Chatt. res., a peddler without property. "The old man will not beg and tries to make himself independent." Methodist. Died May 7, 1923 at home in East Lake and buried in CSA Cem. [CT May 8, 1923; TP3240; TCVQ].

PARKER, Robert Co. H, 4TN Cav.

PARKER, Tandy M. Co. I, 19TN
Born 1842 in TN, son of Allen and Dovey, he joined his brother, Lorenzo, in Co. I, and also went to Cumberland Gap, VA. Died Feb. 12, 1862 of typhoid pneumonia.

PARKER, William Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born 1829 in GA. Farm laborer in Chatt. with wife Lucinda. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. He began another enlistment at Kingston on Nov. 1, 1862. [1860HC]

PARKES, Lt. Thomas Co. H, 20TN
Born April 16, 1840 in Williamson Co., he was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Field Parkes. He married S. E. Smith of Nashville. After the war he was a cotton commission merchant at Nashville and opened the Daisy Coal Mines on lands that his father had purchased thirty years before the Civil War. [GHT, pp. 980-81]

PARKERSON (PARKINSON), 2Lt William C. (M.?) Co. K, 43TN
Born in Alabama c1826, son of Peter and Rebecca Parkerson. His mother was from VA. Prior to the war, he had a farm at Ooltewah with his wife, Mary A. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah.

PARKS, JOHN M. Co. F, 3d Mounted Inf.
Born Coker Creek, Monroe Co., TN, 1834. Enl. Apr., 1861. 1Manassas, Vicksburg. Captured Black River, May 17, 1863 and imp. Pt. Lookout. Res. Chatt., 1908. [TP 10, 025]

PARMETER, Cpl. W. H. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; capt. June 27, 1863 at Manchester.

PARRISH, J. B. M. Co. H, 26TN
Born c1842. Enl. July 8, 1861., Knoxville. Left sick in hosp., Nashville, Nov., 1861.

PARRISH, Thomas J.
Born 1846, Bunceton, MO. 1910 res. Cedar St. with wife Jennie (m 1874). Physician. To Chatt. c1899. Died April 24, 1911 at his home on Oak St. [1910HC]

PARROTT, John V. Co. I, 63TN
Born Oct. 3, 1841, in Cocke Co., TN. Enl. Oct. 1, 1862. Res. Chatt. in 1905. [TP7382]

PARTIN, George A. Co. H, 26TN
Enl. Aug. June 1861 at Knoxville. Died in Nashville, Jan. 28, 1862. Wife was Sarah A.

PARTON (PARTAIN), John B. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Feb. 1, 1863 at Knox.; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS. Wounded at Spanish Fort.

Born 1830 in Buncombe Co., NC. Enl. 1861. Capt. Vicksburg and paroled. Married (1870) Susan. To East Lake, Dec., 1905. Illiterate. Unemployed 1910. [TP7981; 1910HV]

Parton, Wilson 4TN Cav.

PASLEY, William M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 14, 1862 at Chatt.


PATTERSON, Jacob Alfred Newton Co. C, 2TN Cav.
Born June 17, 1838, son of Lewis and Mary Young Pearson Patterson and brother of James Lewis and William Douglas Patterson, J.A.N. Patteron was a farmer and a teacher at the Sale Creek Academy. He married (1860) Elizabeth Samantha Coulter, who died in 1877, and Margaret H. Wallace (1879). School teacher a number of years. In 1885 he opened a general store in Sale Creek. He became a leader in the Democratic Party and a Presbyterian elder sixty years. Mason. Died Nov. 6, 1927, age 90, at his home in Sale Creek within half a mile of his birthplace. Buried in fam cem at Sale Creek. [1910HC; GHT, p. 981; CT Nov. 7.27]

PATTERSON, James Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
A native of England, he was a stone cutter living in Chatt. when the war broke out. He had gone south in December of 1856 and arrived in HC on Oct. 11, 1860. He enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland. He later claimed he had been forced into the Confederate forces after being told he would be imprisoned if he did not join. He fought in a battle at Somerset, KY., and was on duty with the regimental surgeon. He was discharged on Aug. 6, 1863, on account of his age. When Grant's forces reached Chatt., Patterson gave himself up to the provost marshal. He was sent to Nashville and on to Louisville, KY. Patterson took the oath of allegiance after going into custody. He was transferred to the Myrtle Street Prison in St. Louis, MO, arriving there on Jan. 2, 1863. Patterson was held for a year at the St. Louis prison, then was released in January of 1864 on condition that he stay north of the Ohio River. Patterson had a dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair and stood 5'10'' tall.

PATTERSON, James Lewis Co. D, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born in 1843, he was a son of Lewis Patterson and Mary Young Pearson of Sale Creek. Enl. March 25, 1862, at Knoxville. He was capt. Jan. 27, 1864, at Dandridge, Tenn., and was imp. at Camp Chase, then at Rock Island. He had a dark complexion, light hair, gray eyes and was 5'11" tall. He married Eleanor Wadsworth.

Born 1845, TN, bro. of J. A. N. Patterson. Res. 1910 in hh. of JANP and farm laborer. [1910HC]

PATTERSON, William Douglas Co. D, 1TN Cav.
Born in 1840, he was son of Lewis Patterson and Mary Young Pearson of Sale Creek. Enl. Sept. 16, 1861, at Knoxville. He was first married to Katherine Thatcher, and his second wife was Eliza. He had a fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes and stood 5'9" tall. He died in 1895.

PATTILLO, S. D. Co. D, 4GA Reserves
Born 1847 in Cobb Co., GA. Paroled at Albany, GA in May, 1865. Carpenter in Ridgedale, 1890. [NBFM2]

PAUL, Franc M. Newspaper publisher Born in 1832 in Wadesboro, NC, Paul was a pioneer newspaperman. Before the war he worked on the staff of Brownlow's Whig, during the war he published the Chatt. Daily Rebel using the old offices of the Chatt. Advertiser at Sixth and Market. It was produced for circulation in the army and to Southern adherents. The first issues were run off on an old hand press, but later a power press was secured from Rome, Ga. After the office was shelled, he was able to move his equipment south on the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Paul had been clerk of the Senate in the Thirty-Third Tennessee General Assembly when he was directed by Gov. Isham Harris to move the state archives from Nashville to Chatt. After arriving here by a circuitous route, he decided to set up the Daily Rebel. Paul later returned to Chatt. to become publisher of the Chatt. Daily Dispatch in 1877. He also was the state printer. Paul left Chatt. and returned to Nashville where he served as state printer. He died in Nashville in 1898. [J. Wilson, Chattanooga Story; CT April 28, 1898]

PAUL, Wylie B. 31TN
Born Knox Co., 1836. Farmer near Riceville before the war. Baptist. Enl. March, 1862. 1903 res. of Sherman Heights. Died April 22, 1914 and buried at Riceville. [CT April 23.14;TP5295]

PAYNE, Sgt. E. C., Jr. 1st Co., Washington Artl. of New Orleans
Shown as member of above battery in 1862 and discharged before end of war by order of Secretary of War. Member of NBF Camp. Died in Chatt. in 1890.

Born 1841 in IN, he married (1870) Emeline Malone. Died May 6, 1917 at res. on Manning St. and buried White Oak Cem. [TWP, p. 192; CT May July 17]

PAYNE, John Newton 1st Co., Washington Artl. of New Orleans Born May 13, 1839 in Woodford Co., KY. Age 22 and married when he enl. May 26, 1861 in NO. Transf. to Byrnes Bn., Morgan's Cav., March 14, 1864, and with Morgan when he was killed. Married (1869) Lisette Walker. Disch. April 4, 1865 at Appomattox. Died in Chatt., Feb. 5, 1892 and buried CSA Cem. [TWP, p. 76] Booth, 3:88; NBFM2; NBFM1,7;CSA Patriot]

PAYNE, Lemuel S. Co. B, 5GA; Co. D, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1848 in GA. Enl. May 1, 1862, Ringgold, Ga. Sick in quarters, Oct. 31, 1862. Present Aug.31, 1863. Married (1869 in HC) Elizabeth Jane James. Res. 1910 in Soddy. Died 1911 in HC. [TWP, p. 109; TP11937]

PAYNE, Lindsay Co. C, 40MS
Born Dec. 17, 1833 in Hall Co., GA. Served in KY unit, then enl. May, 1862 at Goodman's Station, MS. Capt. at Vicksburg. Paroled July 10, 1863. To Chatt. in 1873 and became a clerk in confectionary. Member NBF Camp, 1895 and Mason. Res. in hh of son on Palmetto St., 1910. Died Jan. 3, 1913 in Hill City and buried Cartersville, GA. [CT Jan. 4, 1913; NBFM2; 1890VetCensus; TP11114;1910HC]

PAYNE, William Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. July 10, 1863 at Chatt.; deserted Nov. 25, 1863 near Chatt.

PAYNE, Capt. William C. Co. I, 28TN
Born Aug. 9, 1831 in Smith Co., TN, son of John and Eunice Chambers Payne. He was educated at Irving College, Warren Co., TN and at Cumberland Univ. at Lebanon, TN where he obtained his degree in law in 1855. After a year in the west he returned to TN and began his practice in White Co. being elected attorney-general for the 16th Circuit in 1858. He enl. as a private in the 28TN, and fought at Fishing Creek. After an absence due to illness he joined the 4TN Cav. in Feb., 1863. He was captured and imprisoned at Alton, IL until his exchange in Aug., 1863. He became a staff officer under Gen. George G. Dibrell and fought at Chickamauga, Charleston, Philadelphia, Knoxville and Clinch River until the fall of 1864 when he was again captured. He moved to Chatt. in Nov., 1866 and returned to the practice of law. He married (1855) Mary Joliffe Bruce. Presbyterian. Died Nov. 9, 1919 and buried in FH. [FHR; GHT, pp. 979-80; NBFM2]

PAYNE, William Henry Co. B, 1GA Bn.; Co. G, Phillips Legion
Born Oct. 30, 1838 in Marietta, GA. Joined CSA in 1861 at Pensacola. Later enl. in Phillips Legion. Paroled Apr. 26, 1865 as 1Lt. After war lived in Ringgold and married (1882) Flora Brownlow. To Chatt. in 1889 and went into law practice. After several years of bad health W. H. Payne died at his home on Douglas St. Oct. 20, 1910 and buried FH. [TWP, p. 131; FHR; CT Oct. 21, 1910; NBFM2]

PAYNE, Cpl. William P. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1845 in Walker Co., GA, he was a farmer in HC when he enl. Oct. 30, 1862; deserted at Salisbury, NC, March 15, 1865; gray eyes, dark hair, dark cmplx, 5'6"; took USA oath April, 1865 and released at Chatt. 1910 machinist. Res. Cowart St. with wife Sarah (m. 1867). 1912 in Soddy. [CSR; TP 11,937(L.S. Payne's applic.)]

PEAK, C. Standifer 3CSA Cav.
Born in Meigs Co. Aug. 25, 1839, he was the son of Jacob and Mary Jones Peak and early in life entered the steamboat business, marrying Maggie Doss, the daughter of a steamboat owner. During the war he was operating two Confederate steamers on the Tennessee River and also fought with N. B. Forrest, being "dangerously wounded" at the Battle of Philadelphia. Following the war he operated a steamer on the Mississippi, then in the 1870's he entered the grain and warehouse business and the 1880's engaged in the lumber business in E. TN. He married (2) Virginia Lee Watters in 1896. Peak died March 8, 1905 at res. in Highland Park and buried FH. [CT, March 9, 1905; TWP, 265; FHR; Wilson, Peak Family]

PEARSON, James M. D. Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN; deserted May June 1862.

PEEPLES, William Oscar Co. F, 3CSA Cav.
Born Apr. 26, 1846 in Gordon Co., GA, son of Drewry Murrah and Mary Francis Collier Peeples. Enl. in Murray Co., GA Apr. 15, 1864. Atlanta Campaign. Served in N. GA. and became 1Lt of Co. E in btn raised by Edmundson. Surrendered at Kingston GA. Paroled May 12, 1865. Married (1869 in HC) Rachel Ellen Tankesley. Merchant in Chatt. Charter member of NBF Camp, 1885. Died Feb. 16, 1907 at Graysville, GA and buried FH. [FHR; TWP, 218; CT Feb. 18, 1907; NBFM2]

PENDLETON, Hugh T. Co. A, Tredegar Btry.; Richmond Howitzers
Died at res. on High St., May 1, 1901 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM,7]

PENDLEY, Hezekiah Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN; discharged May 1, 1863 as "non conscript."

PENDLY, Joel C. Co. L, 35TN; Latrobe's Btry.
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862; transf. to Latrobe's Battery, May 1, 1862.

PENDLEY, Sgt. John M. Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35th TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35th TN. Fought at Murfreesboro.

PENLAND, James H. Barry's Btry.
Enl. July 2, 1862 at Chatt.

PENLAND, Lorenzo D. Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 29, 1862 at Chatt.; Lost on retreat in Feb. [Brown's Diary]

Born in SC, 1816. Enl. Nov. 24, 1862. Shot through left hand at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862. Hosp. guard, Camp Direction Hosp., Chatt., Apr., 1863. 1903 res. of HC. [TP5024

PENNY, George Washington Co. D, 37TN
Age 18 in 1861; enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; killed Nov. 27, 1861.

PENNY, Joseph L. Co. H, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. 3d Sgt. May 15, 1862. Deserted Nov. 5, 1862 at Chatt.

PENNY, Martin 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1836 in TN, son of Elizabeth. Res. 1860 in Birchwood. [1860HC]

PENNY, Monroe Barry's Btry.
Born c1839. Enl. April 4, 1862. at Chatt.; $50 bonus; deserted Sept. 1, 1864 at Atlanta. Res. 1870 at Harrison, wife Catherine. [1860HC]

PERKINS, Robert R. Co. H, 2GA
Born 1835 in Monroe Co. Enl. April 20, 1861. Measles and sunstroke (20-40 days incapacitated). Capt. Buchanan, VA, March, 1865. To TN about 1890. 1905 in Avondale. Died Dec. 3, 1908. Wife was Mary M. [NBFM7]

PERKINS, 1Lt. William H. Co. H, 26TN; 63TN
Age 20 in 1861, he enl. June 27, 1861 at Knoxville; captured at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Camp Morton, IN but escaped April 23, 1862; elected 2Lt., Oct. 13, 1862.; detailed to Conscript Bureau summer and fall, 1863; cmdg. Co. H, Oct. 17, 1863; paroled May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC. Reported by Lindsley to have died May 7, 1862 [see Wm. M. Perkins].

PERKINS, William M. Co. H, 26TN
Born c1836. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas where he died, May 7, 1862.

PERRIGEN, George W. Co. I, 19TN
Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. At Corinth. Hospitalized then deserted. Took USA oath, Sept. 10, 1863 and released by Fed. authorities at Nashville.

PERRY, Henry J. Co. D, 6GA State Troops
Born Marion Co., GA, 1847. Enl. July, 1864 in P. J. Phillips "Brigade." Fought at Griswoldville. Res. 1915 on Lansing St. in Chatt. Wife was Mattie (Martha). Married 1869. "Bench man" in coffin factory.[TP 14,617; 1910HC]

PERRY, Holdman 4AL Cav.
Res. 1870 in Franklin Co., TN. Well known CW veteran and merchant of Chatt. Died Dec. 10, 1925, age 85, and buried Chatt. Memorial Cem. [CT Dec. 12, 1925; TP15670]

PERRY, Richard Co. H, 4TN Cav.; Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born c1839, he was a farm laborer living near Moccasin Bend prior to the start of the war. His wife was Viney. He enl. on Aug. 11, 1861 in Chatt.

PERRY, William A. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. He was detailed on a pontoon bridge at Kelly's Ferry on Dec. 5, 1862, and remained at this duty through June of 1863. He was captured near Fort Gates on April 1, 1864. He was sent from near Jacksonville to Fort LaFayette in New York Harbor, where he arrived May 17, 1864. He was moved to Fort Delaware in Delaware. On March 21, 1865, he was furloughed from a hospital at Opelika, Ala.

PETER, Pvt. Co. D, 37TN
"Servant Boy of R.M. Tankesley."

PETTY, George W. Essman Co. B, 3VA Reserves
Born Appomattox Co., VA, 1846. To TN in 1852 with father and returned to VA in 1857. Enl. April 16, 1864. Fought at Lineburg, VA and Roanoke Stat. Paroled May, '65 at Campbell Court House. To TN from VA in 1868; in TX, 1917-19. [TP15,303]

PETTYJOHN, Enoch Co. K, 6GA Cav. Sgt.
Born 1818 in Jackson Co., AL. Married (1853) Jane Newman. Died 1895 in HC. Res. Wauhatchie, 1870, Wife Lucinda J. [TWP, p. 65]

PFEIL, Sgt. Auguste Co. C, 6LA
Born in Germany, he was single, working as a mechanic, a resident of Washington, LA at the time of his enlistment, June 4, 1861, at Camp Moore, LA. ANV. Promoted to Sgt. July 7, 1862. Discharged 1863 on surgeon's certificate because of gunshot wound recd. at Chantilly. Member NBF Camp, 1896. Res. of Chatt. c 1890, carpenter. Moves from Chatt. in Oct., 1898 because of health of daughter. Reported in "destitute circumstances in Richmond, VA., Dec., 1914. [Booth, 3:128; NBFM2,4]

Died March 8, 1916, age 70, at daughter's home in Blue Springs, GA and buried Pea Vine Cem. [CT March Sept. 16]

PHELAN, Capt. John
Born in Marion, AL, Nov. 22, 1841, he enrolled at the State University at Tuscaloosa in 1859. When the war broke out he quickly became Orderly Sgt. of the Warrior Guards which would become the well-known Fowler's-Phelan's Battery of the Army of Tennessee. After the war Phelan was admitted to the bar and practiced in Moulton, AL until he moved to Courtland where he became a partner with Gen. Joseph Wheeler. Phelan relocated in Chatt. in 1877 remaining until 1885 when he settled in Birmingham. He died in Birmingham Feb. 10, 1890.

PHILLIPS, E. S. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA(GA)
Enl. July 12, 1861 at Knoxville; captured at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Camp Douglas. At home, sick furlough, Bradley Co., Dec. 31, 1862-Feb. 28, 1863. Present Aug. 31, 1863.

Born c1839. Enl. July 8, 1861. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas where he died May 21, 1862.

PHILIPS, James W. Co. L, 26TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 26TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN; capt. Aug. 7, 1863 at Stevenson, AL.

PHILLIPS, John Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. He was reported absent without leave on Dec. 12, 1862.

PHILLIPS, John W. Co. K, 43TN
Born 1842 in Greenville, SC, he was a farmer who enl. April 17, 1862 at Ooltewah; discharged Sept. 8, 1862; dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, 5'11" tall.

PHILLIPS, Samuel K. Co. I, 40GA
Born in Washington City (on the MD side), Oct. 7, 1833. Raised and educated in MD. Enl. 1861 in Big Shanty, GA in 40GA. Disch. because of defective hearing. Rejoined in Knoxville , disch. again and then join QM. Captured at Vicksburg. Joined Capt. Gabbett's Div. of Nitre and Mining Bureau as chief clerk at Rome. Became accountant in Chatt. after war. Poet who was published locally and in other veteran periodicals. Historian, NBF Camp, 1894. "Was sent to Soldiers' Home near Nashville" where he died Nov. 15, 1902 and was buried. [NBFM2]

PHILLIPS, William Alfred Co. G, 6GA
Born Grayson Co., VA, 1848. Enl. Sept., 1864 in Co. G, 6GA Cav. Injured when thrown from horse. Paroled May, 1865 at Kingston, GA. Moved to TN in 1875 and married (1893 in James Co.) Eliza A. Scott. Res. Howardsville, James Co. in 1905 and died there in 1909. [TWP, p. 187; TP7353]

PHILLIPS, William E. Co. H, 26TN
Age 23 in 1861, he enl. July 14, 1861 at Knoxville; killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862.

PHILLIPS, William T. Co. G, 26TN
Enl. Aug. 28, 1861 at Knoxville; capt. at Fort Donelson, imp. at Camp Douglas where he died July 1, 1862.

PHILLIPS, William Theodore Co. G, 26Tn; 2dCo. K, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1843, Greenville Dist., SC of SC parents. Enl. Aug. 28, 1861, Knoxville. Absent, sick in hosp., April 7, 1863. Married (1865 in HC) Cynthia Jane Rogers. His brother was G. W. Phillips of Logan Co., AR. 1910 farmer in James Co. with wife Cynthia. Baptist. Died Nov. 27, 1921 and buried in Cleveland. [TWP, 237; 1910 James Co.;CT Nov, 28, 1921]

PICKARD, John A. Co. H., 1TN; Lt., Co. H, 34TN (4CSA)
Born Savannah, GA, March 28, 1840, he was in Maury County, TN, and had just gotten his law license when the war broke out. Enl. May 1, 1861, at Nashville and sent to Camp Cheatham in Robertson Co. His unit was involved in skirmishing in WV, then was sent to Corinth, MS. He was in fighting at Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and was wounded at Resaca, GA (lost left eye). He rejoined his unit at Kennesaw Mountain, but was sent back to the hospital. He was back with his unit at Jonesboro and went with them to Tuscumbia, Ala. He joined the staff of Gen. Benjamin H. Hill, serving to the end of the war. He surrendered where he had enl., at Nashville May 15, 1865. After the war he was in the lumber business, but his business was hit hard by the Panic of 1893. He lived his latter years at Chatt.. Real estate agent, 1910, sick at Newell's, 1913. [NBFM4; TP 12,511; TCVQ]

PICKETT, James M. Co. H, 4TN Cav.
"Eye shot out on Cumberland Mountain 1863." Killed at Cumberland Mountain, 1864.

PITTS, John Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Aug. 6, 1863, at Chatt.

PLATT, Robert Baxter Co. H, 1MS Cav. Reserves
Born Evergreen, AL, Jan. 21, 1846, he enl. Feb., 1863, at Quitman, MS. Fought at Holly Springs, Tupelo. Paroled Meridian, May 13, 1865. Married 1) Lucy Andrews Jones (1874), 2) Hannah Eliza Prescott (1890). Cross-tie contractor for L&N RR. To Chatt. in 1906, having lived previously in Evergreen, Collierville and Memphis, TN. Methodist. Died March 29, 1934 and buried CSA Cem. [CT3.30.34;NBFM8;1910HC]

PLEMONS, John L. Co. F, 60GA
Born NC in 1835, "youngest of a large family of boys." Married Sarah E. Isbell. Res. 1870 Bradley Co. Died 1913 in HC. [TWP, p. 172]

PLUMMER, Charles Co. D, 4GA Cav.
A schoolteacher who was born in Ireland, he enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. He was detached for service at a saltpetre cave on Oct. 27, 1862. He was born about 1832.

PLUMMER, Sgt. Jerry Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Nov. 15, 1863 at Ringgold, GA.

PLUMMER, M. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Dec. 1, 1863 in East TN.

POE, A. W.
He married dau. of Wm. Crutchfield and she died Dec. 7, 1915. Their home was in St. Elmo and she was active UDC.

POE, Hasten
A pioneer settler at the section that became Daisy, he gave aid to the Confederate cause. It was at his tavern home that the first courts were held for HC in 1819. A Virginia native, his wife was Celia. He remained at home during the war, though Union soldiers took over his dwelling. He was stripped of much of his property because of his Southern sympathies. He died in 1878.

POE, Hasten H. Jackson's Cav. Co.
Born Nov. 24, 1845, son of Samuel P. and Mary Bryant Poe, and grandson of pioneer settler Hasten Poe, he fought for the Confederacy. He married (1878) Ruth Champion. Cumberland Presbyterian. [GHT, p. 983-84]

POE, Jesse Henry Co. F, 35TN
Born in 1838 in McMinn County, he was a son of John Poe and Rebecca Hinkle. He enl. Dec. 8, 1862. He deserted Aug. 31, 1863, at Gardenhire's Ferry. He took the oath of allegiance on Sept. 29, 1863. He had brown eyes, dark hair, a dark complexion and was 6' tall.

POE, John Lindsay 4GA Cav.; Co. F, 35TN
Born in 1840 in McMinn Co., he was another of the sons of John Poe to fight for the Confederacy. He enl. Feb. 9, 1862 in 4GA Cav., captured and imprisoned Rock Island, IL. Paroled and joined, Dec. 8, 1862, Co. F of the 35TN. He deserted near Chatt. on Sept. 13, 1863 and took the oath of allegiance on Sept. 29, 1863. Railroader in Chatt. c1890. 1903 res. of Chatt. [TP5152]

POE, Larkin Haskew Co. K, 4GA Cav.
Born 1835, McMinn Co., son of John Poe and Rebecca Hinkle. Married Sarah Brotherton, daughter of George and Mary Carter Brotherton. The battle of Chickamauga was fought around the Poe and Brotherton homeplaces which LHP "disliked to visit and made his home elsewhere." John Poe died near the close of the war, and Rebecca Hinkle Poe died in 1878. Larkin Poe later lived at Apison. Presby. Farmer and JP for 23 yrs. in James Co., 1910 with wife Sarah (m. 1860). Died in Apison, Jan. 14, 1929 and buried Plowman's Cem. [1910 James Co.; CT Jan. 15, 1929]

POE, William H. Co. K, 43TN
The eldest son of the pioneer Hasten Poe, he enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863.

POGUE, George Washington Co. A, 19TN
Born 1844, SC, son of William. Family had lived in Ala. prior to moving to Chatt. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville and reenlisted Aug. 1, 1863. [1860HC]

POLLARD, John W. Co. F, 2TN
Born March 4, 1830 in Bledsoe Co. and enl. at Pikeville, July, 1861. Served until surrender. Never wounded nor captured. 1899: doing gardening and odd jobs in Hill City for $.25 a day. Died April 9, 1902 and buried Burk Cem. [TP2394;NBFM7]

POLLARD, William A. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Captured near Knoxville on Sept. 22, 1863, he was sent to Camp Morton. He was sent via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to Point Lookout, Md., and was exchanged March 15, 1865. He was taken to a hospital at Richmond. Before the war, he lived on the farm of his parents, Winston and Clarinda Pollard, at Ooltewah. William A. Pollard was born about 1844. Res. Ooltewah, 1870, wife Rebecca.

PONDER, M. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. April 17, 1862 at Ooltewah; transferred from 36TN.

POOLE, Lorenzo Dow Co. G, 26TN
Enl. Aug. 28, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862. and imp. Camp Morton, IN. Dk cmplx, dk hr, grey eyes, 6' Res. Cass Co., GA. Took USA oath, June 10, 1864., agreeing to stay north of Ohio River.

POPE, Alexis Dowin Co. H, 3AL Cav. Cpl.
Born 1840 in Prattville, AL, he married (1877 in HC) Anna Thornton Bryan.

POPE, Cpl. James Thomas Barry's Battery
Born c1843 he enl. May 9, 1862, at Chatt. He was paroled May 11, 1865, at Meridian, Miss. Prior to the war, he resided with his father, A.F. Pope, at Chatt. His father was from AL. James T. Pope was a carpenter. Died March 8, 1932, age 85, at res on Martin Rd. Married Della. Buried in Chatt. Memorial Park. [CT March 9, 1932]

POPE, John Townson
Born 1846 in Bledsoe Co., he married (1879) Cordelia Frances Songer. Died 1932 in HC. [TWP, 298]

POPE, Cpl. Levand M.(W., N.) "Van", "Lee" Co. F, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born April 10, 1844 near Pikeville, son of Jerome and Mary Pope. Enl. May 24, 1862 (also Oct. 1, 1864 at Lancaster, KY); captured Farmington, MS; imprisoned at Camp Morton, IN, also Point Lookout, MD; again captured (dates of capture: Dec., 1862 and Aug. 1, 1863; captured near Shelbyville, TN, Oct. 7, 1863; paroled; also imprisoned at Camp Chase; surrendered in Washington, GA; One of President Davis guards to that point. At close of war emigrated to Calif. until about 1870, "then came back to Chatt." Later made his home at Wildwood, GA. Farming, stock raising. Died April 19, 1937 and buried in Hooker Cem., Dade Co.

POPE, Ross
Born 1846, N. C. Res. 1910 with wife Sarah (m1865) in hh of son-in-law Augustus G. Thomas. [1910HC]

POPE, Thomas W. Co. K, 43TN
Died in hospital in Loudon, TN during war.

PORTER, James Sterling
Born 1839 in White Plains, AL, he married (1871) Lucy Ann Tanner.

PORTER, Thomas W. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 2, 1861 at Ooltewah; died March 27, 1862 in hospital in Loudon, TN. [Lindsley, 528]

POSEY, Lewis Co. F, 35TN
Born 1840 in HC, he was a laborer here and married (Jan. 30, 1861) Susan Powell. Enl. Dec. 21, 1861; died in hospital at Tullahoma June 22, 1863; black eyes, black hair, fair complexion, 5'9" tall.

POSEY, Winchester Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Feb. 14, 1862 at Chatt.; conscript; deserted Feb. 15, 1862.

POSEY, Young Co. G, 36TN
Born 1832 in GA. Farm laborer at Ooltewah, 1860. Wife S.[1860 HC Census]

POTTER, Andrew J. "Andy" Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
A blacksmith before the war, he lived at Birchwood with his wife, Artimisia. He was born in KY about 1833. Regt. blacksmith, 1863-64. [1860HC]

POTTER, Silas Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. Killed at Blue Springs, TN, Sept., 1863.

POTTER, Thomas C. Co. H, 63TN
Born Feb. 1, 1828 in McMinn Co. Enl. fall, 1861. Chickamauga. Eye injured in battle of Richmond. Capt. at Petersburg. Res. of Sherman Heights in 1905. Res. in TN all his life.

POTTS, Calvin J. Co. B, 46NC

POTTS, Edward W. Co. F, 39GA
Born Knox Co., TN. Enl. March, 1862. Surr. Greensboro, NC, April 26, 1865. Carpenter in Chatt. c1890. [NBFM2]

POWELL, Benjamin Thomas Co. G, 60GA Surgeon
Born April 14, 1846, Dooley Co., GA, son of Silas and Jane Hodges Powell. Conscript, enlisting Dec., 1862 at Savannah. 2Manassas (w), Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (w). Crippled at Cold Harbor. En route home he crossed the Oconee River on a mule, but fell off after reaching the other side. Word reached his family and they came for him and brought him home in a wagon. Lived in Macon, GA, Dallas, TX before coming to Chatt. where he lived 36 years. In butcher trade, but "blind and crippled" by 1915. Died at res. on McCallie Ave., July 1, 1927 and bur. FH. [NBFM7; TCVQ;CT July. 2,3, 1927; 1890VetCensus]

POWELL, Henry Clay Barry's Battery
Born Jan. 19, 1847, he enl. May 4, 1864 at Griffin, GA., joining his older brother, S. F. Powell. He was paroled May 11, 1865, in Meridian, MS. Upon parole, he gave his address as Griffin, GA. Before the war, he had lived in Chatt. His parents were Irby and Jemmia Powell, natives of NC, who moved to AL and on to Chatt. Irby Powell was a merchant who in 1873 died and left a large estate for his four children, which also included Cicero A. and Adeline. The Powells resided at 616 Georgia Ave. Henry Clay Powell died in July 12, 1893 at Thomasville, GA, of derangement of the liver and buried FH. [CT Aug. 8, 1898; 1860 HC Census; NBFM2]

POWELL, Capt. John. D. Co. A, 19TN
Born and raised in HC, he was a veteran of the Mexican War and a commission merchant at Chatt. before the war. Absent on Jan. 19, 1862 on sick leave. Not reelected captain and succeeded by Daniel Allen Kennedy. Dropped May, 1862. [Powell, Dudley: d. Sept. 18, 1897 in Huntsville, AL, of typhoid. Attache[sic] of Ala. Hosiery Co. [CT Sept. 19, 1897]

Born 1837, GA, of GA parents. 1910 farmer, res. James Co. with two grown daughters and their children. [1910 James Co.]

POWELL, Sidney F. Barry's Battery
Born Mar. 5, 1843 in Randolph Co., AL, the son of Irby and Jemmia Powell. He enl. Oct. 6, 1862, at Knoxville and served throughout the war. Both he and his younger brother, Henry Clay Powell, returned home "without a scratch." Both served "with bravery and gallantry." Sidney F. Powell was paroled May 11, 1865, at Meridian, MS.
After the war, he went to Vinings, GA where he married Miss Randall of an old Georgia family. She died in 1883 of consumption. They had no children. He operated a grocery and cotton business in Atlanta before returning to Chatt. Here he and his brothers ran H.C. Powell and Co. grocery at 1201 Whiteside (South Broad) St. The firm was dissolved in early 1898. Sidney Powell then set up a business at Lytle, Ga., serving regular soldiers who were training for the Spanish-American War. He died Aug. 7, 1898, after eating too-ripe peaches and was buried at FH. [CT Aug. 8, 1898; FHR; NBFM2]

POWERS, James Co. A, 19TN
He enl. at Knoxville and was killed by Thomas Stevens in
December, 1861, although reported to have been killed at

PRACHARD, Henry R. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1838 in Edgefield District, SC, he farmed in HC at the time he enl. on Sept. 5, 1862. Gray eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5'10" tall; deserted at Chatt. Jan. 22, 1863.

PRESLEY, William Van Der Corput (Cherokee) Battery, 3GA Arty. Bn.
Born 1824 in Campbell Co., GA. Capt. June, 1864 and imp. at Jeffersonville, IN. Took USA oath July 16, 1864. Res. of Chatt. in 1903 with personal and real property valued at $25. Earned subsistence by selling matches. [TP5748]

PRICE, J. W. Co. H, 26TN
Enl. July 8, 1861., Knoxville. Detailed as wagoner at Bowling Green, Nov., 1861.

PRICE, Orderly Sgt. James L. Cutt's Btry.
Born Aug. 12, 1844 in Stewart Co., GA, he received his education at the Georgia Military Academy, and from there he enl. in Co. A, Sumter Flying Artillery Bn. (Cutt's). He soon transferred to Co. B and became Orderly Sgt. He fought at Dranesville, Yorktown, Seven Days, South Mountain and Sharpsburg. For meritorous work at Fredericksburg he was brevetted 2LT by Gen. R. E. Lee. He fought at Gettysburg, Petersburg and was captured making his way to NC following Appomatox. After the war he returned to GA, but emigrated to Chatt. in 1885 to become engaged in mining and real estate. Member, NBF Camp, 1894. He died at his home in St. Elmo Nov. 24, 1906 and was buried in CSA Cem. [CT Nov. 25, 1906]

PRICE, Samuel V. Co. H, 26TN; 1CSA
Born c1840. Enl. Aug. 6, 1861. Detached as hosp. steward, Dec. 7, 1861. Left sick Bowling Green, Jan. 13, 1862.

PRIDE, Thomas W. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Prom. Lt. May 24, 1862. Capt. in Ky. Exch. Aug. 25, 1862. He later resigned.

PRIGMORE, John Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt.; reenl. Jan. 9, 1863 in Chatt. Absent without leave since July 20, 1863.

PRINCE, William
Born 1844, GA. Res. 1910 on W. 24th with wife C.N. Wagon driver. [1910HC]

PRITCHETT, Edward W. Musician, Co. I, 1TN (Field's)
Born Murfreesboro, TN, 1846. Enl. April 21, 1861 at Murfreesboro as drummer boy, then became infantryman. Carpenter who died in Chatt. Oct. 13, 1893 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2; NBFM1,7]

PRYOR, James S. Co. D, 37TN
Age 17 in 1861, he enl. Sept. 1, 1861, at Knoxville. He took the USA oath of Jan. 2, 1865. Before the war, he lived with his mother, Eliza Pryor, at Chatt. He was a day laborer and her occupation was housewifery. He had a fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes and was 5'8" tall.

PURSLEY, Thomas L. (probably Co. D, 33TN)
Married (Aug.3, 1861) Rosanna B. Robertson. Well known 74 year old Confederate who lived in HC "the greater part of his life." He died April 17, 1904 at his home in East Lake and buried at the McFarland Cem. [CT April 18, 1904].

PURYEAR, William M. Co. H, 26TN; 1CSA
Born c1834. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862. and imp. Camp Douglas.

PYATT, Henry C. Co. B, 43TN
Born Rhea Co., July 8, 1844. Brothers were Samuel A. and Stephen C. Enl. summer, 1862. Port Gibson, Baker's Creek, Vicksburg. Paroled, sick, did not return to army. Wife was Alice. Res. 1915, St. Elmo. [TP14,608]

PYATT (PYOTT), 3Lt. John E. Co. B, 43TN
Born 1837. "A man of considerable wealth, owning large tracts of land in Rhea, Meigs and McMinn counties. Resided on West 6th St. Died Nov. 1, 1904 in Chatt. and buried at Rhea Spring. Served as Asst. Surgeon, 19TN. [NBFM4; Lindsley, pp. 375, 380]

PYRON, Sgt. Maj. John Bell Co. H, 11th TN Cav.
Born May 16, 1843 in Shreveport, LA of parents who were native Tennesseans and living temporarily in LA. The family moved to Nashville in 1848. JBP enl. at Manchester, TN in 1862. Captured July 5, 1864. Paroled May 9, 1865 as sgt. major. To Chatt. in 1871 and entered mercantile business. Married (Sept. 18, 1876 Mary Ruohs. 1901 travelling salesman in Chatt. Died March 2, 1906 in Chatt. and buried in Citizens Cem. [CT March 3, 1906; NBFM2]] *Q

QUALLS, H. J. 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC. Deserted Sept. 21, 1863.

QUALLS, J. M. 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC Deserted Sept. 21, 1863.

QUALLS, Jesse Co. L, 35TN
Enl. July 10, 1862 at Tyner Station. Deserted Aug. 10, 1863 at Tyner's.

Exec. Committee, Soldiers Relief Society at Chatt., Aug. 29, 1862.

RADFORD, William, Jr. Co. B, 1CSA Cav.

Died at age 63 on Jan. 15, 1908 and buried FH. [CTJan. 16, 1908]

RAGON, Capt. Alfred Jackson Co. F, 35TN; Co. A, 5TN Cav.
Born 1834 in Monroe Co., TN, son of Absalom and Jane Hixson Ragon. He was a farmer in HC when he enl. Oct. 1, 1862 in 35TN; resigned commission March 25, 1863; later in 5TN Cav.; gray eyes,
black hair, fair complexion, 5'9" tall. Married Anne E. Hartsell. Died Nov. 1, 1889. [JWilson Ragon family]

RAGON, Eli Cleveland Capt. Co. A, 60 Mil. (AR)
Born 1826, son of Absalom and Jane Hixson Ragon. Married Nancy Rogers and they moved to Logan Co., AR about 1850. Died in 1878 and buried in old Ragon Cem. at Morrison Bluff.

RAGON, Jesse M. Co. F, 35TN
Born c1835, Monroe Co., TN, son of Absalom and Jane Hixson Ragon. Enl. Oct. 1, 1862. Prom. to 1Lt., but resigned March 25, 1863.

RAGSDALE, Benjamin Franklin Barry's Battery
Born in Athens, TN, in 1836, he was the son of Benajmin and Mary Ann Ragsdale. He came to Chatt. about 1866 as agent for the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad. He married Sally Ewing McMillin. The B.F. Ragsdales were afflicted during the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1878 at Chatt., Ragsdale dying on Nov. 28. His wife and mother also died in the epidemic but his three children, Minnie, Emma and Benjamin, survived.

RAGSDALE, David Baxter Co. F, 35TN
Born about 1828 in Rhea County, TN, son of David S. and Cynthia Churchwell Ragsdale. He lived for a time in New York and he set up a New York Store in Chatt. Married Eugenia Howard (1857). Enl. Oct. 1, 1862 at Chatt. He was wounded and was hospitalized in Way Hospital in Meridian, MS, January, 1863. Unfit for further infantry service he hired a substitute, Peter Cain and apparently joined the QM Dept. Leading Chatt. citizens petitioned that Ragsdale be put in charge of procuring supplies in Middle TN: R. B. Brabson, J. P. Millis, D. S. Gillespie, William L. Rogers, William A. Moore, Milo Smith (mayor), Tom K. Wornacut, J. L. Edwards. Ragsdale had gray eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, and was 6'2" tall. After the war, Ragsdale returned to Chatt. and operated the Hamilton House hotel at 535 Market St. He won a term as county trustee in 1878. After his wife died about 1889, he moved to Knoxville to live with one of his sons. He died at the home of his nephew, Joseph G. Ragsdale, at 106 Oak St. Buried Citizens. Cem.

RAGSDALE, Lt. Thomas Hoyle Co. A, 4TN Cav.
Born c1839, he was the son of David S. Ragsdale and Cynthia Churchwell of Rhea County. Enl. June 17, 1861, at Knoxville in the company formed at Chatt. by his brother, William Ragsdale. The company was reorganized as Co. H, 2TN Cav. Capt. near Lancaster, KY, on July 31, 1863. Imp. Camp Chase, Camp Douglas. Believed to have died in prison.

RAGSDALE, Capt. William F. Co. A 4TN Cav.
Recruited a company of his fellow citizens to fight for the Confederacy--Co. A of the 4TN Cav. in the battalion of Lt. Col. B. M. Branner. After the company assembled at Knoxville, Ragsdale was directed "to proceed to Nashville to obtain the arms necessary for his company and return with as little delay as possible.'' Ragsdale and his brother, David B. Ragsdale, were prominent merchants in early Chatt. W.F. Ragsdale also operated the Central Hotel at Fifth and Market. His parents were David and Cynthia Ragsdale of Rhea Co. W. F. Ragsdale married Sarah Garwood and built a mansion for her at the foot of Cameron Hill. This handsome white-columned home on Pine Street had passed to the Kennedy family by the time the war started. It was occupied by generals from both armies. Ragsdale and his brother, James M. Ragsdale, had earlier fought in the Mexican War. W. F. Ragsdale lost much of his holdings during the war. He died Jan. 1, 1873 in Chatt., age 53 and was buried at Citizens Cem. [HC Register of Deaths]

RAINES, Robert A. 36TN; Co. K, 43TN
Served in 36TN then enl. March 16, 1862, at Ooltewah in 43TN. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. Before the war, he lived on a farm at Ooltewah. His parents, J.S. and Mary Raines, were natives of GA. He was born c1839.

RAINES, William Co. K, 50 NC
Born Dec. 2, 1823, Buncombe Co., NC and was farmer in Polk Co., NC prior to war. Enl. Apr. 1862.; Served in ANV & AofT. Hosp. at Wilmington, March 8, 1864 with chronic rheumatism. Returned to duty, March 21, 1864. Hosp. at Charlotte, Feb. 6, 1865 with ulcers. Returned to duty, Feb. 9, 1865. Paroled Greensboro, May 1, 1865. Day laborer in Chatt., 1900 destitute. Living here and in Kensington. [NBFM3; Soldiers home Applic]

RAINES, Sgt. William M. 36TN; Co. K, 43TN
Born in 1836, he enl. March 19, 1862, at Ooltewah in Co. K of the 43rd TN Infantry after having transferred from the 36th TN Infantry. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. After being paroled, he was again captured at Martinsburg, Va., on Sept. 2, 1864. Prior to the war, he lived on a farm at Ooltewah with his wife, Phebe. He was one of the sons of J.S. and Mary Raines.

RAND, Vincent Lockhart
Born 1849 Whitfield Co., GA. Married (1930 in HC) Margaret Ocoa Ayers. Died at res. on 8th St., Feb. 13, 1912 and buried Boynton, GA. [TWP, 312; CT Feb. 14, 1912]

RANDAL, George Washington Co. D, 37TN;
Age 20 in 1861; enl. Sept. 1, 1861 as a conscript; paroled at Glasgow, KY July 10, 1862; sick at Catoosa Springs, March 10, 1863; sick summer of 1863 and sent to hospital; deserted Sept. 12, 1863; took USA oath Oct., 1863; lt. cmplx.; dk hair; blue eyes, 5'11".

RANDOLPH, Tip Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He is reported with the unit in Nov. and Dec. of 1863, but was left on the march in Georgia sick.

RANKIN, David Byron Co. B, 21TN Cav. (Carter's); Wheeler's Scouts
Born in Marion Co., TN Mar. 2, 1845. Merchant in Cleveland for long time. Enl. N. B. Collin's Co. , Wheeler's Cav. (scout) in 1863 and served throughout war. "Played poker & won $2,500 in Confederate money just before surrender in N.C. Greensboro." Married Lettie Bennett (1867). To Chatt. c1882 and shown as a clerk in 1887. Died at Red Bank, Oct. 2, 1903 and buried in Red Bank. [NBFM2]

RAPER (ROPER), H. H. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

RAPER (ROPER), 2Lt. Jacob R. Co. K, 43TN
Born in 1832 in TN, he was a farmer at Ooltewah who Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled; again captured at Morristown, TN, Oct. 28, 1864 and imprisoned at Johnson's Island; blue eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5'9" tall.

RAPER (ROPER), John P. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Feb. 1, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

RAPER, John P. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He enl. Feb. 12, 1862, at Ooltewah and was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863.

RAWLINGS, James N. "Jim" Co. A, 19TN; QM
Born Oct. 14, 1835, HC, son of Asahel Rawlings and apparently was the grandson of Rezin M. Rawlings. Served in the quartermaster dept. during the war. Maj. Bromfield Ridley wrote of him: "Captain Jim Rawlings is the Chevalier Bayard [of our company]. He wears the heaviest mustache, the longest beard, and rides the best saddle-horse in the company. He hails from Chatt., Tennessee, was clerk in Lauderdale's department for several years, and one of the best book-keepers in America. It is doubtful whether the Captain is more careful of himself or of his horse, Jeff." After the war, JNR was an accountant for the Roane Iron Company at Chatt. Inmate TN Confed. Soldiers' Home, Nov. 17, 1902 and died there Oct. 31, 1904. [CT Nov. 1, 1904; TCSH; Ridley, Battles and Sketches, p. 476; TN Soldiers home Applic]

RAWLINGS, 2Lt. John Goodwin Co. I, 36TN
Born at Jasper, Tenn., 1841, son of Daniel Ritchie Rawlings and Martha Goodwin. The Rawlings family came to Chatt. in April, 1852 when John was ten. He joined the Confederate army, but his regiment, the 36th TN Infantry, disbanded after 12 months' service. He then joined the medical department, serving at a hospital at Augusta, GA. John G. Rawlings married Annie Moore soon after the war and in 1904 married Dora Crutchfield. He was a druggist in St. Elmo. He was alderman in 1872 for the Second Ward. He died Dec. 23, 1924. [1910HC; TWP, 289]

Born at Ross's Landing in 1835, he was a son of Asahel Rawlings and apparently was the grandson of Rezin Monroe Rawlings. In 1859, he married Hattie Ingersoll, a cousin of Robert G. Ingersoll, the orator and lawyer who was colonel of an IL cavalry regiment during the war. It was said of Rezin M. Rawlings, "A Confederate throughout, he served with distinction in the war." He was living in East Lake when he died of blood poisoning in 1897. Buried FH.

RAYL, George Washington Co. K, 43TN
Born c1835. Enl. Dec. 1, 1861 at Ooltewah; discharged May 11, 1862. Res. 1870 in Ooltewah, wife Lydia.

RAYNES, G.L. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. as a substitute for Alexander Anderson. He deserted in April, 1863.

READ, Green B. Co. A, 16AL
Killed on East TN, VA & GA Railroad near Citico Furnace, Aug. 11, 1891. Buried CSA Cem. [NBFM7]

READ, Surgeon John T. 16TN
Born Dec. 2, 1825 in Rutherford Co., TN, he lived in McMinnville before volunteering for Mexican War service. Upon his return he studied medicine at Jefferson College in Philadelphia. He practiced in Warren and Marion counties before becoming surgeon of the 16TN. After the war he practiced medicine and operated a hotel in McMinnville, before opening the Read House in Chatt., Jan. 1, 1872.

REAGAN (RAGON), A. J. Co. A, 5TN Cav (McKenzie's)
Enl. Aug. 24, 1861 at Camp Cumming. Elected 1Lt., May 24, 1862. Promoted to Capt., Dec. 17, 1862. Age 27 on March 11, 1864 roll. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

REARIDEN, James J. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Sept. 20, 1862. at Chatt.; deserted Jan. 10, 1862.

REAVLEY, John L. Co. K, 43TN
Born 1827 in TN. Before the war, he had a farm with his wife, Elizabeth J. Finley, at Sale Creek. He enl. Oct. 10, 1862, at Ooltewah and capt. July 4, 1863, at Vicksburg. Died in HC. [TWP, 318]

RECTOR, George Co. H (Lookout Rangers) 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
He was killed in action on Nov. 27 (or Nov. 17), 1863, when he was 16, but msr states: enl. June 17, 1861. at Knoxville. Arrested there May 25, 1862. Sick at hosp. Nov. 29, 1864. Took USA oath, March 30, 1865 at Chatt.

REDMAN, Uriah Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Aug. 15, 1863, at Chatt. Capt. near Chatt. less than a month later on Sept. 11, 1863. Sent to Louisville where he took the oath of allegiance. He then joined the 11KY Cavalry, USA. He had a dark complexion, brown hair, blue eyes and was 5'7" tall. Born about 1822, he farmed at Chatt. prior to the war. His wife was Margaret.

REED, Orderly Sgt. John G. Co. K, 43TN
Born in 1839 in Jefferson Co., TN, he was a carpenter who enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; fair complexion, gray eyes, light hair, 5'10" tall. Res. 1870 in Harrison, wife Mary J.

REED, Thomas D. Co. C, 13MS
Born 19 Nov. 1840 in Pickens Co., AL. Enl. May 12, 1861 as 2Lt. Served in ANV. Released Apr. 9, 1865. Became druggist in Chatt.

REED, M. V. Co. A, 62TN; 29TN
Born July 21, 1841 in Polk Co., TN. Enl. Oct., 1862. Served in 29TN last year of war. Wounded Kennesaw Mtn, May 27, 1864 and was at home on wounded furlough when war ended. Res. Chatt. Died at Spring City, TN of stroke, March 4, 1907. [NBFM2,7]

REEVES, Cpl. C. B. 34GA
Born Feb 20, 1846 in Cherokee, GA. Enl. Oct 15, 1864. Wounded at Jonesboro. Captured at Nashville, Dec., 1864 and paroled May 12, 1865. Carpenter in Chatt. [NBFM2]

REID, 2Lt. Charles L. 2Lt., Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA(GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861 in Co. G, 26TN at Knoxville; captured at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Johnson's Island; exchanged fall, 1862. Joined 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA). Cmdg. 2d Co. K at Chickamauga.

REINHART, Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Killed in battle at Piedmont, VA, June 5, 1864.

REMNY, M. Barry's Btry
Captured on retreat from Atlanta, Sept. 10, 1864. [Brown Diary]
RENFRO, James C. Co. E, 12TN Cav. Bn. (Day's)
Born Grainger Co., TN, Dec. 24, 1842. Enl. Nov., 1862. M'boro, Chickamauga. Married Laura Swaggerly. Merchant and baker in Knoxville. Res. of Chatt., 1927 and died here Oct. 14, 1929.[TP 15,246]

RENSHAW, John Allen Co. C, 18TN
Born Aug. 14, 1836 in Rutherford Co., TN. Married (1859) Samantha C. Myers. Died March 4, 1911 at res. on Dodson Ave. and buried in Murfreesboro. [TWP, p. 136; CT March 5, 1911]

REYNAND, Capt. A. G.
A personal acquaintance of Nathan Bedford Forrest, he joined the Confederate service at Memphis. Reynand was "a great favorite" of Forrest's and became a captain of scouts for him. "When there was a dangerous piece of work to be done, he was always picked to do it." He was wounded several times, including a shot near the ear that damaged his hearing. He was taken prisoner and kept at Little Rock, AR for eight months.
Reynand was born on the island of Martinique, his father having an adjoining plantation to that of Empress Josephine. His parents moved to Cuba when he was quite small. Then they moved to Paris, France. He was educated in the finest military schools of Toulouse, a Paris suburb. He left France at age 18 to go to the United States. After the war, Reynand was a bookkeeper. He lived in Chatt. for 22 years, serving as manager for Vetter and Co. beer business and as bookkeeper for Gibson and Lee and then W.O. Peeples. He was also in the coal business. He was living at Chickamauga, GA, when he died May 5, 1902, at the age of 68. He was raised a Catholic and joined no other church, but he was buried at the Baptist cem. at Chickamauga. [CT May 8, 1902]

REYNOLDS, Alexander Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born March 19, 1832. Enl. March 1, 1863, at Chatt., receiving a $50 bounty. He was reported absent sick on July 3, 1863. Died Sept. 9, 1883 and buried FH. [Lusk, FH]

RHEA, James Co. K, 1CSA Cav.
Along with his younger brother, Thomas, he joined Co. K of the 1TN Cavalry. He was killed in action near Chatt. in 1863. Before the war, he lived at Harrison on his parents' farm. They were John and Elizabeth Rhea. His mother was from Virginia. He was born about 1842. [1860HC]

RAY, James Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He was born about 1836. Prior to the war, he was a farm laborer for Richard Taliaferro at Limestone north of Harrison. Horse was killed by the enemy on March 30, 1863.

RHEA, JAMES A. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC "Deserted."

RHEA, Thomas (replaces Thomas Ray) Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Rhea. He was born c1843.

RHEA, William 1Sgt. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's).
Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland, TN. capt. March 30, 1863, at Somerset, KY and imprisoned at City Point, VA. He was exchanged and captured again June 5, 1864, at Piedmont, Va. Before the war, he was a farm laborer living at Harrison with his wife, Nancy. He had a dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes and stood just over five feet tall. He was born c1836.

RHEA, WILLIAM M. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Hospitalized in Chatt. Deserted Jan. 12, 1864.

RHODES, J. H. Co. L, 35TN
Enl. July 10, 1862 at Tyner Stat. Deserted Aug. 10, 1863 at Tyner's.

RHODES, Richard L. Co. H, 3GA Cav.
Born Walker Co., GA. Enl. May, 1862 in Co. H, 3GA. Capt. and imprisoned at Rock Island. Carpenter in Chatt. c1893. In 1896 reported "in a deplorable condition, and his family in a destitute condition." Died Sept. 28, 1896 and buried at Soldiers Home, Nashville.[NBFM2,7]

RICE, Jesse C. Co. E, 3TN Cav.
Born 1825, TN. 1903 res. of Chatt. Wife was Frances A. Res. 1910 hh dau Lethia Cawood. Worked in cement plant. [TP5266; 1910HC]

RICE, John L. Co. I, 5TN Cav.
Born c1837 in TN, son of Lewis of Long Savannah.

RICH (Ritch), Isaac Co. A, 19TN
Born c1840 in Prussia. Clerk in Chatt. for merchant J. S. Litteau, r. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville.

Enl. in Meigs County. Member of NBF 1885. Farmer. In financial distress. [NBFM2]

RICHARDSON, Foster R. Co. D, 37TN
Born 1829, SC. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Detailed as mechanic, July 22., Tupelo, MS, to work Briarfield Arsenal, Columbus by order Gen. Hardee. In 1863-64 working in CSA armory, Macon.

RICHARDSON, Jonathan Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861., Knoxville. Sick in hosp., Nashville, 1861. Absent in Co. E, 39GA, Dec. 31, 1862. Joined 1CSA by transfer, March 2, 1863.

RICHEY, Charles A. Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; regimental drummer; wounded by falling of a tree at Catoosa Springs, March 25, 1863 and left at hospital. Deserted Aug. 1, 1863 at Catoosa Springs; took USA oath Dec. 24, 1863; fair cmplx.; light hr.; blue eyes; 5'5".

RICHEY (RITCHIE), Cpl. David L. Barry's Btry.
Enl. March 16, 1863. at Knoxville; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS; Brown's Diary.

RIDDLE, A. M. C. Co. A, 19TN
Enl. May 20, 1861 in Knoxville. Died during war. No details.

RIDDLE, Cpl. Robert L. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1832 in Moore Co., NC, he was a blacksmith in Chatt. when he enl., Dec. 21, 1862; Detached as brigade blacksmith, July 10, 1863; deserted Sept. 6, 1863 in Chatt.; blue eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5'5" tall; took USA oath.

RIDDLE, Wesley Co. F, 35TN
Born in 1840 in Warren Co., TN, son of Brittain and Jane Riddle, NC natives, he was a blacksmith in Chatt. at the time he enl., Dec. 21, 1862; Black eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5'3" tall. Res. Chatt., 1870 and a blacksmith.

RILEY, Michael (Mike) Barry's Btry.
Enl. Sept. 24, 1862. at Chatt. as substit. for P. H. Watkins; surrendered at Augusta, GA, May 4, 1865.

Enl. May 20, 1861 in Knoxville. Died in Jackson, MS, July-Sept., 1862, and buried there.

RINEHART, Gifford C.
Born 1832, TN, of TN parents. 1910 res. James Co. with wife Lula E. Smith (m. 1887). [1910 James Co.]

RISTINE, John S. Huwald's Btry.
Born Lexington, VA. enl. Jan. 7, 1862. Merchant in Chatt., 1887. Moved away by 1893 and died in Knoxville.[NBFM2,7]

RITCHEY, D. L. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 1, 1862 in HC "Deserted."

RITCHEY, J. A. T. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Aug. 25, 1862 in HC. Deserted Sept. 12, 1863 near Harrison, TN. Took USA oath.

RITCHEY, John Tate Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1840 in Warren Co., TN. Enl. Aug. 25, 1862; Ft. Donelson, Linden. Deserted Sept. 27, 1863 and released at Nashville, Oct. 23, 1863 upon taking USA oath. Married (1881 in HC) Hattie Robertson. Died July 24, 1921 at res. on Campbell St. and buried White Oak Cem. [TWP, 220; CT July 25, 1921]

RITCHEY, ROBERT 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 1, 1862 in HC. Captured in Ooltewah Valley, Sept. 20, 1863. Took USA oath.

RITCHEY, WILLIAM Cpl. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Deserted Shelbyville, TN, Dec. 10, 1862. Took USA oath.

ROARK, James A. Co. C, 3TN Cav. Bn.; Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's) Born Feb. 15, 1840, on Grasshopper Creek, HC, he was a son of Joseph Roark and Juda Carr, pioneer settlers at Birchwood. He enl. Sept. 17, 1861, at Cleveland. James Roark married America Jane McGill. He died in 1905 in Tex. and he and his wife are buried at Rehoboth Church Cem. at Arlington, TX. [Roark, Hardtack and Hardship; 1860HC]

ROARK, James W. Co. C, 7TN
He broke his back while in service and remained disabled the rest of his life. He was born in 1835, the son of John Roark and Margaret Gross. He is said to have crawled to the grave of his younger brother, William Roark, at Nicholasville, KY, to plant a tree in his memory. He was offered a pension, but refused it. A bachelor, he died in 1905.

ROARK, John Wesley Co. C, 3TN Cav. Bn.; Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born Aug. 15, 1841, on Grasshopper Creek, HC, he was a son of Joseph Roark and Juda Carr. He enl. Sept. 17, 1861, at Cleveland. He married Permelia Conner, sister of Jim Conner. [Roark, Hardtack and Hardshipi; 1860HC]

ROARK, Joseph Barry's Battery.
He was a son of James Roark and Jerusha Blythe. Born about 1842 in TN, he married Elizabeth Smith. [1860HC]

ROARK, William
He died of measles at Nicholasville, Ky., while serving in the Confederate forces. He was born c1840 and was the son of John Roark and Margaret Gross.

ROARK, William Marion Co. C, 3TN Cav. Bn.; Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1843 in HC, he joined the 1TN Cavalry along with his older brothers, James and John Roark. He was a son of Joseph and Juda Carr. He married Virginia Ann Conner in 1878. He died Dec. 8, 1923 and was buried at Bald Hill Cem. in HC. [TWP, 295]

ROBBS, Aaron B. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born c1842,, he lived in Lookout Valley with his mother, Mary Robbs, and his two younger sisters and two younger brothers until marriage, July 6, 1861 to Eliza Baker. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. Captured by Sherman's forces near Moore's Bridge, GA, on July 13, 1864, he was sent to Nashville, then Louisville, arriving July 26, 1864. He arrived at Camp Douglas, IL, on July 26, 1864.

ROBERSON, C. P. "Chris" Co. G, 24GA
Born Nov. 2, 1845 in Clarksville, GA, he enl. Aug. 13, 1861 when he was fifteen years and seven months old. Fought in thirty battles with the ANV and was wounded five times. Captured at Front Royal and sent to Elmira where he was imprisoned 8 mo. Surr. at Appomatox. He came to Chatt. in 1872 and remained until his death April 25, 1902. Roberson at one time was a partner of John T. Wilder as grocery dealers. Married Miss Waterhouse in Chatt. Farmer in Chatt. Died April 25, 1903 and buried CSA Cem. [CT, May 19, 1897, April 26, 1903; NBFM2;]

Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; transferred from 36TN; deserted Dec. 18, 1862.

ROBERSON, James M. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 28, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Baker's Creek, May 16, 1863.

Born 1844 in Bradley Co. Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah. Elbow blown out of joint at West Point, MS; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. Recaptured at Dallas, TN by Federals after discharge as POW at Vicksburg. Res. of Ooltewah, James Co. in 1903. [TP5973]

ROBERTS, Augustus M. Barry's Btry.
Born Nov. 29, 1838 in Atlanta.; deserted. His wife's name was Minnie. FH has wife Zellis M. He died Sept. 28, 1909 in Chatt. and was buried in FH. [CT Sept. 29 1909; Brown's Diary; Lusk, FH]
ROBERTS, Edward Gunning Co. A, 16SC
Born Jan. 28, 1843 in Greenville, SC, son of William Taylor and Julia DeBernier Gunning Roberts. Enl. there Jan., 1862. Became officer and capt. of Co. I, 16SC. Wounded Jonesboro and Franklin (hip and head). Elicited remark by Gen. Cheatham who found him on field at Franklin munching bread while blood pouring from hole in his head. Wife Margaret E. (m. 1871); To Chatt. in 1886, employed by Frierson and Scott, real estate firm. and died June 25, 1934 at res. in St. Elmo and buried FH. [1910HCFHR; CT 6.26.34; TP15335; NBFM8]

ROBERTS, Capt. Edward R. Co. I, 16SC
Born Jan. 28, 1843 in Greenville Co., SC. Enl. at Greenville, Jan., '62 in Co. A, 16SC, then became captain, Co. I, 16SC. Wounded at Atlanta, July 22, 1864 and again at Franklin. [NBM2]

ROBERTS, Cpl. Francis Marion Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 7, 1862 at Chatt.; Died Sept. Oct. 1863 in hospital in Newton, MS.

ROBERTS, James A. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; deserted Nov. 10, 1862.

ROBERTS, James K. Co. G, 26TN
Son of William Roberts, he enl. July 8, 1861; left sick at Russelville, KY, Feb. 9, 1862; died March 1, 1862.

ROBERTS, James M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 31, 1862. in Barry's Btry. at Chatt.; tranf. from
Co. G, 26TN; captured Spanish Fort, April 8, 1865; imprisoned Ship Island, MS.

ROBERTS, John Co. H, 37TN
Enl. Nov. 16, 1861 at Chatt.; died at General Hospital, Knoxville, Dec. 21, 1861.

Born 1835, TN. 1910 res. Dodds Ave. with 2d wife, an English woman he had married in 1906. [1910HC]

ROBERTS, John F. Barry's Battery
Born in June 1, 1835 in TN, son of Thomas and Sarah J. Kennedy Roberts he married (1855) Arabella Pickett and after her death Nancy Adaline Moreland (1858) he enl. Sept. 27, 1862 in Barry's Btry. at Chatt.; fought at Jackson, MS and Atlanta campaign; captured at Jonesboro, Sept. 1, 1864 [verified by Brown Diary]; took USA oath Oct. 26, 1864; 5'9", gray eyes, DK hr., DK complx. Following war he returned to his farm in suburbs of Chatt. He served on the school board, as Justice of the Peace, and on the County Court. Methodist. He died after Jan., 1917 [CT Jan. 29, 1917; GHT, pp. 987-98]

ROBERTS, John T. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; detached to hospital in Knoxville, March 1, 1862; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; took USA oath Dec. 23, 1863; dark complexion, brown hair, black eyes, 5'9" tall.

ROBERTS, Sgt. Joseph Phillips Co. L, 36TN
Born 1843 in Loudon Co. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt.; became hospital nurse in Dalton, Cartersville and at St. Mary's Hospital in LaGrange; dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes, 5'6" tall. He married (1866 in HC) Isabella Reed and died 1881 in Fla. [TWP, p. 14]

ROBERTS, Posey Barry's Btry.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862 at Chatt.; detached Feb., 1863. to Commissary duty in Pollard, AL; Left in hospital in Mobile when battery surrendered.

ROBERTS, R. Wesley Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 14, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Feb. 25, 1864 at Demopolis, AL; took oath to USA; 5'6 1/2"; lt. hr.; fr. complx; hazel eyes. Desertion at D. substantiated by Brown's Diary.

ROBERTS, T. J. Provost Guard (MS)

ROBERTS, T. M. Co. G, 3CSA (TN) Cav.
Born McMinn Co., 1843. Murfreesboro; Chatt.; Knoxville, Atlanta Camp. Res. 1911 in Hill City. [TP12, 396]

ROBERTS, William B.
Born 1838, he married (1860) Elizabeth B. Harrison and died 1905 in HC.[TWP, p. 181]

ROBERTSON, Christianburg P. Co. G, 24GA
Born Jan. 26, 1846, Habersham Co., GA. Enl. Aug. 13, 1861. Wounded 4 times: Crompton's Gap, MD; Front Royal, VA, Chaffin's Bluff, VA; Fredericksburg. Capt. Deep Bottom, VA, Aug. 19, 1864 and imp. Elmira, NY, but escaped before exchanged. Merchant in Chatt., 1900 when applied for admission from HC to TN Soldiers Home.

ROBERTSON, Zachariah Co. D, 37TN
Enl. March 18, 1863 at Chatt.; capt. May 26, 1863 at Chatt. and imp. at Rock Island, IL where he died of typhoid and was buried (grave #1106).

Charter member of NBF Camp, 1885.

RODDY, JAMES 2nd Lt. (Adjutant) Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Prior to the war, he was a lawyer who resided at Harrison. Born about 1817, he was a son of John and Elizabeth Lane Roddy, who had moved to HC from Meigs Co. about 1840. John Roddy was a son of Col. James Roddye, a Revolutionary soldier and political leader in early East TN. James Roddy married Mary Jane Luttrell on Christmas Day of 1845. After her death in 1852, he married her sister, Sarah E. Luttrell. He enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland. Again enl. July 14, 1862 in HC in 2nd Co., 1st CSA Cav. March, 1863 absent sick on surgeon's certificate. Resigned April, 1864, too ill to perform his duties. Trans. Co. F, 39GA, April 1, 1864. Dark complexion, black hair, hazel eyes, 5'10". After the war, he lived at Rome, GA, then at Macon. [JWilson Roddy family; 1860HC]

RODDY, Sydna Caroline McDonald (Mrs. T. H.) Rhea County Spartans
Born July 26, 1848 near Dayton, TN and sister of "Capt. Molly" (Mrs. Mary E. McDonald Sawyer.) "Once the whole group of women were arrested by Union army officers on charge of furnishing relief to the Confederates, brought to Chatt. on a boat and marched to Gen. Steadman's headquarters. Gen. Steadman promptly released the young women." Died March 22, 1917 in Chatt. and buried in Ooltewah.[CT April 23, 1917]

RODDY, Thomas H. B Co., 43TN
Born c1830, son of Elizabeth. Doctor in Ooltewah. Married Sydna McDonald. [1860 HC]

RODGERS, J. J. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Hospitalized in Chatt. Deserted June 21, 1863.

RODGERS, J. M. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 19, 1862 in HC Deserted June 21, 1863. He died 1890 in HC. [TWP, p. 85.]

RODGERS, J. N. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Deserted Dec. 28, 1862 in Shelbyville, TN.

RODGERS, James Madison Co. G, 43TN
Born Monroe Co., TN, Jan. 6, 1836. Married (1857) Rachel Fannie Young. Tenant farmer in McMinn Co. when he enl. Spring, 1861 at Charleston, TN. Returned to McMinn after war. Res. in East Chatt., 1908. Died Feb. 11, 1920 at home on Palmetto and buried FH. [NBFM7; TP10228]

RODGERS, JERRY 1st Sgt. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 12, 1862 in HC Deserted Jan. 10, 1864.

ROE, Gayle
Born Charleston Dist., SC. Wounded eleven times. Married (1885 in Dade Co.) Mary L. Lowe. Res. of Soddy fifty years. Died Nov. 18, 1920, age 87, at his home in Soddy. [TWP, 226; CT Nov. 20.20]
ROE, Isaac T. Barry's Btry.
Enl. July 14, 1862 at Chatt.

ROE, James M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. July 12, 1864 at Atlanta; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS; res. Cherokee Co., AL.

ROE, Samuel B. 50th GA
Born 1844, he was living on Market St. in Chatt. when he died Oct. 19, 1902, at the age of 58. Buried CSA Cem. [CT Oct. 19, 1902]

ROGERS, Enoch Co. I, 43TN
Born c1844 and living at Long Savannah with parents, William (blacksmith and native of GA) and Sarah, prior to war. Enl. Nov. 13, 1861, Charleston. On sick furlough, then listed as deserter, Aug. 6, 1862.

ROGERS, Howell N. Co. F, 39TN Mtd. Inf. (Lillard's) Sgt.
Born 1834, Buncombe Co. NC on French Broad near Ashville. Enl. March, 1862: Perryville, Chickamauga. Capt. Sept. 13, 1863 in Cleveland and took USA oath following day. To TN 1869. House carpenter, 1910, James Co. with wife Harriet M. (m 1860). Worked at E. I. Dupont powder mill till May 1, 1911. Res. Ooltewah. [TP 13,712 [1910James Co.; CT 6.22.1915]]

ROGERS, J. N. Barry's Btry.
Enl. June 2, 1862 at Chatt.; paroled May 11, 1865 in Meridian, MS.

ROGERS, J. W. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt.

ROGERS, Lt. James C. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born April 11, 1834 in HC, he was a son of George W. Rogers and Catherine Jackson. He married (1854) Mary W. Smith and was a farmer and blacksmith until he joined the Confederate Army. He fought at Chickamauga and elsewere and rose to Orderly Sgt. and second lieutenant. He returned home in 1864 and was "forced into service in the regular army of the United States." After the war he farmed and worked as a blacksmith. He married his second wife in 1867, Lydia Barker. [GHT, p. 989; Goodspeed's History of Hamilton County, p. 989]

ROGERS, James M.
Born 1828, Va. Presbyterian. Married Martha L. House carpenter. Died Feb. 11, 1920, age 82, at res. on Palmetto and buried FH. [CT Feb. Dec. 1920]

ROGERS, James Madison Co. F, 1GA Regulars
Born Culpepper, VA, 1841. Married (1857) Rachel F. Enl. March 4, 1861. ANV: 2Manassas, 7 Days. On detached service in QM Dept. in FL. Paroled in 1865. Carpenter, prison guard. Died Nov. 13, 1909. [TP9131]

ROGERS, Jeremiah Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
He was born c1830, son of William and Elizabeth Rogers, who lived at Ooltewah. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt.

ROGERS, John B. Co. D, 4GA Cav.; Co. D, 37TN
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. Then enl. June 10, 1863, Beech Grove, TN in 37TN. Deserted July 9, 1863; took USA oath of allegiance, May 9, 1864. He had a light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes and stood 6'1" tall.

ROGERS, Jonathan Co. I, 43TN
Born c1843 and living at Long Savannah with parents, William (blacksmith and native of GA) and Sarah, prior to war. Enl. Nov. 13, 1861, Charleston. AWOL, spring, 1862.

ROGERS, Joseph Madison "Madison" Co. A, 4TN Cav.
Born 1838 in VA. Enl. March 4, 1861 at Cartersville, GA in Co. F, 1GA. Paroled in Apr., 1865, never wounded nor captured. Farmer at Chatt. Presby. Died Feb. 11, 1920, age 82, at res. on Palmetto St. and buried FH. [FHR; CT Feb. Dec. 20; NBFM2,3,7]

ROGERS, W. H. H. Co. G, 9GA
Born Calhoun, TN, Feb. 13, 1840 and lived in McMinn Co. the greater part of his life until coming to Chatt. c1896. Fought in the ANV and was twice wounded. Baptist. Member NBF Camp, 1895. Died July 15, 1916 at res. on Wilson St. in Avondale and buried FH. [CT July 16, 1916; TP5297]

ROGERS, W. T. "Uncle Billy"
School teacher before the war. Passenger agent with Nashville & Chatt. rr for 40y. NBF Camp. Left Chatt. in 1880's and opened passenger office in Knoxville, then moved to Altanta. Died Feb. 24, 1918 in Atlanta. [CT Feb. 25.18; NBFM2]

ROGERS, William A. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. After being captured near Summerville, GA, on May 10, 1864, he was sent to Nashville, then Louisville and on to Alton, IL, later that month. He was at Tallahassee, FL, in May of 1865, then he was paroled at Thomasville, GA.

ROGERS, Capt. William Jefferson Co. B, 4GA Mounted Inf.
In the Mexican War, he was captain of the Fourth Company, Fourth Regiment, of Tennessee Volunteers. In October, 1862, he organized Co. D, 4GA Cav. This unit, part of Avery's Regiment, was recruited in Lookout Valley. Beginning in Jan. 1863, he was part of Gen. Alfred Iverson's Brigade, Allen's Division, Wheeler's Corps, AofT.
Born in 1820, he was the son of the pioneer HC settler William Rogers. W. J. Rogers was a deputy sheriff and then county clerk for HC. A bachelor, he was known as "crippled or limping Bill Rogers." He died near Jonesborough, GA, in the summer of 1866.

Buried FH. [FHR]

ROOK, William
Born 1843, TN of TN parents. 1910 res. James Co. with wife Virginia A. (m 1880). [1910James Co.]

ROPER, 2Lt. Jacob R. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1837. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861, Ooltewah. 2Lt., May 10, 1862. Capt. Vicksburg, July 4, 1863, then paroled. Rejoined unit and recaptured at Morristown, Oct. 28, 1864. Sent to Chatt. then Louiville. Imprisoned at Johnson's Island until May 25, 1865.

ROSE, Jeremiah M. A. "Jerry" Co. L, 36TN; Co. H, 35TN
Born HC, April 25, 1845 and prior to war lived on a farm at Soddy with his parents, Emannuel and Jane Rose. Brother of John W. Conscripted Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt., but claimed his musket hit by cannon ball at Murfreesboro, injuring his chest. Disch. at Wartrace, May 1, 1863. Res. Hill City, 1915. [TP14,617; 1860HC]

ROSE, Cpl. John W. (F.) Co. L, 35TN; Co. C, 5TN Cav.
Born c1820. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt. Fought at Murfreesboro. Absent without leave since July 1, 1863. 1870 farm laborer at Long Savannah, wife Arabell. Res. 1915, Chatt. Brother of Jerry Rose. [TP14,617]

ROUTH, Andrew S. Capt. CSA Cav. (Wood's Regt), 1st Co. A
Born 1848. Died at his home in Trion, GA, Dec. 23, 1919. [CT Dec. 20, 1930] --also A. S. Routh, 3LA Cav. (Harrison's), Co. A.

ROUTH, Francis M. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1820. Enl. Dec. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; transferred from 36TN; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; took USA oath Jan. 3, 1864. 1870 res. Bradley Co.

ROUTH, 1st Sgt. J. C. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; transferred from 36TN; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled; wounded (compound fracture of upper three femur) and captured Sept. 19, 1864 at Winchester, VA.

ROUTH, Lafayette K.
Born 1837, TN. Res. 1910 in hh of uncle Joseph P. Parker in James Co. [1910 James Co.]

ROUTH, W. J. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Nov. 15, 1862 at Ooltewah; died at Vicksburg, May 20, 1863. [Lindsley, 528]

ROWE, Sgt. Benjamin F. Co. A, 19TN
Born c1845. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. to Sgt. Slightly wounded at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862. and sent home. Given 30 day furlough, May 15, 1863. Capt. at Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863. and imp. Rock Island. Applied to US Navy but rejected.

ROWE, Charles Co. I, 19TN
Born 1844 in TN, son of Solomon and Martha. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Absent sick in hosp. by July, 1863 and ceased to belong to company. [1860HC]

ROWE, Sgt. James O. Co. I, 19TN
Born 1839 in TN, son of Solomon and Martha. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Rose to sgt. Teamster. Absent sick March, 1863. Capt. near Chick., GA, Sept. 19, 1863 and imp. Camp Douglas. Released April 5, 1865 upon taking oath. [1860HC]

ROWE, Sgt., Lewis Co. A, 19TN
Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. to color sgt. Nov. 1, 1862. He left a destitute widow and a family of small children when he was killed Jan. 2, 1863. He survived the fierce fighting at Shiloh and Murfreesboro where he was slightly wounded, but died in a railroad accident en route home from Murfreesboro. A native of Wayne Co., Ky., he had blue eyes, brown hair and dark complexion and stood 6 feet tall. He had risen to a sergeant's rank in John D. Powell's company. Rowe was 26. His older brother, Solomon, had a farm at Chatt.
Rowe's widow, Sarah, wrote the Confederate authorities, saying she was "in want of money with a large family of small children and no way to maintain them but only by my own labor." She pointed out that produce was fetching "enormous prices and it
makes it quite difficult for me to get sufficient food for my
family." She was awarded $61.19.

ROWE, Madison Co. I, 19TN
Born 1841 in TN, son of Solomon and Martha. Enl. May 20.61, Knoxville. Prom. to cpl., May 20, 1862. [1860HC]

ROWE, Robert Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1839 Roane Co., TN. Farm laborer in Chatt., 1860, with wife Mary. Enl. June 17, 1861, Knoxville. Sick at Chatt., May 21, 1862. Section foreman in Chatt. c1890. [nbfm2; 1860HC]

Born Cleveland, TN c1849. Enl. Feb., 1865 in AL State Reserves. Insurance Agent in Chatt. c1896. Died Sept. 28, 1928. [NBFM2,7]

RUBLE, J. A. Barry's Btry.
Enl. June 2, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Sept. 19, 1862.

RUSSELL, Capt. Milton Co. C, 4GA BN, 60GA
Born June 13,1837 in Camden Co., GA, son of Henry Richard Russell and Caroline Hardee, he became a farmer before the war. He enl. in Co. C, 4GA BN and was elected 1LT. He fought near Savannah and was at Hilton Head at the time of the capture of Fort Walker. In June, 1862, as a member of the 60GA, he saw action in Jackson's Valley Campaign, Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, and Second Manassas. He fell ill and could not serve until after Sharpsburg, at which time he was promoted to Capt. He commanded his company at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. He fought in the great battles of 1864 until being severely wounded and losing his arm at Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864. He was
captured and taken to Point Lookout, MD, Old Capitol Prison and
Fort Delaware, not being released until June, 1865. Upon the end
of the war he became a teacher, then was elected judge of the
ordinary court of Camden Co., an office he held 16 years. He
moved to Chatt. in 1885 and became a member of the County Council. Treasurer, NBF Camp, 1894. Died Dec. 4, 1903 and buried FH. [CT, Dec. 4, 1903; FHR; NBFM7]

RUSTON, Hiram H. Co. D, 37TN
Born 1845 in TN, son of John and Elizabeth of Ooltewah. Laborer. Enl. Sept. 1.61, Knoxville. Disch. Nov. 24, 1862. underage. Blk eyes, blk hr, 5'6". [1860 HC census]

RUSTON, J. J. Co. D, 37TN
prob Jefferson, bro. of Hiram, age 17 in 1860.

RUTH (see Routh)

RUTHERFORD, Preston Co. E, 25TN
Born c1826, he was farm laborer living south of Ooltewah with wife Elizabeth when he enl. Nov. 25, 1861, Monticello, KY. Last paid Feb. 28, 1862. Listed as sick at home and then as deserter in Nov., 1862. Res. of Bradley Co., 1870.

RUTLEDGE, William Watkin Co. A, 6TN
Born 1837 (1846) in Brownsville, TN, he married (1882) Claudia Catherine Nolen. Moved to Chatt. in 1893. He died April 19, 1918 on Signal Mtn. and buried FH. [TWP, 298; CT April 20.18.]

RYALL, Lemuel (Lem, Lamb) Co. H, 4TN Cav.; Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born 1822 in Ireland, he was a farmer near Chatt. His wife was Mary Jane Simpson. He enl. Aug. 11, 1861, at Chatt. He was discharged after a year of service. Died July 30, 1894 and buried Concord Baptist Cem. [Wilson, Ryall Family; 1860HC]

RYALL, Thomas C. Co. F, 41TN
Born c1844, Shelbyville, TN. Res., 1910, hh of Abbie H. Estes on McCallie Ave. Owned home on Lookout Mtn. and in Auburndale, FL. Died at daugher's home, Vancouver Barracks, Vancouver, WA. [1910HC. CT Feb. 26, 1927]

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