BiBa’s Italian Restaurant – Worth Getting Arrested

  • Thursday, September 6, 2012
  • Willie Mae

At the 5900 block on Hixson Pike sits a cute little Italian Restaurant called BiBa’s. I walked in and was seated right away. The place is open and bright and with very friendly hostesses.  

When I viewed the menu, I noticed they had more to offer than Olive Garden and thought maybe this would be a more authentic place. I wasn’t sure if this was a franchise or not. I always like to find unique restaurants, but there are many good places that are chains too – so I will try just about anything. If I had tried oysters in Tennessee last week, you know that I am not afraid to take risks. 

Biba’s is not only a charming place with friendly folks, they have a good atmosphere and plenty of dishes to choose from. I could have ordered from the appetizer menu and made a meal from something interesting on the list.  

There was a cold “Antipasta” listed. Though I am not Italian I always thought it was Antipasto but sure enough it said Antipasta. Maybe they wanted to let us Southerners know it is a dish without any pasta. They also offered mussels, Rollatini, Bruschetta and a few more items as appetizers. 

Sandra brought my drink and a few rolls while I was still deciding. She was the most pleasant little thing. I looked over the oven-baked pasta items and then the specials and their seafood menu. I wasn’t really hankering for seafood after my oyster episode. I chose Veal Marsala for 13.95 with a salad.  

I knew the bread looked garlicky and, when I took a bite I think my breath became lethal. I believe there was more garlic on the rolls than what they use at Olive Garden. But the rolls were not breadsticks – they were rolls and they were so soft and light – melt-in-your-mouth rolls. They were worth the breath that could get me arrested! 

Playing overhead was the old crooner Frank Sinatra. That is definitely my kind of music. One by one, his songs kept playing and I was enjoying this place; then a country song, from out of nowhere played and threw off my Italian experience. When Carreras played, it got me tickled how that McGraw fellow was just thrown in between the other music.  

Sandra brought my salad before the meal and I should have asked for my dressing on the side. I ordered blue cheese dressing and I am used to dipping my lettuce into a soufflé cup of dressing and getting just the amount I want. The lettuce was saturated with what looked like a cup of dressing and I wondered if I should have used a spoon for my soupy-salad. 

My dinner arrived, with the veal in a brown, wine sauce and loaded with fresh mushrooms. I could have just eaten the mushrooms! They were very delicious. The veal was fileted in very thin, tender pieces and lay on top of pasta. It had a good flavor. 

With such friendly staff and (mostly) good music, along with delicious food; I would definitely recommend this place! Just remember to ask for your dressing on the side and grab a mint on your way out.

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