Uncle Sky Stripes City On National Holiday; Should We Worry, Or Say Thanks? - And Response (5)

  • Sunday, July 6, 2014
  • David Tulis

Americans celebrate their country’s patriotic day looking up to exploding fireworks in the night sky. On Thursday thousands of souls in folding chairs and with snacks in hand crowded a downtown Chattanooga park to hear a symphony and to watch the shaking and streaming pyrotechnics over the Tennessee River.

On Friday, the hallowed Fourth of July, the skies over Chattanooga are filled with another symbol of extravagant might and bold report. But a symbol one scarcely bothers to crane one’s neck to observe. Sky striping. Sky tattooing. The dragging across the blue a stitchwork of white streamer that turns into exuberant agonies of cirrus-like cloud.

Nature under siege

Sky striping is not a mere incidental to our age of iPhones, electric autos, Tennessee Valley Authorities, environmental whoopings and jet travel. Sky emissions are vital to the so-called “war on global warming.” Sky striping is an official pollution intended, supposedly, never to filter down to Coolidge park or the sidewalk in front of city hall. The haze of nanoparticulate aluminum and other goodies is intended to stay aloft permanently, though coarser particles and the hazards of nature bring the dust to our nostrils, for better or worse.

Yes, the debate over global warming is heated and confusing. It is a theory that pits two parts of God’s creation against each other — the earth vs. the sun. The earth is at fault — nature itself is inadequate to deal with the sun. Mankind, by government power worldwide, is courageously intervening.

The fix is on and operates entirely outside a laggardly scientific literature about stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Academia assumes absolutely nothing has been done to armor up the higher atmosphere and make sunlight ricochet back into outer space. As practiced today, chemtrailing is an untested protocol under U.S. patents but lacking peer-reviewed study.
Uncle Sam’s marketing of “enmod” (environmental modification) works on two fronts. On one hand it proposes reducing pollution from factories, farms and autos which it claims add to global warming. The EPA on June 3 declared the U.S. will cut carbon emissions from utilities by 30 percent by 2030, enough to “prevent up to 150,000 asthma attacks in children and as many as 3,300 heart attacks by 2030,” Reuters says.

Separately and entirely beyond notice of Reuters and the Wall Street Journal is SAG, the nation-state’s official aluminum particulate spraying effort — a cloud-making program paid for on the digital charge card — to affect what policy wonks call solar radiation management.

Of course you are not surprised. Uncle Sam manages all kinds of things. Light bulb wattage, toilet water hoppers, auto manufacturing, bank loans for the poor, genetic material for biowar viruses. Perhaps its most magnificent claim to power has been upon the weather. The scenario of sky seeding for Uncle’s military interests is outlined in “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” a fanciful 52-page essay published in 1997.

From smoggy city to environmental city?

SRM is the weakening of the sun by artificial clouds such as those that tattoo the sky over Hamilton County, home to 345,500 souls, half of whom live in Chattanooga, once a smog pot but of late a mere haze pot. Since the 1950s,  places such as Southeast Tennessee have been hit by what British scientist Gerry Stanhill calls a “a staggering 22% drop in *** sunlight.” The causes are said to be “anthropogenic” — human activity.

But 22 percent may not be enough of a reduction, and so upper atmosphere aerosol deposits are being stepped up. Dates for the uptick of sky striping are unknown, but 2002 and 2010 suggest themselves. By my recollection, the sun has felt distinctly weak since summer 2013. Have you noticed what I’m talking about? Sunlight any more is mild, nonferocious, paltry. A neighbor, Doug Womble, a Soddy-Daisy logger and outdoorsy jack of all trades, says the sun lost its oomph three summers ago. That golden orb today, thanks to aerial munificence of Uncle Sam, is a sweatless wonder.

A day of spraying brings haze, a milky background against which even striking natural cloud formations from the hand of God in nature look pallid. Sometimes Chattanooga’s haze is tinged yellow, as if something were afire.

Another phenomenon in the city’s assembly line weather on July 4: The sun halo and the related chemical rainbow. In the Bible, Joseph’s coat of many colors tells of his father, Isaac’s, special favor of the boy; so, too, might “chembos” tell of the favor with which Uncle views his gauzy progeny drifting over the Tennessee River. Friday’s prism appeared at 7 p.m.

Beyond haze and halos, one more thing. Chemtrailing seems to make the air very dry, as if a desiccant has been sprinkled across the giant bowl embracing the city. Geoengineering by policy alters the planetary winds and hydrological cycles, acting as a drying agent, reports indicate. National news coverage Friday tells of the West Coast’s four-year drought and whether New Mexico counties would allow fireworks when ground “is so dry that the grass crunches under the hooves of horses and cattle.” Some gain, some sufer. A crosshatch of 300 jet trails over the Pacific coast causes a drought in the plains and a deluge in New York.

My patriotism stirs

It’s July 4. All across Chattanooga on the national birthday planes deposit white trails at 45,000 feet, a local private pilot tells me. One jet flies over my workplace in Hixson and lays a cloud that in two hours billows out into a real cloud. A man calls to say downtown is grandly criss-crossed.

At 5 p.m. I go with family to a church picnic in Brainerd. We eat inside and afterward horse around in the yard in such delights as three-legged races and egg tosses. A jet streams directly overhead and lays a white cloud that seems to drip cloudlets from the main stream, like a white cake batter on a plastic spoon handle.

Local economy in suspension?

Sky hacking is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. One part of government seems to know nothing about what another arm is doing. In Hamilton County, pollution watchdogs as policy disregard readings of aluminum, strontium and barium as mere traces, regularly in the air you breathe. Schizophrenia marks a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that strongly suggests chemtrail results but leads readers into a conceptual void. The paper says a “recent increase in the abundance of particles high in the atmosphere has offset about a third of the current climate warming influence of carbon dioxide (CO2) change during the past decade,” NOAA notes in an essay in Science (2011).

In the stratosphere, miles above Earth’s surface, small, airborne particles reflect sunlight back into space, which leads to a cooling influence at the ground. These particles are also called “aerosols," and the new paper explores their recent climate effects — the reasons behind their increase remain the subject of ongoing research. *** The reasons for the 10-year increase in stratospheric aerosols are not fully understood and are the subject of ongoing research, says coauthor Ryan Neely ***.  [Italics mine]

Press reports and the scientific literature suggest the government operates in self-contradictory fashion, with an unknown agenda behind the official but secret program. Was the NOAA paper the best warning its anxious staff dared make?

Our options are limited

My exploration of  government intervention raises three questions. What do these trails mean for human health in one Southern city? Can we protect ourselves or undo damage already done to our health? Can we hold the good people in Washington to account?

— Chattanooga health prospects? Negative. Chatter magazine gives a two-page color spread showing the city’s haze from atop Lookout Mountain and ascribes the mist to pollen. You can do better than that. Heavy metals are associated with skyrocketing incidences of Alzheimer’s, ALS and autism, which could arise from human absorption of aluminum particles existing near the atomic scale. If we accept at least the possibility that Uncle is looking out for No. 1 and that geoengineering is old school, we will be able to focus on the program as a threat.

— Draw metals from your body? Yes. Contact your local supplements supplier to learn about oral chelation. Chelation is a therapy for the body to draw from it metals poisoning. My supplier tells me he has a mix of four supplements to undo neurological damage from metals. The cost is about $200 for a year’s treatment that lasts three months.

Holding government to account? Can’t do it. Sky striping may pretend to save the planet by deflecting sunlight, but it also is causing planetary harms I overlook here. For us as victims, it is a mass tort, a public nuisance, a pollution imposed without tests or consent upon a population kept in the dark. Until a criminal category of aggravated battery by toxic chemical is developed (as suggested by Florida attorney Ralph Behr), we have weak legal remedies. One could petition for a civil order of abatement of a public nuisance. If the plaintiff is a minor, the case would be firmly in Hamilton County chancery court jurisdiction. The defendant would a U.S. agency operating over Hamilton County. But which organization? The U.S. Air Force? EPA? Suing the local pollution control board would be useless, as it denies any jurisdiction over aircraft.

The government’s defense? It’s unbreakable. Sky striping is in military jurisdiction, serving a compelling state interest. The public interest, remember, is not identical to state interest. The state has no alternative by which it can accomplish its public policy goals (and, perhaps, the goals of the deep state and its minders, parties whose role would never appear in public court). Sky hacking will go on.

Court of public opinion

What about publicity? Protests? What about public hearings such as that held June 26 in Kingman, Ariz.? Happily, public noise and political interference are growing worldwide. You should learn more by visiting the website of a leading greenie, Dane Wigington. The site is geoengineeringwatch.org. Activists should make a ruckus. Journalists should stop kow-towing to government and press a great story.

If nothing else, the existence of geo-engineering should make us despair entirely of the U.S. government, lead us to understand we look to it for no benefit or salvation of any kind, whether it’s an SBA loan or a college freebie. Its mix of malice and bad faith in geo-engineering seems inexhaustible, and we should studiously ignore the federal power’s every glory. Still, honorable people are on the front line of the program. They have taken criminally enforceable confidentiality oaths to not talk, but they are all well paid and will get treasury department direct deposits when they retire. Pilots, flight crews, mechanics, contract managers, supply chain overseers, airport tower operators — all have a stake in saving the planet, and so act in honor and good faith. These people cannot help us — except if one by a sense of fair play is driven to spring a leak.

I await revelations within the next two years from Edward Snowden about how SAG operates. Until then, let’s do what we can.

— David Tulis is host of Nooganomics.com, a talk show 1 to 3 weekdays at Hot News Talk Radio 910 1190 and 1240, covering local economy and free markets here and beyond.


* * * 

Surely there must be some way to prevent baseless rantings from the radio airwaves in our country.  Sky striping with aluminum flakes? The government is poisoning us? Is it possible that jet aircraft produce contrails at 35,000 feet, as they always have? 

I am a World War 2 history fanatic. I especially like to watch the fighter and bomber film footages as our brave aircrews did battle with the evil empire of Germany and Italy.  One very noticeable feature of these real film footages is that the piston driven B17 bombers at 30,000 feet left huge very visible contrails which could be seen 100 miles away.  Was the government spraying the Germans with strange chemicals in 1943?  No, and I would venture to say if there was any way to prevent the contrails, the bomber crews would have done everything they could to prevent them. The contrails pointed directly to the bombers giving the German fighter planes a continuous streaming guideline to their target. Ground gunners knew by the contrails where to aim their mighty 88 anti aircraft guns.  

So my point is simple, even when we wanted to prevent contrails we couldn't do it. Not in 1943, not in 2014. Get used to them. As long as aircraft fly into the upper atmosphere there will always be contrails. 

Until some sort of real proof is offered up on chemtrails being deliberate government toxic poisoning, I would suggest that someone challenge these baseless rants. 

Harry Presley

* * * 

Mr Tullis' lengthy opinion piece "Sky Stripes ..." mentions the phenomenon of the strip-like clouds that we often see as high-fly jet planes, military and commercial cross our skies.  While it sounds poetic, sky stripes, it's only contrails.  As Harry Presley, a WW II history buff, gets it right in his response -- contrails have been around a long time, and they naturally occur. 

Contrails result from condensation of water vapor formed as the engine's exhaust is ejected into the frigid, lower pressure upper atmosphere.  If the conditions are right, water vapor trails can occur from the vortexes formed by the air passing over the wing tips of the high-flyers. That's it -- water vapor.  You've seen the same thing from your car's exhaust on a cold winter morning.  No noxious chemicals or devious plots.  

The Chattanoogan.com offers this great opinion forum where anybody can voice their thoughts -- no matter how weird, wild, or wooly.  I suppose it's too much to ask for folks to please keep them short and to the point? 

Everett Kidder

* * * 

Wow. Where to begin? 

Mr. Tulis delivers an entertaining thesis, though it is long on alarmist musings and dreadfully short on scientific veracity. Using a conspiratorial website to bolster you claims is at best inadequate, and at worst a shill for its owner. Quoting like-minded friends and neighbors’ opinions on the supposed strength of the sun (all of whom have apparently forgotten the record-breaking heat of 2012) does not rise to the level of any type of scientific rigor. A Google search of the Florida attorney you mentioned --who is trying to enact criminal statutes for "batter by toxic chemical" leads to his webpage, replete with links to many of the same sources you use. It's a circular exercise to be sure.  

In addition, the whole missive is interesting because it implies the "local economy" suffers because a distant, but centralized “gubmint” can change our weather/climate with a few passes of a jet, while so many others deny that humans have influenced the climate by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations over the last two centuries. Washington can't even agree on how to secure the Federal Highway Trust Fund, much less an unproven and inefficient attempt to change someone's weather---whose weather that would be is another discussion altogether. 

I also want to point out that the selective use of a partial quote from the 2011 NOAA article in Science is misleading. In the full article, the authors discuss an increase in stratospheric aerosols due to volcanic activity---an occurrence that many point to as a way that global warming is naturally mitigated to some extent. Indeed, the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 led to a temporary cooling of the earth due to a massive release of aerosolized material into the atmosphere. 

Let’s add some objectivity here. What Mr. Tulis is referring to is a series of long-standing proposals to increase the albedo of the atmosphere by artificially introducing reflective material to the stratosphere. Most proposals on this I have read provide simply a means and a monetary cost-benefit analysis. Others more fully explore the mechanism and risks associated with deliberately tampering with the delicate global heat balance. This is on par with the occasional report released during hurricane season postulating ways to limit hurricane formation. 

I’m sure Mr. Tulis realizes that tropical cyclones are a key mechanism by which excess solar energy absorbed by tropical and subtropical oceans is sent poleward. Despite their ferocity, hurricanes serve a valuable role in maintaining the global heat balance. Whether it is a plan to “brighten” the stratosphere, or a plan to tamp down on hurricanes, they are “what if?” musings that ethical scientists reject as extreme methods of “geo-engineering” and are accordingly not used because of the unpredictability of applying these so-called aerosols in a three-dimensional space containing an ever-changing array of temperatures, dewpoints, and winds. The to-date studies address the immense cost of overcoming these hurdles and explore the real possibility of the unintentional consequences. In short, the conclusion is that it’s not worth the time, treasure, or risk. Volcanoes are apparently more efficient anyway. 

We should be a skeptical group after revelations of Cold War era experimentation came to light at the dawn of the "open government" era in the 1970s. That said, let’s now add some common sense.  The Federal Aviation Administration indicates that over 30,000 flights take off daily in the United States alone. Globally, anywhere from 8,000 to 13,000 planes may be in the air at any given time.  

As noted in an earlier reply, contrails are nothing new. They are caused by the water vapor component of aircraft engine exhaust condensing into ice crystals. Contrails may quickly dissipate or linger and widen into sheets of suspended ice crystals depending on the ambient temperature and moisture. Aircraft above Flight Level 18 (18,000 feet above mean sea level) fly designated jet routes that, depending on the time of day get very busy just like terrestrial freeways. What’s more, the geostrophic winds in the upper troposphere guarantee to move contrails across the skies. The contrails you see after a plane passes overhead in Hamilton County will soon be over North Carolina if it holds together long enough. I suppose someone in Murphy decries the same spreading contrail over his mountain home, while someone in Huntsville laments the “skystriping” overhead as the whole lattice moves on to Chattanooga. But that gets a little silly, doesn’t it? Instead, take a look at an aeronautical section chart and you’ll be surprised to note that the “sky stripes” you fear are printed on thin paper in medium blue ink. 

Will Taylor 

* * * 

The quote from Harry Presley at the very end of the article is almost completely wrong. He is comparing apples and oranges. Harry should know that, unlike planes in WWII, today's jet engines - used in almost all modern jet aircraft - are high bypass turbofans and are nearly incapable of producing any sort of contrail because they lack water-injection to create condensation, water vapors, etc. Over 80 percent of the air that passes through the fan is non-combusted. These huge engines are essentially just big, ducted fans (ducting them increases their efficiency). Jets in WWII used piston-driven and low bypass turbofans which can generate long, actual contrails - so he is right about that.  However, there are very few of these types of jet engines in use today and certainly none are used on modern jet aircraft because of their inefficiency and fuel costs.  

Oh, and by the way there is such a thing as 'Contrail-Suppression Technology' for low bypass turbofans. The military/government can suppress contrails on those types of engines (now, but that technology was not available in WWII).

Doug Diamond

* * * 

Thanks very much for your article.  Exemplary reporting. 

Ilya Möller, aged 8
Maastricht, Netherlands

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