Christians With Their Heads In The Sand

  • Friday, July 31, 2015

I recall how history tells us of the German people living next to the gas chambers, ignoring the smell and horror of over six million Jews being slaughtered, and then acting as though they didn't know it had happened.  I can also recall that Eisenhower was so disgusted with these callused and unconcerned people that he made them face their denial by marching them all past the dead and decaying piles of corpses of the slaughtered Jews within these electrified wire compounds.    

Get where I am going with this?  Tell me how some Christians can say that they will be able to look our Savior in the eyes and justify being supporters of a political party in our country that had a knock down drag out fight to keep abortion, the killing and shreading of these unborn babies, in their party platform during their convention.  They wouldn't even condemn "late term abortion".

I could site other Biblical standards that the Democrat party violates as well.  Positions that are completely contrary to those who claim to believe in our Lord and his admonition to "suffer the little children to come unto me".  

Remember, Christian means "Christ like", so I ask you, after the revelations of this week that exposed Planned Parenthood and their barbaric killing and cutting up of innocent life from the womb and then selling those parts like so much meat at the local butcher shop, do you think God is proud of you hypocrites?  Are you really living "Christ like"?  Why you're no better than the Germans living near the gas chambers.  

Oh, I won't let the Republicans off the hook either, they sit back and run for re-election each cycle and utter not a peep against this evil for fear of loosing a few votes.  They gave up that fight a long time ago.  They trade fighting for life for personal prestige and profit.  All of these politicians make me sick, but some Christians who claim to to possess a deep moral conviction to follow the admonitions of our Lord are the worst, because some of you voted to put the likes of Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and yes Obama in power as they continue to foster these practices.  Then you go to church on Sunday morning singing "Amazing Grace" from your pews.

If God hasn't taken his hand of protection off our country already, then He surely will soon.  And  you know what, we will only have ourselves to blame. We will answer for our actions or inaction someday in heaven.  If I had my way, I would, like Eisenhower, make you all march past the petri dishes  at Planned Parenthood and view the dissected body parts of these innocent children, and then tell me you are "Christ Like".  I dare you to go by the "Choices Pregnancy Center" just behind Sams off Lee Highway and read the letters at the memorial wall left by anguished young mothers to their aborted babies like I have, or see the toys and teddy bears that they left as well.  If that doesn't break your heart, then we've become more like the Germans of WWII than I thought, and there is no hope for us as "One Nation Under God". 

Bill Reesor

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