What Happened To All The Carmike Cinemas In Town?

  • Monday, May 29, 2017
Decided to take in a movie this weekend and went to the local theatre.  It was no longer a Carmike, but branded "AMC" now. 
I didn't think things would be that different, because fundamentally it is still just a movie theatre, but I was wrong.  Tickets were astronomical, but not as bad as the concession prices.  It seems AMC Theatres has decided to do away with small sizes completely.  You are forced to purchase the quite large looking "regular" size or the "large" popcorn tub.
Also, the Carmike Reward system and refillable bucket, which was a wonderful value, were no longer honored. 
The Regal Cinema at Hamilton Place is wonderful, and Carmike was decent, but this change to AMC is quite rough.  We will miss Carmike.

Billy Tomas 
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