Chuck Fleischmann Is Part Of Team MAGA - And Response (5)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

If you’re happy with the economy, vote Chuck Fleischmann. 

If you’re happy our WarMongering days are over, vote Chuck Fleischmann. 

If you love the job President Trump is doing, vote Chuck Fleischmann. 

If you want a down to earth representative in Congress, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you want representation in Congress that will fight for the Tennessee Valley values, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you want the most loyal Trump supporter in Congress, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you don’t want any of this, well, get help.

According to the website FiveThirtyEight here is Chuck Fleischmann’s score when it comes to Team MAGA: 

Trump Score (How often Fleischmann votes in line with Trump’s position:  97.8 percent

Predicted Score (How often Fleischmann is expected to support Trump based on Trump’s 2016 margin: 94 percent

There shouldn’t be any “blue wave” here in TN-03, just an overwhelming Red Crush. So what’s next? I can only hope that our economy and job growth stay on its current course. I plan on, again, voting for Chuck Fleischmann this election. When it comes to 2020, if his Trump score is anywhere near what it is now, I plan to continue supporting Congressman Fleischmann. 

Finally, keep an eye on the 2020 Congressional Primary. Don’t be surprised if you see the swamp come at Fleischmann in the primary. They may come with their latest and greatest superstar, just watch. Keep in mind how would they beat 97.8 percent though? They couldn’t possibly. What they want is for “Special Interest Groups” to have another seat at the table.

Our district should show Chuck the respect he deserves and not run against him in the 2020 GOP primary. Those who do are against growth and the MAGA movement by definition. Until then, let’s keep America Great, BIGLY.

James Berry 

* * * 

If you’re happy with huge, unnecessary tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the ultra-wealthy at the expense of everyone else, including kids, senior citizens and sick people, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you’re happy having a congressman who doesn't make a peep while our president alienates our most loyal allies and cozies up to a Russian thug who is playing him for a fool, vote Chuck Fleischmann. 

If you want a congressman who proved himself a CHINO (Christian in Name Only) by standing meekly by while our government deliberately traumatized thousands of kids, and essentially orphaned more than 500 of them, in order to deter their parents from committing a misdemeanor (crossing the border illegally) or seeking refuge in our country (a constitutional right), vote Chuck Fleischmann. 

If you want a representative whose idea of interacting with his constituents is holding an occasional “tele-town hall” that requires participants to 1. be one of the fraction of constituents (usually with a landline) who happen to be home to receive a robo-call inviting them to listen in and maybe ask a question; 2. be available to hang out on the phone for 45 minutes or so while Chuck talks MAGA and answers softball questions; and 3. be cool with having their questions screened (hence the softballs), vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you want a congressman whose only public appearances are at fundraisers and photo ops, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you want representation in Congress that will fight for big political donors, especially corporate PACs, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you want one of the biggest Trump sycophants in Congress, one with almost no legislative record to speak of except a series of “yes” votes for policies that ignore best practices in science and economics, vote Chuck Fleischmann.

If you don’t want any of this, well, don’t vote for Chuck.

Oh, and if you don’t like “special interest groups”, like, say, the pharmaceutical companies that fund Chuck’s campaign through corporate PAC donations, while he buys their stock and sits on the House appropriations committee that funds their research projects, which means that he can personally benefit from the decisions he makes as a congressman? Those special interest groups? If you don’t like those, don’t vote for Chuck. Because they’re his bread and butter.

Yes, there’s going to be a blue wave. Those of us who are part of it realize that the current good economy, which began under Obama, is now on seriously shaky ground because of Trump’s irresponsible tariffs and tax cuts, which Chuck supports.

We also understand that the economy is not the only issue at stake in 2018 and beyond. There’s also human dignity, integrity, justice, fairness, civility. You know, American values. Heck, they used to be called Christian values, before a BIGLY number of Christians started worshiping at the altar of moral relativism.

Whatever you call them, we want them back. 

Allison Gorman 

* * *

Dear Ms. Gorman, 

You and Mr. Berry had the perfect Yin Yang [Red/Blue version] of politics going until you brought up "American values that used to be Christian values". I suppose that you forgot that Christian values were tossed out decades ago by the liberal left crowd? All those dated ideas about right and wrong just had to go before we polluted our children with any sense of moral and ethical guidelines. 

Your description of the swamp at the expense of Mr. Fleischmann's record could fit so many politicians on both sides of the aisle it is hilarious. Perhaps the one comment that we have heard echoed over and over is the idea that the current economy is the result of Mr Obama's policies. Forget statistics completely. Just  one thing pops into my head whenever I see this idea put forward.  

The U.S. had a recession beginning in 2009--the worst since the "great depression" and the longest lasting in our history. Unemployment skyrocketed, welfare rolls filled, and the GDP went in the tank. The recession began to turn around after the stimulus package. Most of Wall Street and big business returned to business as usual, throwing corporate parties and living lavish lifestyles--the "sub-swamp".

From that point we were saddled with a national debt that generations will not be able to repay. Was Mr. Obama totally responsible for the recession? Good question. The recession hit under his administration. According to the rules of the Washington Swamp, if it happens under your political party's watch, you [your party] owns it. The real miracle of the economic recovery is that it happened so quickly after Mr/ Trump took office and reversed the great majority of Mr. Obama's policies. What a fantastic coincidence. Perhaps It was a true miracle. However, if we believe in miracles, isn't that a problem in terms of the rising tide against religion? 

Ted Ladd 

* * * 

Human dignity, Ms. Gorman? Does anyone recall the “resist crowd” in their silly toboggans and “nasty woman” T-shirts swamping the airways with comments like “blowing up the White House” and other trash talk? 

Does anyone recall the cold and harsh officials from the Democrat supported Planned Parenthood talking about selling body parts? How about the failed comedienne holding the bloody severed head? Where was the outcry by the leftists who now want to lecture us on human dignity over a policy Obama official Jeh Johnson admitted went on during his term at Homeland Security? But because it’s Trump, the ground is shaking from all the outrage and indignation.

And why do Democrats meekly stand by when people are denied access to speak on college campuses by black masked Antifa thugs who throw firebombs and threaten the peace and tranquility we should expect? Aren’t leftists advocates for toleration and free speech? 

Unnecessary tax cuts, Ms. Gorman? Nancy Pelosi called it crumbs. So do crumbs benefit the wealthy? 

In the leftist world of alternate reality it all makes perfect sense. And that’s how a nearly unknown socialist with no political experience scored a surprising defeat of a well-financed career Democrat politician from the inner circle that once ruled Congress. And since America discovered Bernie, his golden dream of socialism has been creeping across our political landscape like the blob, swallowing up the gullible who believe their fable that the rich should support the rest of us. That’s why the left thinks tax cuts are unnecessary. 

Therefore we here in the Third District should never take anything for granted and think Rep. Fleischmann and his message of free market capitalism makes him a shoo in. No one ever should think their election is a sure thing. And yes, Ms. Gorman, I want a Congressman like Chuck. Democrat Socialism is not the alternative for me. 

Ralph Miller

* * *

Mr. Ladd, 

I am not writing to add my opinion to this chain of comments. I hope there is no response to this comment of mine that would mistake it as partisan or biased. I am simply writing to correct a blatant factual error made by Mr. Ladd in his own comment when he wrote, 

"The U.S. had a recession beginning in 2009--the worst since the "great depression" and the longest lasting in our history.  ... The recession hit under [the Obama] administration. According to the rules of the Washington Swamp, if it happens under your political party's watch, you (your party) owns it."

This is completely and demonstrably false. Commonly known as "the Great Recession," the event Mr. Ladd refers to was a dramatic downturn in the global economy that began precipitating in early 2007. By then the housing market bubble was already preparing to burst, and the first signs of collapse were being recognized by experts. In Spring of 2007 the government-backed lender, Freddie Mac, stopped the practice of purchasing sub-prime securities. By August 2007 New Century Financial and American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. had both filed for bankruptcy. At that point the major credit rating services began to down-grade hundreds of sub-prime securities. Interestingly enough, the stock markets did not react to this turn of events as one might expect, and the Dow Jones managed to rise above 14,000 for the first time in October 2007. But this would be the last of any positive economic news for years.  

It was George W. Bush who was president Mr. Ladd, not Obama, in 2008 when the Great Recession struck our economy. In the summer of 2008 Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae declared bankruptcy. On Sept. 29, the stock market began to nose dive, losing 777 points on that day alone. This coincided with a brutal string of huge financial institutions declaring insolvency: Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, etc. In October of 2008 President Bush signed into law the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which allocated $700 billion federal dollars for the buying up of now-worthless investments off failing financial institutions.

And if this is not proof enough that it is simply wrong to lay blame at the feet of President Obama for the Great Recession, let me remind everyone of the very first question at the very first presidential debate between John McCain and Barrack Obama on Sept. 26, 2008: "Gentlemen, at this very moment tonight, where do you stand on the financial recovery plan?"  

We all have our opinions, though some are more valid than others, and some are more grounded in fact. But we all must respect than we are not privileged to have our own truths.

Nolan Crenshaw 

* * * 

I could not believe the term you used to reference Representative Fleischmann, “Christian in Name Only, CHINO.”  

You can never know the hearts of others to the core of their belief and faith. How dare you imply that Rep. Fleischmann is not genuine in his Christian faith, and just exactly who are you to look deeply into his heart to judge his faith.

April Eidson

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