Lawsuit Says Woman With Traumatic Brain Injury Has Money Withdrawn From Savings, 4 Properties Taken While At Silverdale Jail

Monday, August 26, 2019

A lawsuit says a woman with a traumatic brain injury had money taken from her as well as four properties while she was at the Silverdale Jail.

Julia A. Shields is suing Cherie Gilchrist in Chancery Court.

The suit, filed by attorneys Mike St. Charles, Rebecca Miller and Courtney Keehan, says Ms. Gilchrist, of Soddy Daisy, was unjustly enriched through a confidential relationship with Ms. Shields.

It lists the properties involved as 404 S. Germantown Road, Chattanooga, 1504 Cloverdale Loop, Hixson, and 806 and 808 Hyatte Road, Soddy Daisy.

It says they formerly were held by Johnny and Julia Shields, but went to Julia Childs after his death in 2010.

The suit says Ms. Shields suffered her brain jury on Dec. 21, 2014. It says she got into criminal trouble due to the brain issue.

The complaint says she was placed in a unit for those with severe mental issues and she was placed on a number of strong medications.

It says Ms. Gilchrist obtained a power of attorney from Ms. Shields on Feb. 20, 2015, when she was still at Silverdale.

The suit says Ms. Gilchrist then withdrew $57,455 from Ms. Shields' bank accounts, while closing her money market account. It says less than $750 of the money was used to pay bills for Ms. Shields. It says the remaining funds have not been accounted and it is believed the money was used for the benefit of Ms. Gilchrist and others.

The suit says Ms. Gilchrist on March 13, 2015, withdrew an additional $4,500 from Ms. Shields' saving account and closed it. It says these funds have not been accounted for.

The four properties were quit claimed to Ms. Gilchrist. It says she has allowed her son to live at one of the houses without paying rent.

It says Ms. Shields sought the return of the houses, but Ms. Gilchrist would only make a change so that the houses were in both of their names.





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