Enforce The Mask Mandate Or Death For Many Lies Ahead - And Response (9)

Saturday, November 21, 2020
The news media is in a unique position to save a lot of lives. The sheriff will not enforce a mask mandate unless he feels.. something. At some point. 
Driving around Chattanooga today I saw no one on the street in a mask. Not one of the people walking around, from East Brainerd to North Chattanooga.
Everything is open and people are left with nothing ahead. Except death for many. 
Leigh Monitor

* * *

Masks are not required outdoors when social distancing can be maintained, so there is no lack of enforcement issue here. 

Andy Walker, MD

* * * 

While I'm so glad for you that insist on wearing your mask, great, you all get gold stars.  However, wearing a mask is not helping.

Just look at the numbers. I know people say it's because mask aren't being worn properly.  Or that masks are really protecting you from me. No that's not the case either. It is because people are afraid and this is what our government has said to do. So you do it. 
No we don't need to have our officers be enforcers, they have better things to do. 

Now I know people are going to say I'm selfish because I'm not wearing one and I could give it to someone in my family and they might die. 

Well, let me say this, if I'm not feeling well I don't go out at all. I'm staying home. That may be a concept many are not aware of, if you don't feel good stay home. There are many services that can help you get groceries, food, and other deliveries. Why should I be penalized to stay home or wear a mask when I feel great all because you who are sick won't stay home. 

So you want to call me selfish, how about all the people hoarding toilet paper and paper towels. Seriously, folks. 

I say all this to say I'm not wearing a mask. Stop being bullies to those of us who aren't wearing them. 

Amy Smith

* * * 

Ms. Smith, 

Where have you been the last eight months? You do not have to feel sick to be positive and spread this virus. 

No excuses, by now everyone should know that. They simply choose to ignore it.

David Turner

* * * 

Asymptomatic people don't show symptoms, but can still have the virus and pass it on to others or even later become sicken themselves. That's what the word 'asymptomatic' means, without symptoms or "a condition or a person producing or showing no symptoms." 

I do wear a mask and keep extras handy in my car when I'm out in case someone wants one or forgot and left theirs at home. I keep mine handy when I go visit my soon to be 91-year-old mother and three time cancer survivor who lives alone, and when she needs go on her rounds to pay bills or grocery shop. She basically does everything else on her own. Cooking, cleaning, laundry. This past Saturday when I hopped over she'd been washing windows. So I jumped in and washed a few too. She still enjoys and cherishes being independent and living on her own. She said she'll let me know when or if the time comes where she feels she can no longer live alone. I have to honor and respect her wish and do whatever I can to make sure she stays as healthy as possible. Basically, other than the cancer, she's as strong and stubborn as a mule, and will let you know if she thinks you're being bossy or getting all up in her business. 

My mother told me out of all the 10 children she and my dad produced, I was the only one she doesn't remember ever coming down with chickenpox when my other siblings came down with the virus. Then nearly 60 years later I broke out with a case of shingles. I guess the chickenpox virus had been dormant in my body all those nearly 60 years and something, medication perhaps, may have weaken my immune system and the virus used that as an opportunity to surge forward and 'let it all hang out' so to speak. An extremely painful, irritating and bothersome condition I won't soon forget. 

All it all, it's not about how good and healthy I might be feeling, because even then it doesn't guarantee I can't suddenly be hit with the virus, becoming sicken by it. Neither is there any guarantee just because I might be feeling healthy that I don't have the virus lurking in my system where it could possibly be passed on to someone else. 

And that's what it's all about in a nutshell. It's not about 'me', but 'we' looking out for one another. 

Brenda Washington 

* * * 

What does it mean when you have a mask on when it is 40 degrees or colder and when you breath through it you see your breath?  Asking for a friend.

Michael Mansfield

* * *

The answer to the question: “what does it mean when you breathe while wearing a mask, and it is 40° out, and you see your breath.?”

 Answer:  It means you are not dead yet— because you are wearing a mask.

Michael Mallen, health, safety and environmental attorney

* * * 

I go out just a couple of times a week to run errands and grocery shop, so my observations are limited. However, my eyes tell me the pandemic will be in Chattanooga a long time if those who choose to be irresponsible don't wise up.

My guesstimate is at least 25 percent of people in stores are guilty of being reckless. A few wear no masks, sure. But I see a sizeable amount of people wearing their masks below their noses. Do you know what health experts call these people? Maskless. The same goes for people who use bandanas or other inefficient masks.

What I find particularly upsetting is many of these people are store employees and vendors who can infect a lot of people in a short amount of time. The Walmart on Gunbarrel Road is an especially bad spot. I count at least half a dozen negligent employees and vendors every time I am there. Yes, I try to avoid it whenever possible. I wish these people would wake up.

Sam Taylor

* * * 

Mr. Mallen,

So by your reasoning if I see my breath while not wearing a mask I’m alive in spite of not wearing a mask.  Just for the record I try and avoid crowded areas but if I catch myself in one I will wear a mask in case someone with underlying health conditions is present.  I don’t judge others for wearing or not wearing a mask outdoors as that is their choice and by your reasoning the ones wearing a mask are protected from COVID and have no worries.  Other than that I keep my distance as recommended (I do that during flu season anyway) and avoid close talkers and attorneys that preach medical advice in a condescending manner. 

Chris Morgan

* * * 

Ms. Smith - I don't claim to be an expert on anything - so I rely on people who are.  Since a month or so into this pandemic - every expert in the field of infectious diseases I have seen, heard and/or read about say the same thing - wear masks if you care about yourself and the people around you. 

Of course - mistakes were made in the first weeks and contradictory information was given.  But for the past six months or more - the message has been very consistent - wear a mask, social distance and wash our hands on a regular basis.

If you continue to ignore what these experts say - please don't pretend to have evidence contradicting the value of wearing a mask and the experts endorsing them. 

George Parker

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