John Shearer: Detailed History Of Chattanooga Airport Chronicled At Website

  • Tuesday, July 7, 2020
  • John Shearer

If you want to remember the good old days of commercial airline travel related to Chattanooga, a detailed history with a number of photographs and old articles is now posted at the website.

The website, which is run by David Henderson, the son of a retired Delta pilot, features information primarily on airports in Florida and Georgia, but it also recently posted a six-part history on the Chattanooga airport.

Bill Peterson, a periodic contributor, had written a story on the late Lovell Field namesake and local airport enthusiast John Lovell in 2017 and later encouraged Mr. Henderson to add a historical overview about Chattanooga’s airport at the website. He also passed along some photos and said the historical chronicle was recently posted.

The detailed series features information on the 1930 opening of Lovell Field (before it became Chattanooga Airport), the arrival of Delta service in 1947, and the construction of the 1964 mid-century modern terminal, which featured colorful tile designs of airplanes on the outside walls and the Sky Line Restaurant. The story also carries the history of the airport into the present.

To see the history of Chattanooga’s airport, read at

To see Mr. Peterson’s 2017 story on John Lovell in, read at

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