Roy Exum: Her False Narrative

Sunday, September 13, 2020 - by Roy Exum
Roy Exum
Roy Exum

Three days ago in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, there appeared an opinion article written by Deborah Levine who used an incident that happened at a widely-protested Nazi rally from 81 years ago as a measure of today’s social unrest in the United States. Levine, who is Jewish, quoted one speaker who allegedly said, “We, with American ideals, demand that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it ... we're actively fighting for a socially just, white United States free from Jewish domination."

The author Levine failed to attribute the quote but, far worse, her reference to a 1939 rally at Madison Square Garden was glazed; the truth is that the rally was shouted down, widely denounced, and triggered a deeper hatred for “all Adolph.” Levine said some in the audience “sported swastika arm bans and the organizations’ vigilantes wore uniforms echoing those of Nazi Germany’s storm troopers.

Protesters saw the dangers, but couldn’t defeat it, yet.”

Yet? Let’s look at “yet.” Within six years after the 1939 fiasco at Madison Square Garden the whole of Nazi Germany was crushed by the United States. U.S. troops liberated concentration camps. Hitler committed suicide. His top officers were hanged. Many of the Jewish people became America’s greatest heroes. We didn’t fall for Hitler’s garbage as he became the most despicable human being to every walk on Planet Earth.

Yet Levine mentioned none of that; it didn’t fit her very liberal narrative, nor did her notoriously biased opinion dare include that the United States is today Israel’s greatest ally. Her article, “A Nation in Peril,” was embarrassing with Nazi Germany now stone dead for the last 75 years and her effort to renew such a ghost pathetic. Please.

You see, she wants us to believe the criminals who destroy our cities are vigilantes turned “militia” and “swastikas are commonplace at white supremacy rallies.” Naturally, Levine heaps blame on Trump, not the loathsome Democratic leaders in every strife-torn city where – despite Trump’s publicized efforts to send help – he is roundly rebuffed and the criminals are allowed to go unchecked.

Levine closes, “In 1939 (81 years ago), Nazi supremacists filled Madison Square Garden. In 1959 (61 years ago) George Rockwell founded the America Nazi Party. In 2020 (a full half-century removed) a new generation’s version is powerful and dangerous. Will the country recognize the peril and defeat it? And when?” she asks, seemingly oblivious to the fact the Nazi party is roundly guffawed and, not since War II, has it made as much as a foot of traction in a nation that solidly detests any and every notion of antisemitism. 

Deborah Levine, it seems with your heavy ties to the liberals, you are in a far better position to supply the answer than pose the question … when are you going to shed your prejudices and strive for the common good? The Nazis were buried 75 years ago. While always keeping a wary eye, the United States law enforcement agencies have been able to contain the KKK, the Nazis and far-worse other flakes just fine ... and that’s going on 81 years …

The better question: When are you going to wipe that chip of life-long and carefully nurtured persecution off your shoulder and embrace the vibrant promise of exciting possibilities like Chabad Chattanooga? Rabbi Shaul Perlstein is a Godsend.

Just try! Rabbi Shaul can help! Let go of the atrocities and embrace instead our hopes. Let’s climb rather than console an 81-year-old corpse. Bury your demons with the swastika and instead focus on better days to come. You can’t change the past but you can groom the future. Use a broad brush.

Levine is identified as a trainer/coach and an editor of the American Diversity Report.

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So far in the month of September, the last 13 days have yielded 26 shot and killed, 119 wounded, (Total shot 145)

I want you to consider this:

- - -


If anyone is uncomfortable with the accuracy of these numbers, you can research at:  Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program — FBI

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report and the Washington Post, last year there were 10 million arrests by police...10 Million!!

Out of those 10 MILLION arrests there were 1,004 officer involved fatalities.

Out of those 1,004 officers involved fatalities 41 were unarmed.

Out of those 41-officer involved unarmed fatalities (now you might find it hard to believe I know), but out of 41 deaths, now hear this...

* -- 19 were white

* -- 9 were black -

Now 1 is 1 too many, but to me 41 out of 10 million is a pretty small percentage! (.00041%)

Now ask me how many police officers were killed in the line of duty... c’mon, take a wild guess... 89 police officers, but where was the news media when those took place????

Just to bring it home, take a guess as to how many people were shot in CHICAGO just this last weekend.  In Chicago, a couple of weekends ago 82 people were shot within a 48-hour period. Of those 82 people, 19 people died.

Yes, you got it.  In Chicago – month after month after month, there have been more black people killed by (wait for it...) black people than were killed by police in all of last year! (So far this year (as of 9-12, 2020 at 9 p.m. EDT), there have been 502 people shot and killed, 2,453 shot and wounded, for a total of 2,955 shot in a record-setting spree.

The hypocrisy is mind blowing.  Now go ahead, please do the research and see for yourself.

(Thank you to Bernard Kerik, Former NYPD Police Commissioner for sharing this information.)

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