Thoughts On The Nuclear Family And Senator Blackburn - And Response (3)

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I haven't written in awhile but I thought I must comment on a couple of items that have been brought to my attention in the news and opinion articles.

One is on Mr. Exum's article concerning Joe Smith. This is a great article about a man who appears to be what we all should aspire to. It seems that everything I knew and found out about growing up has changed so drastically to things and ideas that have no basis or logical meanings to. Teaching young children about Planned Parenthood and critical race theory by anyone but the parents is ridiculous.

There are three things that need to be taught in school and that is Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Moral standards need to be taught at home by the parents and that is who needs the coaching. And I am sure some children receive this loving attention to detail at home but others don't.

I actually did grow up in a different time and some things I am horribly ashamed at being exposed to. I was in school when the first African American children were brought into the school gymnasium to be introduced to the faculty and students in the 60's. I was so ashamed at the outburst, yelling and screaming at these young people who were scared to death. I didn't know any of the newcomers but later after I had met them and got to know them I considered them friends because of their hearts and personalities.

I was with my granddaughter and grandson the other day and so impressed by their politeness and love for everything around them. Who causes this, racists and ignorant parents changes these children to later be ungrateful, hateful, racist and uncaring? It starts at home, enough love and attention from decent parents can void all of these derogatory mannerisms.

Our Heavenly Father says love one another, love thy neighbor as yourself and help those who are less fortunate. He never excluded race, color, ethnicity or religious background. He meant love everyone. He also stated the greatest of his commandments was to love one another as I have loved you. How easy is that. You don't need a teacher to teach you love and respect, you need the parents, some of those are the ones who need to be taught.

And my second complaint is with Senator Marsha Blackburn. Senator Blackburn, quit trying to accuse Dr. Fauci of disregarding the COVID-19 origin. Is that all you got, just so you can be highlighted on FOX news? The point is, "who cares".

What does it matter who started the fire and how far it has gotten, because in the meantime 600,000 Americans have died from it. What you need to do, Miss Marsha, is encourage your voters and citizens of this great state is to get their vaccinations. The vaccinations are like rain and will put the fire out. Tennessee is in the top five for lowest vaccinations in the country and one of the most prone to getting infected with the new Delta COVID variant.

Quit worrying about Fauci and represent us and encourage those who have not gotten their shots to do so. You have the stump, lady, so use it for this state's benefit.

Clifton Duggan

* * * 

Mr. Duggan, are you serious when you say who cares about the origins of COV-19?  I for one think it’s very important to know its origins so we can hopefully prevent it from happening again.  Would it not interest you to know if it was weaponized by the Chinese and could be used by other countries who have our demise as their mission? 

And as far as vaccinations go, I have never seen our country encourage and pay for vaccinations to this extent. 

Stupidity is not Senator Blackburn’s fault.  What have you done to encourage people to get vaccinated especially in the black community?   Please please get your head out of the sand.

Brian Watson

* * * 

Mr. Duggan stated, “what does it matter who started the fire,” apparently referring to the origin of the COVID-19 virus. That kind of thinking is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party and the progressives have been pushing since this plague began.

We need to know who started the fire to hold them financially responsible for all the death and destruction they wreaked on the world. We also need to know the origin to stop another such plague. If the CCP was negligent in handling such a dangerous virus, they should be stopped from all research on biological warfare viruses.

Their secrecy and the fact they withheld vital data when this began indicated they were researching viruses as weapons. That secrecy also created conflicting information coming from our health officials. That is why we have so much uncertainty and mistrust right now. China is happy with that outcome and Dr. Fauci’s emails have only made matters worse.

We get it, Mr Duggan, the progressive left resents Senator Blackburn because she defeated Phil. They take every opportunity to slam her and imply she’s stupid. I can’t imagine the man Joe Biden brought a load of cash during the senate campaign asking the important questions Senator Blackburn is asking.

Progressives don’t ask where the plague began. That’s because in the words of Greg Gutfeld, the only thing progressives do is make things progressively worse. So keep asking, Senator, you are reflecting the wishes of the majority of Tennesseans who elected you.

Ralph Miller

* * * 

Duggan's Rule: I like the idea of assigning the title of this piece to a writer on this page that spoke truth only to be laughed at and scolded for saying things that ring truth to pretending. My personal interest in the subject of politics was always oh hum until and when the likes of Donald Trump began spreading fantasy stories beginning with a birth certificate to eating babies. 

The Duggan rule always benefits the better of humanity, not the opposite of silence the message because the message frightens. Oh, dear, I just said something that many do not want to recognize. When truth is spoken the message rings and rings truth until those that fear the message find unreasonableness the catch word. 

The horror of the VP not visiting the Mexican border. The question anyone should ask is what would be accomplished by this visit? Another, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been and continues to be the person we see on television advising us to be careful; get our COVID shots etc. Instead, the other side petrified of change speaks out against the man doing his job for all of us. Still another, President Biden is a dowdy old man that cannot speak in full sentences and the then the former President cannot speak a full paragraph without lies. 

The fear from Senator Blackburn and that character in North Georgia, Greene, keep us all off balance. Truth would help from them so that all of us can resume a normalcy and purpose.

Let me add this footnote.  Trump is returning to the presidency in just one short month. Aren't we all sitting on the edges of our seats anticipating more of what?  

The left versus the right have a place in government and in society. We can make differences work for all. We cannot progress as a society believing in fascism. There, I have said the dreaded word. To the left, be very careful what you so fervently wish for.

Robert Brooks 

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