Jeff Styles, Other Personnel At NoogaRadio, Say They Are Leaving The Station En Masse

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Longtime local radio talk show host Jeff Styles said Thursday that he and other personnel at NoogaRadio, 92.7, are leaving the station en masse.

Mike Lisowski, general sales manager, said, "It is with deep sadness I  regret to inform you that as of Friday the "Fred the Show" morning crew, including Jeff Styles, a beloved 29-year veteran of local talk radio, Jen Lambert, also general manager who brought 20+ years of experience in marketing, advertising, promotions and design, Jason Kirk, also our operations manager who brought a multitude of knowledge and technical expertise, not to mention his sales ability, will be parting ways with NoogaRadio."

He said Russell Stroud, news director, "is still undecided as to his plans but hopes to continue honing his skills as an on-air news reporter and announcer.

The general manager said, "Jeff Styles is pursuing numerous options, including taking some time off from early morning duties, and is deeply, sincerely appreciative of the opportunity afforded him by NoogaRadio to continue entertaining and informing our community through these last extremely difficult months when honest communication was most needed and an unfortunate rarity. His podcasts, 'Rockaeology' and 'Storyville', will live on at"

Mr. Styles had switched from his longtime gig at 102.3 Talk Radio after he was let go by the station following his arrest in a road rage incident.

Mr. Lisowski said sports broadcaster Keon Rose will be moving to Arizona to advance his career in Market 14.

The announcement said Mr. Lisowski, "who brought years of strategic planning, process development and coordination as well as a natural penchant for promotions and customer service, will also be moving on to pursue other endeavors."

The statement said, "Unfortunately, after four years, a lot of blood, sweat and tears and a whole lot of love, the station ownership has chosen to take NoogaRadio in a direction that most of us feel we are unable to stand behind.

"We are so grateful and proud to have been able to entertain you for as long as we have and, as the general manager, I am able to move on with my head held high knowing that I gave it my all.

"We genuinely hope we can bring our relationship to an amicable end in the most professional manner leaving no burned bridges, hard feelings or severed business relationships.

"Thank you so much to all of our advertisers, supporters and, most of all, to our devoted listeners, you will be missed."

Jeff Styles said of the departures, "We were hurtling toward a lack of localism and consistency with real pros at the helm.

"The owner did nothing to me other than keep his word on our original handshake agreement two-and-a-half years ago. I have no beef with him as a man. 
"But everyone else was really suffering and it was only a matter of time.  Our success had too many moving parts for his experience, skill set and business acumen.
"When you can't enter into long range plans with advertisers due to worries about whimsical programming changes making you out to be a liar...i just don't wanna be on that ship when it hits the reef."

The station, which advertises itself as "Local Radio Done Right," was formerly owned by Jim Brewer, but he died of cancer.

It is now owned by Sabatino Cuppelli.



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