Why I Am Leaving My Nursing Job - And Response (6)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

CHI Memorial, Dignity Health, and All Administrators in Chattanooga, TN and throughout our companies, the following letter is my heart felt forced termination for not complying to allow, against my own will, the injection of an illegally mandated vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization.

First, I would like to express I have enjoyed working in my unit for the last three years. We have a culture of helping and supporting each other through the best and worst of times. I worked through the 2020 COVID pandemic when we did not have proper PPE. Our facility’s PPE policies were changed several times to omit use of PPE used with infectious diseases we once would take protection from when encountering. Our loop masks that we wore for the entire 12-hour shift came in a box for months that stated on the side “not for medical use.” In the beginning of the pandemic, we were not afforded N95 masks unless we worked in the COVID units then we were able to have 1 N95 mask, we were handed a brown paper lunch bag with a sheet of paper to log each shift we wore it for. After 7 shifts of wearing the same N95 mask we could turn it in for a new one while the used one was sent for sterilization. Loop masks and N 95 masks are only made for a one-time use, but we knew PPE was limited and took what we could get.

Each day I worked I had no idea what I would be walking into or what disease I might take home to my own family and children, BUT I showed up and worked tirelessly with my work family. Even through months of mandatory pandemic overtime I WORKED without proper PPE and without compensated payment for exposure. I was able to work in the COVID ICU to see which PPE they used and the process of donning, doffing, Code Blue in COVID rooms, and the dependency they had on each other because otherwise we could not make it.

There were signs made that sat in front of our hospital that spelled out “Heroes work here.” Administrators met us at the door coming and going from our shift cheering for us. We had catered food delivered. I remember one morning in particular administrators met us at the door to give us small bags of candy just before Christmas 2020, then we were delivered a $15 gift card through the mail at home but paid our own taxes on our paychecks. Honestly why did you not keep your candy, cheering, and signs and just pay the small taxes for each gift card? I did not feel like a hero at all, I felt expendable just as I do now.  Administrators would not come to our units, JACHO would not come into hospitals, and even patients were terrified to show up at the hospital to receive needed care. Many nurses, respiratory therapists, cleaning staff, and others left us in 2020 either to leave the bedside all together or to travel, but I was there, and I worked.

Secondly, the mandated vaccine. I am educated with an Associates Degree in Nursing and will complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing next month. I have bedside experience not only with infectious COVID positive patients, but also post COVID patients or what some have coined the phrase as COVID long haulers. If anyone is educated and informed enough to make a conscious decision of medical treatment, vaccination, or health plan I am 100% qualified to make that decision for myself and my children. I am a patient and staff advocate. We at the bedside educate each patient, as it is their right, of their care plan and medications. Our patients have a RIGHT to refuse any treatment or medication for whatever reason they choose, and I will stand beside them on their educated decision. If a patient chose to refuse lifesaving treatment and would rather go home to pass peacefully then I support their decision, this is what we do! I do not force treatment on patients against their will because this is against the law, unethical, and immoral. I must also advocate for myself too because no one else obviously will.

One of our Dr.’s came to our unit about a month ago to answer questions regarding the EUA vaccines and explained the mRNA process of how it enters and builds immunity in our bodies, but he left out information that the mRNA base is made of aborted fetal tissue. I NEVER thought I would see the day that working for a CATHOLIC hospital where I can pray with my patients that I would have to defend my judgement and religious beliefs of not wanting a forced aborted baby tissue based medical treatment. Therefore, I will not. I simply say NO and no means no.

Third, there is no FDA approved mRNA COVID vaccine available at this time, and I am very aware that Comirnaty is not even being produced for use in the United States to date. The vaccines being administered remain under Emergency Use Authorization with NO information on the package insert and NO way to obtain compensation for those that experience adverse effects, permanent damage, or loss of life. Also, I know that our employer does not cover or insure this either secondary to taking these vaccines. The only way for anyone to be held accountable is by accepting the injection of Comirnaty, the FDA approved vaccine, that is NOT AVAILABLE. Facts remain that this would be a great place to build a hospital one day, with values of Excellence, Reverence, Compassion, Integrity, and Inclusion because as it stands today the only staff upholding these values are the soldiers in the trenches, or bedside, NOT the administrators sitting at their desks deciding an unlawful vaccine is best for ME to place in my body for immunity. God gave me an excellent immune system and it builds antibodies all by itself.

Also, please do not try to tell me that this is for the peace of mind of my patients and their families because I have held the hand of a dying man, cried with his wife, and consoled his daughter as he took his last breath. All three of them were fully vaccinated, he was dying from COVID, his wife had just recovered, and NO ONE asked me if I was vaccinated. When it comes down to it this your business, not a loving hospital that I thought I was employed by.

Lastly, there will be a day coming soon when more staff walk away, get terminated, or those left behind after the mass exodus become weary, when there will be no more nurses or staff to hire. If this company thinks it is so bad now because there is a “bed shortage” when we all know its a staffing shortage, there are darker days ahead. During all this pandemic if CHI Memorial and Dignity Health would have just taken care of those loyal to them then you would not be facing have to pay travel nurses up to $110 an hour to fill my shoes. My last date of employment, caring for patients and families, precepting residents, and contributing to all the awards this hospital receives will be October 4, 2021.

Sincerely Outraged and Grieving,

Maria Wright RN

* * *

I read Ms. Wright's story, which she signed "sincerely outraged and grieving," and I have to say that I am very very sad for her, and anyone in her awful situation.  Anyone being forced to take a vaccine that they themselves have a personal objection to, or else lose their job, is in an awful situation.

It seems especially ridiculous that we would force our heroes in the medical field, or police, fire, military, teachers, etc - get the vaccine or you can't serve your country any more in this profession.
This is not how we treat our heroes.

We stand on interstate bridge overpasses and hold signs of love and admiration and wave American flags when our soldiers go off to war, but then we turn around and make war on these same people when they don't personally believe they should take a COVID vaccine?

Are you so scared of COVID that you would force your way on someone like this?  Don't you think people can make up their own minds?  Who gave you the power to overpower someone else in this way?  Don't we have any respect for someone that has a view that is different from our own?

The people that sell vaccines have a lot of interest in promoting them.  When they say the 4th and 5th and 6th boosters are needed, you can get them if you want to.  But are we going to start new rounds of firing employees every time a new booster shot comes out, if they don't want it?

If what Ms. Wright says is true, and she really is a real person that is being treated this way by her employer in Chattanooga at this hospital (to get the vaccine or be fired, or resign), then Ms. Wright
please send me an email through Mr. Wilson at the Chattanoogan and my family will do what we can to help.  You can have a seat at our dinner table - maybe we can work out a schedule for once a week or something to start.  Maybe others in our community with similar concern for you will reach out and offer some help as well, while you look for an employer who can treat you with more respect.  I am so sorry you are going through this.

David Shinn

* * *

As I read Nurse Wright's heart-felt resignation letter I feel that the country’s temperature is sitting at 211°.


Nurse Wright, Mr. Sells and many others including myself are trying to tell others that we just want to be left alone. Let us do or jobs and live our lives as we supposable have those freedoms in our country.


See there is information out there and it is not only our opinion but the opinion of many that so much of the pain, suffering and death has been orchestrated by mis-information and propaganda on so many fronts all for the purpose of furthering the headlong rush into Progressivism / Communism where the government runs people’s live by command and control.


We now can see the government’s influence on Catholic organizations such as Memorial Hospital who are now forcing this experimental “vaccine” on all their employees going against people’s religious views and Miss Wright I commend your stand and I stand with you. I dare say that COVID has been very good for the bottom line for all heath care facilities as it’s been awhile since I heard any shortfalls for Erlanger as I’m sure the governmental compensation is more than what we can even imagine.


The truth is out there from the testimonies at the FDA hearing on the booster shots to many articles and studies including Ivermectin success in reducing the death rate in India’s Uttar Pradesh to .04 percent where they are now “COVID free” all because they didn’t listen to Fauci, WHO, NIH and all nay-sayers of Ivermectin.  


It is way past time that this all comes to an end and it won’t be because everyone is vaccinated.


Be blessed and ready,


Jay Reed


* * *


Did you receive your influenza vaccines? They are mandated each year for all health care workers?  Scientist rush those together each year to cover as many variants as possible. 
I'm sorry you are retiring early due to COVID, but if one of my loved ones or myself are In the hospital, the nurse and physician better have their COVID vaccines.
Have you recently checked the statics of deaths in the unvaccinated? Compare those to the ones who received their vaccines. 

Thanks for your nursing services.

Best wishes

Tammy Greene

* * * 

Ms. Greene, if you've been vaccinated, then why should you care if your doctor or nurse has been vaccinated or not? You're protected, right?

I don't know Nurse Wright but I suspect she did take the influenza vaccine because 1) It doesn't use aborted fetal cell lines in the vaccine and 2) Influenza vaccines are fully approved by FDA. The current COVID vaccine is not FDA approved regardless of all the hype from the media. You were lied to. There is only one vaccine that has been FDA approved. It's called Comirnaty and it isn't available anywhere at this time. Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna are all still being given under Emergency Use Authorization, which means that legally, they are still considered an experimental vaccine and they still enjoy no legal liability for any adverse effects from the vaccine.

I feel certain there will be many lawsuits regarding employers mandating that their employees be forced to take an experimental vaccine against their will as a condition of their continued employment.

John Hodge

* * *

It is very disturbing that people who worked to get us through a very hard time are now discarded like none of it meant a thing.

I know why the drug companies and our corrupt government are pushing this, but I never cease to be amazed that our fellow citizens are okay with making good people choose between their livelihoods and an experimental vaccine (that at best functions more like a therapeutic).

The same people that were good enough to risk their lives for over a year fighting this are suddenly too dangerous to keep around any longer.

This has nothing to do with health or science or even common sense at this point. I just hope there is someone around the next time we need “heroes”.

I wish Ms. Wright luck in her future endeavors. She deserves better.

Sherece Manchester

* * * 

Thank you, ma'am, for explaining far better than I ever could why this "vaccine" isn't what it's supposed to be.  I appreciate your honesty and like everyone else I'm 110 percent behind you. 

This fight between the vax vs. unvaxed is merely something that politicians hope will take our eyes off the ball. If and when I can sue your pants off for making me sick or killing me...then I'll take your vaccine.  If you're so proud of it, if it is so darn good, what are you afraid of?  Early on OSHA posted that if you worked for a company and if you took the jab and if it caused you health problems you could sue the company that made it part of your employment.  Well that lasted about four weeks and they quickly changed direction.  Don't believe me, research it yourself.  No way would the employers go for that, it would bankrupt them...follow the money.

Ma'am, thank you for pulling the curtain back and letting us see the Wizard.

Sue White


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