We Are Not Latinx

  • Monday, October 3, 2022

Hispanic Heritage month was established to honor the rich history, traditions, values and language of the Hispanic culture. While the ways in which we contribute to this great country change, our traditions, values and language do not. That is why over 90 percent of Latinos do not identify with the term Latinx. In fact, the term is offensive and an assault on Hispanic and Latino values. Call us Hispanic or Latinos, but do not call us Latinx. When immersed in our culture one learns that we value God, family and country. 

Latinos value God. We grew up buying the candles that pictured Jesus or the Virgin Mary. We looked forward to the cooked meal served at church after the pastor’s sermon. Some of us had to explain to our teachers why birthdays were not celebrated at home. In December, we celebrate Mary and Joseph’s journey that led them to Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born. In January, we celebrate the three kings that brought gifts to baby Jesus. Our faith lies in God. 

Latinos value family.  Family means everything to us, and we will do anything to protect the family unit.  We respect the dignity of every family member even when they are in the womb. Children are taught to respect their elders and honor their parents. Fathers work hard to provide for their family while mothers work hard to make the home a happy place. In most homes, Sunday is reserved for God and family.

Latinos value country. The United States is the land of opportunity for Latinos. We know that through hard work we can achieve the American Dream. We reject the notion that the United States is a racist country.  While we may have a heart for the country our family came from, our allegiance and loyalty are to the United States. We stand for the values that founded this great country. 

If our culture is truly respected, do not come between us and our God, our family, and our country. Oh, and do not call us Latinx.  

Scarlen Valderaz
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