Rhea County Commission's Assault On The Bill Of Rights

  • Friday, October 7, 2022
On this anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain and Alvin York's single-handed victory over foes of the USA, I'll bring up to date the latest assault on the Bill of Rights by the Rhea County Commission. 
Under the guise of the "Sunshine Law " or "Open Meetings Act," our Commission decided to issue a modified gag order so that one has to address the agenda as THEY ORDER it.  In the first place, the 'agenda' is not to be known about BEFORE the meeting, since this law forbids prior or secret conversation about things to come, but all has to be formulated in the open meeting before the public.
So to restrict the comments to something which has been formulated BEFORE the open meeting makes a joke of the whole process since the rehearsal is illegal.
Secondly, I am, to the chagrin of the enemies of the Bill of Rights, recovering from serious illness and surgery in which my life was in jeopardy. So I am in not a real good mood to tolerate tyranny or infractions of something which our forefathers fought for both at Kings Mountain or the Argonne Forest. I am in possession of at least three Federal cites, including 18 USC 241, Conspiracy Against Rights, which brings stiff fines and at least a 10-year prison sentence.  
There's nothing more satisfying to a sick patriot than justice. May I recommend to your readers a book by Matt Trewella, called THE DOCTRINE OF THE LESSER MAGISTRATES which proves all the way back to the Magna Charta that these petty tyrants need to study a little more history and not listen to some shellacked professional from UT trying to save them from the ramblings of their constituent rabble.
"WE THE PEOPLE in order to form a more perfect union..." A more perfect union is coming..." It is a REVIVAL of the Bill of Rights.
June Griffin


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