Evictions Max Resources Of Homeless Coalition

  • Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Please fellow community members, let’s step up and donate to the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition to house 700 victims of mass eviction that were given 12 hour notice to leave their home.  

Let’s step in their shoes.

The Homeless Coalition reported the following,

“The Budgetel hotel in East Ridge was unexpectedly closed down on Wednesday, displacing approximately 700 residents, including over 170 children and seven hospice patients. Together, partners and providers from across the area came together to provide food, comfort, and encouragement, while working to find safe places for everyone to lay their heads.  Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition started an Emergency Hotel Fund, and, with the help of community partners, raised almost $30,000.  THDA provided an additional $50,000 in Emergency Solutions Grant funding to help with hoteling and rehousing the displaced residents.”

The mass eviction victims included 170 children and seven hospice patients. They were ejected from their homes with less than a half a day notice.  District Attorney, have you lost your mind, or are you acting on behalf of people with vested interest at Exit One seeking a quick eviction of 700 people?    

Was the Bugetel the most crime ridden housing in Hamilton County?  

Can we expect more victims of mass eviction?

The Homeless Coalition goes on to report,

“To date, CRHC has spent nearly all of the Emergency Hotel Fund to provide emergency hotel assistance for 62 children and 92 adults. CRHC instantly deployed resources to offer 56 rooms to those impacted at other hotels throughout the county for two weeks while further planning occurs.  Without support from the community and funding from THDA, 71 percent of the households with children would have been forced to sleep in their cars or other unsheltered locations.”

Can you imagine what $20 for each of us would do in helping 700 victims of mass eviction?

The victims and our community can rise above this.  CRHC and EPB, thank you for leading the effort to house 700 victims of mass eviction.  Time to donate, here I go.


Happy Thanksgiving,

April Eidson

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