Roy Exum: Thanksgiving, 2022

  • Thursday, November 24, 2022
  • Roy Exum
Roy Exum
Roy Exum

As we pause ever so quickly to give thanks, here are some thoughts that will go through my mind …

I AM THANKFUL that Paul Pelosi was not injured any worse than when a deranged intruder broke into his San Francisco home in an angry search for his wife, Nancy. The 82-year-old suffered a serious head injury, and the perpetrator was charged with attempted murder. Enough is enough!

I AM THANKFUL that Chattanooga is blessed with “CityScope” magazine … every issue of the popular magazine drips with class and beauty and grace… which I appreciate more and more.

I AM THANKFUL for girls everywhere who play middle and high school basketball. What a glorious testimony to the game these gals are and kudos to those who coach them.

I AM THANKFUL for Winston Churchill’s ageless observation, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

I AM THANKFUL for the life of Erskine Peoples, who unselfishly served on the boards of the Hamilton County schools, Erlanger Hospital and Siskin after starting out as a band instructor. He died a couple of weeks ago at age 91.

I AM THANKFUL for the thrills that University of Tennessee football teams delivered this fall. Wow, beating Alabama was a tremendous feat when you realize the vaunted Tide just lost two games this season by a total of four points. And what about Vanderbilt with two SEC wins after a lengthy drought?

I AM THANKFUL, as always, that the Pilgrims spied a turkey before they found an opossum.

I AM THANKFUL for the wisdom of Norman Vincent Peale: "A basic law: The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for."

I AM THANKFUL for December 17, the day when Christmas wreaths grace the markers of our fallen veterans all across America and the fact to view many at our National Cemetery will trigger tears of gratitude.

I AM THANKFUL when I remember to include a cup of vegetable soup with my lunch at the Cracker Barrel.

I AM THANKFUL that Baylor is playing for the state title in this, the first year under Coach Erik Kimrey.

I AM THANKFUL that UT football, despite the heart-rending loss to South Carolina, is back in the national “conversation.” Great golly, Tennessee is ranked – right now – 9th in the AP poll. To paraphrase Dr. Suess, don’t cry because of one or two games; be happy that this season we got to see it happen … the Georgia and South Carolina losses are all part of the total process. Look instead at what is ahead!

I AM THANKFUL that in the hot summers, somebody came up with the idea of an ice cream sandwich. Lordy, I love ‘em.

I AM THANKFUL every time I hear a children’s choir.

I AM THANKFUL the best advice for this weekend is “Avoid any shopping malls.”

I AM THANKFUL for Hamilton County attorney Rheubin Taylor, a gentleman of the first order who has served us well. County Mayor Weston Wamp wants desperately to improve every facet of county leadership, which is why we elected him, but a contract must always be honored.

I AM THANKFUL there will never come the day when Blood Assurance has “enough.” Bravo to the donors whose gifts save countless lives in our community.

I AM THANKFUL that Soddy Daisy is getting an emergency medicine facility and, trust me on this, the growth potential in north Hamilton County will boggle your mind. Now, what about the sewage treatment puzzle?

I AM THANKFUL the words, “Thank you” will never go out of style. Use them often.

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