Voting For Walker Will Make Georgia A Laughing Stock - And Response (3)

  • Sunday, December 4, 2022

Re: Georgia Senate Poll - Warnock v. Walker

While I'm confident that the poll results include many Tennesseans, I offer to all who chose Walker the following to think about:

1. If you said you vote for the better man over the party, you're hypocritical. Look at the quality of the candidates that would represent Georgia (MTG and Walker). Apparently the Republicans have zero intelligent candidates. Or is it a question of "the dumber, the better"?

2. If you vote for the party because of the issues, what has Walker said about the issues? He's said nothing, except favoring a nationwide ban on abortion.

3. Will Walker actually understand the issues without being them being spoon fed to him by his handlers? Ads paint Warnock as President Biden's lackey, but won't the same hold true for Walker as McConnell's lackey (think Tommy Tuberville, AL, who knows nothing about governing).

4. Will Walker have the capability to introduce anything beneficial to Georgians? During the campaign, he has said nothing about what he will accomplish. Think MTG, who didn't even try introduce a bill that would be beneficial to Georgians. Sure, if she had, that still might not have passed; but she didn't even try.

5. Will Walker be able to understand what is good for Georgia, and vote for a bill introduced by a Democrat? Or will he prove he's McConnell's lackey and vote against anything introduced by a Democrat (a la MTG)?

You voted for MTG, making her district a laughingstock. Voting for Walker will make Georgia a laughing stock.

Joe Warren

* * *

I’m used to differing views in politics at my age by now. I just would like to ask you, Mr. Warren, have you looked at Warnock’s voting record so far?

I don’t agree with Joe Biden, so I can’t vote for Warnock, period.

Sometimes the vote against a candidate is more important than the other guy. You know, the lesser of two evils.

I am privileged to have grown up in an adjoining town south of here and have known Hershel Walker for 40 years. He will vote on issues with his values. I will be fine with that.

Maybe you are fine with the direction the country is going, I’m not. The working people of Georgia will vote for Walker like me, because he is not a Joe Biden lackey.

Scott Sammons

* * *

Joe Warren keeps mentioning Walker but describes his President and the Democratic Party in full detail. Meanwhile the world continues to laugh at Biden.

Michael Burns

* * * 

Mr. Burns,

Progressives should not be held accountable for knowing what Hershel Walker’s positions are on any issue. When you get your news from NPR or MSNBC, it’s not going to be anything positive about Walker.

This election cycle, I heard many of the usual Democrat talking heads say “Republicans have no plan for solving problems” whether it’s the border crisis, inflation or energy. They know their constituents are also listening to MSNBC or NPR and they won’t hear the Republican solutions. That’s how it works now.

Ralph Miller

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