Commissioners Need To Find Common Ground To Work With County Mayor Wamp - And Response

  • Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Commissioner David Sharpe and the rest of Hamilton County Commissioners:

I am so thankful that you have grown tired of the soap opera and drama, and maybe you can cut it out as “we the people” have grown weary of the attempted undermining of our new county mayor. County Mayor Wamp was elected county wide, rather than by one district, and is paid at a rate of almost 800 percent of a commissioner’s pay. There is a logical reason for it.

Before you get your skivvies in a wad, hear this. Your job is important and we expect you to do it. I think most of you do, so thank you. However, I also see this body of commissioners playing the role of “road blockers” to the county mayor, something that is a waste of time, energy and money. Such tactics only manage to drive a wedge between County Mayor Wamp and the commissioners, opposite of what you should be doing, working together. We all like Mr. Taylor, but it’s not a popularity contest. The county attorney is there to first serve at the purview of the county mayor and the mayor has the choice of who it’s going to be.

Hamilton County, Tn. is a great place to reside. We have so much to offer and I want to see us continue to grow at a sustainable pace. It’s going to take team work and that will mean finding common ground to work with the leader. So far he has done a remarkable job of not being distracted.

There, I’ve had my say. It’s time for all the Wamp haters to reply, but let’s keep it on this subject and not go to the “I don’t like him because he eats raisin bread” stuff.

J. Pat Williams

* * * 

Shouldn't it read "County Mayor Wamp Needs to find common ground to work with County Commissioners"? the way I see it Wamp is the new "kid" on the block. And he has tried nothing to get along with anyone. He does not even want to sit with the commissioners.

Some will say he did that to save money. Okay, then why did he go out and lease the most expense car he could find? He probably wants to get rid of Mr. Taylor to hire one of his dads' friends or someone he owes a favor to. Or maybe even hire his dad, that way the whole family will be running the county.

Mr. Wamp has come in with no experience in government whatsoever and seems to be listening to no one. If he was smart, he would have had Mr. Taylor's contract expire then he could have hired who he wanted. 

Melvin Gillilan

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