New Chattanooga Police Department Rules Will Increase Your Premiums And Make Lawyers Rich - And Response

  • Friday, December 9, 2022

After January 1, 2023, expect your car insurance premiums to increase.

On that date, police officers will no longer determine fault for a majority of car wrecks, resulting in more lawsuits to determine responsibility. If you are not the one at fault, expect to be paying your deductible to get your car repaired since the lack of a police investigation will shift the cost to you.

Without a determination of fault, expect to pay for your rental car.

More lawsuits will mean your insurance company will pay more money to its lawyers to defend lawsuits which will result in an increase in your premiums.

You have heard this excuse from insurance companies for years, but this time it is true.

After your wreck it is up to you to call a number from the accident and listen to a recording. It may be hard to hear the recording standing on the side of I-24 during the morning rush hour.

You are supposed to ask the other driver to show you their proof of insurance. You are supposed to ask the driver for his drivers license. If the driver refuses, you will have to use your insurance, even if the wreck is not your fault. That may result in your car insurance being canceled, or at least your premiums increased.

The lack of a police investigation will increase lawsuits by at least 25 percent which is great for insurance defense lawyers, but not for Chattanooga drivers.

C. Mark Warren, Esq.

* * *

If you look really hard, this rule can make a lot of sense.  The Chattanooga Police can't give rides to the homeless and investigate car wrecks.  Something had to go and it was bye bye to car wreck investigations.


The new Chief Of Police (COP) of Gig City came from Atlanta.  The city of Atlanta also has a rule to not investigate car wrecks with no injuries.  Coincidence?    Is the Chief Of Police (COP) bringing those Atlanta values to Chattanooga?

One of the reasons given for Atlanta going to this rule was for police to give more attention to crime. Is that a reason Chattanooga is going to this rule?  Insinuating there's
more crime than Chattanooga police can handle?

I think the mayor king of Gig City should get his Chief Of Police (COP), who hails from Atlanta, to rescind this upcoming rule. That's what I'm wishing for this Christmas and it's the right thing to do for the ordinary citizens of Gig City.  HO HO HO or Get a lump of coal.

I pay homage to Jerry Summers for "Gig City".

Phil Snider

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