Family Law Attorneys In Support Of Mike Dumitru

  • Friday, April 15, 2022

We are delighted to endorse Mike Dumitru for the position of Circuit Court judge for Hamilton County, Tennessee.  In the aggregate, we have practiced family law for more than 50 years. From that vantage point, we understand the importance of judges who are naturally humble, innately wise, and extremely empathetic.  Mike Dumitru possesses these qualities in abundance.

Because he is so humble, Mike Dumitru will listen to the parties’ conflict with complete empathy and will treat the parties with dignity. Because he is so wise, Mike Dumitru will appreciate the long term consequences of his decisions and will do whatever he can to moderate the impact on the children.

We know Mike Dumitru personally.  We cherish the devotion and love he lavishes on his family.  It is refreshing and uplifting! Mike’s wife and children are the primary focus of his energy.  Together with his wife, he is striving to help his children become contributing members of society.

We value his commitment to community service.  Our community can be the beneficiary of his extraordinary vision for the future: a judicial forum where family law matters garner the time and attention necessary for a fair and just outcome, laced with wise and extraordinary instructions.

This community needs and deserves to have someone of Mike Dumitru’s character as the next Circuit Court judge, Division II.  Please join us in supporting him.

Glenna Ramer and Chrissy Mincy

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