Where Has Sabrena Smedley Been For The Past 8 Years?

  • Friday, April 15, 2022

She's been at your kitchen table listening and working for what matters most to you and spearheading regular community meetings connecting county and city government to address your concerns. Sabrena helped lead the fight against forced annexation and provided a path for much-needed improvements to school facilities. And ensured life-saving equipment was on hand.

Sabrena Smedley works diligently with TDOT and state officials to address our busy roads and the need to improve our infrastructure. She stands her ground alongside her neighbors to be their voice and representation.

Sabrena Smedley is one of the toughest, most tender-hearted individuals I've ever met. As a single mom, she earned her way with grit, determination, and a passion for providing a better life for her children with no extra hand-ups, handouts, or advantages. She earned a master's degree in business while balancing running her small business and being the voice of District 7 on the County Commission with determination and compassion.

She has been elected twice to serve as chairman of the County Commission, a great responsibility in working alongside County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

Over the past eight years, I've seen her servant's heart at work, and trust me, trying to keep up with Sabrena is impossible; her energy and drive are unmatched. Work is her language, and she pauses only to hug her precious grandchildren or grab a bite to eat with her dedicated husband, Mark.

During our many collaborative community meetings over the years, it was Sabrena who could pack the room to ensure neighbors had the information they needed. Her exceptional skill to connect with people is a genuine attribute to doing her job extremely well as a county commissioner. I've witnessed Sabrena roll up her sleeves to help victims of the East Brainerd Easter Tornado pick up the pieces of their lives. Organize crisis clean-up and coordinate with first-responders who stand as the pillar of strength and hope for our entire community.

In this election, we need the proven leadership and ability Sabrena will carry into the mayor's office on day one, just as she has done for the past eight years. There are a lot of changes coming to county government this fall, and now is the time for proven and tested.

Where has Sabrena been for the past eight years, you might ask? Easy to answer, preparing to lead our county with the experience that matters most for the job as our next county mayor.

Darrin T. Ledford
Chairman, Chattanooga City Council

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