Top City Of Chattanooga Salaries 2022

  • Wednesday, June 29, 2022

(Note - the Mayor's salary will increase along with the county mayor, but that has not yet been set at the county.)

Employee Name Department Name Position Name SalaryRate
Bean, Russell J General Government City Judge $194,803.00
Paty, Sherry B General Government City Judge $194,803.00
Kelly, Tim A Executive Branch Mayor $179,460.00
Murphy, Celeste M Police Police Chief $175,100.23
O'Donnell, Emily Ahlquist General Government City Attorney $168,678.01
Noblett, Phillip A. General Government Deputy City Attorney $168,082.21
Goldberg, Phillip Brent Finance City Finance Officer $164,441.23
Ewalt, Ryan M Executive Branch Chief Operating Officer $164,439.50
Hutka, Thomas J Public Works Administrator Public Works $160,680.00
Steward, Tamara H Equity and Community Engagement Chief Equity Officer $159,650.00
Thongnopnua, Joda A Executive Branch Chief of Staff $157,014.85
Hill, Corinne M. Public Library Executive Director Library $148,111.82
Martin, Scott D Parks and Outdoors Administrator Parks & Outdoors $144,488.40
Sewell, Stanley L General Government City Auditor $140,000.00
Anderson, Chris M. Executive Branch Senior Advisor for Legislative Initiatives $137,917.00
Bursch, Julia N Executive Branch Deputy Chief Operating Officer $137,917.00
Freeman, Jermaine E Executive Branch Senior Advisor for Econ Opp $137,917.00
Jones, Karitsa Mosley Early Learning Administrator Early Learning $137,917.00
Lawrence, Amanda J(Mande) Human Resources Chief Human Resources Officer $137,917.00
Moreland, Timothy Iaggi IDP Administrator IDP $137,917.00
Morris, Tyson Andrew IT Chief Info Technology Officer $137,917.00
Sammons, Anthony O. Community Development Administrator Community Devt $137,917.00
Satterfield, Brooke L Executive Branch Deputy Chief of Staff $137,917.00
Yates, Kirsten M Executive Branch Senior Advisor Communications and Digital Strategy $137,917.00
Reuter, Daniel J City Planning Administrator City Planning $136,760.31
Hyman, Philip A FIRE Fire Chief $136,238.36
Drumeller, Ronald Corey(Ron) Air Pollution Bureau Executive Director APCB $135,196.15
Tucker, Eric Leonard Police Police Chief of Staff $133,900.00
Bartenfield, Kevin M General Government Chief Procurement Officer $129,300.02
Payne, William C Public Works City Engineer $124,875.57
Irvin, Jason Russell Police Assistant Police Chief $121,540.00
McCullough, Zachary S Police Assistant Police Chief $121,540.00
Scruggs, Glenn A Police Assistant Police Chief $121,540.00
Malueg, Valerie Leanne General Government Staff Attorney 2 $120,594.62
Rennich, Karen R City Planning Deputy Director Planning $117,902.48
McKinney, Jason Wade Parks and Outdoors Deputy Administrator PO $117,448.12
Lambert, Mary Ineal Executive Branch Director Community Health $115,629.61
Miller, Seth R FIRE Executive Deputy Chief $115,129.36
Halbert, Jerome M Police Police Captain $114,093.10
Jefferson, Shea N Human Resources Deputy Chief HR Officer $113,465.79
Vandergriff, Christy L Early Learning Deputy Administrator EL $113,300.00
Bailey, John Blythe H Parks and Outdoors Director Design and Connectivity $112,269.75
Smith, Ellis A Executive Branch Director Special Projects $112,269.75
Smart, Brian H Finance Manager Financial Operations $111,083.87
Hundt, Karen Ann City Planning Director Design Center $110,532.20
Heinzer, Mark D Public Works Deputy Director $110,235.03
Forshee, Fredia Fay Finance Budget Officer $109,318.53
Fulgham, Scott F Police Police Captain $108,091.14
Vaughn, Nathan A Police Police Captain $108,091.13
Sapp, Cynthia Koren(Koren) IT Deputy Chief Info Tech Officer $106,136.51
Malone, Denny L Public Works Assistant City Engineer $104,463.85
Beeland, Richard Joe Public Library Deputy Executive Director Library $104,242.76
Boatwright, Richard Jason FIRE Deputy Fire Chief $103,885.81
Matlock, William Wilson FIRE Fire Marshal $103,885.81
Taylor, Benjamin Gibson Public Works Deputy Adminstrator Trans $102,102.87
Bryant, Jonathan C Police Police Captain $101,886.26
Chambers, Johnathon R(John) Police Police Captain $101,886.26
Gibbens, Roger David Police Police Captain $101,886.26
Asboe, Eric A City Planning Deputy Administrator CP $101,323.07
Lee, Yuen City Planning Director Research & Information $99,785.71
Bowman, Don C FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $99,441.90
Hague, Daniel J FIRE Assistant Fire Chief $99,441.90
Sutton, Jerri Annette Police Police Captain $98,918.70
McDonald, Kathryn Clarice General Government Staff Attorney 2 $97,850.00
Colston, Ricky D Public Works Director Citywide Services $97,115.63
Green, Madeline Wieczorek Human Resources Director Employee Benefits $96,850.83
Foster, Melinda J General Government Staff Attorney 1 $96,652.23
Andrews, William Durand FIRE Assistant Fire Chief $96,545.54
Middlebrooks, Thomas Nathaniel FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $96,545.54
Tibbs, Carlos D FIRE Assistant Fire Chief $96,545.54
Willmore, Evan C FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $96,545.54
Rucker, Dallas Y Public Works Director Land Development $96,078.50
Akins, Kevin L Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Carpenter, Joseph M Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Chamberlin, Samuel E(Eddy) Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Crider, Marvin Scott Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Lewis, Robert J Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Smeltzer, Mark A Police Police Captain $96,037.57
Welles, Daniel H(Bakari) Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Holloway, James F L Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Snyder, Kathryn A Public Works City Transportation Engineer $95,984.67
Taylor, Melissa D City Planning Director Strategic & Long Range $95,984.67
Hampton, Carlos D FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $93,733.53
Wright, Michael P FIRE Deputy Fire Marshal $93,733.53
White, Simone M Police Finance Manager $93,430.49
Franks, Gary M Public Works Director Fleet Management $93,276.03
Bales, Scott A Police Police Lieutenant $93,257.87
Burns, Barry Police Police Lieutenant $93,240.36
Hayes, Greta M Parks and Outdoors Director Recreation $92,437.49
Kinder, John T Public Works Assistant Director Engineering $91,937.88
Fryar, William C(Chris) FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $91,003.43
Frazier, Jeffrey Alan(Alan) Air Pollution Bureau Manager Engineering $90,561.82
Brock, Oscar Handly Executive Branch Director Intergovnmntal Affairs $90,135.30
Comstock, Kevin E.(Kevin) IT Smart Cities Director $90,135.30
Sadler, Chelsea R Finance Director Grants & Opportunities $90,135.30
Wolfe, Samuel Robert Executive Branch Dir Homelessness & Supp Housing $90,135.30
McDevitt, Regina R Executive Branch FJC Executive Director $89,755.85
Sanders, Stephen P Public Works Assistant Director Maintenance $89,546.75
May, James A FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Schroyer, Michael B FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Warren, Stephen C FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Williams, Travis M FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Cook, Tammy L Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Easter, Anthony J Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Hewitt, Toby L Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Kilgore, Justin C Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Shaw, Joseph A Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Tomisek, Timothy A Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Minkara, Mounir Yehia Public Works Manager Water Quality $87,560.74
Byrd, Anthony Finance City Court Clerk $87,550.00
Taylor, Brendan M IT Director IT Security $87,550.00
Schmidt, Arthur Erik City Planning Director Sustainability $87,070.70
Richmond, Christopher A IT Manager IT Infrastructure $86,987.01
Rollins, Patrick C FIRE Director Wireless Comm $86,966.44
Rogers, Troy R Executive Branch Public Safety Coordinator $86,832.54
Sands, Christopher C Equity and Community Engagement Director Community Engagement $86,829.00
Hambright, Phillissia LaSean IT Assistant Director IT Operations $86,516.54
Booker, Eric L Public Works Engineering Manager $86,169.35
Turley, George E FIRE Fire Captain $85,779.46
Cutcliff, James Craig(James) IT IT Business Manager $85,490.00
Jones, Daniel B Police Police Lieutenant $85,328.14
Montgomery, Jayevan Police Police Lieutenant $85,328.14
Williams, Heather Stone Police Police Lieutenant $85,328.14
Miller, Michael Shane IT IT Project Manager $84,868.61
Bergdoll, James D Parks and Outdoors Director Parks Maintenance $84,727.18
Anderson, Greg L(Greg) Finance Business Systems Manager $84,651.08
Price, Maria Elizabeth Public Works Engineering Manager $83,901.07
Tate, Edward D(Eddie) Public Works Senior Engineer $83,368.07
Bryant, Tara Michelle FIRE Fire Captain $83,281.01
Everett, Wayne S(Steve) FIRE Fire Captain $83,281.01
Knowles, Terry W FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $83,281.01
Manis, Darryl A FIRE Fire Captain $83,281.01
Chapin, Teresa K Parks and Outdoors Recreation Program Coordinator $83,187.95
Culver, Lisa Dianne General Government Senior Auditor $83,187.95
Hicks, Charlotte Cunningham Public Works Division Manager of Facilities $83,187.95
O'Rear, Ronald F(Rick) Community Development Recreation Division Manager $83,187.95
Stewart, Kimberly M Parks and Outdoors Recreation Division Manager $83,187.95
West, Richard Anthony Parks and Outdoors Recreation Program Coordinator $83,187.95
Francis, Jeffrey Daniel(Daniel) Police Police Lieutenant $82,842.86
McElvain, Henry L FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Moore, Anthony W FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Soder, Jeffery K FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Tallent, David N FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Waters, Andrew M FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Bryson, Harolda Gail General Government Staff Attorney 1 $82,546.59
Boles, Amber M Air Pollution Bureau Director APCB Operations $82,400.19
McDarmont, Matthew R IT IT Project Manager $82,400.00
Zurkiya, Jamileh M Finance City Treasurer $82,400.00
Hunter, Carol A Community Development Director Operations $82,358.43
Hawkins, Marty D Public Works Senior Engineer $82,356.07
McCutcheon, Joshua A Finance Accounting Manager $82,264.95
Snyder, Matthew L Public Works Engineering Manager $82,023.12
Swinney, Pamela L General Government Senior Auditor $81,856.94
Talley, Debbie J General Government Deputy Chief Procurement Officer $81,856.94
Blevins, Marvin R Public Works Deputy Director $81,522.60
Shults, Larry B City Planning Director Development $81,302.04
Elliott, Ronald Antonio Executive Branch Project Mgr Legislative Affs Ops $81,117.69
Walsh, Colleen B Public Works Engineering Manager $81,117.69
Watson, Michael C Public Library Director Library Development $81,117.69
Bohannon, Cary M. Public Works Manager Facilities Operations $81,029.00
Walls, Warren Richard General Government Senior Auditor $81,025.06
Andrews, Terrance L FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Dodd, Dale A FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Jackson, Edward L FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
McCullough, Aaron S FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Rogers, Roy D FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Short, Kinney H FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Ogle, Alan W. Public Works Senior Engineer $80,692.31
Anthony, Michael Gian Human Resources Director Safety, Compl & Risk Mgt $80,580.96
Sullivan, Jason R Public Library Chief Administrative Officer $80,580.96
Holoman, Vincent Kevin Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Lopez, Alejandro Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Moss, Mitchell N Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Palmer, Christopher J Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Phillips, Christopher K Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Smith, Michael G Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Brown, Steven T Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Craw, Ernest C Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Forbes, George T Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Pedigo, Dennis H Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Raulston, Thomas Randy Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Russell, Brian S Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Stover, Les E Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Thompson, Rodney C Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Wiertel, Steven A Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Wiertel, Steven A Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Willoughby, Dennis K Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Swilley, James J Public Works Manager Site Development $80,352.85
Rivera, Dylan T. Executive Branch Director Policy Plan & Impl $80,340.00
Sevigny, Andrew T IDP Director Open Data & Perf Mngt $80,340.00
Dozier, Michael L FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Jackson, William D FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Manning, Harold Archie FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Rice, Marcus Lebron FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Thompson, Robert W FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Witt, Dennis A FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Sheppard, Darryl F IT System & Data Base Spec 2 $80,168.39
Sutton, Brandon C City Planning Transportation Design Manager $79,860.43
Armour, Tyrone Community Development Director Community Centers $79,575.30
Skidmore, Bruce Kendrick IT Manager Applications Development $79,572.59
Arendale, Chris F FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Baker, Howard L FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Blevins, Charles Andrew FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Chavis, Charles T FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Gordon, Eric Dewayne FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Ives, John R FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
McMillian, Donny E FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Montgomery, Thomas C FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Morgan, James R FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Pell, Scott E FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Petty, Brad A FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Reese, Shawn K FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Smith, James J FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Sparks, Scott R FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Steele, Charles Randall FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Suttles, Wadie Ely(Wade) FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Thomas, Michael J FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Usher, Danulius V FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Hutsell, Andrew C Public Works Senior Engineer $78,350.78
Frizzell, Derek L IDP Director 311 Operations $78,237.44
Phillips, Richard S FIRE Staff Captain $78,114.11
Vinson, Damien Jerrell FIRE Staff Captain $78,114.11
Soriano, Ariel P. Public Works Assistant Director Development Services $78,111.90
Bender, Mark H Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Buttry, Thomas B Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Clay, Todd M Police Master Police Officer $78,087.34
Engle, William Richard(Ric) Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Parks, Reginald C Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Wilson, Grover L Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Smith-Avery, Rhvonja V(RJ) Community Development Recreation Division Manager $78,030.30
Guy, Deborah Jane Human Resources Director HR Operations $77,878.38
Siener, Serene Chang Human Resources Director HRMS & Employment Svcs $77,878.38
Brown, Kevin Taylor Police Special Asst City Attorney $77,876.90
DiDonato, Teresa L Finance Budget Manager $77,608.44
Steinmann, Justin Patrick Public Works Assistant Director Administration $77,543.65
Harwood, Greg Alan Economic Development Workforce Dev Sr Proj Manager $77,516.36
Farned, Volney E IT Programmer 2 $77,189.39
Thomas, Jonathan T General Government Staff Attorney 1 $76,787.53
Taylor, Edward N Parks and Outdoors Manager Golf Courses $76,505.32
Brown, Christopher P Community Development Director Community Centers $76,414.16
Banks, David L Human Resources Director Leadership & Prof Dev $76,254.46
Arnold, Steven B FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Blackburn, Thomas Paul FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Butler, Joseph B FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Carpenter, Kevin M FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Cole, Byron A FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Couch, Adam Phelan FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Cowden, David E FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Davenport, Michael Delando FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Davis, Stephen Daniel FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Duckett, Mose E FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Greer, Timothy T FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Long, John C FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
McBurnett, David G FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
McMillian, Ronny A FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Montieth, Michael J FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
O'Rear, Lawrence W FIRE Fire Lieutenant $76,213.93
Pemberton, John Brian FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Roshell, Terri D FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Smith, Kristin R FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Smith, Tracy Lynn FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Stephens, Perry J FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Stone, Eric D FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Thompson, Charles Russell FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Vogt, Teri Lynn FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Walker, Alfred A FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
O'Dell, Jeffrey S FIRE Fire Lieutenant $76,213.93
Perez, Gabriel G Public Works Project Engineer $76,033.79
Hartung, Carl Adam FIRE Staff Captain $75,958.95
Barrow, Jamie Michele Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Campbell, William S Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Davenport, Robin L Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Eames, Jeremy E Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Emery, Adam C Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
May, Joshua P Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Mercado, Alexis J Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Penney, Curtis E Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Rodgers, Brian P Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Taylor, Michael J Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Wenger, Michael R Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Ortel, Michael F Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Collins, Karen Lynn Equity and Community Engagement Director Supplier Diversity $75,696.35
Green, Carol B Public Library Head Librarian $75,413.51
Holloway, James O Air Pollution Bureau Manager Operations $75,413.51
Hope, Lee Dorsey Public Library Head Librarian $75,413.51
Jones, Mary K Air Pollution Bureau Manager Air Monitoring $75,413.51
Liu, Fang Eleanor(Eleanor) Finance Accountant 2 $75,413.51
Mohamad-Ameen, Abdul Kadir Public Works Engineering Coordinator $75,413.51
Patterson, Paul W Public Works Manager Laboratory Services $75,413.51
Payne, Jason Daniel Public Works Engineering Coordinator $75,413.51
Perry, Gerald Community Development Recreation Facility Manager 2 $75,413.51
Robinson, Rebecca E Public Works Water Quality Supervisor $75,413.51
Trotter, Thomas Francis IT Traffic Signal Systems Engineer $75,413.51
Venice, Christine Levardsen(Chris) Public Works Administrative Manager $75,413.51
Rudolph, Gary Lewis Community Development Assistant Director Recreation $75,268.94
Doyle, Kenneth A IT Transportation Project Manager $75,261.91
Thomas, Marcus D Community Development Recreation Division Manager $74,869.16
Groves, Richard P Public Library Assistant Director $74,616.58
Tiller, Donald C IT Programmer 2 $74,585.51
Dean, Donielle A(Andre) FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Hubbard, Alfred D FIRE Fire Lieutenant $73,994.11
King, Larry FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Martin, Matthew M FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Mizell, Richard D FIRE Fire Lieutenant $73,994.11
Rose, Stephen A FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Sheets, Robert S FIRE Fire Lieutenant $73,994.11
Funk, Jenny Laverna FIRE Staff Captain $73,866.54
McBryar, Robert FIRE Staff Lieutenant $73,866.54
Hunter, Joseph William Executive Branch Recreation Program Coordinator $73,704.52
Atwell, William D Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Bell, Robert Edwin Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Bolton, Michael W Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Chambers, Gregory M Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Davis, Lewis D Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Fuller, Zachary P Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Holmes, Jasin L Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Joiner, Michael E Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Lawson, Christopher S Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Massengale, Kendon W Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
May, Traci M Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Morrison, Russell W Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
O'Brien, Sean P Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Plumlee, James Erwin Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Selman, Christopher L Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Simmons, Robert M Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Stokes, Corey Morris Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Tinney, Kristoffer Lee Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Totherow, Jonathan D Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Trussell, Michael Kevin Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Young, David L Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Creel, Christy Victoria Finance Management Budget Analyst 3 $73,538.15
Connor, Jeffrey J(Jeff) General Government Senior Auditor $73,154.39
Padgett, Karen L Public Works Engineering Coordinator $72,999.53
Pullen, Randolph E City Planning Planning Analyst 2 $72,704.49
Tolliver, Dan J IT Manager IT Operations $72,704.49
Wilson, William Darryl Parks and Outdoors Finance Manager $72,373.52
Walling, Hannah H Police Director Victim Svcs Chaplain $72,108.36
Susman, Jonathan William Parks and Outdoors Director Special Events and Parks Programming $72,108.24
Taylor, Molly M Human Resources Director Compensation & Perf Mgmt $72,108.24
Sacco, Christina Patrice Public Library Public Relations Coordinator 2 $72,100.00
Benjamin, Starla J Human Resources Manager Wellness & Occ Health $72,094.58
Bowles, Darren B FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Campbell, Jonathan P FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Chapin, Paul G FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Cordes, Christopher B FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Dozier, Robert J FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Herron, Randall Keith FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Horner, Amanda Brooke FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Laferry, Christopher I FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Millsaps, Troy H FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Moses, Michael Jason FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Ratchford, Jamie A FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Rose, Evan Michael FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Saynes, James N FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Wilkey, Jamie M FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Owens, Sheldon Ben Public Library Library Operations Manager $71,708.01
Blackwell, Christopher Eugene Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Brock, Jonathan Ray Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Cleveland, Casey A Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Cobb, Kevin R Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Franklin, James David Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Fugh, Galen T Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Kirk, Jeff L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Lancaster, Jeffery O Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Lewis, David L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Patterson, John Aaron Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Rankhorn, Leonard Sloan Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Seiter, Thomas R Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Sims, Christopher M Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Smith, Michael S Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Topping, Terry D Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Watkins, Jonathan O Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Wilhelm, Gregory J Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Wilson, Moreland K Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Wood, Randall J Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Adams, Kendra L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Ballard, Charles W Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Beavers, Julian C Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Belko, James J Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Bryden, Jeffrey C Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Burnette, Kenneth F Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Epling, William E Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Grubb, Phillip B Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Hennessee, Matthew A Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Mardis, Gregory H Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
McClain, Phillip E Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
McGhee, Tracy L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Milchak, Eric L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Moser, Phillip T Police Police Officer $71,460.97
Moses, Bobby J Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Petty, Charles L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Rogers, Matthew L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Rowe, Chad L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Smith, Brian C Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Tillery, Tetzel D Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Vradenburgh, Barry Charles Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Warren, Joseph D Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Wolff, Preston L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
York, Steven E Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Cook, Thomas A IT System & Data Base Spec 1 $71,297.57
Rogers, Joshua S Public Works Water Quality Supervisor $70,936.10
Phillips, Natalie C Public Library Finance Manager $70,709.76
McCormick, Allison Morgan Parks and Outdoors Deputy Director Parks Maintenance $70,377.01
McGowan, Kevin Lamar Community Development Recreation Facility Manager 2 $70,284.67
Taylor, Randal D Public Works Waste Resources Plant Engineer $70,282.50
McCrary, Jacob R Public Works Plant Manager $70,055.56

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