Top City Of Chattanooga Salaries 2022

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

(Note - the Mayor's salary will increase along with the county mayor, but that has not yet been set at the county.)

Employee Name Department Name Position Name SalaryRate
Bean, Russell J General Government City Judge $194,803.00
Paty, Sherry B General Government City Judge $194,803.00
Kelly, Tim A Executive Branch Mayor $179,460.00
Murphy, Celeste M Police Police Chief $175,100.23
O'Donnell, Emily Ahlquist General Government City Attorney $168,678.01
Noblett, Phillip A. General Government Deputy City Attorney $168,082.21
Goldberg, Phillip Brent Finance City Finance Officer $164,441.23
Ewalt, Ryan M Executive Branch Chief Operating Officer $164,439.50
Hutka, Thomas J Public Works Administrator Public Works $160,680.00
Steward, Tamara H Equity and Community Engagement Chief Equity Officer $159,650.00
Thongnopnua, Joda A Executive Branch Chief of Staff $157,014.85
Hill, Corinne M. Public Library Executive Director Library $148,111.82
Martin, Scott D Parks and Outdoors Administrator Parks & Outdoors $144,488.40
Sewell, Stanley L General Government City Auditor $140,000.00
Anderson, Chris M. Executive Branch Senior Advisor for Legislative Initiatives $137,917.00
Bursch, Julia N Executive Branch Deputy Chief Operating Officer $137,917.00
Freeman, Jermaine E Executive Branch Senior Advisor for Econ Opp $137,917.00
Jones, Karitsa Mosley Early Learning Administrator Early Learning $137,917.00
Lawrence, Amanda J(Mande) Human Resources Chief Human Resources Officer $137,917.00
Moreland, Timothy Iaggi IDP Administrator IDP $137,917.00
Morris, Tyson Andrew IT Chief Info Technology Officer $137,917.00
Sammons, Anthony O. Community Development Administrator Community Devt $137,917.00
Satterfield, Brooke L Executive Branch Deputy Chief of Staff $137,917.00
Yates, Kirsten M Executive Branch Senior Advisor Communications and Digital Strategy $137,917.00
Reuter, Daniel J City Planning Administrator City Planning $136,760.31
Hyman, Philip A FIRE Fire Chief $136,238.36
Drumeller, Ronald Corey(Ron) Air Pollution Bureau Executive Director APCB $135,196.15
Tucker, Eric Leonard Police Police Chief of Staff $133,900.00
Bartenfield, Kevin M General Government Chief Procurement Officer $129,300.02
Payne, William C Public Works City Engineer $124,875.57
Irvin, Jason Russell Police Assistant Police Chief $121,540.00
McCullough, Zachary S Police Assistant Police Chief $121,540.00
Scruggs, Glenn A Police Assistant Police Chief $121,540.00
Malueg, Valerie Leanne General Government Staff Attorney 2 $120,594.62
Rennich, Karen R City Planning Deputy Director Planning $117,902.48
McKinney, Jason Wade Parks and Outdoors Deputy Administrator PO $117,448.12
Lambert, Mary Ineal Executive Branch Director Community Health $115,629.61
Miller, Seth R FIRE Executive Deputy Chief $115,129.36
Halbert, Jerome M Police Police Captain $114,093.10
Jefferson, Shea N Human Resources Deputy Chief HR Officer $113,465.79
Vandergriff, Christy L Early Learning Deputy Administrator EL $113,300.00
Bailey, John Blythe H Parks and Outdoors Director Design and Connectivity $112,269.75
Smith, Ellis A Executive Branch Director Special Projects $112,269.75
Smart, Brian H Finance Manager Financial Operations $111,083.87
Hundt, Karen Ann City Planning Director Design Center $110,532.20
Heinzer, Mark D Public Works Deputy Director $110,235.03
Forshee, Fredia Fay Finance Budget Officer $109,318.53
Fulgham, Scott F Police Police Captain $108,091.14
Vaughn, Nathan A Police Police Captain $108,091.13
Sapp, Cynthia Koren(Koren) IT Deputy Chief Info Tech Officer $106,136.51
Malone, Denny L Public Works Assistant City Engineer $104,463.85
Beeland, Richard Joe Public Library Deputy Executive Director Library $104,242.76
Boatwright, Richard Jason FIRE Deputy Fire Chief $103,885.81
Matlock, William Wilson FIRE Fire Marshal $103,885.81
Taylor, Benjamin Gibson Public Works Deputy Adminstrator Trans $102,102.87
Bryant, Jonathan C Police Police Captain $101,886.26
Chambers, Johnathon R(John) Police Police Captain $101,886.26
Gibbens, Roger David Police Police Captain $101,886.26
Asboe, Eric A City Planning Deputy Administrator CP $101,323.07
Lee, Yuen City Planning Director Research & Information $99,785.71
Bowman, Don C FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $99,441.90
Hague, Daniel J FIRE Assistant Fire Chief $99,441.90
Sutton, Jerri Annette Police Police Captain $98,918.70
McDonald, Kathryn Clarice General Government Staff Attorney 2 $97,850.00
Colston, Ricky D Public Works Director Citywide Services $97,115.63
Green, Madeline Wieczorek Human Resources Director Employee Benefits $96,850.83
Foster, Melinda J General Government Staff Attorney 1 $96,652.23
Andrews, William Durand FIRE Assistant Fire Chief $96,545.54
Middlebrooks, Thomas Nathaniel FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $96,545.54
Tibbs, Carlos D FIRE Assistant Fire Chief $96,545.54
Willmore, Evan C FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $96,545.54
Rucker, Dallas Y Public Works Director Land Development $96,078.50
Akins, Kevin L Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Carpenter, Joseph M Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Chamberlin, Samuel E(Eddy) Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Crider, Marvin Scott Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Lewis, Robert J Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Smeltzer, Mark A Police Police Captain $96,037.57
Welles, Daniel H(Bakari) Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Holloway, James F L Police Police Lieutenant $96,037.57
Snyder, Kathryn A Public Works City Transportation Engineer $95,984.67
Taylor, Melissa D City Planning Director Strategic & Long Range $95,984.67
Hampton, Carlos D FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $93,733.53
Wright, Michael P FIRE Deputy Fire Marshal $93,733.53
White, Simone M Police Finance Manager $93,430.49
Franks, Gary M Public Works Director Fleet Management $93,276.03
Bales, Scott A Police Police Lieutenant $93,257.87
Burns, Barry Police Police Lieutenant $93,240.36
Hayes, Greta M Parks and Outdoors Director Recreation $92,437.49
Kinder, John T Public Works Assistant Director Engineering $91,937.88
Fryar, William C(Chris) FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $91,003.43
Frazier, Jeffrey Alan(Alan) Air Pollution Bureau Manager Engineering $90,561.82
Brock, Oscar Handly Executive Branch Director Intergovnmntal Affairs $90,135.30
Comstock, Kevin E.(Kevin) IT Smart Cities Director $90,135.30
Sadler, Chelsea R Finance Director Grants & Opportunities $90,135.30
Wolfe, Samuel Robert Executive Branch Dir Homelessness & Supp Housing $90,135.30
McDevitt, Regina R Executive Branch FJC Executive Director $89,755.85
Sanders, Stephen P Public Works Assistant Director Maintenance $89,546.75
May, James A FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Schroyer, Michael B FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Warren, Stephen C FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Williams, Travis M FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $88,352.82
Cook, Tammy L Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Easter, Anthony J Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Hewitt, Toby L Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Kilgore, Justin C Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Shaw, Joseph A Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Tomisek, Timothy A Police Police Lieutenant $87,887.98
Minkara, Mounir Yehia Public Works Manager Water Quality $87,560.74
Byrd, Anthony Finance City Court Clerk $87,550.00
Taylor, Brendan M IT Director IT Security $87,550.00
Schmidt, Arthur Erik City Planning Director Sustainability $87,070.70
Richmond, Christopher A IT Manager IT Infrastructure $86,987.01
Rollins, Patrick C FIRE Director Wireless Comm $86,966.44
Rogers, Troy R Executive Branch Public Safety Coordinator $86,832.54
Sands, Christopher C Equity and Community Engagement Director Community Engagement $86,829.00
Hambright, Phillissia LaSean IT Assistant Director IT Operations $86,516.54
Booker, Eric L Public Works Engineering Manager $86,169.35
Turley, George E FIRE Fire Captain $85,779.46
Cutcliff, James Craig(James) IT IT Business Manager $85,490.00
Jones, Daniel B Police Police Lieutenant $85,328.14
Montgomery, Jayevan Police Police Lieutenant $85,328.14
Williams, Heather Stone Police Police Lieutenant $85,328.14
Miller, Michael Shane IT IT Project Manager $84,868.61
Bergdoll, James D Parks and Outdoors Director Parks Maintenance $84,727.18
Anderson, Greg L(Greg) Finance Business Systems Manager $84,651.08
Price, Maria Elizabeth Public Works Engineering Manager $83,901.07
Tate, Edward D(Eddie) Public Works Senior Engineer $83,368.07
Bryant, Tara Michelle FIRE Fire Captain $83,281.01
Everett, Wayne S(Steve) FIRE Fire Captain $83,281.01
Knowles, Terry W FIRE Fire Battalion Chief $83,281.01
Manis, Darryl A FIRE Fire Captain $83,281.01
Chapin, Teresa K Parks and Outdoors Recreation Program Coordinator $83,187.95
Culver, Lisa Dianne General Government Senior Auditor $83,187.95
Hicks, Charlotte Cunningham Public Works Division Manager of Facilities $83,187.95
O'Rear, Ronald F(Rick) Community Development Recreation Division Manager $83,187.95
Stewart, Kimberly M Parks and Outdoors Recreation Division Manager $83,187.95
West, Richard Anthony Parks and Outdoors Recreation Program Coordinator $83,187.95
Francis, Jeffrey Daniel(Daniel) Police Police Lieutenant $82,842.86
McElvain, Henry L FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Moore, Anthony W FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Soder, Jeffery K FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Tallent, David N FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Waters, Andrew M FIRE Staff Captain $82,620.35
Bryson, Harolda Gail General Government Staff Attorney 1 $82,546.59
Boles, Amber M Air Pollution Bureau Director APCB Operations $82,400.19
McDarmont, Matthew R IT IT Project Manager $82,400.00
Zurkiya, Jamileh M Finance City Treasurer $82,400.00
Hunter, Carol A Community Development Director Operations $82,358.43
Hawkins, Marty D Public Works Senior Engineer $82,356.07
McCutcheon, Joshua A Finance Accounting Manager $82,264.95
Snyder, Matthew L Public Works Engineering Manager $82,023.12
Swinney, Pamela L General Government Senior Auditor $81,856.94
Talley, Debbie J General Government Deputy Chief Procurement Officer $81,856.94
Blevins, Marvin R Public Works Deputy Director $81,522.60
Shults, Larry B City Planning Director Development $81,302.04
Elliott, Ronald Antonio Executive Branch Project Mgr Legislative Affs Ops $81,117.69
Walsh, Colleen B Public Works Engineering Manager $81,117.69
Watson, Michael C Public Library Director Library Development $81,117.69
Bohannon, Cary M. Public Works Manager Facilities Operations $81,029.00
Walls, Warren Richard General Government Senior Auditor $81,025.06
Andrews, Terrance L FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Dodd, Dale A FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Jackson, Edward L FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
McCullough, Aaron S FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Rogers, Roy D FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Short, Kinney H FIRE Fire Captain $80,855.37
Ogle, Alan W. Public Works Senior Engineer $80,692.31
Anthony, Michael Gian Human Resources Director Safety, Compl & Risk Mgt $80,580.96
Sullivan, Jason R Public Library Chief Administrative Officer $80,580.96
Holoman, Vincent Kevin Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Lopez, Alejandro Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Moss, Mitchell N Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Palmer, Christopher J Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Phillips, Christopher K Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Smith, Michael G Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Brown, Steven T Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Craw, Ernest C Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Forbes, George T Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Pedigo, Dennis H Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Raulston, Thomas Randy Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Russell, Brian S Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Stover, Les E Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Thompson, Rodney C Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Wiertel, Steven A Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Wiertel, Steven A Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Willoughby, Dennis K Police Police Sergeant $80,429.96
Swilley, James J Public Works Manager Site Development $80,352.85
Rivera, Dylan T. Executive Branch Director Policy Plan & Impl $80,340.00
Sevigny, Andrew T IDP Director Open Data & Perf Mngt $80,340.00
Dozier, Michael L FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Jackson, William D FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Manning, Harold Archie FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Rice, Marcus Lebron FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Thompson, Robert W FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Witt, Dennis A FIRE Staff Captain $80,333.93
Sheppard, Darryl F IT System & Data Base Spec 2 $80,168.39
Sutton, Brandon C City Planning Transportation Design Manager $79,860.43
Armour, Tyrone Community Development Director Community Centers $79,575.30
Skidmore, Bruce Kendrick IT Manager Applications Development $79,572.59
Arendale, Chris F FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Baker, Howard L FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Blevins, Charles Andrew FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Chavis, Charles T FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Gordon, Eric Dewayne FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Ives, John R FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
McMillian, Donny E FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Montgomery, Thomas C FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Morgan, James R FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Pell, Scott E FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Petty, Brad A FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Reese, Shawn K FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Smith, James J FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Sparks, Scott R FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Steele, Charles Randall FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Suttles, Wadie Ely(Wade) FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Thomas, Michael J FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Usher, Danulius V FIRE Fire Captain $78,500.35
Hutsell, Andrew C Public Works Senior Engineer $78,350.78
Frizzell, Derek L IDP Director 311 Operations $78,237.44
Phillips, Richard S FIRE Staff Captain $78,114.11
Vinson, Damien Jerrell FIRE Staff Captain $78,114.11
Soriano, Ariel P. Public Works Assistant Director Development Services $78,111.90
Bender, Mark H Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Buttry, Thomas B Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Clay, Todd M Police Master Police Officer $78,087.34
Engle, William Richard(Ric) Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Parks, Reginald C Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Wilson, Grover L Police Police Sergeant $78,087.34
Smith-Avery, Rhvonja V(RJ) Community Development Recreation Division Manager $78,030.30
Guy, Deborah Jane Human Resources Director HR Operations $77,878.38
Siener, Serene Chang Human Resources Director HRMS & Employment Svcs $77,878.38
Brown, Kevin Taylor Police Special Asst City Attorney $77,876.90
DiDonato, Teresa L Finance Budget Manager $77,608.44
Steinmann, Justin Patrick Public Works Assistant Director Administration $77,543.65
Harwood, Greg Alan Economic Development Workforce Dev Sr Proj Manager $77,516.36
Farned, Volney E IT Programmer 2 $77,189.39
Thomas, Jonathan T General Government Staff Attorney 1 $76,787.53
Taylor, Edward N Parks and Outdoors Manager Golf Courses $76,505.32
Brown, Christopher P Community Development Director Community Centers $76,414.16
Banks, David L Human Resources Director Leadership & Prof Dev $76,254.46
Arnold, Steven B FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Blackburn, Thomas Paul FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Butler, Joseph B FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Carpenter, Kevin M FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Cole, Byron A FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Couch, Adam Phelan FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Cowden, David E FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Davenport, Michael Delando FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Davis, Stephen Daniel FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Duckett, Mose E FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Greer, Timothy T FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Long, John C FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
McBurnett, David G FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
McMillian, Ronny A FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Montieth, Michael J FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
O'Rear, Lawrence W FIRE Fire Lieutenant $76,213.93
Pemberton, John Brian FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Roshell, Terri D FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Smith, Kristin R FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Smith, Tracy Lynn FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Stephens, Perry J FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Stone, Eric D FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Thompson, Charles Russell FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Vogt, Teri Lynn FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
Walker, Alfred A FIRE Fire Captain $76,213.93
O'Dell, Jeffrey S FIRE Fire Lieutenant $76,213.93
Perez, Gabriel G Public Works Project Engineer $76,033.79
Hartung, Carl Adam FIRE Staff Captain $75,958.95
Barrow, Jamie Michele Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Campbell, William S Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Davenport, Robin L Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Eames, Jeremy E Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Emery, Adam C Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
May, Joshua P Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Mercado, Alexis J Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Penney, Curtis E Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Rodgers, Brian P Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Taylor, Michael J Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Wenger, Michael R Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Ortel, Michael F Police Police Sergeant $75,812.94
Collins, Karen Lynn Equity and Community Engagement Director Supplier Diversity $75,696.35
Green, Carol B Public Library Head Librarian $75,413.51
Holloway, James O Air Pollution Bureau Manager Operations $75,413.51
Hope, Lee Dorsey Public Library Head Librarian $75,413.51
Jones, Mary K Air Pollution Bureau Manager Air Monitoring $75,413.51
Liu, Fang Eleanor(Eleanor) Finance Accountant 2 $75,413.51
Mohamad-Ameen, Abdul Kadir Public Works Engineering Coordinator $75,413.51
Patterson, Paul W Public Works Manager Laboratory Services $75,413.51
Payne, Jason Daniel Public Works Engineering Coordinator $75,413.51
Perry, Gerald Community Development Recreation Facility Manager 2 $75,413.51
Robinson, Rebecca E Public Works Water Quality Supervisor $75,413.51
Trotter, Thomas Francis IT Traffic Signal Systems Engineer $75,413.51
Venice, Christine Levardsen(Chris) Public Works Administrative Manager $75,413.51
Rudolph, Gary Lewis Community Development Assistant Director Recreation $75,268.94
Doyle, Kenneth A IT Transportation Project Manager $75,261.91
Thomas, Marcus D Community Development Recreation Division Manager $74,869.16
Groves, Richard P Public Library Assistant Director $74,616.58
Tiller, Donald C IT Programmer 2 $74,585.51
Dean, Donielle A(Andre) FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Hubbard, Alfred D FIRE Fire Lieutenant $73,994.11
King, Larry FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Martin, Matthew M FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Mizell, Richard D FIRE Fire Lieutenant $73,994.11
Rose, Stephen A FIRE Fire Captain $73,994.11
Sheets, Robert S FIRE Fire Lieutenant $73,994.11
Funk, Jenny Laverna FIRE Staff Captain $73,866.54
McBryar, Robert FIRE Staff Lieutenant $73,866.54
Hunter, Joseph William Executive Branch Recreation Program Coordinator $73,704.52
Atwell, William D Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Bell, Robert Edwin Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Bolton, Michael W Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Chambers, Gregory M Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Davis, Lewis D Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Fuller, Zachary P Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Holmes, Jasin L Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Joiner, Michael E Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Lawson, Christopher S Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Massengale, Kendon W Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
May, Traci M Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Morrison, Russell W Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
O'Brien, Sean P Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Plumlee, James Erwin Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Selman, Christopher L Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Simmons, Robert M Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Stokes, Corey Morris Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Tinney, Kristoffer Lee Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Totherow, Jonathan D Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Trussell, Michael Kevin Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Young, David L Police Police Sergeant $73,604.80
Creel, Christy Victoria Finance Management Budget Analyst 3 $73,538.15
Connor, Jeffrey J(Jeff) General Government Senior Auditor $73,154.39
Padgett, Karen L Public Works Engineering Coordinator $72,999.53
Pullen, Randolph E City Planning Planning Analyst 2 $72,704.49
Tolliver, Dan J IT Manager IT Operations $72,704.49
Wilson, William Darryl Parks and Outdoors Finance Manager $72,373.52
Walling, Hannah H Police Director Victim Svcs Chaplain $72,108.36
Susman, Jonathan William Parks and Outdoors Director Special Events and Parks Programming $72,108.24
Taylor, Molly M Human Resources Director Compensation & Perf Mgmt $72,108.24
Sacco, Christina Patrice Public Library Public Relations Coordinator 2 $72,100.00
Benjamin, Starla J Human Resources Manager Wellness & Occ Health $72,094.58
Bowles, Darren B FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Campbell, Jonathan P FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Chapin, Paul G FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Cordes, Christopher B FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Dozier, Robert J FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Herron, Randall Keith FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Horner, Amanda Brooke FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Laferry, Christopher I FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Millsaps, Troy H FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Moses, Michael Jason FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Ratchford, Jamie A FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Rose, Evan Michael FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Saynes, James N FIRE Fire Captain $71,838.95
Wilkey, Jamie M FIRE Fire Lieutenant $71,838.95
Owens, Sheldon Ben Public Library Library Operations Manager $71,708.01
Blackwell, Christopher Eugene Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Brock, Jonathan Ray Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Cleveland, Casey A Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Cobb, Kevin R Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Franklin, James David Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Fugh, Galen T Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Kirk, Jeff L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Lancaster, Jeffery O Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Lewis, David L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Patterson, John Aaron Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Rankhorn, Leonard Sloan Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Seiter, Thomas R Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Sims, Christopher M Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Smith, Michael S Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Topping, Terry D Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Watkins, Jonathan O Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Wilhelm, Gregory J Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Wilson, Moreland K Police Master Police Officer $71,460.98
Wood, Randall J Police Police Sergeant $71,460.98
Adams, Kendra L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Ballard, Charles W Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Beavers, Julian C Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Belko, James J Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Bryden, Jeffrey C Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Burnette, Kenneth F Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Epling, William E Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Grubb, Phillip B Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Hennessee, Matthew A Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Mardis, Gregory H Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
McClain, Phillip E Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
McGhee, Tracy L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Milchak, Eric L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Moser, Phillip T Police Police Officer $71,460.97
Moses, Bobby J Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Petty, Charles L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Rogers, Matthew L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Rowe, Chad L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Smith, Brian C Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Tillery, Tetzel D Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Vradenburgh, Barry Charles Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Warren, Joseph D Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Wolff, Preston L Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
York, Steven E Police Master Police Officer $71,460.97
Cook, Thomas A IT System & Data Base Spec 1 $71,297.57
Rogers, Joshua S Public Works Water Quality Supervisor $70,936.10
Phillips, Natalie C Public Library Finance Manager $70,709.76
McCormick, Allison Morgan Parks and Outdoors Deputy Director Parks Maintenance $70,377.01
McGowan, Kevin Lamar Community Development Recreation Facility Manager 2 $70,284.67
Taylor, Randal D Public Works Waste Resources Plant Engineer $70,282.50
McCrary, Jacob R Public Works Plant Manager $70,055.56

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Former Federal Judge and Prosecutor Harry S. "Sandy" Mattice, Jr., who recently stepped down from the federal bench in East Tennessee, has announced the opening of The Mattice Group, a law firm ... (click for more)

Sheriff Ray Cross said he personally intervened after he was told that tour buses were dropping illegal immigrants off in Dade County. He said he told the bus driver to keep traveling to ... (click for more)

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Former Federal Judge Sandy Mattice Opens The Mattice Group Law Firm In Chattanooga

Former Federal Judge and Prosecutor Harry S. "Sandy" Mattice, Jr., who recently stepped down from the federal bench in East Tennessee, has announced the opening of The Mattice Group, a law firm with offices in Chattanooga. The opening marks Judge Mattice’s return to the private practice of law after 20 years of service in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the ... (click for more)

Sheriff Cross Intervenes When Tour Bus Tries To Drop Off Illegal Immigrants In Dade County

Sheriff Ray Cross said he personally intervened after he was told that tour buses were dropping illegal immigrants off in Dade County. He said he told the bus driver to keep traveling to a big city that would have more resources for them that the rural North Georgia county. This account is on the Dade County Sheriff's Facebook page: "After receiving a call that ... (click for more)


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It has been almost 20 years since Bruce Feldman, a marvelous sportswriter for and Fox Sports, came up with the idea of identifying the “Freaks” of college football. Wait, being called a freak is a good thing, a very good thing, on a football team. It means you are so strong or so fast or so “athletic” that your own teammates and coaches stand in awe, be it in the ... (click for more)


WindStone Chosen As Host Site For 2022 National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Regional

Twelve golf facilities across the nation, including WindStone in Ringgold, Ga., have been named host sites for the 2022 National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Regionals taking place in September. Nearly 200 teams of junior golfers ages 10-17 will enjoy two days of competition. Through PGA Jr. League, kids ages 17 and under learn and play golf on co-ed teams, wear numbered jerseys ... (click for more)

UTC Football Fall Practice Preview

Palpable excitement filled the air this past Tuesday evening at Finley Stadium. As players in various states of undress poured out from a pair of school buses and into the locker room, equipment managers and assistant coaches scurried to set up equipment. The hits of Drake, Future, and other rap stars began to play from the stadium’s loudspeakers as players, now uniformly outfitted ... (click for more)