Joe Biden Or Joe Stalin? - And Response (8)

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

August 8, 2022,  the United States became a Third World country thanks to AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray, sinister henchmen of Joe Biden. From reports, FBI agents executed an unprecedented raid on a former president’s private residence seizing what they claim to be documents that were not returned to the National Archives.

Now the TDS mob, in panic mode from fear of a massive loss of seats in Congress and Trump becoming President again, resorted to a raid on the residence of a former president and potential 2024 opponent. This is typical of the actions of a despotic Third World dictator.

They also fear more revelations about repeated abuses of power leading to fake Russian collusion investigations, phony impeachments and the Jan. 6 show trial, so they risk all in this desperate move to preserve power. AG Garland recently stated “no one is above the law and can be prosecuted.” No one that is unless you are Hillary Clinton or the Biden family.

When Hillary scrubbed thousands of classified emails nothing happened. We’ve also heard reports of FBI whistleblowers alleging corruption regarding the Hunter Biden inquiry. This corruption, they say, is in the upper echelons of the same agency doing the bidding of despots in this matter.

Now if they can do this to a former president and potential presidential candidate, what evils await those of us who speak out against tyranny, especially with 87,000 additional IRS (or perhaps SS) agents to do their bidding.

I’m sure we’ll hear from Democrats who gleefully cheer all of this on and think it’s overdue. It should, however, leave Americans shocked, wondering if this president is Joe Biden or another Joe Stalin.

Ralph Miller

* * * 

The excitement over the raid of Trump's Mar Largo might go down in history and according to the GOP as an intrusion of real consequences. Let me remind all that Trump once commented he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and not be in any trouble.  It is that attitude, now part of the crusading Republican Party, that Trump can do no wrong. I used to have students with that attitude and yes, were difficult to deal with.

This place we live and love can and must carefully and decisively consider that Trump's actions and his presidency might have been more than dishonest with a smattering of corruption. Pity those that believe he can do no wrong because as the news is reflecting more and more, Trump is not an honest man and certainly does not deserve another four years serving all the American people.

The historical significance of the raid on Trump's estate will come to light in dribbles and bits. Maybe the government had to serve reasons for the raid far beyond a peek. Can the GOP be so desperate for someone to run against Biden actually put someone in place and let us have a competition based on ideas and not hyperbole?  Donald Trump is not that person. 

Robert Brooks

* * * 

I disagree with what Mr. Miller has written.  Rather than pointing out the errors, mis-statements, and fallacies of Mr. Miller, I wish to ask him and others harping to the same tune some questions.

1.  Does Trump have a history of co-operation with the law, or does he snub his nose at it?  

An honest man co-operates to prove his innocence. But Trump snubs his nose at co-operation; every subpoena, request to produce documents, and requirement to appear is fought tooth and nail.  Many, many prosecutors and plaintiff attorneys have given him ample time to co-operate, and yet Trump fights every one.  Delay, delay, delay, and delay some more are Trump's mantra of non-cooperation.  I challenge anyone to prove his record is otherwise.

2.  What would you do if you were attempting to get documents from someone who has been 100 percent un-cooperative?

I don't think you would continue to bang your head against the wall, so-to-speak, and succumb to Trump's delay, delay, delay and delay some more strategy.  Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results each time. Instead, you would act expeditiously, especially if there was a possibility of evidence being destroyed or moved elsewhere like a cat and mouse game.

3.  How does anyone know that this was orchestrated by President Biden?  

There is no way to know for sure. The Republican harping is because of the appearance the Republicans want to see.

4,  Does anyone know for sure what evidence was presented to the judge, and sworn to by the director of the FBI (who was appointed by Trump with the expectation of upholding the Constitution equally for all individuals)?

Today, no one does for sure.  We will find out later, so any harping is pre-mature, and based on what is not readily known.  It might be confidential records taken illegally from the White House and not returned to the Archives.  Or it might be other information because there are at least two other grand juries impaneled and conducting investigations of which we do not fully know the subject.

5.  If this was politically motivated, as Mr. Miller implies, why should the judge be accused of political motivation, when the lying (referring to their confirmation testimony stating under oath that Stare Decisis applies and Roe v. Wade was settled law) Supreme Court Justices were not politically motivated, according to Republicans?

The Republicans apparently have no faith in the justice system when investigations involve them or the outcome differs from their expectations.  

6.  Are you so blindly allegiant to Trump that you refuse to consider that he may bear responsibility?

The fact that there was enough information for a search warrant to be issued on the home of a former Republican President should be embarrassment enough to the Republicans.  But the search warrant was issued for the home of a Republican President who lied so much that there are databases that record and prove the lies to be false.  Regardless, every American should be so embarrassed that a very respected former judge (now, Attorney General Garland) had enough evidence presented supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized, resulting in probably case, that a search warrant for the home of a former President was necessary.

I expect there to be letters attempting to refute my questions and opinions, pointing out where my questions and observations are wrong.  If someone wishes to challenge my words, I ask they do some research ahead of time, and not merely type out a vitriolic response based on hatred or mis-information.  And anyone using the term Banana Republic merely ratifies my assertion that the Republicans despise the justice system when investigations involve them or the outcome differs from their expectations.

Joe Warren

* * * 

I believe the FBI had warrants during the phony Russia investigation and falsified many court docs. So if you don’t have the mindset to ask questions when the same FBI searches a private residence of a President that stood up to their false allegations, then maybe you should ask yourself why do you believe them this time? 

Our government is out of control with power and the sheeple seem to have no problem with any of it.

Jimmy Gray 

* * * 

In response to Mr. Warren's diatribe, I would like to point out facts, not fiction in his response.  The former President was impeached multiple times, slandered and committed no crimes as President. I guess since the political witch hunt didn't deliver what you wanted, you go to the Department of Justice (Gestapo Garland ) to get what you want? 

Be careful what you ask for. It might come back to you.

Tim Bittenbender

* * * 

To those who hold so much hate and vitriol towards President Trump and have applauded this un-lawful and un-constitutional action, welcome to the Banana Republic of America where now the full weight and power of the federal government can be brought to bear on the opposition party with cheerleaders as Mr. Brooks and Mr. Warren.

What transpired Monday night was on par or maybe even worse than things carried out by the SS and Gestapo in Germany as that was perpetrated by a dictator and Jack-Booted thugs and not by a group of men and women who swore an oath to the US Constitution.

Let me remind you of the numerous times Democrats have failed to appear, pled the 5th, wiped servers, smashed cell phones, deleted e-mails and texts, made up false stories to justify wiretapping, illegal warrants and endless investigations that turned up nothing which in all honesty was treasonous without a single person suffering any consequence for their actions.

Oh, and how about that laptop?

But then we've been a Banana Republic ever since Biden took office as he has yet do anything other than to bring down the United States and do anything to help enrich the bank accounts of his
son, the rest of his family and his friends and the Big Guy business partners in Ukraine and China.

I'm sure Mr. Warren and Mr. Brooks are blind to those facts also.

Jay Reed

* * *

But Ralph weren't you and other Republicans all in with the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton's email back around 2016? You cheered them then.
In fact, didn't one Republican in particular have this to say, "When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're losing" - in reference to Hillary Clinton or anyone from the left who dared complain.

Can't have it both ways, or only "your way."

Brenda Washington 


* * * 

Neither Mr. Brooks nor Mr. Warren understand the true implications of just what the unprecedented raid on Trump's home are.  Do you not see a problem with your party weaponizing the FBI and DOJ in an attempt to destroy your political enemies?  And that's just exactly what this is.  The FBI was previously involved in the fake Russian collusion charge.  It smacks of some third world tinpot dictator, not what was once the greatest country on the planet.

The entire corrupt government is so afraid of Trump and what he tried to accomplish his first term that they will stop at nothing to see he doesn't run again in 2024.  Make no mistake, that's all this is about.  As Trump so famously said "They're not after me, they're after you.  I'm just in the way"

Mr. Warren, I will agree with your third point.  Biden didn't have anything to do with it but his puppet masters certainly did.  The only decisions he makes now are what to have for lunch.  

And with 86,000 new IRS agents how long before they come after the citizens next?  Are you familiar with the quote "You'll own nothing.  And you'll be happy"?  

I weep for my country and what it's become at the hands of the global elitists who own the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  And the liberal progressives who enthusiastically support them.

Dennis Wooden

* * * 

I did not see much point answering Joe Warren's police like questions regarding Trump. Sometimes people concentrate on the small stuff. Let’s enlarge the picture. 

No president has ever been harassed and bullied by the FBI, even going so far as to ransacking his private home in Florida. They were allegedly looking for Archive material he did not report? Trump has properties from Israel to Canada.  If he wanted to hide a document, he could have used a storage unit in Malta or thousands of places outside the US.  This unique and unprecedented act was to intimidate the American people. Trump now, us later. 

They have hounded this man, especially from the time he declared states should not close churches, when bars remained open, May 2020. Apparently, progressives can close churches but countermanding this closure is not allowed especially by a President relying on the Constitution. 
That’s the First Amendment, you know “separation of church and state". 

Unprecedented bias, the media (Washington Post for one), urged his impeachment from the first month of his presidency. 

What President before Trump ever had his personal legal papers, from his own personal lawyer Michael Cohen, seized?  This was part of the 3.7 million files on the very debunked “Trump Russia collusion”. 

Like Trump or not, who can stand Idly by and say nothing, hoping it will go away?

Jim Folkner

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