Ferris Robinson: Bringing The Pelvic Floor Into The Open

  • Sunday, January 29, 2023
Jena Beise
Jena Beise

Addressing an important part of the body commonly refereed to as “down there,” Dr. Jena Beise is bringing the pelvic floor into the open. This area is both under-served and under-discussed, according to Jena, and she aims to change that.

Jena graduated from UTC in 2011 with a doctorate in physical therapy and began specializing in orthopedics and women’s health. Later earning certification in dry needling and augmented soft tissue manipulation (ASTYM), Jena started the pelvic health program at Benchmark Physical Therapy, where she worked for nine years. Working for a large physical therapy corporation, she saw ways to “do better by their patients.”

Heal at Home Moms was born out of a mother’s wants and needs and wishes. The mother of three children, Jenna knew first-hand the kind of care and convenience she needed after childbirth.

“My passion for treating women significantly increased as many of my friends and I experienced pregnancy, postpartum, and some of the health issues that can come with those stages of life. I’m a strong believer that taking time to heal your body during and after pregnancy can have positive impact on the rest of your life,” Jena said, adding that back pain, leaking when you sneeze or jump, pain with sex, and even mummy tummy (diastasis recti) are all incredibly common.

Along with a colleague, pelvic floor specialist Dr. Allyson Flock, Jena created a business model and opened a concierge physical therapy practice, complete with in-home treatment sessions. Timely physical therapy can not only treat some of the aforementioned issues, but prevent them!

Passionate about holistic medicine, Jena zeroed in on the pelvic floor as a specialty because when she graduated 11 years ago, there was only one specialist in Chattanooga addressing this field. “Basically, I got into physical therapy to help people, and pelvic floor was where the most help was needed,” she explained. 

After a decade in this industry, Jena is clear about ways she can do better for patients, including offering more attentive care, more hands-on treatment, transparent pricing and higher level of convenience. Clearly committed to Heal at Home Moms, Jena’s greatest honor is helping people reach goals they may have had or 10 or even 20 years without knowing where or how to find help. Another plus is helping mothers enjoy better and easier deliveries after previous difficult ones.

Married to Brian for almost 14 years, the couple has three “adorable, creative and destructive” children, Lily, 9, Meara, 7 and Michael, 4, Jena said, tongue in cheek. Brian is an adjunct professor at Covenant, and their children participate in the Lookout Mountain Rec League. After school, sports, music classes and the occasional night of sleep, Jena and her family are in the thick of serving the needs of Prince Caspian, a stray cat they recently adopted.

Find more information at healathomephysio.com.

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Ferris Robinson is the author of three children’s books, “The Queen Who Banished Bugs,” “The Queen Who Accidentally Banished Birds,” and “Call Me Arthropod” in her pollinator series “If Bugs Are Banished.” “Making Arrangements” is her first novel. “Dogs and Love - Stories of Fidelity” is a collection of true tales about man’s best friend. Her website is ferrisrobinson.com and you can download a free pollinator poster there. She is the editor of The Lookout Mountain Mirror and The Signal Mountain Mirror.

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