Jerry Summers: Memphis 60, Choo Choo City 1

  • Wednesday, November 29, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

A recent announcement by our Governor in the Volunteer State that he was sending up to 60 Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) troopers to the metropolis on the banks of “The Big Muddy” and “The Father of Waters” (Mississippi River) in West Tennessee known as Bluff City has raised several questions:

  1. Is Memphis 60 times more dangerous than Chattanooga?

  2. Although both boroughs are ranked high in America’s violent crime category, it may take a while for Hamilton County and its largest municipality to catch up to Memphis/Shelby County to overcome such a disparity?

  3. What areas of the “Click It or Ticket” jurisdiction's state will go unprotected while crime is vigorously fought in the hometown of “Boss Crump” and “Senator” (“put the pedal to the metal”) John Ford?

  4. Will Tennessee not have a Smokey Bear representative on the Atlanta Braves (oops!) television channel this Spring doing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) commercials at taxpayers expense?

These questions and many others have been raised about the discriminatory treatment of Hamiltonians in allowing its citizens only one THP super trooper to participate in its crime crackdown. An impartial and completely accurate poll by this publication’s website demonstrates that our community can match Shelby County’s “speeder for speeder” on such raceways as I-24, Amnicola Highway, Highway 153, Corridor J, Dodd’s Avenue, etc.

The public announcement by Tennessee’s leader in the State Capitol allegedly declares that “the additional law enforcement presence is needed because ‘rising crime is a reality’ is a serious accusation that may or may not justify a 60-1 disparity in favor of the West Tennessee metropolis?

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