Jerry Summers: Shoplifting In Choo Choo City #2

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023
  • Jerry Summers

In an earlier article (, March 14, 2023) we discussed a shoplifting scheme employed by some “don’t pay as you go” shoppers in the local municipalities that was popular with a certain segment of the population.

After a now retired to private practice local judge got their hands slapped for allegedly making comments that could be construed as giving legal advice to the bad guys (gals, etc.) to enhance their chances of successfully completing the heist, it was decided to forego any further comments.

A recent Thanksgiving turkey gift in 2023 from a national publication credits our hometown with a reduction in shoplifting crimes by one percent between January 2019 to June 2023, which will probably be highlighted in local promotional information in the future to attract migrants from high crime ridden areas.

“The shoplifting data collected by the Council on Criminal Justice comes from 24 individual cities that have consistently reported their shoplifting incidents over the past five years.” (Choo Choo Town is one!)

Smash-and-grab crimes by alleged gangs have primarily been committed in larger cities but “becoming bigger” may not necessarily mean “better”!

Since it is certain that the business costs caused by shoplifting are not passed on to customers as part of the cost of doing business holiday shoppers can look forward to a one percent savings due to vigorous law enforcement. (?)

One of the usual “law and order” naysayers has made another radical suggestion of hiring an armed off duty police officer or bonded security officer at the front door in addition to actual in place or working security cameras, but civil rights advocates might suggest that such steps might give the false impression that might cause mental anguish to the prospective thieves.

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