Chattanooga Live Music Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, February 1, 2023
  • Mark A. Herndon
Sam Holt Band
Sam Holt Band
photo by ` SHB & Mark A Herndon / Chattanooga Live Music

Here are the upcoming Chattanooga Live Music (CLM) events through Feb 9. Check the CLM Facebook event page for details.

2-Feb Diving Mouse (Cleveland) w/ Open STAGE w FRO at 8 PM

3-Feb Songbirds Foundation w/ John Berry at 7 PM

3-Feb Wanderlinger Brewing w/ Mike Laarry's Bday Party at 7 PM

3-Feb Diving Mouse (Cleveland) w/ Rabbit Valley Boys at 9 PM

3-Feb The Signal w/ Noah Kahan: Stick Season Tour w/ Jack Van Cleaf at 8 PM

3-Feb Buds Sports Bar w/Throttle 21 at 10 PM (Night #1)

3-Feb Puckett's DTN w/ Jason Lyles at 8 PM

3-Feb Hi-Fi Clyde's on Main w/ Backwater Still at 9 PM

3-Feb Doc Holidays Bar & Grill w/ Michael Hailey at 8 PM

3-Feb Big River Grille w/ Gino Fanelli at 6:30PM

3-Feb Farm to Fork (Ringgold) w/ Zech Dallas at 8:30

3-Feb Barrelhouse w/ Sam Holt Band: Remembering Mikey & Todd at 9 PM

4-Feb Barrelhouse w/ Randall King w/ Palmer Anthony at 8 PM

4-Feb Gate 11 w/ Rachel Smith Emerald Butler & Jade Watts at 8 PM

4-Feb HiFi Clyde's w/ Fresh Minds at 9 PM

4-Feb Big River Grill w/ Benjamin Weimer at 6:30 PM

4-Feb Farm to Fork (Ringgold) w/ The Wandering Willows at 8 PM

4-Feb Puckett's DTN w/ Brandon Maddox at 8 PM

4-Feb Diving Mouse (Cleveland) w/ Angelina Clare at 9 PM

4-Feb Buds Sports Bar w/Throttle 21 at 10 PM (Night #2)

4-Feb Farm to Fork (Ringgold) w/ The Wandering Willows at 8 PM

4-Feb The Signal w/The Emo Night Tour at 8 PM

4-Feb Wanderlinger Brew w/UJUU, ROHAN SOLO, AND SPINCHILLA 9 PM

5-Feb Wanderlinger w/ Other Brothers’ Grateful Dead Sunday Bluegrass Serv at 6 PM

5-Feb CS&O Chattanooga State Fine Arts w/ Mozart's Gran Partita 3 PM

5-Feb Puckett's TN Vacation w/ Songwriters Qualifying Round at 4 PM

5-Feb Songbirds Foundation w/Squirrel Nut Zippers at 7 PM

5-Feb Wanderlinger Brew w/ TN Vacation - Songwriter Qualifiers at 6 PM

7-Feb Tremont Tavern w/ Open Mic Kike McDade at 8 PM

7-Feb Barrelhouse w/ Samantha Fish with Eric Johanson at 7 PM

9-Feb Songbirds Foundation w/ Ardie Dean & Charles “Sugar Harp” Burroughs 7 PM

9-Feb Barrelhouse w/ Brandon Davis at 9 PM

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